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    This year made my 2nd year ever fishing for Crappie and my best year of fishing for them. I might catch bigger later on but for Watts Bar these are dang good fish and my personal best. Dont know the weight just got the measurements. The black went 16 1/4in and 12.5in Girth. The white went 15in with a 12in girth. All I know is they sure are good to look at so the $310 was well spent. I used a old piece of barn wood and stained the edges with Minwax Red Mahogany 225 to get that burnt look on the outer edges. And used Cocunut Oil for the rest to keep the color lighter.
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    We are in charge of us ... And there lie the problem.
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    3/16" thick 1084 carbon steel. Blade at 5 3/4", OAL 11 1/2". Finger guard is 1084 also. Combo leather/kydex sheath included. $155 shipped. First a couple pictures of a handle in progress. 1. Initial cut and glue up 2. Rough shaping Handle is Texas Mesquite, Padauk and Wenge with with G10 Thanks for lookin'!
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    I don't believe anything I hear on the news. The weather forecast is the most accurate segment, and we all know how wrong it usually is.
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    Trump is an idiot just like everyone else who is supposed to be in charge of us.
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    I do 3D printing in PLA, ABS in an assortment of colors. I charge $5 per print hour. For larger prints I can do custom pricing so you're not breaking the bank. If you have anything you want brought to life send me a PM. I can also do image lithophanes at $15 per image or two for $25. I do flat rate shipping so I can specify the rate for the item, but flat rate envelopes and small boxes range 7.5$ to 13$ Below are some images of work I've done recently. The images below include a reusable dust mask, a 3D model of the moon with accurate cratering rendered from a lunar map and turned into a lamp, a small clamp, and a costume 'arc reactor' like from iron man.
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    Not everyone will remember Sabre Defense but they were a top tier military supplier right out of Nashville for years. Unfortunately, the feds did not cater to some speculative back door sales and yanked the wheels off the whole operation. Before that happened, my late buddy bought this tack driver off a cable tv show that aired lonng time ago. Anyways, he wanted it because they were making 400 yard shots easy. I got it from his wife after his passing and it has been a semi safe queen. I have run maybe 4 mags through it and i don't think my buddy ever did shoot it. I can say it shoots way better than i can with Fiochi Extrema 50 grainers. Given recent events, i must liquidate some of my possessions. If you are interested, PM works best. I will take $2,000 as pictured or $1,500 without the Vortex 4x24 Strike Eagle with mount. Middle TN.... Spring Hill, Dickson area
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    Like new condition, walnut, box w/ all paperwork/test target and a Mueller 8-32x44 fine duplex. Bill https://imgur.com/7ilpe5v https://imgur.com/rO4olWq
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    I had the opportunity to interview Charlie back in 06 when he was touring in Iraq. Also got to shoot (photos) the concert he did for the troops that night. What an amazing man... in his 70's, flying into a war zone so he can visit with and entertain the troops...and he worked like a dog the entire time. He did two hours of meetings and interviews before the concert, played HARD for 2 or 3 hours, stayed til well past midnight signing autographs, and then was up before dawn to attend a sunrise church service. Then he got on a helo, went to an even worse part of Iraq and did it again. It was a humbling experience watching him work. A great man who will be sorely missed. Oh, the concert was for the 48th BCT (or whatever they were calling Brigades at that point) out of Georgia, all of whom were about to head back home. He closed the concert w/ "The Devil Went Down to GA" and the roar that went up from the crowd was like nothing you've ever heard. It was a physical presence that felt like being hit by a wave in the ocean. Incredible experience.
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    The mask isn't stopping the virus. It's stopping your spittle from getting on everything everywhere you go. It actively slows the spread by lessening your impact on the environment around you. It has nothing to do with protecting you from anything. It's the same reason that surgeons and surgery staff wear the masks.
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    Vote what? The next bunch of crooks to screw us?. Pick your party.
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    The doctor said he hasn’t briefed Trump in almost two months, and has only seen him once in The White House recently. Trump is calling all the shots on the virus. It really doesn’t matter who is in charge now. It seems as a country we’ve decided to ride the wave. We have believers, nonbelievers and those in between. I feel like I’m watching a game show hoping no one else I know becomes ill.
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    While I don’t believe everything he has said, early on he said that not him or anybody else really knows much about this virus. Everybody is just learning as they go. As time goes on and they get more data, what they thought initially, may not be true anymore. I know he has straight up lied to us (concerning masks specifically), but some things they are just learning as time goes on. And when they say they really don’t know, I believe them on that.
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    No. Counting total cases makes sense. And as a result of that method the lethality rate should also be low. It's a bad bug no doubt. And it likes to pick on oldsters and health impared individuals, just like every flu bug that's ever been around. The problem here is that every politician from every party is trying to use this to their advantage. Hang em all I say.....
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    And you think I don't? We are so focused on trying to protect everyone, when it's really just a small amount that truly needs protection. People in this country think very short term in response to things. The cry is always, "we have to do SOMETHING!" They never consider if the something is actually the best thing long term, or really even short term. Every one is quick to mask up but very few have asked, is this good for our bodies long term? Is this putting us at risk of other health issues (which I've already seen come up with my sister due to wearing a mask.) Is people wearing mask causing people who shouldn't be out taking risk to be out because now they feel "safe"? We have become too "clean" of a society and people are afraid to get any germs and that's now coming back to haunt us. Is there a middle ground, yes. Are we way past that middle ground, yes. Again, I have no issue with anyone wearing a mask if they desire to. I really don't. But people do not have the right to force health decisions, like wearing a mask, on other people. I care about people's right to chose for themselves how they take care of their own health. I may disagree with it sometimes, but I respect their right to chose.
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    Be the gray man. Be the gray man. Be invisible or at the very least not noteworthy or deserving of attention, have an exit strategy, and let the police handle the lunatics until you have no choice to handle them yourself.
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    I think I will just stay home, I have come to realize I don't really care for human interaction anyway these days.
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    I'm amused that anyone thinks anyone else gives two ####s what the other thinks. It's pretty clear by now and has been for years that people do what they want. Some will follow, some won't. Some have reasons, some don't. Think anything you want of the other person as it affects their life is absolutely zero ways. My general motto is you do you, I'll do me. Don't like me or my decisions, so be it. I can tell you at least one of us isn't losing sleep over it. I suspect most here are the same.
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    I seem to recall hearing/reading the merits of using FMJ's for .380 caliber SD in order to get enough penetration to offset over garments. Your mileage may vary.
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    8 years ago my oldest (17 at the time) went to the Old City with two her friends and one of her friend’s mom for dinner. Later that evening, she was ready to come home and called me to come and get her. As I was going out the door, I picked up my Colt Agent .38 and tucked it in the pocket of my hoody. When I got there, I texted her to come to the car. While I was waiting, a gentleman attempted to open the passenger side door, which was locked. He then hit the window with his fist, as I pulled the Colt. As soon as he saw it, he put up his hands and backed up and walked off. My daughter and her two friends, after witnessing all that and walked up to the van. They were smart enough not to get close enough to be involved in the situation. I carry something everyday. It might be a LCP, or a 442 or a PT111 G2, or a XDs .45ACP, but I always have something on my person.
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    I’m about to go to sleep but please everyone let’s keep this civil.
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    The left wants your soul and the government to provide for you , the right for you to cling to archaic notions of morality and the government to provide for you. Both require absolute control over us serfs.
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    I'd venture to say the percentage of folks that put 35,000+ rounds on one gun in its lifetime is very small. Basically the average Joe shouldn't worry about the round count life of their .40 pistols. I know I'm not.
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    Hearing protectors by the bed. That's good. It will make it easier to take that 12 gauge blast.
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    I'm having an outpatient procedure done tomorrow at the hospital so they had me go in Tuesday for a covid test. All I can say is "damn!!!". They put that swab in my nose so far I was expecting to see brain tissue on it when they pulled it out. BTW, it came back negative, so at least I didn't have it when they did the test
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    If I have to go out in public I'll wear one. It's my choice. What I do resent is all the armchair doctors acting like they know everything when it comes down to wearing one or not as well as being told I must. I'm old, have underlying heath issues as well as my wife. Even the health "professionals" can't agree and have in fact lied to the public so who knows for sure what's real or what's not? I don't advocate shutting things down cause if I were young I'd rather be working and taking precautions than sitting on my ass on the dole collecting government cheese. Since I'm old with underlying issues I choose to stay at home as much as possible. It's not like I'm bored at home with nothing to do. There is always more to do than I like.
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    Dennis I think you wrote what a lot of people are thinking and discussing in their close circles. I certainly don't wish this to happen, but I am afraid there will be some violent conflicts soon if these "peaceful protesters" that are looting, burning, attacking cops and civilians and closing down interstates aren't arrested and put into the pokey for quite awhile. And if things aren't crazy enough, the black guy driving the Jaguar in Seattle on I-5 was arrested for hitting the little idiots blocking an Interstate highway. I am sorry that 1 was killed and 1 serious injuries, but if you stand in the interstate, there is a good probability you may encounter a vehicle that may not see you in time to avoid hitting you. Enough is enough and what is really crazy is the people in Britain, France, Australia and others are protesting. I'm sorry, but they ain't got a dog in this hunt. Best advice for all is to keep praying for this nation, because we can't do it alone!!
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    Try being a city employee. You're invisible until your work happens to slightly inconvenience some citizen. Especially on residential streets. Then they go completely nuts! I don't know how many times I've heard "I pay your salary!"
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    Lets get serious, if covid 19 was really as deadly as proclaimed, do you think wearing a paper, cloth or make shift mask would be sufficient to stop it?
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    From an officer I personally know, while he was working undercover he deployed his .380 with hollow points to shoot at a perp through a windshield. I do not remember the flavor of the ammunition. The rounds lodged in the windshield without fully penetrating. We later got a cracked windshield from Safelite Auto Glass to run our own tests. Although various hollow points had variable results with penetration, some going through the windshield from roughly 3-7 yards and others not penetrating, even in some cases rounds from the same box of ammo, ALL of the ball ammo penetrated the laminated glass and burst the plastic jug of water placed behind the glass. We also had some fun that day testing various rounds of ammunition on ballistic drywall we had gotten a scrap piece of from the construction of the local VA hospital. That ballistic drywall is amazing stuff. I'm not sure what it says though for the amount of money spent to do the entire lobby of the VA center with that drywall, yet I digress...
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    Sodbuster. Still have the one my father gave me 15 or so years ago. An awesome classic knife.
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    .44 Special/.44 Magnum is very versatile when rolling your own, just like .38 Special/.357 Magnum. Even Inspector Callahan used a “light special” load, lol. .44 Special is a pussycat out of a model 29. One could shoot that all day.
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    Dollar for dollar, Mora makes the best knives available.
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    I carry a Kershaw kryo which gets most of the abuse. I also carry a small Boker folder for more precision work. My Leatherman has a blade but I rarely use it. I've also got a CRKT Woods Chogan thats proven to be a quite handy little camp axe.
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    Like about a hundred times It is a shame how the .gov gets away with the crap it (.gov) pulls. The best hope we have it to vote.
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    A little research on Fauci at the start of this told me all I needed to know about him. He's made a fortune since the 80's being the weighing in "expert". He's essentially a politician with DR at the beginning of his name. Trump tossing Fauci out after he became the face of Covid would have only brought more scrutiny to Trump because as of now we can't blame Trump for Covid only for how he's poorly handled it all. That was inevitable anyway though because he hasn't done 1 single thing right since day 1 , right ? I'll make the same prediction I have several times through all this all the way back to the beginning both on here and to others when the subject arises. We, as a country, need to be prepared to endure this political theater all the way until the election. A 2nd shutdown IS coming and WILL happen. Regardless of whatever party you side with the importance of mail in ballots matters. It will be the new show when Covid and BLM run out of steam the days following the election. Whichever candidate gets in it will be an excuse for the other side to exclaim how that candidate got in and in Trumps case new fresh investigations to hammer on for the next four years. Unfortunately at the end of the day WE THE PEOPLE are the ones getting screwed in the end.....
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    Electronics Also gives that “super” hearing / tactical advantage
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    I always keep a pen and pad of paper handy. If they start fast talking or I can’t keep I ask them to confirm or repeat what I heard. Quaint and old-fashioned I know, but it’s worked since the beginning of time.
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    Back when I was working multiple jobs, one of which was at night. I stopped to get gas in Madison (don't do that BTW) at 2 am. Had three guys circle the station, park on the far side, then two flanked me at distance while the third made an indirect/direct line towards me. The flags went of as I was the only one there. Didn't have my gun on me but it was in my front seat. I made eye contact with the first guy, grabed my gun but kept it out of sight, and began planning attack priorities if they continued. Fortunately when I didn't break eye contact with the lead guy, they all stopped about 20 feet out, stared at me for a minute, then turned and retreated in the same way they approached. They got back in the car and left without showing plates. I don't know if they had ill intent, but that was the first time I fully understood the importance of have an equalizer present. I would have been completely helpless in that scenario otherwise.
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    Spot on Nightrunner. Some people have this fantasy that you could live off the land. That might of worked in the 1800s when the U.S. population was around 5 million total. With 331 million of us now, we're already "artificially" feed through the farming/food industry. There isn't enough wildlife to sustain us anymore. Guess you could go total vegan and eat dandelions and stuff like that. Me, without bacon, I'm sure I'd die quickly.
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    Was there a price list and item description posted somewhere?
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    Let's just say I'm good to go. It's nice to just grab an ammo can when I go shoot and not ever go ammo shopping.
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    Of course they are pushing their agenda: Red-neck Trump supporters die from their own stupidity while infecting the intellectuals on the left. It's all about blaming Trump in some form or fashion.
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    One of the problems is that too many people are only looking at the death toll which isn't that high. Here in the Memphis area deaths have been holding around a low 2% rate since the beginning. Giving many a false sense of security. People are ignoring what the survivors are having to deal with. First is the cost of treatment. You all know how expensive even a short hospital stay can get. Imagine the cost of weeks or even months in ICU. Even with good health insurance many survivors are facing medical bills of over a million dollars. A great many will end up bankrupt. While most of us aren't very fond of insurance companies, they're taking a pounding,. Which in turn is going to affect our entire economy. Don't forget all the businesses shut down and people out of work. It'll take years for our country to financially recover. Getting back to the survivors, this is a devastating disease which affects the entire body. Many survivors are left with permanent damage to lungs, heart, kidneys and other internal organs which will require care for the rest of their lives. Some will be left permanently disabled and unable to work. You need to understand that this pandemic will have long lasting effects on our nation, our economy, our population and our very way of life. Anything that we, as individuals, can do to slow it down will help. WEAR A MASK!
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    If you want to target them specifically, you need a special lure & wire leader.... The lure consists of a 4-7" long length of white nylon rope. Unravel it a bit so it gets 'woolly' They snap at it & it catches in their teeth (this isn't a joke, by the way) Setting a hook in their bony mouths is really tough & an exercise in frustration at times! They're a ton of fun to fly fish for too!
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    Its not. I couldn't care less if you do or don't wear a mask. I got attacked for my position and am simply defending myself and stating my opinions on the matter. Y'all started this, not me. The vast majority of credible doctors, medical experts and organizations on this whole planet state that wearing masks does indeed help slow the spread of Covid-19. Many cities and businesses agree and require people to wear masks. I also agree. Of course this is the internet. You can always find somebody who will back your opinion as well. What you choose to believe is up to you. I have no intentions of forcing anybody wear a mask. Just bear in mind that some of the places you go just might. Really, how hard is it just to wear a mask? Its nothing. Hardly any inconvenience at all. But, ask yourself and be honest, is wearing a mask that much of an imposition for you or does it just piss you off that someone else is telling you you have to wear one and this is just you're way of rebelling?
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