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  1. The problem with woke type people is they are often not debating morals or values. They are debating truths. "A man should be able to marry a man" is a completely different animal from "A man can have babies."
  2. Victimhood is apparently much more appealing than it used to be.
  3. Work used to occasionally require me to ride around in the lousiest neighborhoods Memphis has to offer. It did not require me to do so in a red Miata with the top down blaring Leonard Skynard, but I did it anyway.
  4. Nothing indicates that he actually wants to fix any of the issues plaguing Memphis.
  5. Memphis can actually get quite a bit worse. They are already short 400-500 police officers and a woke DA who supports reclassifying juveniles as anyone under 26 is not going to help retain what officers are still there. Sycamore View/Macon Rd may get even more interesting.
  6. I agree she needed to go, but I suspect for different reasons. She was sometimes quite unfriendly to law enforcement. I get the “has to get worse before it gets better” mentality, but there may be nothing left when we get finished getting worse. I don’t think the typical Memphian will ever come around to your “choose better” option. Someday I will escape from Shelby County.
  7. The woke windowlicker that was just elected as DA will probably makes things even worse.
  8. The twins are the ones who make me nervous. I carry a spare mag just because of them.
  9. I see interesting people every time I go near Macon/Sycamore View. I think I’ve seen Jesse Pinkman, Tuco Salamanca, and Skinny Pete.
  10. That guy folded up like a wet dish rag after that last poke. Any idea if anybody was charged? Kinda worried for the guy with the knife.
  11. Well the woke guy won the DA race and the lockdown guy won the mayor’s race. I wonder how long it will be before Theft <$1000 will no longer be prosecuted.
  12. They were certainly part of the problem, but Trump helped them with his bullheadedness and flamboyance. The point I was trying to make earlier is that Dems are dumb to go after Trump if they are serious about winning in 2024. If Trump doesn't run, Desantis is the obvious nominee and he will be harder to beat than Trump. Dems' odds are not great for 2024, but are better if Trump runs.
  13. You’re killing me and you’re going to get me divorced and it’s all your fault
  14. Because Trump’s worst enemy was Trump.
  15. I disagree. Desantis is Trump minus skeletons, baggage, twitter, thin skin, drama, bloviation, and BS investigations. And supposedly has a net worth of $300k. Trump is a much easier target.
  16. The comical part is that if the J6 loons shoot themselves in the foot and succeed in keeping Trump from running, a Desantis administration will do far more damage to their causes and agendas. They apparently can’t see the forest for the trees.
  17. But will Harris be an improvement for them? Her approval numbers are often even lower than Biden's.
  18. Would it die in the Senate? It's basically 50-50 with Kamala as the tiebreaker. The Republicans have Collins and Murkowski and the Democrats have Manchin and Sinema and nobody every really knows what these four will do. Would the Senate vote need 51 or 60 votes to pass?
  19. ...and raise the age to be tried as an adult to 25. Yeah, that's a great idea. Let's let 23 year old murderers off with a slap on the wrist and a basically clean record in two years. The bad part is this guy may win. Weirich had some BS racial disparity claims made against her and that's all that matters to some around here.
  20. If you live in Shelby County and don't do anything else, go vote for Amy Weirich for DA. Her opponent is a full-retard wokist and wants Memphis to be the next San Fransisco.


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