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    My 18 year old son Ashton saved his friend's life by performing CPR on him and bringing him back to life after he was drowned and under water for several minutes . I love my son and I am just being a proud Daddy . Here he is getting a Life Saver award from the County Mayor .
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    So it is no secret that my heathen was raised around guns. She has been shooting since she was four years old. She started with a single shot bolt action .22 rimfire rifle and has progressed to where she can and does shoot an AR at the range. As she turned 9 last year she was eligible for 4H Shooting Sports this season. We signed her up and her first practice was in April. At her very first practice her coach inquired as to her experience shooting. I explained that she had a handful of years under her and I hoped he didn't have to unteach too much of what I had taught her. To my mild surprise he stated that she was a pure natural and asked if she would be interested in shooting the first match of the season, less than two months away. The Heathen is right handed, but left eye dominant. I have raised her to shoot left handed rifle. I am also cross dominant and it has never hindered me to shoot off-hand to my dominant eye. The coaches embraced this and let her do her own thing. They are all very impressed with her. They call her a natural and have been teaching her on Target Air Rifle, Sport Air Rifle, Target .22 and Sport .22. She also shoots archery. With a recurve. Nearly alone in that discipline as nearly everyone else shoots compound (bare, hunting and target.) The coaches are awesome, and have gone as far as to special order her a left handed Target Air Rifle and a left handed Target .22. They have that much faith in her talent. And on to that talent. Saturday was a dreary rainy day in Kentucky. But it didn't stop her. It was her first competition with less than two months experience on a Target Air Rifle. She placed 3rd. We are beyond thrilled.
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    So I am thinking about starting a TGO Hall of Shame upon which I will post the names of members who have, for various reasons, earned themselves a public shunning.   Extreme?  Hear me out.  :)   Every so often I have to spend an hour or so of my time in email and on the phone fighting to keep $20.  Because every so often someone buys a Benefactor membership here, uses it to post some ads in the Trading Post, and then goes to PayPal and disputes the charge saying that we charged them without authorization.  :rolleyes:   Bear in mind that we do not do automatically recurring subscriptions for this precise reason.  I never want TGO to automatically debit someone's account and be the reason why they overdraft at their bank, or can't buy groceries or put gas in their car.  An unexpected debit could easily cause any of those scenarios to play out.   So when someone buys a Benefactor membership, it's not a mistake.  They did it willingly.  And as most of you know, a Benefactor membership on TGO has some pretty immediate value and perks, the least of which not being the ability to use our Trading Post to post advertisements.  Which means that anyone who summarily demands a refund from PayPal is essentially trying to defraud TGO and "screw the system", so to speak.   And that's why I am tempted to start a Hall of Shame.   Because if you're willing to rip us off, everyone ought to know it.   :shrug:   What do you guys think?    
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    Actually we got the best Christmas present we could ever ask for. Her name is Madalynn and she was here a little early for Christmas but a Christmas baby none the less. We could not be happier to have a grand daughter to spoil. Definitely changes the way you view life. My only Christmas wish is for our son to come home and met her next month. He has been deployed since July, and missed the birth, but he should be home within a month.
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    God, I sound like Al Bundy. You know "a fat woman came in the shoe store today...." Well this BMW driving goober with his nice clothes, metrosexual attitude and three little fairies for sons came in. I was putting a tire back on the car when one of the little kids ran back to his daddy and says "daddy, daddy, that man has a gun!!!". The man told the kids "Thats called an impact wrench, it looks like a gun but it only works on cars. It's perfectly safe". To which the kid replies, "No daddy, he has a REAL gun". The man the asked me(quite appalled ) " Sir, wha, wha, why uhhhh, Do you have a gun?". I says "Yeah, don't you?" He tells me "NO! I don't allow my family anywhere near firearms." I told him " Huh, well how does that keep your family safe from someone who don't give a ratz azz what you believe in? You know, they call them criminals for a reason, they don't care about laws, right or wrong. You think a criminal will wait around while you call the cops and then wait a little while longer till they get here? What you THINK means nothing, you chose to have a family and you're charged with their safety. Can you honestly tell me youre doing everything to provide it?" ...he probably won't be a repeat customer. Oh-frickin-well. It is sad people. Sad. You ain't gotta be a gun nut like us. I ain't big fan of driving nails but I own a hammer. I hate diggin ditches but I got a shovel. It's just a tool you hope you don't have to use but it sure sucks when you ain't got one.....and you're on the spot, in need of one. Why is that hard to understand? Where does this sense of "Avoidance will make me safe" come from? These are the people who will hide in the bathroom or basement when a volcano erupts. Yeah, duck and cover! Idiots. Rant over.
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    Handicap parking Today I had to go to the hardware store. As I approached the entrance, I noticed a driver looking for a parking space. I flagged the driver and pointed out a handicap parking space that was open and available. The driver looked puzzled, rolled down her window and said, "I'm not handicapped!" Well, as you can imagine, my face was red! "Oh, I'm sorry," I said. "I saw your "I'm Ready for Hillary" bumper sticker and just assumed that you suffer from a mental disorder." She screamed some nasty names at me. Boy!  Some people don't appreciate it when you're just trying to help them out!  
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    Doesn't sound like they're caving to anyone. Sounds to me like they're tired of being used as a pawn in the attention whore game of idiots strapping a long gun on and getting coffee. They aren't for or against, but the Kwik's of our crowd have pushed them over the edge where it is no longer about guns or gun rights. Sounds to me like they don't want to be pawns in the game.
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    I was making a quick run to the store today. I am a stay at home dad, so it means I had my 2 little ones with me. My daughter (2yo) was using an IPad to trace her ABC's. My son (1yo) was playing a matching game on my phone. They both were being very good and causing no problems at all. A lady, probably in her 40's, felt the need to give me a parenting lesson right there in the produce section. She let me know that sticking them in front of an electronic device was no better than not parenting at all. She continued to tell me that my style of parenting is what is wrong with this world. She also stated that if this is how I parent that my kid would be better off in a single parent home. That was when I lost it and yelled, that is the first time I lost my cool in front of my kids. I never swore at her and never called her names, i just told her that my kids are happy, healthy, and well taken care of and that she needed to mind her own buisness. I should have stopped there, but I did not. I continued to tell her that my kids have more manners than she does an I would not be surprised if they were smarter than her. As she stood there in shock, I told my kids to say good bye and started to push the cart away. Both my kids said good bye and waved. What happened next surprised me, 5-6 moms in the area started clapping, apparently they even heard what she said to me. I get comments about my parenting all the time from strangers all the time. I don't understand why people feel the need to give dads advice. I have seen moms blow cigarette smoke in a kids face without a peep from anyone, but tell me that I need to make sure that my kids are wearing hats even though it is 60+ degrees out. All the advice is followed by them telling my kids that it is ok that daddy didn't know.
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    Saturday, October 22, 2016 @ 2:30PM Central Welcome back! Today I moved us to a brand new dedicated web server with an entirely different web hosting company. Hopefully this is the start of a better situation for TGO and we can finally put the server performance woes of October behind us. I have done very minimal performance tuning to this new server out of the gate, preferring to see how it performs with a plain vanilla configuration. Tweaks and tuning may prove to be necessary in the days ahead but, if so, they will be done incrementally so that I can measure their effectiveness. If you see slowness at any time, do not panic. I am logging performance data every minute and reviewing it daily to see what bottlenecks might exist and develop strategies to correct them. All you need to do at this point is sit back, use TGO, and enjoy the community. Of course if you notice any glaring problems, please do report them via in the Feedback and Support forum. I will address them as soon as I can. Lastly... Tapatalk... The new server should be more than adequate to the task of running Tapatalk. I will try to re-introduce it in a few days. I really do want to monitor the performance of things without it for a while just to formulate a baseline. Having a good baseline without Tapatalk will be critical to addressing any performance hit from running Tapatalk later. Please just be patient with me. I'll give it another shot as soon as we've had a few days of regular use under our belt. Thanks for being patient with me and with TGO over the past few weeks. I hope the weeks ahead make us forget all about the run of bad luck that we had. --David
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    So, some of you may know, I have been on a perpetual job hunt for 5 years now.  I have never been unemployed during that time, which I am very thankful and blessed to say.  I lived 100miles apart from wife for 4 years while she was in med school. I tried for years to find a job nearby and nothing panned out.  When she graduated we moved to Nashville, and I have been fortunate enough to have enough contract work with my previous company to sustain a full time salary on part time work.  But this required a lot of travel and out of town stay, as well as a lot of physical field work.  But thankfully today, I officially accepted an offer from the Tennessee Division of Forestry as a Program Specialist in charge of the State Forest program across the state.  Its a really great opportunity and I fell truly blessed to have been selected....FINALLY!!! A lot of prayers were answered this week.  
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    Buy her a bus ticket to Michigan and live happily ever after.
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    Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus, TGO and YOU For as long as I can remember, TGO has never really provided "safe waters" for people who want to preach conspiracy theories and rile-up the masses. There are plenty of places for that sort of thing on the Internet and yes sometimes the conspiracy enthusiasts (or nuts, if you so prefer) are proven right in the end. But since there are so many other places for it and since we feel that the ravings of fringe believers tends to bring down the property value, we prefer that our members engage in discussions based in reality. Lately the moderators have begun removing posts fanning the flames of conspiracy around the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic. Generally speaking, I am supportive of their actions. Here's why: Priorities First and foremost, we have a present problem to deal with so let's start by putting our focus there. We have members who are and have been personally affected by COVID-19 and chances are this is just the beginning. If we are going to invest our mental and emotional energies into something, let's invest them in encouraging, supporting and helping our own community. Respect Again, we know that we already have members of TGO affected by this pandemic. So far they (and we) have been fortunate and it's turned out well. That could change. We don't want that to happen, but the statistical projections indicate that by the time the dust settles none of us will have many degrees of separation from someone that died as a result of the virus. I just think maybe it's a little disrespectful to the people currently fighting this virus and eventually to those who lose the battle for us to sit around and imagineer boogeymen behind a virus that science currently says evolved naturally. Stay In Your Lane, Bro Following right in behind the matter of respect is the simple fact that unless you're an educated, degreed, certified ass-kicking virologist, geneticist, research scientist, or have data from a respected source that is... you should probably stay in your lane. Remember the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020? That happened because social media said there was a shortage of toilet paper. So the people believed it, reacted like scared sheep, and ran right over the edge of the cliff with arms full of Charmin. There's no reason for us to allow the next big social media fear-fest to start with or take root on TGO. We can control what happens here, so our intent is to manage it so that there's at least one place you can visit online that doesn't feel like the lunatics are running the asylum. You're welcome for that. Even if you don't appreciate it right now. And So What If That Conspiracy Theory Is Accurate? The President, love him or hate him, has already said that there are going to be consequences on the other side of this current situation for the way that China mishandled this. Even if they didn't bio-engineer it, their government hid the outbreak from the world until it was busting out of their borders. So far the Prez has done everything he's said he would do... right or wrong... so we can be pretty confident that the US isn't going to just let this slide. So, even if the latest conspiracy theory is accurate... you and I can't do a thing about it. Establishing and maintaining a military to preserve our sovereignty, the strength of our borders, and the security of our interests is the one thing that the government should be doing. It's maybe the only reason the government should exist if you ask some. But they are equipped to do something about it. Not us. Not even Chuck Norris. Let's let the government handle the boogeyman. And if they need our input on that, there will be an appropriate time to tell our elected representatives what we'd like to see done. And I'm sure that our actual scientists will be following up on all credible leads that help them expedite a treatment or vaccine for COVID-19. So if that takes them back to a secret lair somewhere in Communist China where they're having unprotected sex with bats while eating live frogs... so be it. In the meantime, let's stay grounded in reality here. It's scary enough and it requires our full attention.
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    A man boarded an airplane and took his seat. As he settled in, he glanced up and saw the most beautiful woman boarding the plane. He soon realized she was heading straight towards his seat. As fate would have it, she took the seat right beside his. Eager to strike up a conversation he blurted out, "Business trip or pleasure?" She turned, smiled and said, "Business. I'm going to the Annual Nymphomaniacs of America Convention in Boston " He swallowed hard. Here was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen sitting next to him, and she was going to a meeting of nymphomaniacs. Struggling to maintain his composure, he calmly asked, "What's your business role at this convention?" "Lecturer," she responded. "I use information that I have learned from my personal experiences to debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality." "Really?" he said. "And what kind of myths are there?" "Well," she explained, "one popular myth is that African-American men are the most well-endowed of all men, when in fact it is the Native American Indian who is most likely to possess that trait. Another popular myth is that Frenchmen are the best lovers, when actually it is men of Jewish descent who are the best. I have also discovered that the lover with absolutely the best stamina is the Southern Redneck." Suddenly the woman became a little uncomfortable and blushed. "I'm sorry," she said, "I shouldn't really be discussing all of this with you. I don't even know your name." "Tonto," the man said, " Tonto Goldstein , but my friends call me Bubba."
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    Having your vehicles serviced at Walmart is roughly akin to expecting to get a gourmet meal through the McDonald's drive-through window ...
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    My wife, daughter, nephew, and myself all head to Waffle House this evening for supper. As I pull in I notice the same front plate on a Suburban that has always been on the front of my Dad's vehicles "Once a Marine, Always a Marine". I get the same proud grin every time I see it, or any military branch plate. We walk in and I see the older Marine sitting at a table by himself wearing his Vietnam Veteran cap and walk directly to him to thank him for his service. My daughter and nephew followed and thanked him as well and we all shook his hand. He smiled, thanked us, and wished us a good evening. When we sat down, I waved his waitress over and before I could say anything she walked up, smiled, and said "You want his check don't you?". I guess she could see how proud we all were to thank this man for all he'd done. As we finished our meal, I just thought about all of our veterans and how I wish I could buy every single one of them a meal and how it's the least we could do. As we were getting up to pay, he was leaving as well and had just been told that we'd taken care of his check. He walked up to us, leaning on a cane, and I wish y'all could have seen the smile on his face. It was heart warming. He thanked us, and said told us that it was a blessing to him. I told him Thank You and that he was a blessing to us and that MANY people are so proud of all that vets give and wished him a "God bless you Sir".    One of the greatest things about this forum is that I know we all think a lot of our vets and have a lot of members who are vets too. I also want to take this time to thank you all for everything you have done and do everyday.  :usa:   I've always respected what the men and women of our armed forces risk and give up for their country. But as I've gotten older, it sinks in even more. God Bless the USA and all those who fight for her!
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    So I have been going to the stables with my wife for a while now. One of her friends, who is extremely liberal, has a son that normally sits around playing games on his tablet or wanders off on his own to do who knows what. He is a quiet little kid that is really timid but he is well mannered, polite and extremely smart. Well the last few visits to the stable that kid and I have become friends. I have been showing him some different things as well as watching him build dams in a small creek. Then a few visits ago I took him a slingshot but I wasn't sure he would be allowed to have it because of his liberal parents but his mother said it was ok so I let him have it. We spent an hour or two knocking plastic bottles over with it as well as shooting into some water and mud. He got pretty good with the slingshot but before he left that day he said it would be easier with his BB gun. I thought it was odd because his parents are extremely liberal but I guess anything is possible.   Well yesterday I was at the stables again and the boy showed up with his "BB gun". I would have never imagined he would have had it in a million years but there he stood with a Knights Armament PDW, Berretta pistol and an HK MP7. He had some cheap scope wired to it, it just flopped around and there is no way it would ever work. I thought to myself how can you expect him to shoot this thing. So I took the scope off and showed him how to use iron sights. I promised him a real scope, that actually works, the next time we meet. And while we were sitting there a few more kids showed up with a BUNCH of plastic guns in their arms.   So what I did was spend a couple of hours working with all those kids. And despite some odd looks from parents and other riders I was determined to teach these kids something. So I spent the next couple of hours showing some 10 year olds how to do a combat patrol, how to setup an ambush and the most fun was teaching them how to enter and clear a room.   I took my long sleeve shirt and used a couple of brooms tied together to make a target for them to shoot at. And in the end I had them clearing rooms and doing it safely with their airsoft guns loaded and ready.   It was fun and honestly they did better than most of the Afghans I have tried to teach.   Before it is all over I will try to teach the son of my wife's liberal friend how to clear, disassemble/reassemble and perform a function check on an AK-47. If an Afghan can do it I am sure this smart kid will be able to learn it easily. I will also see if I can convince the mother to let him shoot some guns. At a minimum I will be replacing his single cock airsoft rifle with a full auto because everyone needs a machine gun.   It was definitely a fun day for me.
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    This is our son, and his lovely wife, winning not one but two awards during his recent Air Force leadership academy. We are so proud of our son. Only 2% win the Academic Excellence but on top of that he also won the Distinguished Graduate award. His Academic Excellence award was for having the highest academic scores of two training flights, 30 students. The Distiguished Graduate award is given to the Airman who displayed outstanding leadership during the course as voted by his peers. He is, and always will be, my hero.
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    I married the perfect women. Compassionate, caring, the best mother to our son, sweet, funny, smart but the most important title is that she has, and will always have, is the love of my life. I can honestly say without her I would not be what I am today or where I am. And through all of it, including the bad, she was right by my side to take care of me, protect me but most of all love me unconditionally. And I can never repay her for all she has done for me or endured on my behalf. And so another wonderful year begins with the perfect person for me, my best friend, my soul mate
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    I couldn't think of a more deserving person to have a ship named after them... Sent from the future using my time machine made out of a Pontiac Fiero
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    I bought a air soft pistol for my daughter last year to teach her the firearms fundamentals. She liked it and did well with the safety concerns so I picked her up a SR22 this week off Arms List. The first shot was dead center from 15 ft. You could not wipe the smile off her face. After the first mag. she said " wow that was fun" we spent the next half hour working on stance and the trigger reset. She is hooked.
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    This old Sergeant Major is on his last day of forty years of service. It's been a love/hate relationship. LOL. I have had the greatest job is the world, taking care of Soldiers. Sent from my BLU LIFE ONE X using Tapatalk
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    It starts at the beginning. Don't give him the bird. I know this isn't what you are looking for, but I really try not to flip people off.
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    Yeah. One time at Home Depot, I got made by a teenage girl, who went through a series of pantomimes to tell me she could see my gun. After ignoring her for about 5 rounds, I walked off, with my zipper still down. True story.
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    I had a FTF with a business owner that has a gun buster sign on the door. First it started with him having to meet me outside his restaurant and me buying him lunch at another restaurant within walking distance of his. He seemed a little thrown off that I would even offer that. During our conversation he pulled out a business card that was handed to one of his door guys. The card was an IOU for $20.00 redeemable when this person is legally able to carry in his resturant. It said " I was intending on spending money at your business but you do not allow legal gun carry. This is an IOU for $20 redeemable as soon as the gun buster sign comes down and I can legally carry in your business." It also left contact info for that person. I have never seen this before and apparently it got his attention. I think i might make up some of these cards. He said he contacted me because of an email I sent him letting him know that I would answer any questions he has about why I will not spend any money at his restaurant. Also during that discussion I found out that he has never even held a firearm, and knew a buisness owner that was killed by a robber with a gun. It was a long lunch that seemed very productive. He is meeting me at the range next Friday. He said he is rethinking the gun buster, especially after I asked him to point out where my gun was and he could not. I told him that most people are not OC'ing, they want it to go unnoticed. I will update after we meetup next week.
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    Sheep asks Caster: Is that a gun?!? Caster: uhh, yeah... Sheep: Why are you carrying a gun?!? Caster: It's against my religion to fight. Besides, Recoil is much easier to manage than blunt force trauma to my fists and or face. Sheep: ......blank stare Caster: ......sly grin...walks away casually, possibly whistling a Black Sabbath tune.
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    I will make sure to find me a knife fighting class before I use one for self defense. Matter of fact I don't think I have enough gun training to carry. After all being in the military, being in law enforcement as well as carrying a firearm for work in hostile environments probably isn't enough for your requirements. Personally the ONLY people who should not be allowed are those who have a proven VIOLENT history. I don't care if someone is a felon or bat#### crazy as long as they are not violent they should be able to use any means necessary, including fully automatic grenade launching machine guns, to protect themselves even if they do not have a single second of training. You, my friend, are the worst kind of gun owner. One that wants to limits other gun owners for their own reasons.
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    It saddens me to see where we are as a nation on this 15th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Immediately following September 11th, 2001, the nation seemed united. People were proud to fly the flag - everywhere. The Sunday after 9/11, churches across the country were full to a capacity normally only seen during Christmas and Easter. We were all joined together in sorrow, anger, patriotism and resolve. Today? Today spoiled brat NFL players will "take a knee" instead of standing for our national anthem. Police and Fire departments have been made to remove the flag from their patrol cars and fire trucks because it might be offensive to someone. Useful idiots trip over themselves trying to appease radical Muslims rather than acknowledging that you cannot barter with cancer; cancer must be eradicated. Back when I was in elementary school, some 35 years or so ago, when you got punched in the face by a bully you didn't forget what it felt like. It hurt like hell and you remembered it. You did something about it. You never forgot it. I don't forget the first kid who punched me in the face. I whipped his ass for it and he never did it again. I don't forget the punch we took in the face as a country either. We whipped some ass for that also, but the bully hasn't learned his lesson yet. Does America have the resolve to finish the job? I honestly don't think we do. And maybe that's the thing that saddens me the most about this 9/11.
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    Cracker barrel has always been very deceptive.  They've been claiming to serve edible food for years.  
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    I blame the US Supreme Court. Just a few years ago we'd have never had a story about two Johnsons fighting over a cock.
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    Me? I'd unload it, turn it in to the cops and let the person explain why they left their gun. I got plenty and don't want something that belongs to someone else.
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    It sounds like you're not in any kind of position to fight for someone else.  You need to spend some time fighting for yourself.  And, I expect as a side benefit a lot of those other problems will go away.   Gaming isn't a solution to financial problems.  Period. Neither is any bitcoin scheme out there.  Hard work on the other hand, is.   You're 27.  You're single.  There are a bunch of folks on here with families to support.  They'd find it hard to make it on minimum wage.  You on the other hand have a host of options.    You list your location as Donelson, so you're not out in Egypt with the Dollar General as your only option for employment.  I expect you're within walking distance of dozens if not hundreds of jobs open to someone willing to work.   What skills do you have.  Did you finish high school?  College?  You listed trying to get an old job back.  What's the story there?   You mentioned a car payment - and I expect that's on the Frontier you bought a while back.  A lot of people drive the very thing that holds them back financially.  In Donelson, I'd consider a $500 beater or a bike.  Get rid of the payment and apply that money to rent.  Do you have friends outside of your former fiancé?  Do you have options for roommates?   It's easy for us all to get down on ourselves sometimes - especially when we can't seem to catch a break.  But you're 27, young and single.  You've got options that a host of people on here would give anything to have.   Forget fighting for your former fiancé's affection.  I think you realize now that it's a losing proposition.  Instead, decide to fight for yourself.  There are 22,000 people on here who are pulling for you - and a bunch who are likely in a position to help you get to where you want to be.  You've got to figure out what that looks like. 
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    I just visited a Walmart store that I've never been to. A really nice manager said " looking for .22"? I said no, I have given up to the hoarders and gypsy resellers. He said " try back tomorrow , this store is now going to set ammo out at random times. We are tired of making 5 resellers happy and pissing off 500 customers who actually but other merchandise. " holy cow!!! This is the fair way to do it. I hope they really do this. The store manager said he's tired of the reselling and tired of the upset customers who want ammo. Win win!!
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    Let me start off by thanking TGO David and everyone else who took the time to spread the word. The outpouring was truly amazing, and I will be forever grateful.    The nearly 24-hour period that passed without knowing her whereabouts was undoubtedly the most gut-wrenching and heartbreaking period of my life. I felt feelings and emotions that I didn't know I had. I can definitely live without ever experiencing those again.   Without going into too many personal details; while my daughter's emotional and behavioral issues aren't something new to me, this was the very first time she's not been home when she was supposed to be. When I got the first phone call shortly after she took off from school, I was concerned enough to immediately contact the police, but I wasn't overly concerned. It was still early enough in the day, so I figured she would find her way home before I got home from work, hoping I wouldn't have known she wasn't where she was supposed to be.    Greater concern started to set in when she wasn't home by the time I usually get home from work. This is when I began driving around town without any real idea where she could be. I don't allow her to associate with many of the "friends" she normally chooses, so I had only one idea of where she may have been hiding/hanging out. She wasn't there, so the concern began to intensify even more.    Thankfully, I was able to get in touch with a parent who knew a little about the boy (later finding out he was one of three boys) she left with after school. With that information, I was able to find his house, names of friends, hangout locations, etc. Unfortunately, this information didn't help too terribly much. Most of it lead me too a bunch of dead ends. But at least I had more information that I started with.   Still holding out hope that she would come strolling in, as the clock ticked 10:00, 11:00, midnight, I began to get very angry with everyone. I was scared. At this point, I didn't know what to do. While I am sure the police were doing everything they could, the helplessness I felt was becoming overwhelming. Again, knowing the type of people she was likely with didn't help my state of mind. Needless to say, I didn't get a wink of sleep. I was anxiously waiting all night for the school to open, hoping she would show up there, as if nothing ever happened. They informed me that all three boys showed up for school, but Ashton did not. This is about the point where those three boys were lucky that I was able to control myself from doing something very stupid. Instead, I contacted the police with this information. After an officer had a chance to speak with them, one of the boys told the officer that my daughter was with him until 9:00 p.m. the night before, until he made her leave before his mother was to get home from work. He claimed that she left on foot, and he had no idea where she was going. At the very moment this information was given to me, I went into full panic mode. This was THE moment - had I been born with telepathic powers - the lives of those boys should have been flashing before their eyes. Even though she left with them of her own free will, I couldn't help but be angry with them. The boys she was last seen with claimed to have no idea where she was, and I sure as hell didn't.  Every possible worst case scenario began flying through my head. Every news story I'd ever hear or read involving a missing teenage girl came flooding in, as if I had a photographic memory. Whether I should have or not, I began debating if I should begin spreading the word, or just continue to hold out hope that she would come walking in at any second. I didn't want to get everyone worked into a tizzy, only to have her show up 10-minutes later. After quickly weighing my options, I felt like I would be better off getting the word out as soon as possible.   As most of you know, she was found within hours of getting the word out. She is now home. I don't think she had planned on staying out all night, but once she caught wind that the police and I were out searching for her, she became scared. One of the boys convinced her to stay the night at his house, or possibly go to jail for running away. From what I understand, his mother works nights, so it would be easy for them to hide out. On a lighter note, I think most of you'd be surprised how few degrees of separation there are between many of us. I can't tell you how many phone calls, text messages and emails I received from friends and acquaintances who heard about this ordeal via TGO and it's members, TN Jeeps and it's members, friends and family of TGO and TN Jeeps members, and mutual (although not known to me at the time) Facebook friends of many of you. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but I believe Steelharp is the most famous of us all. I'm pretty certain I had more people tell me they read about it on or via a share from his personal Facebook page than any other. I am a friend of his on Facebook, so I knew he shared the story. But I had no idea the degree of separation was quite that slim.   Again, I can't thank all of you enough. I am truly blessed to know you guys, even if most of it is via the internet. I feel a tiny bit silly for getting everyone worked up, only to have her show up hours later, but I hope this helps you understand why I felt that I had little choice at the time.    Thank you!
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    Here's where I get decidedly UN-PC. As a white male I am advantaged, but not how the grievance industry attempts to make it sound. My entire life I was told that I was going to succeed or fail on my own merits, by my own actions. I never had anybody telling me that I was disadvantaged by "X" or that the system was set up against me. That put me in the advantaged place of not having anyone or anything to blame for my own shortcomings. I have to own them. I do ok, but I could have been much more successful in life many ways. The reason I'm not is due to my own poor decisions. I know that and I own it. Many folks have spent their whole lives being told that they are disadvantaged due to skin color or gender and so when they fail, they have an easy target to blame for their troubles never having to look inward and make a true assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. That is how they are really disadvantaged they have someone to blame other than themselves.
  38. 25 points
    I did none of those things, so I don't have a damned thing to feel guilty about.
  39. 25 points
    It wasn't that long ago that it was unheard of for blacks to vote... or women.  We need less government, not more of it.  Let the churches decide who they will or won't marry.
  40. 24 points
    I have been a TGO member since 2008; more active some years than others, but I am committed to checking in daily. Last autumn I realized how much I missed being on TGO on a regular basis. In the time I have been on TGO, 99.9% of the folks I have met have been kind, generous, funny, helpful (even when I ask dumb questions or make inane comments), and supportive when I have shared personal issues. As we start 2020 I want to offer a genuine and sincere THANK YOU to all who have interacted with me. It is my goal to be a friend, support, and advocate for everyone I meet on TGO. Let's not take Tennessee Gun Owners for granted. I am 64 years old and as I grow older, it is easy to realize that there are some things in life that we fail to truly appreciate. Blessings upon all who gather here.
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    Access to firearms has never been more restricted that at the present time. AR15 has been on the civilian market for over 50 years and is one of the most popular firearms in history, probably millions to 10's of millions of them in the US. Obviously, something changed other than access to firearms; if there was a correlation then these incidents would be less likely now, not more. The AR came on the market in 1963, at a time when there were virtually no gun laws other than restrictions on machineguns, 5 years before the 1968 GCA. What has happened in the time period since then, lets reason together: We as a nation have practically destroyed the nuclear family, eviscerated and emasculated the role of the Church in society and replaced chivalry and self-sacrifice with victimhood and narcissism. We abort viable pregnancies due to inconvenience, and promote offing the elderly and ill if we deem their quality of life substandard. We allow our children to play video games that utilize the exact same psychological conditioning used to make our Vietnam Vets more efficient killers (and caused an explosion of PTSD casualties, you all know that more vets have killed themselves since the war than died in it). Instead of mothers and fathers raising their sons and daughters to be ladies and gentlemen, we tell the kids they might be homosexuals or misgendered, and instead of disciplining and training them we put them on Prozac and Ritalin and give them Facebook to experience the insecurities of puberty on a macro scale, all alone on powerful mind altering medications with no morals and no father to smack them and no mother to hug them. Short of a revival (and I do mean the Christian sort), I don't know what can turn this around, we've wasted a generation, maybe two now, and I'm staying armed and vigilant because the last thing that's gonna make anyone safer is taking away the ability to meet these threats head on. I'm sorry to say I don't see this getting better anytime soon, but will continue to pray about it, and do what I can to influence my children and other young people that I can in appositive way...
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    Just received a vintage Savage 340 30-30! Here's what makes it special. This is my grandfather's rifle he used to put food on his family and neighbors families tables in the rural Ozark mountains of northern Arkansas. My grandfather died at the age of 28 from what is believed to be an aneurysm, not too long after returning from Korea. My dad was only 5 years old and this rifle was one of the few possessions my grandfather had that my father was able to keep through the years, house fires, and normal life issues. My grandfather purchased the rifle through the only general store in the little town they lived in, probably from a Belknap catalog. I do have the catalog as well! Probably purchased sometime in late 1950 or early 1951. Which is pretty cool as well since the 340 came out in 1950. Also have the original box of ammo that my grandfather had at the time of his death with 4 shells left in the box! Gun isn't a high value gun but it's priceless to me. To hold in my hands the tool the man I never got to meet, used to feed his family. The gun my father used to kill his prized mounted 10 pointer the day I was born ... It doesn't get any better than that.
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    Today is for remembering the attack and reflecting on the destruction and loss of life on American soil by twisted ISLAMIC terrorists. You've got another 364 days of every year to lament our subsequent loss of liberty and weep for the poor denizens of middle eastern countries that support this kind of crap.
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    Well, it's finally here. Took almost a year and a half but I have my new double rifle in my hot little hands. She's a bespoke double built specifically for me by L'Atelier Verney Carron. Azur model in .450-400 Nitro Express. She handles like a dream. I can close my eyes and shoulder the rifle... when I open them the sights are perfectly aligned. The balance on this thing is unbelievable and makes this 9.6lb rifle feel much lighter than it is. Of course all this quality comes at a steep price... this is by far the most expensive weapon I've ever purchased and the only way I pulled it off is with the help of TGO. I joke that in order to afford her I had to sell every gun I own that doesn't have a name and while that's an exaggeration it's only because I don't name my handguns. So, if you've bought a gun from me in the last year and a half... thank you... you helped pay for this bad girl. Oleg Volk did a photo shoot with her and you'll find some of the photos below. These are unretouched studio shots so there are a few studio artifacts that will be removed before they are published, but I just couldn't wait to show her off. Enjoy and thanks again to everyone who helped me make this happen.
  45. 24 points
    He didn't think you were a donkey. He thought you were from Kentucky.
  46. 24 points
    I just flagged an ad on Armslist for overpriced .22 ammo and got the "the community has spoken, this ad has been rejected" message. Choke on it, reseller scum.
  47. 24 points
      I'm pretty sure that when you are on your cell phone and your child is yelling explicit profanities behind someone in the line at McDonald's, the jerk isn't the one asking you to keep your child to behave.
  48. 24 points
    mosin-nagant: The Mosin-nagant is an old school bolt action rifle from Russia. Originally designed by a drunk Russian engineer and an even more drunk Belgian gunsmith, who drew up blueprints on napkins in the back of a pub somewhere in Siberia in a vodka-induced stupor. The Mosin-nagant fires the 7.62x54r cartridge, which can kill a polar bear at a thousand yards and keep going right through the tree he was standing in front of. The Mosin-nagant was used by the Russians in both world wars, so it's killed more Germans than collisions on the autobahn and under-cooked sauerkraut combined. Surplus Mosins can be found at gunshops in the States for like a hundred bucks on sale, and ammo is cheap surplus, so this is what real men shoot who don't want to drop $1299.99 on an AR-15 which fires a .22 round and that's made out of recycled milk jugs and Legos. Many of them come with a bayonet that's roughly the size of the sword William Wallace used in Braveheart. In the absence of gun oil, you can clean a Mosin by Urine down the barrel and wiping the bolt off with a dirty rag that you found on the floor in a Grease Monkey. Try that with a rifle that was designed less than 50 years ago. Joe: " I need a rifle that is ten feet long and fires anti-tank rounds, but Ive only got 200 dollars!" Ivan: "Amerikan comrade, you need mosin-nagant . Spend 100 on the rifle, fifty on case of ammo, use rest for vodka!" In Soviet Russia, rifle fire you!!!
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    They are true animals in every sense of the word.   I can honestly say that I would go to prison if it were me, or anyone I loved, being attacked like that. The reason is because I would try to kill everyone involved even if they are not attacking because being there supporting those who are attacking should carry the same consequences as those doing the attacking. Don't want to die then don't hang around those that should be killed.   That is the exact reason why I roll around armed like I am in a warzone, because you never know when you might find yourself in one. And because I am white I will be crucified if I have to kill a minority that is killing me.
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