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    I happen to be quite fond of 380s. If you do your part, it'll do the job. Actually, I'm more fond of the guns in that caliber. A little Colt Mustang XSP is my companion for my exercise walks. The stainless slide and poly frame make it very light and about as sweat proof as a gun can get. The locked breech design makes recoil minimal and its very easy to shoot well. The Sig P238 and Kimber Micro are essentially the exact same gun. I'm not particularly fond of the tiny blowback pistols such as the LCP, Kel-Tech and similar. Recoil in them is just nasty and they're difficult to shoot well. However, in a slightly larger, heavier gun such as the Walther PPK, its an excellent round. I have been known to carry a PPK/s on occasion. The trick with the 380 is to just find the right gun for you.
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    https://wreg.com/2020/01/21/mississippi-lawmaker-petitions-for-desoto-county-to-become-second-amendment-sanctuary/ DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — DeSoto County is now a Second Amendment "safe haven," the first Mississippi county to make such a declaration. Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of a resolution Tuesday, after the language was amended to change "sanctuary" to "safe haven." Mississippi Rep. Dana Criswell, who presented a petition to the Desoto County Board of Supervisors asking for a vote on the resolution, said safe haven essentially means the same as sanctuary. Criswell said several constituents came to him expressing concern after some counties in Virginia approved Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions in response to gun control measures in that state that some gun-rights advocates feel are unconstitutional. He said Mississippi's legislature is not considering similar gun-control measures, but that residents wanted to get ahead of the issue. "We just want to draw a line in the sand and say we're never going to enforce something like this," Criswell said. Criswell also said that we may soon see a similar effort in Alcorn County, and some efforts are underway in cities. He said he has put forth legislation that would apply statewide.
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    States like Mississippi that have enhanced licenses are actually enhanced licenses. You can carry just about anywhere in public legally with an enhanced license in Mississippi, such as K-12 schools and colleges. That obviously did not happen with this 'enhanced' permit name change that we got in Tennessee last year.
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    I have a 42, and never carry it because it's so close to my 43 in size and weight. Might as well carry the extra snort. I do carry an LCP sometimes. Can't beat the concealability of that little gun. A 380 is pretty weak. Now, to answer to Dave's story, from his old stompin' grounds. A woman was working as a bar tender, and shot her husband/boyfriend across the bar, in the face with a 38 special (old round nose lead). It bounced off one of his teeth and lodged in his jaw. Pretty much just a flesh wound. He damn near beat her to death before they could pull him off. Pretty sure a .357 would have done a much better job,
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    I have all my bases covered on carry and home defense guns (for now) and find myself buying range toys. What have you bought that serves no purpose other than something for you to play with at the range? Or even something you are buying as a collectable and will never shoot? I could never own something and not shoot it; but I know some folks do that. I just ordered a Ruger Mark IV Competition; it supposed to be here Tuesday. My next purchase will be to try to fill the spot of “Cowboy Gun”. I’’ post pics when I get them. The only other range toys I have is my 1911, Garand and my rimfires. Feel free to post pictures.
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    The addition of a solar cell is legit genius.
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    carry a 380 a lot because.... size and places I absolutely can’t reveal I’m a dangerous 2A thug. Kahr 380 and glock 42 run buffalo bore +p well with xtp, gold dot or hard cast. Not sure I’d want to shoot that in a p3at but Buffalo Bore +p helps that caliber a lot.
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    A miss with a .380 has the same effect as a miss with a 20mm. I've blown holes in 2x4's with my .380's. I wouldn't want to get shot with that. I consider it a "get off me" gun, from contact out to 7 yds. The usual small .380's aren't particularly fun to shoot. I shoot mine to confirm function and that's about it. If I can hit a paper plate 3 times fast at 3 yds with one hand I'm happy. But that doesn't mean they're not accurate. I hit one of those spinning gopher targets 4 of 6 shots at 25 yds with my P3AT. The LCP is nicer than the P3AT in every way, except it's a little bigger. Both fit comfortably in my pocket (with pocket holster) for convienent and invisible summer carry, and I'm not a big guy.
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    While I'm opining on things, let me offer my thoughts on the spectrum of scenarios: 1. Train for as many possibilities as you can. Focus on the most likely, but include the absurdly unlikely as well. When the day comes, the bad guy will have chosen for you which scenario you get to address. It's going to be a pop-quiz. Stack the deck in your favor. 2. Train to intercept potential threats before they get into your building. You want your safety team at the doors being the friendliest people a visitor has ever met. Invasively friendly. Don't let a guy who is obviously dressed in a wig and fake beard, wearing a coat that isn't logical for the weather outside, like the shooter in White Settlement, into your building until you've made sure he isn't armed. Learn to be "professionally impolite". By that I mean demand to look inside bags, under coats, inside boxes or backpacks, etc. As an agent of the church, it is "your" property and you get to turn people away if they refuse to disclose what they might be concealing. It can save lives, and people will get over it if you're wrong -- or they'll find a new church. They found yours and we shouldn't presume that God needs us so much that He can't lead them to another church. We aren't that significant in His plans. He's very adaptable. BUT... be prepared for a fight if by stopping them and searching or asking or turning them away causes them to change their plan and start doing harm with you instead of with the congregation. Be prepared for that eventuality. It could happen. If you think it might never, you're essentially just a door greeter who chose to carry a gun for some reason. 3. We have mercifully been spared a wholesale terrorist attack on a church or synagogue in this country. So far. Just because it hasn't happened yet, it doesn't mean it won't happen sooner or later. If you've read the Bible, you know that things aren't going to get better in this world. They just get worse. See point #1.
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    I sometimes carry a Sig P238 Legion, especially in warmer weather when I wear lighter clothes. I have complete confidence in it and my ability to hit exactly what I aim at with it. Shot placement is everything with it, but it is with a 9mm also. Modern .380 defense ammo has come a long ways in the last few years. I use Hornady Critical Defense, and it is an effective round at close range. Having said all that, it is not my caliber of first choice, but I do occasionally carry it, and it can be effective if you use it and practice with it.
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    I carry a Glock 42 or a SIG P 238 as regularly as i put on my pants... One of them is my constant companion... I keep mine loaded with the 102 grain Remington Golden Sabers... They function just fine in both pistolas... If i'm goin into " The Frontier ", i also carry a big pistola as well.. Remember the words of the old Texas Ranger when the lady at the BBQ saw his SAA on his hip: ..." Are you expecting trouble sir..?"... He replied: " No mam, if i was, i would have brought my shotgun"... Remember, the best gun ya can have is the one that is with ya if ya need it... Dont worry about the caliber; work on shootin straight n true with the one you have when ya need it... Hope this helps... leroy
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    The wife CC's a LCP II. I'd rather that she carried a 9 but women have different clothing/physical constraints, so I make sure that she carries a round that has reliable function/expansion (same ammo that Defender posted). I often add a .380 as backup to my 9 or .45. Decent round with today's improved loads, but not my preference when dress standards allow a larger frame.
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    Another fav toy.... The SA Saint Pistol in 5.56
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    CZ 457. The sole purpose is friendly competition with my brother in law to see who can consistently hit a golf ball at 300 yards. Last time got it dialed in on a 6" steel target, will try for the 3" target on the next trip. I'm having a lot of fun with this one.
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    Just picked this up the other day, now rides in my truck.
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    Great trainer! My wife said it was a 'little' painful, I say, "remember the safe word next time!" GLWS
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