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  1. The .40 cal is one reason Glock went to the 3 pin setup. Wonder if they will have 3 pins on the gen5 .40 cal Glocks.
  2. I use different grade stones and finish up with a ceramic rod. I will some times polish with leather or rough grade cardboard.
  3. Seems the bad stuff gets passed up but the good stuff doesn't. Hope you get it cleared up.
  4. Howdy and and Welcome to TGO!!! Hope you have a good time in the class.
  5. Good rifles, I have 2 one in .2lr and one in .22mag. Mine are the American version.
  6. I like the blade and handle shape. Good looking sticky, pointy thing!!!
  7. Send it back to Glock because that should never, ever happen!
  8. Need to add murder hornets, zombies, aliens and the big asteroid!
  9. DWARREN123

    Good News

    Good for her! Clarksville and Ft. Campbell have both changed a lot in the last few years, I like it.
  10. Most hand sanitizers I have seen say they are for bacteria not viruses!
  11. Looks like some type of trainer.
  12. Always good for the low life to get arrested, especially after something like this.
  13. How many here know of a brand new firearms owner, new owner as of this year? I have met a few while at the range recently. Some were really clueless about firearms and the laws they and we are subject to. I try to help when/where I can but many just are totally clueless.
  14. I got things wrong but there are a lot of folks much more worse off than me, I thank GOD everyday for what I have had, what I have and for what I will have. GOD bless all you old farts!
  15. Looks like a Mini and he will go to hell for that!
  16. I got 2 for my G48 and the Shield Arms mag release. They work well for me. The Shield Arms mag release is suggested since it is aluminum where the OEM mag release is polymer.
  17. Everyone will have a different answer. For me a Taurus G3 or my Glock 48 with Shield Arms 15 round mags. IWB or OWB carry, how many rounds do you think you should have , full size/compact/sub-compact, caliber?
  18. It's the live folks you have to worry about not the undead!
  19. Never removed a buffer tube on M-16's to clean. Can not see the need to on a AR build. Ah well what ever makes one happy!
  20. Some laws are strange. You can buy a rifle or shotgun from a neighboring state but not handguns.
  21. I have never had FB, Twitter or any other social media account. Don't need it. If I don't like a place I leave if it's my place and I don't like you then you leave!
  22. Lots of things but maybe the recoil spring is too lite. Hopefully the new ones will fix the problem. Also check the chamber for any thing strange such as a little roughness.
  23. Does indeed look good. Have you shot any yet? Give a review and target pics.

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