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  1. Yes I've called it multiple times but it always comes up as the call cannot be connected.   I can do basic fitting for the barrel, making sure it locks up tight and what not.
  2. Here it is next to my 16" AR dissy for reference. That barrel catches on every tree, every branch, every doorway. Its a bit of a hassle to walk around with.
  3. I recently received an H&R Topper Model 58 12ga with a full choke 36" barrel, its a fun shotgun and the 36" barrel has its uses but I would like to find a spare barrel that is either 18"-20" or one I can just chop down myself. I'd prefer not to chop down the 36" barrel as this was a gift and the gift giver may be a bit offended by that, plus I may use it for hunting small game when I don't want to lug my 870 around. I'd like to make it as light and short as possible while keeping a nice full length stock so an 18" barrel makes sense. I simply want it for plinking around in the woods and what not.   I've tried contacting H&R but their phone number never connects and they list no email, any idea how I could get a spare barrel?
  4. Hahahahaha I'M SEETHING WITH RAGE
  5. Well Staff Management of Cleveland TN is always hiring, its temp work for M&M MARS, I worked it for a little over a year and don't have a lot of good to say about them, slapping you with four hours of mandatory overtime as you're leaving from an eight hour #### is a loved tradition of the managment there, no warning or anything, they just tell you that you can work it or you're fired, got kids to pick up from school? Guess they will walk home, got other stuff to do? You will cancel. Pay is like $8.50 an hour, hours vary from 32 to 40+
  6. DO NOT sell your soul to apple, they put out overpriced under powered products, everything Apple puts out can be outdone by Microsoft, Motorola or samsung at half the price or less. The Iphone 5s new software will allow a signal to be sent out that will disable your mic and camera so you cannot take videos or pictures, apple is working with the US government on this new feature, this is not a lie. U.S. Patent No. 8,254,902, otherwise known as "Apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device," was granted in late-August, and would allow phone policies to be set to "chang[e] one or more functional or operational aspects of a wireless device [...] upon the occurrence of a certain event." What that means in real-terms is "preventing wireless devices from communicating with other wireless devices (such as in academic settings)," and for, "forcing certain electronic devices to enter "sleep mode" when entering a sensitive area." Look it up if you don't believe me, Apple is a bad company who are against the 1st, do not support them.
  7. Carter Green is a five year old boy, turning six on Oct 9th, he has leukemia and his family needs help to fund his treatment, you can buy Team Carter T-Shirts or donate to the family by contacting Daniel at: http://www.facebook....danielle.h.sims Carter's support page can be found here as well as other donating options: http://www.facebook....11675032322565/ I am just a family friend trying to help, no child should ever have to go through this, if you can help please do, the family will appreciate it.
  8. I remember when my grandfather taught me to shoot, I was like 8 or so, started me out on a Glock 17 and then moved me up to some fully automatic H&K 5.56 rifle, fun times were had. This was back when he was helping train the swat team and still in law enforcenment, I remember he also taught my brother and I how to clear a house, I guess I was set on the "gun nut" path that day. Good memories, he gave me a gun for my brirthday a few months back, S&W 686 8" barrel with a trigger job, thats something I will never get rid of.
  9. I might fire a warning shot or two at the ground, see if I can't hit them with some splash off the ground or something. I wouldn't use deadly force though, of course if I ever hear something outside I take my Remington model 10 12ga and S&W686, my 12 is loaded with one bean bag round, two rubber buckshots, and three slugs, when you take one of these beanbag rounds to the back you are probably gonna drop everything you have or maybe even fall down and give up, these things look like a shot to the leg would break the bone.
  10. Well Bill Maher is just a douche that gives Atheists and other non religious folk a bad name, every non religious person I've met above the age of 19 can't stand the guy. Heres how it is, you have the right to be offended, you have the right to voice your opinion, but nothing more, people can talk all the #### about your beliefs that they want, they can drag the American flag through the dirt if they want, they can throw the Holy Bible, Qur'an and Torah in the bon fire and burn em all at once, and you can be offended, you can voice your opinion but thats it, you cannot stop them, those things, no matter how important to you they are, are their possesions and they can do with them as they please. Same with movies and other media, the maker can say what he wants, do what he wants, you can turn it off if you don't like it. Freedom of speech seems to be such a forign concept to these folks and although I have seen a few good ones we cannot keep holding them up, pull out, shut the embasy down, no more support for Libya, let em tear themselves apart and rebuild anew, if the majority of the population wants a democracy then it will come. The US needs a degree of isolationism right now, we need to dig a path out of this hole we've been feverishly digging deeper for the past 100 years, I hate that national disasters occure, I hate to see other countries torn apart, but unless they are our close allies then we should not be spending billions helping them, let the citizens of the United States donate to the red cross and other similar groups if they want to help, the government has no place in it.
  11. Found this site through another forum, you can upload pictures of anything and have them put on any of these items for $0.99 shipped if you use this code Z099PLAYZMCUC I got a pretty awesome mouse pad, its one use per person though so choose wisely. Link to site http://www.artscow.com/photo-gifts/99cents-gifts
  12. I can understand, from the way the article reads the robber had the shotgun on him about the same time he was drawing on the robber, he panicked and went into full KILL IT WITH FIRE mode and fired wildly hoping to stop the man before he took a shot of 12 gauge. I've also read that the shotgun was unloaded so you can imagine the robber was trying to be as threatening as possible with it knowing he actually had no real defence against the armed shopper. Either way, he should get some more trigger time with his weapon and practice quick and accurate follow up shots so if he does end up in this situation again he won't have to rely on firing as many shots as possible to save his life. On the subject of caliber size, I've been in a hostile situation on my property before with some uninvited guests who refused to leave, I had my EAA Witness .40S&W in hand and honestly I found myself wishing I had a bigger caliber seeing as how I had two hostile people and one me with one ten round mag and about 10 feet between us, I found myself doubting my ability to take them both down in time if they were to charge at me. One more story my grandfather told me, he used to carry a S&W in .357 Mag on duty, one day he was called to some sort of disturbance with a drunk man, I'm not sure of the details but ended up in a gun fight with a drunk rifle wielding man at close range, he fired six shots of .357mag into the mans centermass without stopping him, he said the moment he decided to switch to semi auto mag fed handguns was when he was trying to reload that damn revolver as an angry drunk came after him, another officer with a 9mm hipower ended up stopping the man while my grandfather was reloading, one 9mm round struck the mans spine stopping him instantly. Morale of the story? stop worrying about your caliber size/gun and shoot em in the head.
  13. You missed the part where is says "prevent", yeah its not all you need for treatment but it goes a long way in prevention.


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