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    I really can't disagree with any of the above. I understand the frustration, I can relate to it, and I get why it was said. It's a worthy gut-check. I think it could have been worded a little differently so as not to completely have turned the audience against you, @asu174. TGO in general has always been supportive of our local law enforcement because the local cops have proven to be pretty responsible folks. But I really don't believe there's a whole lot of "Tread harder, Daddy!" going on here even though you do see that happening pretty rampantly on social media these days. You made an excellent point about the clown in Ohio basically being a poster child for the crackdown on open carry in Wal-Mart stores. We've had our own local 2A-sshole [link] pull those stunts in the past to the detriment of the 2A community, and TGO didn't cut him any slack and certainly didn't criticize the police for their responses to his antics then.
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    BBQ was best when it was whole hog, cooked over homegrown charcoal, laid out on old metal racks supported on rows of concrete blocks, under an open-air awning of tin and rough-sawn wood. Surrounded by dirt worn bare by generations of folks who stopped by and bought their meat pulled directly off the hog by the pound with stacks of buns and chips on an old picnic table nearby, paid in cash only ...
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    Public service announcement about Palmetto State Armory. maybe this is public, common knowledge, but it was not to me until yesterday. On palmetto's daily deals, some of them have a "coupon code". If you enter that code when you check out, it makes the price lower than is advertised. Sometimes substantially lower, like 150$ off a 400$ scope and mount set. I have no idea why they do this, you have to add the item to your card to see the discounted price. Maybe this is common and I'm just old. But I could not believe how much discount i got on that scope.
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    Went a little crazy in terms of time and money. Really turned out to be real functional, and looks pretty good in person. Haven't deployed it yet. Top is to laminated layers of 3/4" birch plywood, with a top layer of Formica, and edge trimmed with red oak. Everything is coated in satin poly. The whole thing breaks down and will fit in a trailblazer. All the take-donw hardware is machine threaded.
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    Has the war on drugs worked? Yes/no? Answer-No. Legal weed is in fact cheaper than illegal weed. Prices in the legal states have plumetted thanks to competition. Capitalism is awesome! These threads always show the people that actually love freedom and the ones that want government control. DeerSlayer, not directing this at you specifically. But you can't simultaneously say that "banning drugs will keep people from getting them" while also saying "banning guns won't keep criminals from getting them." They are one in the same.
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    This UT Alum and dedicated Vol fan has heard plenty of this “rebuilding” and “inexperience” talk over the last 20 years. I do know that constantly rotating coaches is not the solution, nor is rotating players and not being fully prepared for EVERY game, regardless of the opponent or spread. The Boys got their asses handed to them plain and simple. The donors are no help either. They all remember 1998 like everyone else. That was a fluke of a season when all the stars and planets aligned.
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    On a brighter note... Ya know, we always look for the heroes that put their lives on the line in these situations; the cops and sometimes civilians that face these killers down. . But those cops train for that all the time and are expected to handle it. We tend to forget some of the other hero’s; the medical professionals. From the First Responders to the ER Nurses to the Surgeons and everyone else. Once the shooting stops or the shooter moves on, and sometimes before, the lives of the victims depend on the abilities of these folks. I was impressed with the fact that the hospitals involved had also practiced and had procedures in place for that situation. They locked the facilities down, called people in, moved less critical patients, and made all the other arrangements for the incoming wounded. Also the emotional toll it takes. I have had nurses in the ER hug me and cry because they had to try to save the life (and did) of the animal that had just shot two of my friends. What I saw was as hard on them as it was on me. No matter how hard they tried; people died in this shooting, that is tough on them also. Thank God for these professionals.
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    I do this as a hobby...not a you tuber. I don't say this in a derogatory manner but recording takes equipment and time. I have little to none of both. I try to sell my knives at the best possible price and since I've never been big on taping/recording, photography anyway if I bought decent stuff the knife customer would pay for it. I'm trying to keep costs to a minimum and pass the savings on.
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    Everybody needs a hobby, I guess. I've always watched people like the OP with a bit of amused curiosity at the amount of work they're willing to put into a return - kind of the same with travel hackers who are managing multiple cards for loyalty points or airline miles. I don't know that I've got the bandwidth to commit to the active management it would take. For most people, I'd be concerned about them wiping out their return and then some when they miss a payment or whatever. But, if this is your thing - good luck and Godspeed. A little extra money is a little extra money.
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    I thought I would circle back on this! I ended up not shooting them, the reason I did not was because of some of the guidance you fine people provided. What I did was figure out where they were entering the farm, I then got some predator (Coyote) urine and put that down along the entire fence line. I did that twice. No more skunks!
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    I have Leupold, Vortex, and Nikon. I’m a Leupold fan boy. Besides the clear sight picture; they are much easier to get a sight picture than my other scopes. There is a reason they are King of the scope market. Elliot, I’m not saying your Nightforce scope's aren’t exceptional. But us mere mortals can’t afford them.
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    See attached - with signatories including Jared Kushner's brother: https://int.nyt.com/data/documenthelper/1699-gun-control-letter-to-the-sena/3258ed616a016f80dfa3/optimized/full.pdf#page=1 It's interesting to watch the groundswell of corporate action - that I'm not sure will abate anytime soon. Last year was the first year on record that gun control groups spent more money than advocacy groups (guess who politicians listen to?) As responsible gun owners, we've got an interesting road ahead of us. Advocacy is going to look different in the future than it has in the past. Personally, I'd love to see a strong second amendment with a lot more room under the tent. We're going to need more voices. They're going to need to be well reasoned. It's going to be a tricky needle to thread - but we've got to be a part of creating a future vision of gun owners that people want to be a part of.
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    Gun folks need to breath some life into the younger generations. Education and right wing air time that has had some thought put into it. The left is just waiting on us to die so they can protect those that remain to death. The left also knows there is no changing our old asses and the young people flock to them because there is no structure and few rules. When they wake up in the real world with a couple kids of their own and a bunch of bills to pay they start getting particular about where their tax dollars go and after that they consider individual rights. Sunfish
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    LNIB less than 50rd fired Sig P320 X compact. This is the optic ready slide that comes with the steel flat trigger and super nice NS. Xray Green front sight. Great trigger pull. I do not mind keeping this gun, just in the middle of a high end AR pistol build and I want to finish it. $575 OBO NO trades First post on this site as I moved from GA, but I have a ton of positive feedback on the outdoors trader .com S/N Bullseye
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    Brand new in the box. Bright night sights. 1 mag. Pretty blue polished slide. Has box and paperwork. Have more pics available. $1050. These are 1300-1400 everywhere else. 615-542-3513
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    Man, oh man. Guy just came in, had Armalite AR10T, with documentation from the factory that it was the 60th one made. Had a Leupold 6.5 x 20 - 50 scope and six mags... and he wanted to sell it...
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    There are way too many "wrong places" that can happen at any time. Keep your head on a swivel & always be prepared.
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    I turned in my Sam's membership (and they offered a full refund vs prorated). I haven't been back to Kroger and will never go back to Walmart unless an emergency either. I've found an alternative pharmacy to avoid walgreens (and CVS which i didn't use before). Yes, it may cost more and I'll have to change my shopping destinations slightly. But i ask, if not now, at what point do you draw the line in who you fund? Serious question. If not now, what event, stance, position, or political action will ever cause you to stop funding these folks who seek to fundamentally change America?
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    The declaration by the prog/soc/comm san fran council has nothing to do with the leadership of the NRA, although I admit they are very lacking. The NRA is a convenient target, the ones in their crosshairs are you, me & every other law abiding gun owner in this country.
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    It might be an early present to local shops. I doubt it works to the favor of the average buyer, though.
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    Did anyone catch the part about them banning open carry too? I really feel like this is Wal-Mart doing something just to appease the masses. They are still selling guns and some types of ammunition. Now they can say the "did something" without taking it all the way.
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    My wife has been saying the same thing for a while now.
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    Something different. Some students prefer a little lighter recoil. Inexpensive play thing that can serve as a spare car gun.
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    Thanks. I don't think I will be doing any more. It's REAL heavy. That's the main reason it comes apart. Here it is with the presses...
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    Dan Wesson Heritage .45 ACP Great Condition-Few Light Scratches. Original Trijicon Front Sight Works. Very Low Round Count. Original Box, Paperwork, 2 Magazines FTF, No Shipping, Bill of sale, Tn CCW Holder preferred. PM with any questions. $1100.00 or as always, trade for Au/Ag Coins/Bullion
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    Pretty sure dirtshooter took it down to creepy town lol. Back on track JMB had all sorts of good ideas floating around in that noggin !
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    You're correct in saying that TGO as an entity isn't the one selling firearms, but the transactions brokered through the Trading Post can clearly be counted under even a loose interpretation of "advertised commercial sales". As to the second part, the background check process is somewhere between an annoyance and an impediment, but I doubt courts would see it as an infringement on rights since background checks on retail sales of firearms are widespread and accepted under law and due process, while murky at times is present.
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    I am selling a Brand New never removed from box Holosun Elite Flagship 2MOA Dot / 65MOA Ring Open Reflex Sight w/Green Dot and Holosun Riser. I am asking $300.00 FTF sales or $308.00 shipped. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. "NO Paypal" Thanks for looking. SOLD - Thanks TGO
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    Years ago, back around '86 or so, I had a Dan Wesson 44 mag with a 8" heavy vent rib BBL. Got a mount for it from B Square in Ft. Worth. Clamped on, worked fine. Good luck with your venture, I'm sure you'll get it worked out. Killed a few deer with it, BTW.
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    Things that are closer require more diopter (power). Reading glasses for books/cell phones/watch/etc. (for me) require .25 more diopter than ones for the computer monitor.
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    I know, right?! The crazy thing is it weighs almost exactly the same as a Glock 17 too thanks to the polymer lower. Thanks. Jamie, I'm going to say that a good 50% of that shooting was the gun, 25% of it was the wind, 20% of it was luck, and 5% of it was the idiot behind the trigger having a reasonably good day.
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    For some reason that link won't work here. But, it seems they need to modify that request to only include downloads from overseas locations, which would assist the investigation into the actual people of interest. A blanket request should be denied as it sets a bad precedence.
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    Take your age, divide by .005, times pie( 3.14159 ), add 1000, minus 1, times your age to the 10th power = enough. If you think that is not enough change .005 to .00005 and you age to the 15th power.
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    I've done firearms training for one team. This particular team has a retired Secret Service guy doing their planning, but he wanted them to get firearms training from someone other than him. Strategos seems to be a well respected name in the niche of church security. They have a pretty active schedule with such courses.
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    Other than the Hestonian, "from my cold, dead fingers..." what evidence can be produced that proves the NRA incites gun owners to violence. I have a right to protect myself and loved ones from un-invited bodily harm or death. My assailant may be a former Fight Clubber, someone jacked on drugs, good old fashioned armed robber, or possibly a group of wolves. Here's your pointed stick, good luck, hopefully he'll only be armed with a banana. Yet another reason to not buy California. Hopefully some of the brand name accessory manufacturers will flee to more friendly climes.
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    I am what I am - for better and often worse... For what it's worth, seeing me in your profile more than once typically isn't something to aspire to.
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    I’m prepared too, but where’s that line at “enough” ? Lol
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    I've already been through this scenario. Been prepared ever since.
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    Seems every one thinks these gun manufacturers know how to build quality products because they have QC staff? The huge problem being over looked is like taking a machinist and then telling him, hey, your now a gunsmith or QC guy. Then there is the guy with a BA in Business Admin and hes put on the production floor as a forman. This crap happens all the time and it all leads to bad guns and CS. One of the worst repairs on a gun came out of Berretta MD. Absolute retards working there back in the 90's. 3 times I sent a customer's gun back to get a new barrel because of a factory gouge in the chamber wall so deep the fired casings were locking up in the little M21. You could actually see it visibly like a crater in there. After replacing everything on the gun including the grip panels the first 2 times around, The 3rd time they just sent a new gun.... WTF! Iv seen it in other manufacturers too many times. They hire folks that have little to no gunsmithing knowledge of how a firearm works in its full perspective. In 83 when I worked at Auto Ordnance producing the cheapest 1911A1 of its day, Management was purely administrative with ZERO mechanical understanding. So when I warned them the new casted barrels they wanted me to put into the production line were going to have a large failure rate, Management ( Fred Nichols) told me to just test the guns out with 5 rounds rather than a full mag of 7 because they were sitting on a pile of pre paid orders. I quit not long after that. You need God given true Gunsmithing talent in the QC room and management that puts those few folks in high regard making the calls on production. Unfortunately, that business model gets corrupted way too often in the gun industry.
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    Panic buying won't start until prices escalate & shortages are seen at shops & internet suppliers. There's no reason to be a victim of shortages & higher prices. Guns, ammo, components are plentiful & cheap now, funny that many won't buy now & will wait until the availability goes down & prices go up. JMHO.
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    That would be a good idea. But I usually look at the approved dealers listed wherever I’m ordering from, so I don’t have to mess with asking FFL’s to provide copies of their licenses. I usually (if there is time) send them an email or Facebook message to make sure its still okay and verify the price. I really wish I could buy from local dealers; but it is what it is.
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    Hey folks. My friend Doctor Sherman House is hosting the one and only Massad Ayoob next month in Brentwood, TN for the MAG20 "Armed Citizen’s Rules of Engagement" class. This class is could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for middle Tennesseans to take this class from Mas locally, and it is currently in danger of being cancelled if they cannot get enough students signed up. A mere $400 gets you a two-day, 20-hour immersion course in rules of engagement for armed law-abiding private citizens, emphasizing legal issues, tactical issues, and aftermath management. Topics will include interacting with suspects, witnesses, responding police officers…threat recognition and mind-set…management of social and psychological aftermath after having had to use lethal force in defense of self or others…and preparing beforehand for legal repercussions and minimizing exposure to them. Situations in the home, at the place of business, or “on the street” will all be covered. You can learn more, and register for the class, HERE... https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mag20-classroom-armed-citizens-rules-of-engagement-hosted-by-the-civilian-defender-tickets-55663034635 I asked Sherman how quickly folks need to commit in order to be sure that this class isn't cancelled and he said ASAP, so please don't delay.
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    I'll take it. PM incoming
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    I can't wait to get my hands on this one thank's for doing this build for me Grand Torino.
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