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  1. Because it makes tacti-cool nimrods rush to the gun shop?
  2. No need - most lefties know that dumping the mag with the trigger finger is better than reaching with their thumb.
  3. I'm sure it could be done. The problem would be that the proprietors would probably soon decide to sell to ammo manufacturers, and then Johnny Public is right back where he started.
  4. Thanks! It started life as a blue carbon steel gun. STI's bluing is sometimes iffy and I apparently have alien acid sweat. After six months of hard use, it looked like a WW2 Remington Rand and I sent it to STI to get hard chromed before it completely rusted away. When it came back and I opened the box, I just about lost my composure. Some have thought it's just a safe queen, but it has 20-25K rounds through it and has won eight or ten IDPA ESP division titles. In some other thread I think I said a Glock 34 is my all time favorite handgun. I may have lied...
  5. I didn’t see any mention of the cops lying to suspects in the article.
  6. Have a link to USSC’s decision? Also, how were the documents used? Detectives telling a suspect “this document proves that you did XYZ?” Pretty unethical. Throwing a fancy looking piece of paper on the table and vaguely implying it is evidence is another matter. Police use all kinds of methods and theatrics to get info. Presenting such a forged document as evidence in court is, I bet, already quite illegal.
  7. Well to be fair, that was two more rounds in a single stack mag, which may mean three or four more in a double stack. Still not worth it to me for a weaker round that makes smaller holes.
  8. Perhaps I am biased. I shoot more .40 than anything. But equating it to Rodham is lowdown lol
  9. I didn’t agree with everything Trump said either, but Fauci disagreed with Fauci a month later. But Fauci’s fastball is what really convinced me he belongs in prison…
  10. Made from porcelain and costs more than you make in a month?
  11. Not the only 1911 I own, but my favorite. STI Trojan 9mm. My only regret about this gun is not getting its twin in .45 back before STI went exclusively tacti-cool.
  12. Naw, they were probably all still in bed.
  13. I think Kahrman is due a name change...
  14. I sent this to a friend and he said he and his friends hit one with a Nerf football once and it blew up and they ran away. I said ya’ll were idiots, we never played football near a Pinto.
  15. Didn’t see any new years resolution types this morning
  16. Exactly, the author’s use of words like “fundamentalist” and “compound” made clear his bias. I’ve never heard of the Twelve Tribes and they do sound like weirdos, but this article was more a hit piece on them than it was about the fire.
  17. It will be DOA if ammo isn’t available.
  18. ...and pushing the global warming religion.
  19. These two sites are comparing a short bed F150 with a long bed Tundra. My 2000 Tundra Access Cab was 7” shorter than the 2000 F150 supercab (or whatever they called their Access Cab equivalent) I was also considering (218” to 225). Both short beds. I remember measuring my garage and deciding the Tundra would fit, but the F150 would be iffy. IIRC, the F150 was also a couple inches wider. The Tundra cab was distinctly less roomy, but I’m 5’10 and didn’t care.
  20. Rectum rockets and colon comets. More for you.
  21. Mmmm the original Tundra was barely bigger than current Tacoma. Maybe 90% of an F150. I had one. The gen 2 Tundra is legit full size. The T100 was basically a Tacoma.


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