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    Selling my Brand New Smith & Wesson Model 610 Revolver 10mm. I am asking $875.00 for the revolver. This is brand new never fired except from the Smith & Wesson factory. Not looking for any trades please. Will through in two boxes of Sig Sauer 10mm ammo. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. Thanks for looking. “Gun must be purchased by a resident of the State of Tennessee, must have a TN HCP, Fill out Bill of Sale”
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    This argument doesn’t sound any less ridiculous in this context than when the Bloomberg shills try to use it to claim that the 2A only covers muskets. If you have to jump through hoops and ask for government permission to exercise a right, it isn’t a right.
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    It was finally time to get a second sharpening on my CRKT M16-14T Last time was 10 years ago at an RK Show. Decided to give @willis68 a try, others have reported quality work. This blade needed it, trust me. Contacted through PM, was given turn time (extended in my case, Mr. 68 was heading off shore) Completed within promised window and contacted via email. During this exchange, I asked about the quality of this particular steel; not great and and substandard bevel on factory edge, especially at the serrations. In my case, it was a gift and I have sentimental attachment. It's sharp, I wish I had thought of before and after pics. When I am ready to upgrade, @willis68 will be my first stop to shop and buy. Thanks for the great quality of service!
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    If you like a SBR, whats not to love about a handy 6.5 lb mini sized gun that can still reach out fairly well in a mid cal. With an Enhanced permit, this is a no brainer in the cool toy category. The barrel is 10.5 SS Wylde chambered from Bear Creek Armory. Originaly, I thought you might loose too much velocity and thought a 12" might be best but the 10.5 caught my eye at just over 100 bucks and it only looses about 200 fps from a 16' barrel. The $47 handguard is from Wish and I really like it. One thing that is a super tabo for me is a stock that is not rock solid. This SBM4 unit is a slip on and it would have needed a lot of tape on a round pistol spring tube to come close to being non movable. The fix was to put an old fixed stock tube (no position holes) in the lathe and turn the bottom rib down to make it only about 1/8th high on the tube body. Also, you can see I milled a rectangular hole in the bottom of the brace. This hole matches a higher part of the tube rib that pops up threw that hard rubber hole I milled. Now this fixed SBM4 brace is like welded to the tube. The SBM4 brace does infact have a very comfy wide cheek surface for those that would tempt ones luck and not be seen by a federally as you might shoulder a quick shot. The little guns balance point is at the forward portion of the mag well. Needless to say, it swings up and points exceptionally well with the pop up sights. I like this configuration so much, I started putting parts together for a copy of this one but it will run a finned Thompson SMG barrel inside the same hand guard and feed off grease gun mags. That should be a fun project.
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    NOT motivated to sell this. Don't make silly offers because they WILL be ignored.... 1968 .38s&w 5 shot, ultimately concealable revolver. From what I can ascertain this was ther final year of the tiny little 'I' frame, before the 'J' frame became the smallest standard. Exceptional single action trigger, very smooth double action. Light cylinder ring, aluminum grippy expander thing. Really clean leather OWB holster. 100 rnds-ish of mild handloads (mine) + 400-ish 146gn cast bullets & dies. Perfect little carry revolver. Really nice condition for a 55 year old backup piece. Don't really want to sell, but my business is suffering due to this GD virus thing & i'm offloading everything I can live without. $500 hard, concrete, no offers, firm. NAA .22 mag for scale.....
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    sold I no longer need my Gold Dot 9mm 124+P. Used to run it in my pocket pistols. Sold @221 Fireball 500 rounds of it about a year ago. Maybe he will vouch for condition. These are brand new, packaged in bulk in shrink wrap, as was bought from a law enforcement agency. Always stored in climate controlled safe. SG Ammo has these listed at $1per round. I'd like to recoup my money at .60 per round. Lets call it $220. East Nashville area meet with established members only. See pics. Thanks for looking!
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    I don't disagree with that at all. I disagree with it being prerequisite for a right.
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    This type thing mostly devalues a vehicle. If I see a wad of wires hanging from under the dash or a lift kit, I’m out. BubbA ain’t likely to improve upon the performance designed by actual mechanical engineers.
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    J frame production for the Model 32 began with the 32-1 variation in 1961. Yours is most certainly a J frame.
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    That top revolver is a k frame. The difference between a J and I are minimal. The grip on the I will be shorter and the cylinder window is smaller.
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    Selling my Beretta Silver Pigeon I Sporting Over/Under 12 gauge Shotgun 32”. I purchased this shotgun in 2017 and have never shot the gun. Took it out of the case clean it, oiled it, and put it in the safe. I am asking $1800.00 for the shotgun. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. Not looking for any trades. The Shotgun Comes With: Hard Beretta Gun Case Chokes Paperwork “Gun must be purchased by a resident of the State of Tennessee, have a valid TN Drivers License, Fill out Bill of Sale”
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    Initial Impressions and Range Report I would estimate that I put 200 or so rounds of 115gr Blazer Brass 9mm through the gun this past Sunday. Accuracy was exceptional. With a proper, aggressive "thumbs forward" grip on the gun, recoil seemed very tame and flat, and tracking the red dot between shots was very easy. Shadow Systems includes a section in the user manual that specifically states that the guns are machined to high enough tolerances that a break-in period of 100 to 150 rounds is required. They did not include that casually and it is not a suggestion but rather a requirement for reliable function. My MR920 absolutely "woke up" and became better with use, as the gun's various moving surfaces wore against each other and smoothed out. One problem that went away fairly quickly was that the pistol would not chamber the first round out of a magazine, whether filled to capacity or less than, from a slide-lock without some assistance. A nudge against the endplate with my thumb was all that was required to push the slide into battery. The issue largely resolved itself at the range within the first 100 rounds, and completely disappeared after I brought the gun back home and thoroughly hosed it out with some non-chlorinated brake cleaner (polymer safe!) and lightly re-lubed the slide rails. I should note that I did not clean or lube the gun prior to going to the range, but did apply more Lucas Gun Oil midway during the session. This was intentional. Having read the manual ahead of time, I knew that a break-in period was required and I wanted any manufacturing grit and grime present to mix with the oil to provide a slurry, almost like jeweler's rouge. It worked. Accuracy In a word, exceptional. If I did my part, the gun did it's part. Toward the end of my range session, I was able to drop ten rounds into the 1-inch center spot of a 5x5 drill target from a distance of seven yards. Aiming was done with the Trijicon RM07 red dot optic and shots were taken slowly and deliberately for accuracy, not speed. What's Next? I want to do a little more break-in with the gun but will be transitioning this into my primary carry fairly quickly, provided it continues to function reliably. I have no reason to think it wouldn't.
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    Really? Where is that in the Constitution? I seem to recall lots of pictures/paintings of the period, and not a one of them included a HCP or similar.
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    That Cash for Clunkers always pissed me off. Not because they gave people cash, but because the "clunkers" has to be rendered inoperable by something like putting liquid glass in the engine and running it a few minutes to destroy the engine. Then they had to be crushed. Lots and lots of good spare parts went down the tube. Now try finding a decent size junk yard with a large stock of anything in the last 20 years is a wild goose chase. On top of that a lot of the "clunkers" that ended up coming in were not the low gas mileage units they wanted off the road. Or they were running just enough to get on the lot instead of to the scrap yard. Basically the program did little except to give the car industry sales and feed the steel scrap to China.
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    There is a huge difference in the right to own firearms and carrying a firearm in the midst of the general public. Being able to talk does not make one a public speaker. Same difference in my book.
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    Well, anybody dumb enough to pay that gets what they deserve...
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    Selling my Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS 9mm w/Dawson Night Sights & Glockworks Trigger. I am asking $550.00 for the gun. This is my bedside handgun and only has 180 rounds shot through the gun. Gun is in the same condition as purchased. Not looking for any trades please. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. Thanks for looking. SOLD - Thanks TGO The Gun Comes With: Dawson Night Sights (original also) Glockworks Trigger Installed (original also) Extented Slide Release Grip Plug MOS Adapter-Set 3 - Factory Glock Magazines Hard Glock Case All Paperwork “Gun must be purchased by a resident of the State of Tennessee, must have a TN HCP, Fill out Bill of Sale”
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    I think moped was thinking about the model's 30 & 31 which are both 32 caliber. People see 32 and their mind goes to the caliber. Happens often when discussing the S&W 41 model. "41 magnum ?" nooooo, 22 , That's a 57 ... "357 ?" , you know what nevermind lmao. Then I leave them standing there.
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    I think the talking heads are more worried about setting the country on fire and keeping Trump out of office than the virus. Its like anything else, move from one ratings-boosting catastrophe to another. Modern America has a very short attention span.
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    I love stories with happy endings https://wpde.com/news/local/group-of-dads-tackles-detains-suspected-peeping-tom-in-sc-cracker-barrel-parking-lot
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    “We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.”
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    Stevie Ray Vaughan https://youtu.be/4vuiXSII9fA
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    The reason they don't ask Greg, they already know.
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    Ordered a Shadow Systems MR920 optics-ready Combat model tonight. I should have it within the next 21 days according to the terms of the sale. Everyone is so damned backlogged due to the volume of sales lately. This will bring me almost full circle back to a Glock 19 sized gun. I've got a few G45 models still that I won't part with, so that covers my 17rd Glock platform needs, but I have rediscovered the desire for the G19 size during some recent training. Oh well... it's not like you can take money with you when you go, and my kids would just spend it on something other than guns. Now I need to decide what I am thinning out of the herd. I've got an idea in mind but I need to take some current photos so I can go ahead and list it on TGO tomorrow.
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    It was tempting for me to outright compare it to my Zev OZ9 X-Grip but in the end I resisted. They are similar but also very different. While the Shadow Systems MR918 and MR920 seem to adhere a little closer to the trajectory of the Glock design albeit with a pretty significant re-imagining of the extractor system and the back strap design, the OZ9 takes a different trajectory and melds aspects of the Sig P320 (serialized chassis inside of an inexpensive polymer grip module) to the Glock design. Zev OZ9 The Zev OZ9 is noticeably heavier and yes more expensive. The trigger in the OZ9 honestly strikes me as feeling better "out of the box" but that comes via a lightened, skeletonized striker assembly. I haven't had problems with mine but that is not a part that I have ever chosen or ever would choose to go to the aftermarket for in a duty/carry gun. I have friends who have swapped their OZ9 striker out for an OEM Glock striker just because they felt like it was one less part that might break under hard use.... albeit with no data to back up their decision. As for grip, I think the 17-round (G45 sized) grip module on my OZ9 feels slightly more ergonomic. They molded some clever indentations in the OZ9 grip that accommodate your support hand's thumb heel, which makes it very easy to get a quick and repeatable grip on the gun every time. It just coaxes your support hand into the right position and feels like it was molded to you. BUT... you get what Zev gives you. There is no adjustability in circumference or grip angle with the OZ9. I suspected that they were going to release different size grip modules like Sig does for the P320, but so far no such luck. Just Compact and Full-Size. The combination of the heavy internal chassis that runs the full length of the slide and the ergonomics of the grip module that make the OZ9 feel like it shoots softer and has less muzzle flip. It feels like a race gun. But, it's also heavier in the belt which is a consideration for carry purposes. MR920 The MR920 is noticeably LIGHTER and certainly less spendy. I think the trigger shoe on the MR feels great but the pull weight "out of the box" feels pretty heavy. It too doesn't use any Glock OEM parts (as far as I have read or can tell) but the striker assembly is more traditional. The only thing in the slide that anyone could legitimately be out to jury on is the shortened extractor spring assembly that they use to allow such a deep cut and significantly longer screws for the optic. I see no problems with what they did and think it's ingenious. The grip on the MR920 is way better than any factory Glock that I have owned. I love the texture on it and the neutral back strap is the right size for my hand and causes the gun to point perfectly for me without any additional effort or adjustment of presentation from draw. That said it is still rather slab-sided and not quite as "hand filling" as the more curvaceous OZ9 grip and it doesn't have the tactile cues to guide your support hand perfectly into position the way that the Zev does. You overcome this with the MR the same way that you do a Glock: Proprioception and a draw/presentation sequence that you practice enough times that it becomes automatic. Not a big negative for me. The MR920 still fits my hand just fine and it feels loads better than a stock Glock. Once you get the gun firmly locked in your grip with proper front-back and side-to-side pressure applied, thumbs forward, etc. recoil management is easy and predictable albeit with perceptibly more impact during the shot and slide reciprocation. This seems very obviously due to fact that the MR is lighter than the OZ9 and has less mass at the dangerous end of the slide/frame than the OZ9. That machined metal chassis in the OZ9 really hangs some extra weight out in front of the gun and you notice it during recoil. Choosing One Or The Other It's going to boil down to what you want from the gun and what you are willing to pay. This isn't a matter of a Chevrolet versus a Ferrari. It's more of a Porsche vs. Ferrari decision. You don't walk away with a loser of a car... er... gun either way.
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    E4, I agree with you. It's a shame people don't take that right/responsiblility as seriously as they should I guess is the concern.
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    This ^^^^ Historical context helps to understand application and understanding of a principle at a specific time. Principles transcend dynamic application. In other words, the reason the Constitution transcends time and culture is because the principles are "found to be self evident". What we wrestle with is the "application" of the principle in a changing culture not the principle. However, the leftists are attempting to remove the principle. That is the slippery slope with a cliff into the abyss at the end. Those on our side who can not apply transcendant principles/truth with changing culture are just as bad as those trying to remove the principle all together.
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    @E4 No More points out exactly why the argument for historical context for the constitution hasn't derailed the second amendment, but is dangerous to apply. If you apply historical context to the interpretation then you wind up saying free speech doesn't apply to platforms on then internet because there was no foreseeable way the founders could have predicted the impact of the internet from the 18th century. In fact you can derail the whole document by simply saying something exists now that modifies our experience of the world we live in so greatly that they would not have phrased the amendment that way with prior knowledge of future events. actually, come to think of it, if you could do that in general then most contracts could be voided that didn't specifically state they couldn't be voided by applying the insight from future events retroactively to say the whole thing should never have been written a certain way of the original drafters intent would have changed....etc
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    The truth of the matter is that you do, in fact, have the right to keep and bear arms... That said, it is on you to learn how to handle firearms safely and use em effectively if need be. One of the baser things about our capitalist system and the gun community and certain of those populating it is the tendency of " experts " to try to feather their business nests by proclaiming that " you aint responsible nor trained enough to handle a gun "... The inferred point us that they, in fact, are and they can help you for a FEE... This is called " salesmanship " and is OK... I say, in the old latin proverb: " Let the Buyer beware "... What aint OK is when those same " experts " lobby trashy polititians, local and otherwise, to enact laws restricting a constitutional right under the guise of " making us all safer "... I heartily join Brother Dave in his opinion that there are folks out there who need protection from thugs n predators now; many of whom aint overrun with extra dollars for " mandated training "... " Mandated training " is a crock in today's atmosphere and the Tennessee political class well knows it. Personal safety is the supreme thought on every citizen and citizen gun owner's mind now. Welcome to Dodge City, where everybody is armed and edgy. That is all... leroy
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    Up for sale is a Ruger Mini 30 ranch Stainless 7.62×39 rifle. It is unfired. Comes with a Nitrex TR 1 3-9X42 MM scope and 85 rounds of mixed ammo. 1x5 round magazine $1000 $950 for the package
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    Oh I completely agree. I'm not exaggerating when I say I plan to keep this truck forever. I've spent over $10k building it to my specifications. I had no intentions of selling to Carvana. I just wanted to see what they offered. Obligatory truck pics.
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    I want folks to be responsible with firearms as well. I don’t want the government to be able to arbitrarily decide what that looks like. Just the same as with speech. Folks are responsible for their actions with a firearm or their speech. Prior restraint by the government is an abomination and anathema to liberty and the individual’s rights.
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    Its credited as a Kit Carson Design (of Vine Grove, KY) CRKT's website has a nice bio on the designer. Side note, I just did a price check, this is a $75 knife. How long it holds a good edge without abuse is a question mark due to the quality of the steel. The overall construction is substantial and can serve as a very effective striking weapon or tool for glass breaking. I initially thought the titanium panels were gimicky; close inspection today reveals virtually no scratches and the finish is even with no discoloration. Nice surprise since I've carried it daily and dropped it occasionally for 10 years.
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    Interesting thread, had to remove a visitor from the chicken coop earlier this week, and I almost posted b/c I couldn't ID it. Chicken snake was what my neighbor called it. We let it go down the end of the street (1/2 mile away, wooded preserve).
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    Carrying a gun is a constitutional right and a natural right, even though this state doesn’t see it that way. It is a persons own responsibility to be trained to deal with a deadly force situation. The CCP was put in place for those that can’t afford training. The HCP class is not a training class and many can’t afford real training classes that runs hundreds of dollars for the class and ammo. But many of them can still get trained by friends or family. They have the personal responsibility to get trained, and we have no idea how many do. Are untrained people shooting others a big problem? I don’t know. I know that many instances of bad shoots or negligent shootings come from those that have been trained. Again, its what the number crunchers desire the numbers to show. My thoughts come from my experience of dealing with the victims of violence that needed the immediate ability to carry a gun, in a state that would not allow that, trained or not.
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    For the second year in a row I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in the Shooting Hunger sporting clays charity shoot at Nashville Gun Club representing the Tennessee Dept of Agriculture. This year our team came in 2nd. Pretty cool for a bunch of hacks. It’s so much fun and a great time every year and the best part is the money goes to feed hungry people in Tennessee. If anyone is looking for a fun shoot check out their website for next years events. they have Middle and West Tn events with an East Tn hopefully coming next year in the fall. https://shootinghunger.com/
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    Free bump for a great member and very fair price!
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    I heard a story on the radio yesterday, 16 year old swimmer, recently lost her sight. Training for the 2021 Paralympics. When asked why, she responded, "If you don't try, how will you ever know."
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    The MR920 is an amazing pistol. It's been my daily carry for the last 6 months. To me, it blows the Zev OZ9 compact out of the water. Better trigger, better feel in my hand. (And its $700 less) I had some problems with my dot (Holosun507) not staying put. It kept coming up slightly. I texted Richie over at Shadow. (had his cellphone number from a bronze barrel order issue I had a couple months earlier) He immediately called me, sent me a shipping label (I sent my slide back with the holosun) and 5 days after that initial text I had a brand new slide with my Holosun mounted and zeroed. I have never experienced customer service like that from any company at any time, let alone someone in firearms during this whole Covid uproar. I would say I have right about 4k rounds through mine (about 1k with the new slide) and this gun is butter smooth.
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    Florida is a mixed bag. When we bought our house there in 2013 it was on par what what we would have paid in East TN. Property taxes were higher but not by a ton. Sales tax is lower. Overall I never felt like it was more expensive living in central FL than TN. Also Moomba Boats and Rubbermaid, where they make Sharpie permanent markers. For a small town it has a surprising amount of manufacturing and distribution. Altar'd State DC is there too.
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    I have 20 acres now and decided I need to shoot a lot more. I decided I wanted a lil place to play all to myself. I spent several weeks walking around in the wooded area and have found a spot that is great 50yrds for pistol. As I got to looking at this more I think I might be able to get 125yrds for rifle. So I started clearing some of the brush out of the way. I’ve got a friend with a plasma table and he’s checking on some 1/4 sheet ar500. I’ll post pics as I get things done. I want this to be nice so any input is welcome good or bad..... by all means say something if it’s bad.
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    A complete, good quality, compact.308 AR with goodies for $1500 or less? Free bump for a great member!
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    Nice gun! For those that shoot .40 cal, this 10mm shoots them also. Just as a .357 shoots .38's. Just adding this for those that may not know. I have had one for quite awhile and it is a great shooter. You can target shoot with the .40's and use the 10mm for hunting or defense.
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    I Have been doing a lot of research on HAM radio as of late. I’m going to be getting my license in the not too distant future. Get a programming cable and download the Chirp software(free) so you can program your units. Find out what channels the local emergency services use, assuming they aren’t already on digital trunk systems, and program those in if you want to listen to them. Also find out what channels the civilian emergency folks in the area use so you can utilize them in case of dire emergency. Regardless of how you program them, even if you program them for FRS or MURS channels, it is illegal for you to hit the transmit button without a license. They transmit at a power level you are required to have a license to operate.
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