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    Sorry for the quality but I snapped this just before sunrise and found out it's Venus, the moon and then Jupiter. I knew when I looked up in the sky it seemed different which caused me to snap the photo. Anyway...there it is.
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    Finally found a Python in what I consider good shape and I could afford. I've been on the Python search for quite some time now. Most of them I'd want to take home must have gold screws! Sorry for the lousy pics.
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    That C&R license still coming in handy. Serial number has it made in 1945. 74 years old!
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    I figured it was time for me to embrace the future and put a red dot sight on a Glock. I chose my Gen 4 Glock 19 for this and ordered a stripped slide from Suarez International done in their black Melonite treatment with plain black, suppressor-height, front and rear sights. I filled it with a set of stock Gen 4 Glock internals from Big Tex Outdoors, tossed in a Silencerco barrel that I've been sitting on for a while, and topped it off with a Trijicon RM07 6.5MOA red dot sight. It's riding on my Gen 4's frame with an Agency Arms minimalist magwell, a Streamlight TLR-7 light, a Crux Ordnance extended mag release, and a bit of thumb-index stippling done by yours truly with an ice-pick heated up with a BIC lighter. Just kidding. I used a woodburning tool, but I totally could have done that with a hot ice-pick. I may put a different trigger in it. I'm not sure. I am one of those weirdos who likes the OEM Glock Gen 4 trigger, but the trigger on my Gen 5 is just so damn nice that it has me thinking about an Agency or Apex trigger on this. We'll see.
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    I feel that it is rare for any level of government to "get it," do good or do the right thing. This is one of those very rare occasions. https://www.upworthy.com/the-health-department-was-called-on-a-teen-s-hot-dog-stand-its-response-was-wonderful?c=ufb2&fbclid=IwAR1CJkipdzhrkspmiWqwtVAM1ziVpDNaKuT0xvao9jml0jbMiA4IqCynTrQ
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    No, my angered reaction is just to the way these stories spread like wildfire, with little to no verification of the facts, because it's the narrative that the mainstream media wants to propagate. I'm troubled by the society that my kids will be growing up in.
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    Sometimes things happen and a couple did on Christmas for me this year. To begin with my land lord showed up at my home on Christams Eve to wish me a Merry Christmas and handed me an envelope with a card. I thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas and we shook hands and I bid him a safe trip home. I had some new neighbors move in on the other side of my place. A young couple, He is the one with that big Camper he is trying to sell for a friend. Well, I noticed that has was making a few trips with a pickup truck to move their things from their old place and his wife was trying to help him move some of the furniture in and I had a few friends stop by about that time and I asked them to help them so they jumped right in and helped the young man unload the trailer he had behind the pick up and his pickup. I ask him if that was all he had or was there more to go get and he said nope, this is it. He reached in his pocket for his wallet to offer to pay and we all said no and glad to help and as we were leaving I heard his young wife say she would try and get supper made if she could find cook vessels. I had just finished up a 3 Quart Crock Pot of Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup and a pan of Corn Bread so I put about 1/2 of the soup in a tupperware container and wrapped up about 6 pieces of corn bread and I also took spoons and bowls. I walked it over to their door and knocked and they came to the door and I said it's still hot so enjoy. He took it and I said hope you like it and I turned and left. They both work so have not got to actually visit much but we wave when we see each other outside. So yesterday he came over and knocked and I opened the door and it was my neighbor and he handed me a card in an envelope and wished me a Merry Christmas and we shook hands and I told him Merry Christmas in return and we shook hands again and he left. Ok so I opened the card from my landlord and in the card was a $20.00 and in the card from my neighbor was a $10.00 bill. I was not expecting anything from anyone except family. This has shown me one thing there are still people who actually do understand the spirit of what Christmas is and giving. I just wanted to share this experience with folks here because this is something that I would have maybe expected from folks here because folks here are caring about folks but have never had a landlord give me a gift and was surely not expecting my neighbor to do what they did.......................
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    Wanted to start a thread to mark Memorial Day. Our country is far from perfect, and we have a long way to go in our quest for that more perfect union, but we are safe and secure in our own lands, able to write our own destiny. That's in no small part to those who have given their lives in its defense. I don't expect people to give up their whole weekend, or even the day itself, but I think we as a nation need to do something other than take a three-day and forget what brought it about. Memorial Day is much less festive when you have people to remember. Below I wanted to share the stories and photos of three comrades in arms I had the honor of serving with before their lives were cut short. SSG Jeremy Brown. He died in a vehicle rollover on the road from Mosul to Tal Afar, having taken the spot of one of his soldiers in the gunners hatch. Anyone who knew Jeremy wouldn't have been shocked for one moment that he did that for his soldier. I still think of him as the experienced vet who I would go to with problems, even though I'm now 10 years older than he was when he died. He was in my unit for my first Iraq deployment, and almost as soon as we got back, the army sent him to another post to join another unit deploying. He had to say goodbye to a wife he barley saw since they married, and a son he had from his first marriage he never saw often enough between his time in Iraq and Korea. SFC Clarance McSwain. I won't claim to know "Sergeant Mac" well, but when I was attached to his company at an outpost so destitute it was called Patrol Base Swamp, he embraced me with open arms, and had my gut busting at the seams with laughter the whole time I was there. I still remember how wide his smile was talking about his family, and he even had the hospital bracelet that was starting to fade from a few months before when he took his mid-tour leave to be home for the birth of I think his fourth kid. I'm sure that bracelet was still on when he died in an IED blast about a month and a half after I met him. SPC Jessica Ellis. Say what you will about women in combat, but on the course of two deployments, Ellis had the courage to join combat engineers as their medic on route clearance patrols to look for IEDs in and around Baghdad. A goofy kid who grew up fast over two deployments, and was just coming into her own, she always put the needs of others above hers. I still remember how she would try to cheer up everyone who she met, especially when I had to visit the docs one day for sick call back in garrison. Enjoy the day tomorrow, but if it pleases, take a moment to have a thought about those who truly paid the price for us to prosper in this day, and all our days as a country.
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    I have been wanting a nice O/U for a while. I sold some guns and saved my pennies and bought this Zoli. Took her out and shot some sporting clays today.
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    Well, another year has come and gone and I find myself wondering about the future. Sometimes I feel we are doing great, then I see something happening that convinces me we are going straight to hell at top speed with no brakes. Then I read the content here and realize the caliber of men and women here and see some hope. There is goodness still in this world and it lives on TGO. I see the friendship, the love of God and county, and the sacrifice made by some to keep us all safe. I see belief and faith in God expressed freely and openly in times when it is not always PC to do so. I see and am amazed at the help, love, and concern freely given from member to member, usually without the need to ask. I see the compassion given in times of pain. I see congratulations given in times of joy. All this and so much more. I feel truly blessed to be here, not just on this world and this country, but in the midst of good men. Men I strive to emulate and deserve the friendship of. Lastly, I feel grateful to know and be known by men who expressed concern for me in my prolonged absence recently. For friends like MacGuyver, Steelharp, Bersaguy, TrickyNicky, Kharman, gothegoods, TrippleGGG, prag, and gregintn, just to name a very, very few of the good people here that I can call friend. Yes, I am blessed with a loving, caring, and good wife, who puts up with me and my antics. A family though widespread, that accepts me as I am. A home and reasonably good health. A future that many in this world would envy, and so very much more. So to family, friends, my TGO family, all our military, and first responders, to those who stand in harm's way for others... I wish us all the Merriest of Christmas's and Happy New Year's. May God continue to Bless us and our nation. Amen.
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    I just got off the phone with Ronnie (my son) down in Kingston Springs in Cheatham County. He just got off the phone with the Sheriff down there. The Sheriff told Ronnie that they have recovered 4 of the guns that were stolen from our home back in 1988 when they burglarized our home while we were at the hospital with my oldest son that was in a coma from and auto accident. They recovered all long guns. The most important one was recovered which is my dead sons Winchester model 1200 12 gauge. They also recovered my younger sons 20 gauge Winchester 1200 , my Mossberg 4.10 Pump and a Marlin 30/30. They said the investgation is on going and they hope to learn where more of them are. There is only 4 more long guns out there and all the rest are hand guns. The only gun out of all was my dead sons Winchester Pump that I really wanted back. I had bought it and my other sons 20 gauge for Christmas 3 years prior to my sons accident. I bought all 3 of those shotguns at Speciality Arms in LaVergne a couple years after they opened up for business and they were running a special on Winchesters. I wanted a pump 4.10 for a couple years so bought the Mossberg and because I was buying the other two guns they gave me a package deal on 3 guns. I remember having to take the 4.10 back because it would shoot around corners. When I told the guy it would shoot around corners he laughed but took the gun in the back to their range and test fired it 3 times. He came back out with a new Mossberg in a box and handed me 5 boxes of 4.10 ammo. He said you are correct sir. It does shoot around corners. He said the barrel was evidently bent from the factory. Very nice folks to do business back then. They have grown a lot since I bought the shotguns. I really wanted it back most of all. They said they will be returned after the case is closed but at least I now know it will be coming home eventually where it belongs. All they could tell Ronnie right now is they were discovered in a home in Cumberland Furnace during a drug bust raid on a house there and the occupants were arrested for dealing drugs out of the house. My son ask if he could give him the names of the drug dealers but he said he could not because it is an ongoing investigation. Ronnie was trying to see if it was someone he knew. Will keep ya'll updated as I learn more.
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    I'm going to offer a few thoughts for perspective. Have you ever been somewhere where you just felt like you didn't belong? Maybe there was nothing obvious. Likely nothing was said. But, you just felt like you didn't fit in. Many of us have never had that experience - or would need to really stretch our thinking to do it. Looking for a church is a perhaps a good analogy. If you've ever left home and felt compelled to find a church in a new town - it can be daunting. I recently had a family member move to Murfreesboro. For a couple of years they tried probably a dozen churches. They were at one of the bigger ones for about 6 months because their kids went to school with a lot of the kids at that church. They really put in the work, but still ended up leaving. When I was talking to my family member about it, she said, "there are some really great people there - but after 6 months I've got people still introducing themselves like I'm a visitor multiple times - and I don't really know that we're wealthy enough to afford to be able to go to church here." There's a lot in that statement that breaks my heart - but there's a lot of truth, too. There's nothing obviously wrong with that church - they're serving a lot of people - but maybe there's more that they could be doing. -- When it comes to the 2A community - maybe more than one thing can be true at the same time. I'm going to explore that a little bit in this post. 1. The NRA as it exists today is doing just fine - Its membership is as large as it's ever been. It raises more money than it ever has. It has a string of legislative and judicial wins at the local, state, and federal level. As an organization, it is feared by it's opponents, and may be the most effective lobbying group that's ever been. When many of us go to the conventions - we see a floor packed with guns and gear. We hear people speak that are talking about things that we care about. It's probably the furthest thing from most of our minds that most everyone there looks like us. And, that's fine on the surface. The NRA is doing great. Why change something that is doing fine? If people don't feel welcome, that's their problem, not mine. I'm welcoming and affirming and tired of people telling me that I'm the problem. All of the above can be true, and this likely is pretty accurate for most of us. But, something else can be true, too. 2. The NRA as it exists today isn't going to be enough to see us through the fight that is coming - The conditions on the ground are changing. I'm convinced that we're going to see gun regulation be a more dominant force in our political arena in the next few years than it's ever been. Opponents are mobilized, growing, and increasingly well funded. The NRA (as a proxy for all of us) is not ready for this coming fight. We need as many allies as we can get - and what's worked so far - being a culture that's predominantly included white, middle class, generally "conservative" males - isn't going to get us where we need to go. We're going to need a bigger team. -- I think a lot of us read stuff about diversity and inclusion - and we're made to feel like we're somehow the problem. We're tired of being made out to be the problem. I'd love to redirect our focus a bit. We all view things through a lens of our experience. We can't change that. But, occasionally something comes along to put a scratch on that lens and make us think. Let's go back to that church hunting analogy a bit. Many of you who've gone through this process would likely echo feeling something like this. My family member did wind up at a church where they're happy and engaged. When talking to her about it, she mentioned that the first Sunday that they were there people went out of their way to make them feel included. People didn't just introduce themselves, the pastoral staff met them and learned about them. Other kids introduced themselves and showed their kids where to go. People invited them to lunch after church. They made sure they knew about small groups. All of this could seem overwhelming - unless you're looking for a community to get engaged in. Then, you see it through a perspective of people going out of their way to make you feel welcome. That church was fine before this family got there - but when they showed up they went out of their way to make them feel welcome. And now, they're all better for it. If I were to extend that out to the NRA (again as a proxy for all of us) what does that look like? Let's say I'm a young Hispanic man here in Nashville, or a single black mother in Memphis who has bought a gun to defend her family, or maybe I'm a dad in government housing who can here gunshots weekly from my stoop as my kids play in the yard. Let's say I've joined the NRA to learn more about guns because that wasn't a part of my upbringing. I get a copy of American Rifleman or American Hunter in the mail every month. How do those publications speak to me? What would those publications look like if they included stuff that was important to the non-white, non-suburban, non middle class male reader? Off the top of my head: Let's talk Philando Castile - here was a young (black) man who did everything you're supposed to do as a permit holder when engaging with law enforcement. He notified them of his permit, was respectful, and didn't go anywhere near his gun - and still wound up shot. That's terrifying - and the NRA was silent on it. Let's talk firearm security when a $1000 safe may not be an option Let's talk firearm safety and handling in an environment where people aren't going to look at you crossways just because you're there Let's talk cultural issues where your family and your community may look at you crossways because the only people they know with guns are thugs Let's really open up some channels with law enforcement, and be an advocate, and have some hard conversations about interactions with our members who are terrified that they're going to get shot for something stupid. A lot of things can be true at the same time in life. As I look at our community of gun owners at large right now - we're as strong as we've ever been. But, that likely isn't strong enough to get us where we need to go next. America is getting browner. That is something that many of us welcome and celebrate. The 2A community of the future can't look like the one of today if we're going to remain as strong in future generations as we have in this past generation. Maybe the point of this thread isn't necessarily to call us out on doing something wrong - rather it's to start a conversation about how we can be more welcoming - even if at times we go out of our way to do it. How much stronger would the 2A community be if it were in fact a leader when it comes to inclusion? That's the thing. Leaders don't just show up one day with a group that is like, "yeah, I guess we'll follow you." No. Leaders create a space that people want to be involved in - and know that in doing so everyone is better.
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    I found this at the Jackson, TN gun show today. A Model 15-3 2". The gun is easily 98% with just a very light turn line. Timing, lock up, etc are perfect. The action is smooth as butter. It shows very little evidence of being fired. It has a nicely figured set of PC magna stocks on it. Serial number dates it to 1972. I added the T-grip once I got it home. The price was pretty good for this gun in this condition. $475 OTD. I don't really need it. It was an impulse buy just because I didn't have one. But I like it. The bad thing is that with the way our weather has been and current forecasts, it may be Spring before I get a chance to get to the range to try it out. I'm afraid my poor photography skills just don't do it justice. It looks much better in person.
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    Picked this one up today, Beretta 92G Tennessee limited edition. Had no idea they were made until a fellow board member posted a pic, and then helped me find one after my searches came up empty!!
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    I echo WFM. IMO, SnS you do more to hurt 'the cause' than to promote the firearms agenda. If you want to OC in public places, your business, but still creates a negative response by most. On private property, it is the owners prerogative. Now you have possibly caused a business to be posted rather than going quietly on your way. The effect now if posted, those who CC will be in violation of the law, whether charged or not. In more ways than one, who have created a win for the other side.
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    When I was six my father was attacked in our neighbors kitchen by her much larger ex-husband. My father reached for anything he could get his hands on and found a 1 liter returnable glass Coke bottle. I can still see that guy stumbling out of that kitchen with blood everywhere. Later my father sat me down to talk about it, this is all I remember of what he said... ”Son, there’s no such thing as a fair fight.”
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    Ten point showed up as the fog was lifting Biggest ever Hunting same spot 15 plus years
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    How 'bout a gift certificate to a local gun store? That way he can pick out what he wants. Welcome to the forum!
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    In this community, know that if you’re having these thoughts, there are people who will listen and sit with you in that dark place until we can find some light. You can PM me anytime and I’ll pick up the phone - or get in the truck and help you get some help. You’re not alone.
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    So life has been crazy busy this last year with my wife starting her fellowship at Vanderbilt Medical Center and the birth of our first child. What a wirlwind, so I have t been near as active here, but through all that my wife passed her board certification and is now a Board Certified Pathologist. She interviewed and has a contract with a physician group in Knoxville. Those of you that know me know we lived in Knoxville for many years, and as we have loved the past few years in Nashville we are excited to be heading back. We have a contract pending on our house here and currently searching on Knoxville. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on yet another adventure and look forward to being an East Tennesean again.
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    Many thanks to @alleycat72 for the lower! All told, I have receipts totaling $376 including the 2 mags, scope, mount & foregrip Lots of judicious shopping around, waiting for deals & eBay netted me this & I'm tickled pink!
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    Just in case anyone needs to know. When you have a record expunged in Tennessee, the state MAILS the orders to TBI and they have up to 60 days to remove it. The mailing process is slow, as we found out. My husband called them on Wednesday to ask how long and was told that if the state had FAXED it, it would have been removed in hours. He told them he had a copy of the orders and could he fax and was told yes. He faxed them at 4:15pm with a cover sheet with his name and phone number. Then on Thursday morning he got a call at 8:15am and was informed that they got the fax and removed it. He asked about the FBI and was told they removed it the same day the state does! We wasn't sure, so he decided to wait 24 hours. Friday morning, he went to Academy Sports, picked out a Glock g43x and submitted the paperwork for the nics check. 15 minutes later he legally purchased his first handgun and skipped off out of the store grinning from ear to ear! Once in the truck, he scheduled his ccw class for this morning. Needless to say, after having a felony since he was 20 years old, 30 years later and he is no longer a felon. Thank you all for your interest and feedback. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation. The attorney we used is Daniel Horwitz in Nashville. Highly recommended.
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    Just one more reason why I carry concealed everywhere I go.
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    To those of us who are relatively new to the shooting sports, as well as those of us who have short memories, Palmetto State Armory continues to send emails full of crazy cheap deals and free shipping on various parts, firearms, and ammunition. Those of us who have been at this a while can attest that this will not always be the case. My advice to you is to buy it cheap and stack it deep while the good times last.
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    I've resolved not to resolve to do or quit or start anything. I know it will be tough, but I think I can do it.
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    8:00 am: I made a snowman. 8:10 - A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn't make a snow woman. 8:15 - So, I made a snow woman. 8:17 - My feminist neighbor complained about the snow woman's voluptuous chest saying it objectified snow women everywhere. 8:20 - The gay couple living nearby threw a hissy fit and moaned it could have been two snow men instead. 8:22 - The transgender man..women...person asked why I didn't just make one snow person with detachable parts. 8:25 - The vegans at the end of the lane complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are food and not to decorate snow figures with. 8:28 - I was being called a racist because the snow couple is white. 8:31 - The middle eastern gent across the road demanded the snow woman be covered up . 8:40 - The Police arrived saying someone had been offended. 8:42 - The feminist neighbor complained again that the broomstick of the snow woman needed to be removed because it depicted women in a domestic role. 8:43 - The council equality officer arrived and threatened me with eviction. 8:45 - TV news crew from ABC showed up. I was asked if I know the difference between snowmen and snow-women? I replied "Snowballs" and am now called a sexist. 9:00 - I was on the News as a suspected terrorist, racist, homophobe sensibility offender, bent on stirring up trouble during difficult weather. 9:10 - I was asked if I have any accomplices. My children were taken by social services. 9:29 - Far left protesters offended by everything marched down the street demanding for me to be arrested. Moral: There is no moral to this story. It is what we have become all because of snowflakes
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    Nothing like getting a text from Mike at Law Enforcement Sales saying all 3 of your transfers are in. Finally got to bring these home today. Now to find some range time.
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    I was in a steak house in Houston one time where a party at a table next to us was making a big deal about everything - just to show what a big shot he was. He had complained about where they had been seated previously. He sent back an appetizer and rejected a bottle of wine. When the server came out with his steak, he asked for A1 and threw a fit when told they didn’t have it. The chef came out a minute later with the man’s jacket and kicked him out.
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    Travis might be fresh out of some kind of feel-good conflict resolution class. I advise you not to cuss out random trash in the WM parking lot, regardless of circumstances. Especially if you are carrying. There are too many unstable people there.
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    There have not been any times that I have not felt welcome on TGO in ten years. The biggest problem I have with many of our members is that many behave as if all minority groups are monolithic. It can be bothersome when you’ve always tried to do the right thing while abiding the law. Being from Memphis, even my kids would be bothered by people telling them how well spoken, polite and behaved they were, as if they were abnormal. I really enjoy TGO. Some have wondered why I’ve hung around this long. It’s because David has the best forum on the Internet. Mac gives well thought out and reasoned opinions, and the members that I have had personal interactions with were all great, and we always spent lots of time just being human, and enjoying one another’s company. Finally, I believe that there have been members who joined because they believed they could be bigots, stereotype people and generally cause trouble, but the moderators have done an excellent job of eventually culling them from the heard.
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    I got this on a trade from a member here a while back and decided to sell it instead of taking it out to shoot. I was told it had only been fired a few times and it looks that way. No holster wear, grips look great, no blemishes, etc... I looked it up a while back and I think this one was produced in '79 or the early 80's? No lock! I'll be glad to send more pics if anyone is interested. No trades and will sell for $800 and includes original box, paperwork, wax paper, etc...
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    No one has to stay on the street in Nashville. Plenty do. There are a lot of reasons for that. Over 180 churches participate in Room In the Inn, feeding and housing the homeless in their churches overnight. We do it once a week, and I stay overnight about once a month. It will change how you think about things when you sit down and share a meal with these folks. My kids go with me, make beds, serve food, and eat with our guests. There are some great advocacy organizations here in middle Tennessee. We really struggle with affordable housing. But programs like RITI make it a lot more tolerable. If anyone is ever interested in seeing what it’s about, if you’re interested in staying overnight, or think your church might want to be involved, shoot me a note. It will change you. If you’re interested in donating/getting involved, here are some great organizations: Room in the Inn - overnight shelter and a variety of services Nashville Rescue Mission Open Table - advocacy and helping get people housed Safe Haven - our only family shelter
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    Guys, we need to fight this with every ounce of energy that we have. The time for letting the NRA, GOA, 2AF, and everyone else fight for our rights is long past. It's time to actually get off our butts and make it important enough that we call, write, email, and even VISIT our elected representatives and tell them that there will be hell to pay at the voting booth if they support this.
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    This is what worries me. The media and a lot of people in government WANT us to be against each other. They despise the vision that leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. had for a country united where "color blindness" could reign supreme. My wife are working hard to ensure that our kids love people the way that Jesus loved people. We want them to be indifferent to a person's physical appearances and to make decisions based on the character of people's hearts. I dread the day when our kids encounter someone who doesn't look like them who tells them they hate them because they are white and because white people are guilty of "insert injustice here". My kids aren't being raised to be apologists; they are just being raised to be decent.
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    All right, I'll admit I'm cheap. But I get sick and tired for paying $5 and $6 for a Silicone cotton / flannel gun wipe cloth. I go through these things pretty quick. It doesn't take long before they wear, then they transfer a lot of lint on to your gun. Especially on any matte finished surfaces. So I went to a fabric store and bought 2 yards of cotton flannel quilting fabric for just $2.49 @ yard. (I bought natural color. But you can get it in any color you like). I took a pair of pinking shears and cut it into 18" square sheets. I then spray them with silicone, (or you can use your favorite gun oil or rust preventive), fold them up and put them into 6" heavy duty zip lock storage bags. You'll end up with over 20 of them for what you will pay for one from Hoppe's or Outers. And they are of better quality. You can keep several of them at home, in your range bag, on your reloading bench, or even in the pockets of your gun cases. Then you will never be without a way to wipe down your gun. And you won't be ripped off over paying for those crappy one's they sell at the gun shop. https://www.joann.com/cozy-flannel-fabric/prd39349.html#prefn1=ecommercetype2&prefn2=refinementColor&prefv1=Snuggle%20Flannel%7CCozy%20Flannel&prefv2=Whites&icn=hpz1ba&ici=cozy-flannel&start=1 https://www.walmart.com/ip/6-x-6-4-Mil-Heavy-Duty-Plastic-Reclosable-Zipper-Bags/107397076
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    I'm a bit slow, but I never understood the hatred a lot of the world has for Jewish people.
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    A. Did you know that before computers, people could do complex math equations with only pencil and paper? It's amazing! B. What about them? Not all radiation is harmful. C. The same way that the rest of the equipment and crew did. D. Crappy camera tech? E. You will go to your grave correct. The first man stepped foot on the moon in 1969, which is not the early 1960's.
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    Decided to camo my el cheapo Savage 320 today..Spent $10 for paint...I could not find any rubber bands at wallyworld, so I just wrapped it in paracord, then used some foliage from around the land for the camo effect...I think it turned out pretty decent for my first time doing a camo job..
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    No, I look nothing like Mr.Sutherland, but I was a huge fan of his show 24. My wife and I are solidly middle class with three adult college educated kids, and conservative upbringings. That has changed. We no longer consider ourselves a part of any party or group. I come from a hard working family where I saw my grandfather work side by side with game show host Wink Martindale, farmed his own land, and raised animals. Everyone in the family was expected to participate. My wife is college educated, and worked her way up from loading planes at FEDEX , to management, and finally a regulatory compliance SME at FEDEX World Headquarters. I’m a 90% disabled veteran, and a government employee scheduled to retire in a few years. The highlights of my military career were being on the Ft.Gordon, Ga. SRT team, and being a part of the service members who had the swiftest victory in combat history during Desert Storm. I’m mostly conservative in my thinking, but I have a soft spot for those who struggle. It’s not always that they are lazy or don’t work, as David and Mc mentioned, lots of times the are profiled and discarded simply because of the pigment of their skin. What I’ve enjoyed about the last ten years on TGO is meeting members in person. We’ve had great transactions, and even better interactions. I don’t know if it’s upbringing that causes people to be prejudiced, but I do know that spending time with someone who doesn’t look like you, or share your views greatly benefits all parties involved. For those who have never met me, and only know my Sutherland Profile, here are a few photos.
  40. 10 points
    The longer I carry the more deeply I move into the “concealed means concealed” camp. It’s all about risk aversion for me.
  41. 10 points
    Good thing Waffle House has a nation wide "gun free" policy to prevent things like this from...oh, never mind.
  42. 9 points
    Wanting to get rid of 4 Kahrs. P40, P45, PM45, CW9. $600 for all four. 615-512-3903 text or call. Buyer beware- I can say with with utmost confidence that these are the most non-trouble free and unreliable guns I have owned. I’ve tried to be patient and forgiving and really want to like them. But they don’t make it easy, and I’ve had enough. Before I take the band saw to them I figure I should try to get at least something out of them. I feel guilty selling them, but if you’re willing to take on their unique idiosyncrasies and have the patience to turn them into productive, useful members of society, more power to you. FTF sale to TN carry permit holders, cash only, meet in Nashville. Some of their peculiarities include : P45, bought new in December. I have approx. 1,000 rounds through it. Installed a new slide release retention spring because out of the box the slide release was working its way loose while shooting. Since replacing spring, the slide release stays put and it has actually cycled a full magazine of fmj without a malfunction. But sadly, anything other than hardball causes a ftf on 2nd or 3rd round every time. After some feed ramp polishing and range time I figured it might come around, but not so. Guess it needs somebody more patient and knowledgeable than me. Which isn’t saying much, I admit. Plastic case and 3 mags. Soo, moving on... the P40 was great until about a month ago it started dropping mags whenever it wanted. I’ve tried shooting left handed, shooting with thumbs out, shooting with somebody else’s hands, and mags still drop with each shot. Almost as aggravating as the P45 ftf’s. I’m guessing that a new mag release might solve it but it doesn’t really have enough rounds through it to warrant replacement parts or repairs so I’m over it. Plastic case and 2 mags. The CW9 has been pretty good, once in a while has a ftf but not often. Just enough to make it less than 100% reliable. 2 mags, no box. The PM45 has actually been surprisingly reliable. I kind of want to keep it but figure it’s an outlier and someone else deserves a chance to experience a trouble free Kahr. Plastic case and 3 mags. So there you have it. A dysfunctional family of four if ever there was one. I wouldn’t buy them, I’d spend my money on something worthwhile. But if you have $600 burning a hole in your pocket give me a shout.
  43. 9 points
    SOLD. Thanks TGO. ................. This one has seen very little use so needs to go to a better home. Awesome trigger, great feeling grips. Spare Hogue if you want them. Factory box with all the papers. Spring Hill region
  44. 9 points
    My new to me 82G. Custom bedded, custom trigger to 6oz, shoots MOA with "cheap" Tasco Japanese 8-32x40mm target scope and SK Pistol Match.
  45. 9 points
  46. 9 points
    So, I said my FAL needed a friend... Friend of mine who works at GT sent me a message cause he knew I’ve been after a decent older one at a fairly low price. I believe it’s a Mark III, 1990 production year by the serial #. She’s gonna get some wood grips and I’ll decide whether or not she’ll get a new finish after cleaning out the crud and rust. Now I guess I really do need to get on finding some Rhodie shorts in size “fat”.
  47. 9 points
    Tried to polish my keys today at a local restaurant. Don’t fall for it! Key cleaner my butt. Keys black and so are my fingers....Funny thing is, it’s just above the urinal, aren’t there codes for key cleaners?
  48. 9 points
    Just for the record and future reference since this thread seems to have taken a productive turn: Typically I do not tolerate this sort of thread being posted to take a moderator to task for their actions. In the future, if I get to a thread like this before another moderator does, I will ban the person responsible for it without question, without second chance, and certainly without a PM. As MacGyver said, we trust our moderators. If they make a mistake, they generally own it and we fix the problem. But TGO is not a democracy and mob-rule does not hold water here. I won't tolerate it and I won't allow the 100% volunteer staff to be called-down publicly by someone that they moderated for doing what they felt was out of line with our forum Rules. This might be a good place for me to post these links, for everyone's benefit. They appear at the bottom of every page. TGO Rules and Guidelines TGO Registration Terms
  49. 9 points
    Well I went and took the survey they sent me.Figured that could be the least I could do since they ask my views. Below was what I made in a couple reply sections that had. The question is above and the reply is below. Please share your feedback with Dan. The more detail, the better. My Time with your employee was adequate and he did all I requested of him. He closed all of my accounts for me. What additional information would you like to share with us? I am leaving BOA for several reasons and the main one is BOA's decision to ask all Firearms manufacturers that have been doing with BOA have been asked to take their banking business else where. Except you are willing to LOAN them money but you don't want their banking business. I am an American and I live by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. With a bank title such as Bank of America one would be led to believe your organization would also be loyal to the Constitution but evidently it is in name only in your case. Now with that said I have other reasons for leaving also. Service at your branch banks has declined and you no longer have full time tellers at your drive up windows where I did most of my banking due to the fact I am handicapped. Some times I would be in line up to 30 minutes waiting for service. You also decided that I no longer should receive free checks even though I am on a fixed income and handicapped and been a loyal customer of yours for at the time 15 years. With that said, I can deal with all the minor little issues but when you began turning your back on the Constitution and companies that are a part of it being a 2nd Amendment operated companies you also turned your back on me and my beliefs. I was not a customer to you. I was just a number!!!
  50. 9 points
    I found this article online and thought it was excellent. Worth sharing here. Source: http://bfelabs.net/printing-doesnt-matter/ This really goes back to the fundamental reason that I have been so vocally supportive of concealed carry and against open carry. I believe that open carry has a very narrow lane within which it has practical purpose or benefit, whereas concealment has a much wider range of benefits. Realizing that this can become a somewhat religious debate, particularly with those people who advocate open carry as some sort of talisman that wards off evil doers or who use the visibility of their handgun as a sort of well-intentioned but misguided Pro-2A political statement, I would encourage you to read the article that I linked at the start of this post and then respond if you feel led to do so. As a note, I realize that some folks simply cannot conceal-carry for physical reasons. That's a different animal and is one of the few reasons why I am glad that Tennessee does not force concealment. I still hope that those people use some sort of garment or bag or other cover method to hide or obscure their firearm to maintain a tactical advantage. Anyway, have fun reading.
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