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    each company does it own testing with their own testing equipment. nothing is the same. nosler uses their bullets. western does not state what bullet brand they use. little things can give different numbers in the data. it is best to have many reloading books to look at. i like to look at the older books for info. start at the low end and work up. get a chronograph to check you loads. they are cheap and worth the money if you reload.
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    Meh, it's McDonalds, the food sucks anyway ...
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    Learned to drive a manual transmission bug out in the east pasture. Oh boy, those were the days. Ours was a little earlier than the 72 your talking about but ours took a beating and never quit. Only thing about it in Northern Indiana in the winter you had to drive and scrape the windshield at same time. Steer scrape shift steer scrape shift. You get the idea. Not a bid deal here I am guessing. Morgan88
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    Wingshooter, wipe the glue off of your fingers!! LOL I am like Dave, if the right people were heading up the war on drugs it would be different. I am almost 67 and there has been a so called war on drugs for 55-60 years, not much success. If judicial system would listen to me with in 90 days you would have to grow or make it yourself because nobody would dare be caught with any amount of any controlled substance. Some may remember the kid that spray painted the car in Singapore in the 80's and they caned him, it was a big news deal because he was from the U.S. I would wager that he has never even thought about spraying another car. My suggestion would put people to work, have a professional caner(s) at each county courthouse and carry out the sentencing quickly within 48 hours of arrest. Nickle and dime drug dealer with x amount of meth,have a 1st time 5 licks, 2 time 10 licks, 3rd time hang him from a limb. Case closed he won't sell any more dope. Make the punishment fit the crime, think it won't work? I say let's implement it and see if it doesn't work. Oh Johnny boy that got 5 licks of the cane, you could pull an 18 wheeler full of dope in his front yard and the first thing he would be doing is calling 911 and explaining that it ain't his dope, but he knows whose it is. I really don't think most Americans realize how serious this drug problem is, plus since a lot of it comes across our southern border, if there isn't any market for the crap you got, you ain't going to go the trouble of bringing that crap here. Rant over for the time being.
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    If a name that I want to talk with doesn’t show up as the caller; it goes to voicemail and most don't leave messages. So no, I don’t get polled. Do your own polls. Ask your friends, family and co-workers “Do you think people should have to pass a background check to purchase a firearm?” Your results will be different than from a gun forum. I don’t know what the number will be, but most will say “Yes”, and many will say they thought that was already the case. No special wording or manipulation of the question is required. However, we have been shown the accuracies of polls. If you are curious you need look no farther than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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    TAURUS TX22 (black) @ SportsmanOutdoorSuperstore $219.99 FREE Ship Plus $50 Rebate
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    The talking heads keep repeating over and over that 95% of gun owners agree on this and 87% of gun owners want that and I was just wondering who on this forum was a part of a recent poll on gun control. They didn't ask me.
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    I'm selling my Smith and Wesson 642 revolver. It comes with original box, lock, a pocket holster, and a IWB kydex holster. The revolver has a scratch just above the pistol grip but is otherwise in great shape with only about 75rds fired. I'm looking for $300.
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    Agreed. It's been a loooong time since they have seen any of my money.
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    I have known for a long time that I did not like Mcdonalds. Now I know why!!!
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    No, I've never been asked. I've only seen unscientific polls on MSN.
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    https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/1-of-5-million-a-single-member-attends-day-one-of-the-nra-board-meetings/ Shame on me for not attending and attempting what Rob is doing. Shame on the NRA for continuing to hide their actions from members with smoke, mirrors, and closed executive session. Should we start supporting these folks? www.ccrkba.org Citizens Committee to Keep and Bear Arms
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    Nope, Only calls we get is what I call beggars, sales people trying to get my hard earned money into their hands. My answer to them is I don't want it, need it or a simple. Click
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    Hello, I have a mostly unused Bond Arms derringer for sale here in near if not mint condition. When I bought it I didn't care much for the 3" barrel for woods carrying so I purchased a 4.25" barrel as well. Comes with the hard case it was purchased in, the extra barrel, two real leather holsters one is a normal for the 3" barrel that retails at $99 the other is a leather riding holster I had custom made for it. To sweeten the deal even more I will throw in about $100+ worth of .45LC and .410 handgun ammo that is basically brand new. Same price with or without the ammo....I just have no more need of it at the moment. This firearm is 100% fully functional and to my knowledge has zero defects. The barrel switches as easy as tightening a screw with the allen wrench that comes with it. Obviously you are getting one hell of a deal here so do not try much to haggle with me please. It's a package deal. If you don't believe me look up the prices for the items listed here at the cheapest store you can find on or offline. Asking $650 I can meet in public to deliver if you wish to purchase it or you may come here to pick it up. Thanks for reading. Let me know if interested.
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    Very common from manual to manual that’s why you need several sources. Go with the one that has the lowest starting grains and work up. Both sources are good data just work up slowly. Accurate powders work good for me though I don’t load 357 Sig. definitely start with the Accurate data.
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    Polls are aimed at a friendly audience. 95% of the people in this country will not agree on anything. And, I've never been invited either, unless you consider the crap on FB.
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    I thought those polls were just for the anti-gun people.
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    Never once have I been invited to participate in a poll of any type.
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    Nor me. I also really would like to see the questions as asked. There can be world of difference between questions that get lumped together for summary and discussion.
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    You not wanting it, doesnt stop it from happening. People are driving around drunk and high now. My argument is that just like gun laws, people are going to circumvent the drug laws. The war on drugs has failed. I watched a video a year or so ago where they interviewed some high ranking cop in Denver. He stated that crime has gone up(slightly) since they legalized weed, especially property crime. He was quick to point out that it wasn't the drug doing this. What happened was that all of society's rejects have flocked there. So if you think about it, these are people that were likely already committing crimes elsewhere and now they have relocated to one spot. If it were legal everywhere you wouldn't see this localized uptick in crime. When TN legalized CBD last year I stopped by a store in West Knoxville. I was the only customer under 60 in the store. Some of the customers were in their 80's. They were buying something to help their various health issues. I guarantee that these people would love some legal weed. CBD is like non-alcoholic beer. And they are not the type to drive around stoned. I have an uncle living in Seattle. He just retired from a successful career with Lochkeed Martin. He's a Trump supporting conservative, not a "druggie loser". He started vaping THC in the evenings and told my dad this is the first time he's had good sleep in a few decades. The government has no business telling these people what they can do in the privacy of their homes. If they drive impaired then they should face stiff penalties just like drunk driving but to pretend this is more dangerous than alcohol is just not true. The arguments against weed is that the sky will fall and drugs addicts will start raping and pillaging. This is an emotional based reaction that sounds just like the arguments we hear against guns. Both are short on facts.
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    Obviously the school board members were smoking dope and the cops weren’t. Illinois just legalized weed. They won’t recognize our carry permits because they don’t think we check mental health close enough before issuing HCP’s. But they don’t think allowing stoners to run around high is dangerous. You can’t make this stuff up.
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    Hey now, wait just a-. Oh yeah, you're right.
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    Don’t smoke, no dog, you don’t want to see me without a shirt, and I’ve got a hot spot on my phone, don’t need their WiFi either.
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