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    Received my latest masterpiece from GT and figured I should have a family photoshoot. He is definitely an artist with steel!
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    The very first brand new rifle I bought when I turned 18 in 1977 was a M1A. SN 006022. It was a nice rifle but accuracy was out the window once the barrel got warm. Nation Matching the bedding points is some what of a fix but not an easy job and takes on wear with cleaning take downs. I sold it when Springfield started selling SAR48's and that rifle is the nut. After tuning it up to my liking, I at one time fired 10 rounds in 5/8ths" group @ 100yds. Hand weighed & prepped cases with W748 behind Sierra 168g BTHP Match kings. Typically the AR's will out shoot a FAL but the history, parts and field reliability loom large in the FAL's corner. The HK is a decent rifle but they are far more rough on the brass with their fluted chamber walls and the sheet metal stamping of a receiver is a huge negative compared to the sleek FAL's milled bolt guides. AK 308's are built AK reliable but what you inadvertently get with that is an over gassed weapon with a high piston over barrel bore that inherently creates way more barrel whip that the close to bore piston of the FAL. Speaking as a trained Gunsmith, a properly built FAL is the best bang for the buck in SHTF hardware. In that scenario, adjustable gas launches it past the more accurate AR guns. The M1A is simply out dated with its multi point bedding system compared to FAL barrel harmonic geometry. I like the M1A but I love the FAL design. So much so.... I hang FAL lowers on more than just their uppers! Best buy right here...DSA w/ life time warranty
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    Morning all. came to a conclusion that further "thinning of the Herd" had to happen. I am offering for sale a Mint Dan Wesson "Bruin" 10MM. This is one of my coolest Pistolas I own but I am finding I have less and less time to shoot. I have not even put 100 rounds through it yet and the Holster has never been opened (I'll include!) I can use the cash for wonderful adventures, like 15 year old house maintenance. I will post pics tonight when I return from work. I am asking $1500.00 . No trades.These are $18-1900.00 at this time. Holler if you have any questions. Yes I have the box and all the goodies!(2 mags, lock,holster-(Uncle Mikes) pics- https://imgur.com/a/rkLfTOy https://imgur.com/a/I6tBh9R REDUCED TO $1425.00
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    Remember that there is a difference between those at the top of the leftist movement and the masses of "useful idiots" at the bottom. Always has been...Lenin and Stalin were not uneducated or dumb or "victims of their feelings". George Soros (and the others pushing for a 21st century worldwide leftist "Aristocracy") is not "dumb" , he's a cold calculating snake who makes great use of those ill educated emotionally driven "useful idiots" who can't see that all the causes they are pushing for (no private ownership of guns , no personally owned vehicles, no commercial air travel , no cows, universal health care, etc) will end up being the means of controlling and enslaving them. Leftist domination of the world as a goal did not simply end with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The "communism " part is just a tool to advance an end. It did not just go away. Those ultra rich "citizen of the world aristocrats" who still want a one world government to rule over the masses are just as dangerous to individual freedom and liberty * as Stalin , Khrushchev or Lenin ever was. And the disturbing part is all the "useful idiots" in the US who would piss away all the freedom that is their birthright, that was paid for with the blood of their forefathers in order to be perpetually "safe from getting their feelings hurt " when no one can EVER truly guarantee safety of any kind. * Liberty....Funny that the leftists that now call themselves LIBERALS never use the word LIBERTY. They do not want liberality or liberty...they want control of others and to limit thought and discourse if it deviates from their beliefs. Look up the definition of liberal sometime and see how little it describes the modern American left....
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    I can say this with absolute honesty… I wouldn’t go out on Black Friday if they were giving Shields away for free.
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    Time to go hunting Pa.
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    "The Shellbark Hickory Tree is similar to the Shagbark hickory tree in its bark, though it is not as shaggy. This hickory features larger sized nuts than other types, and can generally be found in wet, fertile bottomland areas. Shellbark is a less common variety compared to such varieties as the Shagbark and Bitternut, however it is no less worthy to be planted, and it's wood is used in many of the same ways"
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    Birger Gang circa 1920s
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    I've got this theory that the Israelis are pretty damned good at building functional, practical, effective weapons because they know they'll put them to use on a regular basis.
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    The pattern repeats as normal. What it says is they cant throw up the silhouette. The ONLY time you see the weapon upfront and center in the first 4 to 6 hours (and why we have been expecting it) is when they can jump up and down with glee over tragedy to say its was an "assault weapon". The fact that its a day later and there is little detail, and most top searches show mainly local or print media's web coverage is that the big news left propaganda machines are passing on the tragedy. It simply does not fit their current agenda and efforts for bans. They care not about these kids, only promoting their agenda. And Why they pass on the 40 to 50 shootings in major metro cities weekly. The info out there suggests its something like a P80 large frame Glock 45. CA law recently required they be serialized and registered to DOJ. But since you can get them in the mail without much effort, I am sure it'll turn up he went around it and they will flap about it very briefly. But the media pretty much is done on the Ghost gun thing. They know they have mass support on those evil black rifles and all their effort is there to give two rips about these poor kids.
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    When you’ve gone down the private equity route for as long as they have, suddenly being left out in the wind with less access to capital is not a good thing. You can read this as, “we’ve pillaged all we’re likely to get, so let’s push all the future risk off onto shareholders.”
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    Thank you to all of our veterans. Thank you for your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your family, for keeping this great nation Free. We know it did not come without a price. We Salute you!!
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    Thanks, same to you. USS Ponce LPD-15 USS Holland AS-32 183d Tactical Fighter Group
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    I disagree on motorcycles.
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    There are all gone men. Thanks for lookin'!!!
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    Yeah, I think I've realized it's all sorta just unpredictable. The receipt from AGN shows $54 for the cost of the glass to me. The rest is basically installation. I did check on the internet for the Toyota branded OEM, $500+ easily, never found it for less. I have no fancy features...it is just glass. No rain sensors, tinting, etc. I...hoped. I put some Windex on it today and although it did make it cleaner, I think it's certain the defect is in the glass. I spoke with them today and she said to bring it it...their tech will look at it. I'll do that the next time I'm that direction. My thoughts are that they'll downplay it and essentially say the only reason I'm seeing it is because I'm looking for it. I will say I never noticed it on the original glass and it is easily noticeable under certain circumstances now. Of note, I did notice yesterday that when the sun was a a certain angle, you could literally see lines on the dashboard from where the light was being scattered. I'm almost just there. I'll let them look at it as stated above, but I'm not about to spend more money to try again. If they'll try another windshield or offer me some sort of refund...I'll probably just live with it. The difference between <$200.00 and >$700.00 makes quite the compelling case to not worry too much about it.
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    I buy American made when I can; in guns you always can. That may not make a difference to you. The only American made you have in that group is the M&P. I have several of those in various models and calibers. I just bought the new M&P M2.0 Compact 4” in 40S&W. It’s a little smaller than the full size, a little bigger than my 40C, but will use it’s own 13 round mags or the 15 round mags from my full size. I got it from Buds for $334 plus a transfer. They still have it on sale. It makes a great home defense/Car gun, range gun, or carry gun if you are okay with carrying something that big. It’s the most versatile of all the M&P models. For a more concealable carry gun I have an M&P Shield. Not much of a range gun; but that’s not what it was designed for.
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    Boy that is all kinds of dumb lol...not practical or tactical!
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    Very Nice! I love the G45. Great way to utilize the OEM bits while taking to the next level.
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    Yeah, at least they toss in the "edc" kit for the bit more it costs. Though I never see me using it. lol Unfortunately the $280 ($330 before rebate) becomes $330 ( $380 - $50) after shipping and tax. Then tack on $20 transfer. So before bgc it runs you $350 For the base 2.0. At Academy, if you manage to get in line in time you get the red laser model with edc kit for $349 before rebate which is $383 after tax. So $333 after rebate before bgc.
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    I’m just saying that is what the form says. If you decide to build an AR pistol; you have to do your research and be very careful. Someone at some point is going to be made an example of. The courts can choose to go by the law; not what the BATF says. Don't be the test dummy.
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    Come on Dave, you are smarter than that. Don't try to bring logical thought into dealings with the Govt.
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    I’m pretty sure the validity of the lifetime HCP is dependent upon residency in the state of TN. If you become a resident of another state, then your permit is no longer valid.
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    Winchester's Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-30 Rifle and Carbine. These did not sell as a set, at least not to my knowledge, but I am selling them this way because they have consecutive serial numbers. The rifle features a 26" octagon barrel and the carbine a 20" octagon barrel. I do NOT have boxes, papers, etc for either gun I personally believe they've never been fired but since I am not the original owner I will only say they've seen very VERY little use. $1600 Not really looking for trades FTF in east tn but other arrangements can be made
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    One of the best out there. LOVE mine. Surprised it's still here.
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    Ha! Hellcat on the gun doesn’t bother me, but any car with Dodge on it gets a hard no.
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    Yes, I agree. I have a couple. 5 I think. Two were to be gifts, but recipient was a knife snob. GT wasn't a "Name." lol So I kept them. Let's see, one is my wife's. The other 2 just because I liked them. Having to be a little tight now, or I'd buy this one. It's enough different from the others to be very interesting. Would look very good in the display we are planning in the den with our southwestern to patroitic décor. I'm actually entertaining the idea of asking GT for a small Bowie form. I've always liked them. And it would make a great centerpiece. Looking at things now that interest me for a possible build. Maybe someday.
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    My mother's family ate about everything growing up. Groundhog, coon, rabbit, ,squirrel, and possum.
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    Go buy a new Harley and a new Honda. Do no work on either, and see which one you can ride the most miles.
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    SOLD Putting my CZ Scorpion EVO pistil with carbine length handguard up for sale. Has Midwest Industries 11.5" aluminum handguard, HBI trigger kit with flat face trigger, HBI charging handle, SB Tactical sliding brace, Burris AR-332 3x power scope with lighted reticle, HBI safety on right side, Olight PL-2 Valkyrie, and Talon grip. This is the version with the faux suppressor. Will also include a total of 9 magazines, 3-30 rd and 6-20 rd. Runs like a champ, around 500 rounds through it with no issues, including 200 or so suppressed. Feel free to PM with questions, well over $1500 in this one. $1100 Since someone is bound to ask, I will consider trades but total cash value would need to be at least my asking price. Would prefer to sell, something else has caught my eye (Please don't tell my wife I took pics on the bed....)
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    My wife used to work with a raptor rehab group. Most of the birds suffering from lead poisoning had been shot, so they were injured and on the ground where people could see them and get them. A bird that injests lead in something it ate is likely to just drop dead at some point so there's not a good way to count them. I'm sure this one got attention because it was an eagle. Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures are plentiful here so they're not going to get much attention. The California Condor is one of the more well known examples. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_condor
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    It doesn't take much. A single lead sinker or shotgun pellet will kill a bird. Birds typically don't pass lead they've injested. Once it hits their stomach, it's there until it dissolves.
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    Just for remembering the Good ole days. LOL I recall in about 1963 going to the western auto store and buying .22 shorts for $0.39, I was 11 at the time and nobody asked what the heck an 11 year old boy was doing buying dangerous ammunition!! I also carried a knife to school probably from about 3rd grade until today.
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    I would not be at all surprised it they didn't add a "special" hunting season!! I am still in shock that the TWRA charges people who are blind, in wheel chairs and disabled vets to hunt and fish. Albeit the charge is $10 for life, I think that is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Just my opinion.
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    Aha. That's why the XD is leaving. lol I see a Masada in your future.
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    Here are some more recent pics. I'm on the fish, but I want giants. It's been rough catching gizzard shad for bait, so I've been using threadfins, which aren't as big.
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    That is a beautiful set you have there! My dad gave me the rifle version several years ago. I think he shot it once or twice. GLWS!
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