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    A friend built this for me. If it ever dries up outside it's range time.
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    As a former Police Officer, I get mad every time I see this topic come up. You can’t make a person a criminal because they are a victim of a burglary. Metro PD needs to get off their lazy azz and go do the job they get paid to do. The Chief of Police where I was would have laughed at this and the told those planning it “You can’t be serious”. I keep a handgun in my car and am planning on having a rifle. My vehicle is always locked; even when parked inside, in my garage. If a gun is stolen from my vehicle in a burglary and then discovered on a criminal that has just committed a crime, what do you think the criminal is going to say when asked if the vehicle was locked? Then a DA can make a name for himself by going after the terrible citizen that left his car “unlocked” with a gun in it. This is BS. Rant off.
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    My wife told me, many years ago, " I will never allow myself to think of being with someone else, like I am with you." That one statement helped keep me from doing something stupid. We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary today. Daughter called last evening and told us to be ready to go, somewhere, at 3 this afternoon, and they would be here to pick us up. Don't know how this sweet lady put up with me for this long, because at times I didn't deserve it. However, I like it, I love it, and I want some more of it! Edited to add advice to younger men; Treat her well because you are going to be old someday, then you will really NEED her to be nice to you. The Bible tells man that happiness, in the home, is the man's responsibility. And yes guys, that means you need to take out the trash. Do your part.
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    I think I am almost done with polymer/plastic guns. I like plastic guns like my Glocks . They are like Craftsman automotive tools. They work and hardly ever fail , except maybe a 36 or 44 ,,,,, LOL . But seriously I have my plastic guns and they work great but I have gotten older or to where I like good ole steel. I got this 2 year old CZ 75 Compact 9mm ALL STEEL today and I am very pleased. Just gave her a bath of Ballistol. The way I feel about it is like Obi-Wan ,, " Not as clumsy or random as a blaster , An elegant weapon for a more civilized age."
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    Some of you have noticed I haven't been online much in January or February. It's been busy around the HQ, for sure. First and foremost, on January 31st my wife and I welcomed this little nugget into our lives... Our third child, and second daughter, arrived on the scene on the 31st at 8lbs 8oz and 20-inches long. She and mom have been doing well but the year ahead of us will be challenging. Three days after she was born we discovered that our daughter has a cleft soft pallet which was making it impossible for her to nurse easily either naturally or by bottle. We've been connected with some excellent doctors at VUMC Children's Hospital and they put us onto the trail of some bottles specifically designed for kids with this condition and they've made a tremendous difference. Unfortunately our daughter will need surgery to repair the cleft, but they want her to be at least 10-12 months old before they do it. Our objective in the meantime is to keep her on-target from nutrition and growth perspectives. But we really can't complain about any of this. All it takes is a quick walk through the Children's Hospital lobby to understand how fortunate we are in so many other ways. God's been good to us. As if that weren't enough excitement, last Saturday (08-FEB-2020) I injured myself coming down the stairs in the middle of the night. My eyes an brain got into a disagreement about which step I was on and I over-stepped the last one at the bottom and made contact with the floor about 10-inches later than I anticipated that I would. This was made more troubling by the fact that I was carrying our 2-year old. He's fine and was fine. I took the fall to both knees and plopped him safely onto the hardwood in front of me before I collapsed on my side in agony. I've essentially been living and sleeping in a recliner with my feet up since Saturday, I am able to walk on it just fine and have no pain from supporting or lifting my weight with that leg, but bending it hurts a bit and there's been an occasional mechanical popping sensation in it. Chances are it's a torn meniscus. I'm meeting an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for an evaluation and consult. I am half expecting arthroscopic surgery to be necessary to trim or stitch the meniscus, but I am praying that it's not that and is just a strain/sprain that needs more time to heal up. Again, though... I'm blessed. My son wasn't hurt at all in that fall and it could have been a LOT worse for the both of us. And seriously, walk though VUMC sometime. It's a perspective changer. Anyway, the next bit will be busy for me and my family. If I am slow to respond to things here, give me a little extra time?
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    Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up.
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    I'm a crazy dog guy so the ad from the owner of WeatherTech as a thank you for saving his dogs life is pretty awesome to me. He paid 6 million dollars to bring attention to the Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine which treated him and is doing great things for cancer treatment in animals. I bought WeatherTech products before but will do so again to support them.
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    After nearly two years of waiting my customer Cumberland Valley rifle is finished and I am loving it. My Gr gr gr grandfather settled in Mid TN around 1801 and in an area where some prolific rifle makers of that genre (ie. Thomas Simpson, Jacob Young, etc.) were in their heyday. I wanted a rifle that would be as close to "possibly" what he would have owned on the TN frontier of the first third of the 19th century. Posting a picture below but it is a .40 caliber flintlock with a 48 inch barrel. It has a 14.75" length of pull so it is a long rifle. Fits me pretty well, though as I am 6' 6". The stock is curly maple and really pops in the sunlight. I would have posted more photos but I hit my size max with the one below. thanks,
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    I'll admit that I'm bragging here a bit. But I'm happy about this buy. I've never even bought two guns in the same day, much less three. But I did just that today. It all started with some ads on Armslist. The guy listed each gun individually, but then there was a 4th ad for them as a group. I contacted him, we haggled and I believe I got a great deal. All three are Berettas. a 2016 85FS Cheetah .380, a 2001 3032 Tomcat .32acp and a 950BS Jetfire .25acp. All three are LNIB with original manuals. Not a mark on any of them. I can't seem to find a date for the Jetfire. No date code on the gun that I can find and the serial # doesn't come up on any list. The guy said it was an antique. Can anybody help with that? I'll probably have to contact Beretta. The best part? I gave $1000 for the lot. I'm tickled plumb to pieces!
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    Sometimes when I see these pictures, I am curious about “the rest of the story”. Here is the rest of the story about that Train/Tank collision. http://nrhs1.org/assets/1304_April_Dispatcher.pdf
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    So if you left $20 on a table at work, it's your fault if I steal it? I'm not following this line of thinking that criminals stealing things that aren't locked up or nailed down is the owner's fault.
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    Get some integrity back in your life. Make your word actually be your word. Be honest with yourself as well as others. Don't be feeble in your quality or character. Everyone believes in something ...whatever it is stand up for yourself....and you don't have to be an ass while doing it. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. Think about that as you make your life decisions.
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    Best Alexa command I'm aware of. Click Here: Alexa
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    I have zero concerns about Constitutional carry. Sure, people need to be trained, but that will be their responsibility to get that training. If they screw up because they weren’t properly trained, they will be sued the same as if they were properly trained and screw up. As a former Police Officer, I can assure you with absolute certainty that the government can’t protect you. Therefore, they shouldn’t get to decide who can carry and who can’t. The Tennessee HCP class is a joke, I don’t think many that are trained will argue that. We also stand by and see/hear the stories of people in those classes that are passed and have absolutely no chance of hitting a target in a stressful situation. The bill should be available in a couple of days. That’s what the Governor said anyway. We shall see what’s in it. What we have not seen in the past is the Governor making the announcement and giving his support at the time the bill is proposed. At least until someone finds a problem with the bill; this is a GREAT thing. I’ve been on this forum since it started. I support Constitutional Carry, although I don’t believe my right to carry comes from the 2nd amendment. I’ve always been told “Baby Steps, Dave, we have to take baby steps” I’ve always thought that was BS. The baby steps are over. We will now get it, or we won’t.
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    38 Special pencil barrel. Has a nice smooth trigger. Not new but in great shape for its age. FTF sale. Asking $400. More pictures on request.
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    Why should one whose personal property is stolen be subject to any liability? While leaving firearms unsecured is generally not an entirely acceptable thing, you are indicating that even though the gun is no longer in one’s possession or control they should bear some responsibility for the act of a criminal after the theft of said property. The idea is ludicrous and such inane laws are already becoming the norm in many states and municipalities. Here’s just one of a thousand hypotheticals: What If I run run out to the store and forget to lock the door of my house. Someone invites themselves in, gets into the liquor cabinet, falls down the steps and breaks their neck, am I responsible for that? What If they take an axe from the garage and kills someone with it? Is that my fault?
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    Spotted in West Knoxville this morning. Maybe serious rather than funny?
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    Had a great time meeting up with @221 Fireball @KahrMan and @hipower for lunch. Met with @Fourtyfive also but he couldn't make lunch. Always enjoy meeting with fellow TGO'ers and chatting about anything and everything. We definitely need to do this more often. PS: I highly recommend Jack's Beer and Burger joint in Murfreesboro.
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    In an effort to bring variety in my knife offerings I watched some YouTube videos and noticed several people were doing this and I though why not? Many of you have seen, used and may know someone that owns an Old Hickory Knife from the Ontario Knife Company. They have been around for nearly 100 years now opening their doors in 1924. Their knives are made in USA from 1095 carbon steel. I have reshaped and added new handles to the old favorites and offer them up here. A combo leather/kydex sheath comes with each one. These are $80 shipped. 1. 5 1/4" blade and OAL 10" This has Alabama live oak handles with Paduak and G10 accents and G10 liners. Pins and lanyard tube are SS. 2. This I reshaped into a Kephart style. blade is 5" and OAL is 9 1/2". It has Orange Agate handles with G10 accents and liners. The pins and lanyard tube are brass. 3. Blade length is 6 3/8" an OAL is 11". It has Bocote handles with G10 Accents and liners. The pins and lanyard tube are SS. Thanks for lookin'!
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    Smith&Wesson 19-2 357 maginum for sale. 2.5 barrel. Fairview middle TN area. If you want specific pics let me know? Thank you $950
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    I was in the Air Force in the 820th Red Horse Battalion. We were trained by the Navy Cee Bees at Point Mugu, and Port Hueneme located around Oxnard California, Santa Barbara in 1966. Before we left for Nam we went through survival training At Eglin AFB, on field 2. While there, we were given extended training on hand to hand combat plus training on the M 16. I had one the whole time I was in Nam. Most of the other military branches had real problems with their m-16, early in the beginning, because they had bad ammo, as testing showed. Ours were flawless and ran fine if you kept them clean. We used different ammo than the Army or Marines did. That is how they discovered it was an ammo problem. Our M-16's ran flawlessly. I carried a m-16, in Vietnam, and qualified expert with my rifle. I can't remember what one had to fire to qualify expert, but it was hard. I think one had to fire 97 out of 100 on a man's chest sized target at 75 yards with peep sites. Once I learned the peep site, I was off to the races. The rifle I qualified with, I took with me to Vietnam. I then gave it to my replacement after my tour was over. Luckily, we never were in combat, but during the Tet offensive, in 1968, we were back-up to the Marines on the south end perimeter, of the base, at Danang AB. The enemy overran the opposite end (North end next to the Ho Che Min Trail) of the base, and only sent a diversionary force to our end of the base. I could of and would of used the m-16 if forced too. I shot a lot of deer rifles at 100 yards before joining the military so I had no problems with the m-16. That siege lasted for 3 weeks from dusk till dawn. I was dug in, in a fox hole" just 50 yards behind the Marine bunkers along the south perimeter of the air base. We did a lot of off base construction as I was a Construction Equipment Operator. People always think you fly something when you are in the Air Force. When asked, I told them I flew a "Bull Dozer." That always brought on conversation. You guys are right most "zoomies" never touched a m-16, however some did. And "believe it or not" I could shoot.
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    What happened to each person is responsible for THEIR actions? I lock my vehicle religiously but I feel even if unlocked and someone robs me anything further is on them. So if I lock or dont lock my doors at home and someone comes in and steals a gun that's on me? If we blame the innocent and the victims, we are starting down an extreme slippery slope. Heck it's all but open season on police officers. And yes there are bad apples everywhere, but condoning what I see happening against police officers sickens me. Lawmakers (politicians) have made a joke of our judicial system. My brother is a warden of a prison in NC. You just might be amazed at the laws and rules that are forced on them every year to protect the rights of the convicts. I'm sorry but once you commit a crime you changed the rules for yourself and the penalties should be stiff. God Bless the police and district attorneys navigating such a mess. Just my humble opinion.
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    Your parents won't be around forever.
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    1. Don't spend money like a sailor on shore leave, like I did. 2. If you want to attract and retain Mrs. Right, work on being Mr. Right 3. Ask God to help you with decision making
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    Untitled by Johnny Rotten, on Flickr
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    One of the nicest 69A's I think you'll find. The walnut stock is unbelievably nice considering that this was the middle grade Winchester under their flagship Model 52. Chambered for short, long and long rifle. I've feed this a steady diet of CCI CB Longs and it's almost like shooting suppressed ... and deadly accurate to boot. My backyard safari rifle for the past 10 years. Squirrels fear this rifle. A little history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_Model_69 $400 FTF Murfreesboro area.
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    Laws don't keep stupid people away from guns anymore than they keep stupid people from doing stupid things.
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    Found out last night that I'm getting the original box for this beaut. It turned up recently and the previous owner called to ask if I wanted it. He said it was in pristine condition - not bad for 57 years old!
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    I’m sorry (not really sorry) but the irresponsible actions of one, do not excuse, nor are they equivalent to, the malicious actions of another. Is it irresponsible to leave a firearm in an unlocked vehicle? No doubt. But in no way is it acceptable to criminalize a victim of a crime because they didn’t “take sufficient measures” to prevent the criminal actions of others. It’s just damn ridiculous to view making the victim of a crime a criminal as an acceptable solution to the problem of criminal behavior from folks acting with true criminal intent.
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    Manners are such a huge emphasis in our household. Nothing gets me into my children's asses faster in public than rude behavior and lack of manners. Il-mannered people in general drive me up the ####ing wall. HUGE pet peeve of mine.
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    No one ever told their grown kids “ I wished I had spent more time at work!”
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    It is dangerous to be reasonable with stupid people.
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    Just a friendly regular reminder that time spent training with people like @Cruel Hand Luke who know what they’re doing is really worth it. Spending a day or two with some good folks, working on *correct* execution of drills you can bring home with you, and getting to put some rounds down range load testing your actual carry setup is so worth it. Really. Seriously. If you’ve never done it, take a defensive pistol course from a knowledgeable instructor. Randy is a great instructor, and we’re so thankful to have him on TGO. But he’s also a professional who has suggested good trainers in other areas to a whole bunch of folks over the years. Get some training. It’s worth it.
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    The better you can shoot.... the better you can shoot. Period. Even under stress. And it seems that those who start out at a high level seem to do just fine. If you start out at the top of the mountain and tumble down 25% of the way you are still pretty high up that mountain. If you start out only 25% of the way up the mountain and you fall 25% of the way down under stress then you are now in a heap at the bottom. If you can draw and shoot a 3 shot 4" group at 7 yards in 2 seconds and you suffer a 25% reduction in ability due to stress then that is now a 5" group in 2.5 seconds. If you can only do it in 4 seconds that is now a 5" group in 5 seconds. (This is not directed at any individual in this thread) What annoys me is when people who can't shoot well by virtually any metric work in the training industry and take money from people and tell them that as long as they hit the target (generally the size of a king size bed sheet) any where then that is good for you and bad for them. And they use that as a justification for sloppy marksmanship. And they refer to vague "pearls of wisdom" like "you won't be able to see your sights in a gunfight" that was wisdom from a time when sights on "combat pistols" were largely tiny little nubs compared to the sights we have today. Look at the sights on a 1911 built in 1920 or even a 1911A1 made in 1943 vs a modern one made by Springfield or Wilson or virtually any other manufacturer. But the "instructor" is still telling people that you won't be able to see them and therefore they damn the student to not using their sights under stress for lack of even trying to look for them. Self fulfilling prophecy. Garbage in garbage out. Unfortunately there are too many people hanging up a shingle and calling themselves instructors that don't have a good enough contextual and historical body of knowledge to know that what they are saying might not apply today or WHY it might not apply. And frankly too many of them don't shoot at a level to have any idea of what actually is possible and what is not. On the other hand there are plenty of folks (Cirillo and Bill Allard, Charles Askins,Wyatt Earp,John Wesley Hardin etc etc) who saw sights and used them and won a bunch of gunfights. Why? Because they LOOKED for them. The interesting thing is that all those guys could shoot well....hmm...maybe there is a cause and effect relationship ? Now I'm not saying you will ALWAYS have to see sights to hit a human in the upper chest . In fact I am a big proponent building a drawstroke and grip that drives the gun to where it needs to be whether you look at the sights or not and then using just enough visual verification to guarantee the hit and no more . Some shots are so easy that you can make them without focusing hard on the sights. Think about a shot on an aggressor 3 yards away. That is not a technically difficult shot to make and most people can make it from less than full extension. But If you spend all of your time on shooting fast garbage can lid sized groups at 3 yards and you are then confronted with a guy 10 yards away in a parking lot filled with a bunch of "organic backstop " (people) down range then suddenly things just got really dangerous for EVERYONE. AJ mentions the 4" group as fast as you can deliver it. (and the key here is to do it FAST). That is something to strive for in training and we understand that we might still end up with a 6" group at speed under stress. I personally want to keep it all in a 3" circle and work toward that (as fast as I can) so that if it is 4 or 5 under stress that is still adequate to hit them somewhere very close to the spot I was actually trying to hit. And we are trying to hit a SPOT. We are not just trying to hit the guy "somewhere...more times than not....most of the time". If your "acceptable standards" are high in training then your "stress degraded performance" is probably still higher than most people's "best case scenario performance" . (That last comment was an understatement ...there is a reason that the average police hit ratio is 25% and certain specialized units like LAPD SWAT and SIS (Special Investigation Service) is more like 95%. And it does not have anything to do with the gun in their holster. It has to do with their level of training and the standards they accept as "good enough". ) In the end we just do not know what the problem we face will be. It will PROBABLY be 3 or 4 yards but it could be 34 yards. Andy Brown shot Dean Mellberg from 75 yards away with a Beretta 92 to stop the Fairchild Air Force base shooting in 1994. He hit Mellberg in the head and right shoulder. Vic Stacy shot Charles Ronald Conner from 50 yards away with a revolver while Conner was trying to kill officer Steven Means in Early,Texas in 2012. He hit him 4 times. I'm guessing Brown and Stacy probably both saw their sights.......
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    This is my "newest" range toy. But it was made in 1963. Browning BA-22 Grade II.
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    I have a big varicose vein in my left leg and a small one in my right. They runs the length of my legs. I want you to know these are a very large protruding rope vein. When I get on my treadmill and start walking, about 10 min into my walk, the legs starts aching where the veins are. Went to the vein center in Nashville and the Dr injected a medication substance in it (left leg) and the vein suppose to disappear. I asked him how it worked, and he said the liquid shrinks the vein to the point it dries up. Took about 5 minutes and only felt the stick of a needle with the numbing meds. Never felt anything after. I had my veins stripped 12 years ago, in both legs, and this was nothing like that. If you have vein problems I highly recommend this procedure. I will post again in 2 weeks when I do a return visit so he can check it out. Medicare and my supplemental insurance pay for it totally. My daughter is a ultrasound tech, and she scolded me for allowing this vein to get this large. She says she sees people every day with large veins with blood clots in them because they are prone to getting clots. She knows I am diabetic and says a blood clot could cause me to loose my leg. Going to have my right leg done after I go back. I will let you know how it turns out.
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    For sale I think 400$ is a fair price . Custom built Rugger 10 22. I dont recall who built it. It is a few years old.(6-7) I know the trigger has been worked or changed and this gun has the following. Green Mountain bull barrel Revolution Ruger 10/22 Explorer Laminated Wood Bull Barrel Stock Cayenne (I think) Burris P.E.R.P scope mount Cabelas Premium 4-12x40 8 factory magazines Soft case.
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    People that go into their workplace to kill people, know that they will either be killed or spend the rest of their lives in prison. Even if you don’t have any religious beliefs; you have to be really messed up mentally to give up your life over being fired from a job. Once again mental health is the cause. And I would assume that once again lives were lost because of the time it took for the 2nd gun to arrive on the scene.
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    Sig 556r 7.62x39. Comes with 6 mags and ammo. It also has the upgraded Samson quad rail which was a $300 upgrade. $900 without scope. $1200 with the scope. Not really interested in trades. Located in Chattanooga TN.
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    Smith & Wesson 4" 19-4 nickel .357 Magnum $700 pinned and recessed My rookie research indicates a manufacture date of 1980. Overall good condition with some light wear where some patrol officer with bushy sideburns may have carried it in his basket weave leather duty holster. I can text more/better photos if interested. Face-to-face in the Memphis area, can possibly travel 100 miles or so. TN carry permit required and will need to complete a handwritten bill of sale. Thanks for looking.
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    Take care of yourself. I worked hard and played harder. Now I am 66 and broken down.
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    One day you will regret doing some things and not doing others. Try to make the second list as short as possible.
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    "It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt ..."
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    Make up or something of the like. I really don't care what he looks like, hell green or purple skin. President Trump is one of the best we have had in a long time.
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    Looks like a Blue Heeler with tags to me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1tpws8kq2tdxu2g/IMG_2426.PNG?dl=0
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    Full tang version of the Kabar Fighting Knife. It's 3/16" thick 1084 carbon steel with a black oxide finish. It's got the same 7" long blade as the Kabar but comes in a tad shorter at 11 1/2" in OAL. It has Arizona Sonoran Desert Mesquite handles with G10 accents and liners, brass pins and lanyard tube. The fuller was milled by a TGO member xtriggerman. It comes with the combo buffalo hide/kydex sheath. It's $150 shipped.
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    I have an Extar EP9 and consider it to be the best value in a AR type 9mm out there. CLICK HERE Its not quite a true AR as it is a blowback action and the charging handle is on the side. But many standard AR parts drop right in. You can't buy these in gun stores. You have to order it directly from Extar and they'll ship it to your FFL. The best part is that the price with shipping comes to $439.00 I haven't shot it a whole lot. But so far, mine has been very reliable with all ammo I've tried. Shove a 32 round mag in it and its a hoot! Truthfully, I just consider it a range toy. If the SHTF I have other guns that I'd go for. I've only had two minor issues with it. Aftermarket magazines needed to be lightly sanded on the sides in order to drop free. If jammed in hard, mags can go in a little too far and block the bolt. I just insert the mag and give it a slight pull and everything is fine. Here's mine after I got it all decked out. Even with the extras, I still have less in it than I would buying a similar pistol from a name maker. BTW: Extar has plans to make these in .45acp & 10mm also. But right now they're so swamped with orders for the 9mm that the other calibers are on indefinite hold.
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