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  1. 1. Must run 2. Big enough for serious shooting, small enough to comfortably carry 3. Decent trigger 4. Decent capacity A Glock 48 with Shield magazines is about the best carry gun I have found.
  2. I’ve all but lost interest in pro sports. “I refuse to practice because I want $20 million instead of $18 million” got old, and that was before kneeling and black anthems. My daughter’s competitive soccer team is more interesting to me than any sports on tv. We have recently gone to a couple University of Memphis womens soccer games to see how the experts do it. About 2/3 of the team is Canadian and one is from Japan and another is from Iceland. All stand at attention during the anthem. If only Americans knew how to act.
  3. I suppose this could be chalked up to those people being exposed shortly before getting the booster. Maybe maybe not. It is interesting that two FDA big shots are resigning over disagreements about whether or not third boosters are necessary or even safe. Biden has demonstrated that he is a stubborn, pigheaded old man who refuses to change his mind or admit he is wrong. This may be his latest case of “I said we are doing it this way and nothing will change that.”
  4. I did slightly alter the way I dress when I started carrying, but it was well worth the small effort. Different strokes for different folks and all that I guess.
  5. Meanwhile in Wokeburg, the Commerce secretary and one of her MSNBC buddies are writing the sequel to 1984 when they claim vaccine mandates aren’t forcing anyone to do anything. https://www.msnbc.com/stephanie-ruhle/watch/commerce-sec-raimondo-vaccine-mandate-is-unquestionably-going-to-help-our-economy-120746053718
  6. I should have been more specific--Smith & Wesson M&P 10 .308.
  7. I’m 5’10/180 and can easily and comfortably conceal a Glock 48 or Springfield EMP IWB under just a t-shirt all day long. Usually the fat guys are the one complaining about concealing IWB.
  8. Not saying this is you, but 95% of the OCers I see fit the Fudd category or look like they got their first gun last Wednesday. A $5 holster and they don’t seem to notice or care that someone is standing 12” behind them. I think my daughter could disarm many of them. They probably tell everybody nobody notices their gun or has ever said anything to them.
  9. Dob’t be hatin’ on the Nashville Oilers
  10. Need a 1-8 lpvo under $500. Looking at Athlon, Bushnell, and Primary Arms. Opinions and experience with these?
  11. The Piperton, TN gestapo don't play when you're doing 59 in a 45. But they didn't ask if I had a gun.
  12. If ammo availability is an issue, I would get a .350 Legend. .450 Bushmaster, 6mm Creedmoor, and .350 Legend have been available pretty much every time I go to a store ever since the stupidity started. Plus it's just a cool round. Also, I would think a Blackout would do well in an auction.
  13. Got my tax stamp for my Omega 300 today after +/- 9 months. Also got a $176 speeding ticket on the way to the NFA guy.
  14. Covid escalation makes 2022 mail in ballots more palatable and keeps the door open for unprecedented spending on unprecedented things.
  15. They Crimson Tide fans? Just sayin
  16. Before this is over, I wouldn’t mind releasing a few dozen cruise missiles on Xi’s presidential palace or mud hut or wherever he lives. I ignored the origin debate at first, but now I’m suspecting its release maybe was not accidental.
  17. Thank you for the in-depth answer. I was trying to nicely ask “why should I trust you?” and I think you answered that. The left/right politics of the vaccines are irrelevant to me (other than government mandates). I have been hesitant because I don’t know and I don’t trust most who claim they do. I generally don’t like medication and take as little as is necessary. Some have called me anti-vax and that is a complete mischaracterization. I have no doubt the vaccines work to varying degrees, but have always been concerned about what will be learned about them 10 years from now. Throw in the lack of liability the drug makers politicked for and got (I get it—this needed to happen to expedite the process, but big pharm aren’t exactly angels) and the speed at which they were developed, and I don’t see how a prudent person wouldn’t have some concerns.
  18. What is your background and is there anything to the news I've read and heard lately that Pfizer is less effective?
  19. Maybe he was skimming, too. I've never been guilty of that
  20. I never mentioned whether or not Trump would help, I just pointed out that Trump pushing the vaccine is nothing new. He quoted me instead of whoever said Trump may get more people vaccinated. That would have made more sense.


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