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    SO, here we go with a TMI story to “explain” the deal... as let’s face it, everyone says “why is he selling those” so why not toss it out there. 12 yrs ago this month my now 29 yr old became disabled at 17, due to a traumatic brain injury ... as a passenger in a MVA. 12 yrs, and 8 major brain surgeries later, he’s able to drive and “somewhat” function at a normal capacity. I’ve accumulated revolvers over the years, as a hobby. Of course I’ve collected others but this is what remains of the revolvers. As you'll note I prefer factory combat grips. I’ve come to the conclusion that I could meet a “want” for my boys by selling these things. They “want” a tire burner, like a 2012 up SS Camaro etc.. So... I never shoot these wheels, and thought hell I always loved a good tire burner myself. Of course whatever we get will be babied as we aren’t hot rodders at all, but having the sound and capability will be cool enough and we will all enjoy. SO... many of these pieces are currently doing 1300-1400 on GBRKR as I search completed auctions so, pricing the lot at $15,000.00 OR trade for a really cool V8 2DR bucket seat car of equal value. If this doesn’t work in 30-days or less I’ll move to piecing them out ... thought I’d give this a go 1st. 686-3 factory combats 6” 629-1 factory combats 3” 48-2 22 mag 6” 648 factory combats 6” Pre 42 Centennial .38 31-1 box etc 3” 625-2 factory combats 5” wrong box 696-1 factory combats 3” wrong box 66-1 factory combats 2 1/2” box 617 4” factory combats 6-shot box 686-3 factory combats - factory everything except high polish 2 1/2” 17-6 fake combats 6 shot 6” 65-6 unfired 3” everything including sleeve 629 STS 8 3/8” factory combats box etc possibly unfired 640-1 no box
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    FOR SALE: Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 45ACP, 5" Barrel, Matte Black, G10 VZ Grips, Night Sights If the idea that a Glock would seem more appealing to a person than this beauty makes your stomach churn and you get that coppery taste in your mouth that almost always precedes the urge to vomit... keep reading. Being very honest about it, this is a gun that I never expected to part with. Even though I was moving away from .45ACP when I bought it, I anticipated keeping it in my collection until my kids found themselves squabbling over it at the reading of my will. Everything about it is simple perfection as far as the 1911 platform goes. But, I am also a realist and this gun sees zero use for carry and maybe sees a visit to the range once a year. I am solidly in the 9mm camp these days and my gun library is organically being reduced to modern striker-fired fighting pistols. While this is a fantastic interpretation of a larger caliber fighting gun, there is a logical part of me that says "Dude, you are never going to carry this." I have decided to let the universe decide for me whether I will keep the gun or really become the owner of only one 1911. I do have one that I will never part with, but this one's future is not so set in stone. Dan Wesson discontinued this model in late 2019 in order to make way for a version with front serrations and chambered in 9mm. Meh. But here's what they had to say about the gun you're already thinking about buying from me: The Specialist is a 5” 1911 chambered in .45 ACP that is full of features to satisfy an officer’s special needs. Starting at the top, the slide wears our popular Clark Style serrated rib and like all of our guns with night sights, the Specialist wears dual-colored Tritium night sights. The rear sight is our new tactical ledge rear sight with single amber tritium dot and the front utilizes a green lamp with white target ring. The forged slide is mated to our new forged tactical rail frame. The frame utilizes the standard 1913 picatinny rail and features 25 LPI front strap checkering, undercut trigger guard and a recessed slide stop for use with laser grips (not included) and tactical operations. Each Specialist comes standard with our ambidextrous thumb safety, extended magazine release and a detachable two-piece magwell. This duty-ready piece comes dressed with a set of awesome G10 VZ Operator II grips and two 8 round magazines with bump pads. The Specialist is available in either a matte stainless finish or our matte black Duty finish. Need some specifications? SKU 1992 Model Specialist Black .45 ACP Caliber .45 ACP Magazine Capacity 8 Frame Material Forged Stainless Slide Finish Duty Finish Grips G10 Overall Length 8.75 in Barrel Length 5 Height 5.5 in Width 1.45 in Weight 42.3 oz Trigger Mech Single Action Front Sight Fixed Night Sight Rear Sight Tactical Night Sight Safety Ambi thumb safety, grip safety MSRP $2,012 Product Name Specialist Black .45 ACP What am I including? The firearm itself. Two 8 round mags as included with the gun new The original case Surefire X300 light not included Terms Of Sale: $1500 FIRM. Last retail price I could find online was $1999. Local pickup in the vicinity of the Franklin, TN / Spring Hill, TN area. Cash sale only. No checks, no PayPal, no Venmo, no electronic payments. No trades. You'll show me your valid HCP unless I already know you. Do I need to sell this? NO Do I want to sell this? MAYBE. Convince me. The price is $1500. It won't hurt my feelings to keep it. I'm not coming off the price. Don't ask. This is already $500 under retail on a model that you can't get anymore. I figure this will either end up in the hands of a true 1911 enthusiast or it'll stay with me.
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    I am admittedly stuck on Glock and Glock-like handguns. With more than 25 years of experience with them, carrying them, shooting them, etc. I am just not going to get away from them anytime soon. Lord knows I've tried. Not because there's anything wrong with them, but because I like new experiences as much as the next guy does. THIS however is not a Glock. There's nothing Glock about it. Not a single Glock part rests within it. It is 100% Zev Technologies from stem to stern, including every little piece and spring within it. Hence the O and Z in OZ9. Original Zev. Not a Glock. It is however familiar in many ways to a Glock shooter, albeit with the dial turned up to eleven and then ripped off, thrown in your face, kicked out the window, and stomped upon outside on the sidewalk. Zev amped it up like they hated that dial and it owed them money. This particular configuration is very similar to my beloved Glock G45. It has the compact G19 length barrel and slide, with the G17 length grip. Unlike a Glock it has a 1911-esque grip angle and uses a serialized internal chassis much like the Sig p320 does. The chassis is a solid hunk of machined metal that contains Zev's take on a Glock-style sear, their fantastic trigger and trigger bar, the rails upon which the slide moves, and I guess an ounce of black magic. All it takes is pushing out one small pin to remove the chassis from the grip module and turn this into a G19 sized compact gun. Which I've done for summer carry. It shoots like a dream. The trigger clocks in at 2.69 LBS on Lyman gauge averaged across 5 pulls. It tracks smoothly under recoil and doesn't move an iota off target unless YOU move it. If you miss, it's the shooter - not the gun. You just have to own that fact and accept it. I've heard my friend Dr. Sherman House ask another shooter if their Zev OZ9 was really all that or if it was just a Camry with nice wheels. FUNNY! I had the same questions as I considered buying it. But, I'm glad to say it's got the goods to back up the sticker price. This is very much a Porsche wearing a Camry suit. There are dumber ways to spend $1500. I dig the hell out of it.
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    The Smith & Wesson Model 36 No dash. Chiefs special. This is a beautiful example of the Model 36 from 1968-69 Including the original factory box and paperwork. $750 This gun is 95+%. If its been shot it hasn't been shot much, the only marks on the gun are on the cylinder from rotating it. Trades considered 1911s, lever guns...
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    FOR years I have been very dismissive of pistol caliber carbine’s. I was of the opinion that if I was going to have something shoulder fired it needed to be of a rifle caliber. The only purpose for a pistol caliber carbine was for competition purposes. I’ve begun to reevaluate my opinion. They can be out right fun and the pistol versions offer a great deal of portability for a shoulder fired gun. I recently purchased a CZ scorpion and I am really enjoying it.
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    And we apparently keep forgetting the TN state Constitution reads in Article 1 Section 26. That the citizens of this state have a right to keep and to bear arms for their common defense; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms with a view to prevent crime. So even if we want to argue that the federal Constitution allows no infringements or impediments to any and all carry of any and all weapons (which is shaky legal and historical ground) , the TN State Constitution clearly reserves the right of the legislature to regulate the wearing of arms in the state of Tennessee. Frankly I'd like to see the "enhanced permit" have the added value of eliminating the force of law from the signage. ANY business would still be able to ask you to leave if they so choose. But if you have the "enhanced permit" the signs then would not get you in legal trouble.
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    NEW unfired Ruger Alaskan 44 magnum. $1000 I am in east tn but will be traveling to Nashville real soon.
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    I had the privilege of having Randy Harris @Cruel Hand Luke ,Harris Combative Strategies, and AJ, his assistant, come to my hometown and provide personal training for myself, my wife and three good friends. None of us had ever done any type training like this so we did not know what to expect. From the beginning Randy made everyone feel at ease and told us not to worry about our skill level, etc. He had detailed and organized processes on paper that started us slowly and built throughout the day. I was expecting there to be a lot of shooting. While we did shoot a lot, the psychology and thought processes part of the training for an armed citizen were invaluable. My wife and I both have had many conversations since the training about how we would react to different scenarios. Randy and AJ were very personable and never hesitated to take extra time when one of us needed additional help or to answer all our questions. I was amazed at everything we covered for this one-day class. It is easy to talk about what we did that day, but I think it is even more important as to what has happened after the class was over. One of my friends had never shot that much. She is now interested in shooting more and wants to become more proficient. Her words after Randy had left, “I am not afraid of shooting anymore. I have confidence that I can actually become very proficient with a pistol.” My other two friends are shooting more, and we now have conversations about how we would respond to different scenarios. My wife went from carrying occasionally to carrying every day. She also likes going to the gun range as she feels much more comfortable handling her pistol by herself. She is also beginning to be much more aware of her surroundings. The psychology side of the training was very eye opening for her. As for me, I thought I was observant about my surroundings. Randy just touched on the surface of what we need to be looking for and I am now studying and observing my surroundings at a much higher level. I practice de-escalating different situations but also moving and drawing in case de-escalation fails. Dry firing has become part of my daily routine. WOW, what a difference it has made. I wish I had started dry firing a long time ago. I purchased a SIRT training pistol and the LASR X software and now really see some big changes. How and what I practice is now building my confidence and knowledge daily. I used to carry “most of the time” when it was convenient for what I was wearing. I now have holsters/pistols that work for every type of clothing I wear down to the shorts I wear on my boat. I also learned the importance of a high-quality gun belt. Concealed carrying is now second nature to me and I carry concealed “all the time”, no exceptions. The training with Randy is the best investment of time and money I have ever spent pertaining to firearms. I look forward to attending more of his classes in the future. Greg
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    Fun Video Jerry Miculek is my favorite shooter of all time.
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    Leroy, I bought my wife a "John Wayne stagecoach gun." At least that's what my wife calls it. lol She has always LOVED John Wayne and commented many times on the shotgun doubles he carried in several movies. Pardon me, but I must set the stage for this tale... It's been almost 10 years ago now, but I went to a gun show in the old Wally World building in Smyrna. While I was dragging myself around looking at everything, I stopped to look at a couple of doubles lying on a table. The seller came up and immediately told me to come around and sit for a while. Said something to the effect...You look like death warmed over...you need to sit down. Well I did take him up and we talked a while. He said he wasn't trying to be nosey, but thought I was pretty ill. Said my color looked bad, and I was weak and just short of falling over. I laughed and accepted some water from him. I told him I was taking chemo and radiation and was tired but needed to get out for a while. As we talked, he told me that he thought so; his wife had just passed from cancer a few months earlier and I had some of the same look about me. We talked for about half an hour about his wife and my story. I told him I was looking for something for my wife and the JW story behind it. Said she'd been so much a rock for me during this that I wanted to give her a present...something that she'd never buy for herself. A shotgun. He picked up the one I'd been looking at...a 12 guage coach model, a Stoger, and said to take it to her, that it might cheer her up. The old gentleman actually tried to give it to me. Said I'd helped him just talking about his wife had made him feel better. I just could not accept it. I thanked him many times and said no, but I would buy it from him. He relented and finally said to give him 200 for it. Well of course I did and brought it home for her. Sad thing is, I never saw him again. Always wondered what happened with him. I really wanted to see him after I gave it to Susan and tell him how she reacted. It's been fired once by her, and short of a break-in or other threat...that's the last time she will fire it. It didn't put her down on her butt, but it was close. It resides in the corned by her nightstand with mini shells in it. Hope she never has to pick it up. Well...you can see I have nothing to do today. Just sit here and bore you all. Anyway Leroy, go for that coach gun! If you want it, get it. At our age...why not? We deserve a little fun.
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    I finally got all my gongs, and targets, put together and on my range today. I put 1, 12" gong(chest size), 1, 8" gong, and 1, 4" gong on freestanding targets racks today. Also have 2 target stands that will take my cardboard man size cut outs on them. It was so wet that it took me 15 minutes to clean the mud off my sneakers. We have had so much rain as of late. Also had 3 days of frost, but the last day was real spotty. When we get some warmer dryer weather I will take out two large trees and move a little dirt and it will be totally ready to go. Been a lot of work for an old man. Mt wife, grandson and I have already shot several times before now, but am looking forward to shooting the gongs. Always like a little instant confirmation of hits on steel after shots. One gets that shooting steel. I hung them on a slight angle so the bullet splatter will be directed toward the ground, in front of the target, instead of coming back at the shooter. I actually had 2 different occasions where I fired my revolver and 9MM pistol and the bullet came back and brought blood on my shins, so it truly can happen. I had a wooden backstop and the bullet hit a nail head and ricoched back to where I was standing. Shouldn't have that problem with these targets. My old backstop rotted down 2 years ago so we have been having a hard time shooting. I got about 225.00 in all the supplies to put on the targets on the range. Bought most of it on big sales this spring. Should last me a lifetime. Told my sweetie that and she shamed me. Didn't want to hear it. I told her well, at 72, I am already on "Blessed Time" according to the Bible. She wasn't amused with that either. Looking forward to having a good place to fire my guns, and do some serious practice where I am not forced to stand in one place, and not be able to draw, move, and shoot with live ammo. The area in front of my dirt mound is very flat and smoothe, and is grassed well now. Just need a little tree removal, drying, and warmth. Edited to add; Purchased me an new Stihl Farm Boss chain saw last week for serious tree removal. We have several in my back lot that has blown down and needs removal.
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    How so? I run around with a goddamn mask in my car and on my face if ever have to go somewhere where other people are. Finally found a pittance of hand sanitizer the other day that I can use after going about amongst the unwashed. My paranoia level was at about 2 out of 10 before this started. Now I’m one of the sheep. To hell with all this. What happens when the next virus comes around? Somewhere between reason and reality we have all been manipulated....and not for some noble purpose of saving lives.
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    Teach her to use the mirrors, not look over her shoulder. Best place is in a big parking lot, try to keep it between the lines. Last but not least, get some one else to teach her, yall might not talk for a few days.
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    Up for sale is my Staccato P Duo. I am the second owner. In total there have been less than 500 rounds thru this gun. It comes with everything in the pics. Gun, Trijicon RMR, Dawson Tooless guide rod (not installed yet), Southern Trapper IWB holster and I think I have another holster for the gun somewhere. The guns shoots great and is very accurate. I bought this with the intention of making it my carry gun. After carrying it some I just prefer some of my other carry guns. I have about $3300 tied up in this gun. I will let it go for $2500, the price of the gun without the RMR and all the other extras. Not really looking for any trades right now but might be tempted with a nice colt or O/U.
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    Honestly, I'm happy to let folks who want to hide at home do just that. If they want to sit on the couch and fret their life away, have at it. I'm not going to take unnecessary risks, but I also know how useful worrying is. Life in 21st century America has too much stress already.
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    I put a several days in this year, got a few good photos even when the birds didn’t cooperate
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    SOLD And I will miss her. OK, I have been selling off a lot of my stuff and I have been holding back on this one (and several others). It's just difficult to part with it. It's a really nice Henry lever rifle in .22 magnum and it is topped with a Leupold 3-9 scope. The only time it has been shot is to zero in the scope and afterwards it has been keeping the safe warm. I love this rifle. The condition is immaculate. Not a scratch, bump or bruise on it or the scope. Everything appears brand, spanking new out of the box. Buy it for $550. I have boxes of .22 Mag ammo for it too @ for $12. a box.
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    I wanted to post a follow-up to a casting question I had late last year. I was looking into getting into casting and had a member here, @RedlegEd, respond and offer to show me the ropes. Ed had me over two times, once to check out his casting setup and another time to let me cast and powder coat before i invested in my own equipment. I had a great time and can't thank Ed enough for his help and guidance. I enjoyed it enough to invest in a Lee 4-20 pot, a 9mm mould, some lead and powder coat. I was recently was able to get it all setup and use it all for the first time to cast a couple hundred projectiles and powder coat them all. Here are some pictures of all I was able to accomplish. I wanted to give Ed a big shout out here for all his help and patience.
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    As I grow older, I love .22s more than ever. I have a Winchester Model 63 automatic that was my Dad's. I have been wanting to add either a lever action or a pump to my collection. I used to own a Marlin 39a which I liked, but I decided to pursue a pump. I shot a Henry pump that was really nice, but I remembered the .22 pump that I shot at the Hamilton County Fair as a kid: a Winchester 62a. After a lot of searching, I found a 1958 model in VA that is near mint and I picked it up today. Haven't shot it yet, but I can hardly wait! Just wanted to share a look with you!
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    Cleaning out a few revolvers. This is a 66 no dash that is in great shape. I've function tested everything but never fired it myself. Based on the wear, this gun hasn't been fired much. $600 Local pickup in Mount Juliet
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    People carrying guns is not a recognized protected class like race etc. If they see you carrying a gun in their place of business, they have every right to ask to see your HCP. You do not have to show it but they do have the right to ask. That in no way infringes on any of your rights. You do not have the right to carry a gun in public in Tennessee. You pay for the privilege of carrying. And even if it was some sort of rights violation the police still would not arrest the owners. Police arrest for criminal violations and that would be a civil violation.
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    You need to go read up on Col. Cooper. He wasn't just a dude.
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    I have a beautiful CZ 52 up for sale. Gun is in great shape. Comes with holster, 2 mags and 140 rounds of ammo. I picked this up awhile back and never ended up shooting it. $400 in South Nashville or Cool Springs area.
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    Pricing an AK is easy. Gun-broker/Armslist or check the classifieds on the AK Forum or the AK Files, but you'll need to check the sold ads. Yes, people ask a lot more for things they think they can, Childer's receivers included. What they sell for is a different matter. Don't mean much on a personal build. As to your response to Magiccarpetrides, a new dude with 15post would be better off to receive info or PM a trusted source than posting an obvious forum tactic of newbies to sell stuff without a proper add. Magic has been around awhile and knows pricing and sales far better than you could imagine. As well as how to be part of a forum community.
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    Lol man just become a benefactor and list it for sale ...it’s very obvious what your doing here. I think it’s like $35 for 6 months. Who knows maybe you can turn a buck off several builds if your so inclined but please do it the right way. Also as to value an unknown person building one in Knoxville isn’t going to bring as much as an established company...I personally wouldn’t buy a home built AK unless I knew the person who built it had some actual gunsmith credentials (like Xtriggerman on here).
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    I was having a hard time getting my pride and joy to post up. Large frame 3" barrel Ruger Vaquero; 45 Colt; Super Blackhawk unflutted cylinder and hammer; custom checkered Ruger black micarta factory grips. Call her the Boarshead. She's a hand cannon made for the trail and when I'm fly fishing. Regards Rod
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    If you can get 9mm for 17.5 cents a pop at Academy today go buy more because you’re not going to find any cheaper right now. Ammo prices are up across the board. 9mm is on average $100 more per case than two months ago.
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    I've only killed one grouse in my life up here in Scott Co. And the fan mount went on the wall with a couple Turkey mounts of mine. A beautiful bird no doubt, I've only seen 4 in my life. One of which was this Turkey season. You dont see them much anymore.
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    I will admit, I've always just used whatever cheap Torx wrenches I have around the house to work on my knives. I got really, really tired of stripping heads. It seems like the cheap wrenches allow you to get sorta tight, then either the wrench (most of the time) or screw (it's happened to me) strip and then you cannot really get it tight again. So, a few weeks ago I contacted Spyderco and they sent me three brand new screws for my Yojimbo 2. I figured that would be an appropriate time to purchase some quality Torx wrenches. I did my research, and I found a brand called "Wiha". Perhaps some of you have heard of them, I had not. They're not cheap, but the are by far the best quality Torx wrenches of this size I've ever used. I actually worried I was over-tightening the screws this time. Nothing slipped, stripped, etc. All good to go! Wiha 36392 L-Wrench Set Anyone used these before?
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    If hydroxychloroquine and zinc turn out to be a viable preventative measure, then Trump should have his face added to Mount Rushmore. Wonderful and ballsy move being the poster child. That would save the country and the world trillions and trillions and gazillions. I aint no Trump fan boy, but by God Im pulling hard for him in this match.
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    I'm firmly in the "knives scare me more than guns" camp.
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    Hello. I’m listing my Smith & Wesson 617-2 satin stainless revolver for sale. It is an early 617-2 with an aluminum cylinder. Gun has a six inch barrel and 10-shot capacity. It’s in excellent condition. Price is $850. Preference is to sell, but would consider trades (with boot either way as appropriate) for the following: 1. S&W 66 with a 3” barrel (prelock only; no other barrel length); 2. S&W 617-4 with a 4” or 8 3/8” barrel (no other barrel length); 3. S&W 648 (prelock only); 4. S&W 627 (prelock only); 5. S&W 640 Pro Series; and 6. S&W 686 with 2.5” barrel (prelock only; no other barrel length; prefer 7 shot) Sorry not looking for other trades. Face-to-face transactions only please in Brentwood, Franklin or Nashville area. Please contact me if interested. Thanks for your time.
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    While driving around on a "kid free" date with my wife , we drove by the location where the Glockstore is being built. The building is a lot deeper than it looks. It goes back pretty far. It's supposed to be the retail store and have a range inside. I keep my Glocks pretty much stock and dont do a lot of add-on things but still this place will be pretty neat I think to visit and look around. Supposed to be done in July I think. Just thought I'd share this.
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    Paramedics don't have any rights beyond what you or I have. That term is used far too loosely, and often enough to describe an encroachment on actual rights of the individual for the benefit of someone else. It's also a very singular thing to say paramedics when you could easily lump in police officers, grocery store cashiers, and ER nurses. Just how many people will claim a right to know, just because their job involves interaction with the public? I get that it would make their jobs safer and easier in some respects, but to what degree? They already wear gloves, and for the current time being, should be wearing surgical or N95 masks as part of their jobs. Past that, what does knowing if someone has tested positive for COVID-19 do for them? It doesn't relieve them of caring for that person, or any other aspect of how they would do the job, so "good to know" really isn't relevant to the performance of their duties, and it surely isn't a right.
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    This guy has inspired me to get out in the woods. My neighbors are after him too.
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    I'm used to everyone else but me getting a handout. I've been self employed almost 30 years. That I'm getting a 1200 stimulus check is surprising. I'm sure my taxes will increase sooner than later to pay the tab.
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    They have the right to ask for what they want inside their business. Kind of like "No shoes, no shirt, no service." You also have the right to shop wherever you want and to deny your patronage to businesses that treat customers without respect. I enjoy that right and exercise it often. Cheers, Whisper
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    S&W 64-3 38spl revolver. It's in great shape with minimal use. $400 Local pickup in Mount Juliet
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    You need a licensed surveyor. Usually, property is staked before a sale, but I don’t guess it has to be. You also may need an attorney. A bad neighbor can be nearly as miserable as a bad wife.
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    Tax revenue also increases every year. If you keep raising tax rates, you eventually get to 100%. What then?
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