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    I really can't disagree with any of the above. I understand the frustration, I can relate to it, and I get why it was said. It's a worthy gut-check. I think it could have been worded a little differently so as not to completely have turned the audience against you, @asu174. TGO in general has always been supportive of our local law enforcement because the local cops have proven to be pretty responsible folks. But I really don't believe there's a whole lot of "Tread harder, Daddy!" going on here even though you do see that happening pretty rampantly on social media these days. You made an excellent point about the clown in Ohio basically being a poster child for the crackdown on open carry in Wal-Mart stores. We've had our own local 2A-sshole [link] pull those stunts in the past to the detriment of the 2A community, and TGO didn't cut him any slack and certainly didn't criticize the police for their responses to his antics then.
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    Politics has taken over everything.
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    I also lost interest in the aftermath of Dale Sr.'s death. What they did to Bill Simpson was all I needed to know. Today's NASCAR has as much in common with racing as WWE has with wrestling.
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    See attached - with signatories including Jared Kushner's brother: https://int.nyt.com/data/documenthelper/1699-gun-control-letter-to-the-sena/3258ed616a016f80dfa3/optimized/full.pdf#page=1 It's interesting to watch the groundswell of corporate action - that I'm not sure will abate anytime soon. Last year was the first year on record that gun control groups spent more money than advocacy groups (guess who politicians listen to?) As responsible gun owners, we've got an interesting road ahead of us. Advocacy is going to look different in the future than it has in the past. Personally, I'd love to see a strong second amendment with a lot more room under the tent. We're going to need more voices. They're going to need to be well reasoned. It's going to be a tricky needle to thread - but we've got to be a part of creating a future vision of gun owners that people want to be a part of.
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    Gun folks need to breath some life into the younger generations. Education and right wing air time that has had some thought put into it. The left is just waiting on us to die so they can protect those that remain to death. The left also knows there is no changing our old asses and the young people flock to them because there is no structure and few rules. When they wake up in the real world with a couple kids of their own and a bunch of bills to pay they start getting particular about where their tax dollars go and after that they consider individual rights. Sunfish
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    There are way too many "wrong places" that can happen at any time. Keep your head on a swivel & always be prepared.
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    Man, oh man. Guy just came in, had Armalite AR10T, with documentation from the factory that it was the 60th one made. Had a Leupold 6.5 x 20 - 50 scope and six mags... and he wanted to sell it...
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    It really pizzes me off that the victim of an attempted home invasion by mask men firing guns at him has to worry about making a statement. While the Aunt of the violent criminals wonders if they were shot in the back. Armed thugs that have committed a violent crime are still an immediate threat; even when running in the opposite direction. They need to either thrown down their weapon and surrender; or be shot.
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    each company does it own testing with their own testing equipment. nothing is the same. nosler uses their bullets. western does not state what bullet brand they use. little things can give different numbers in the data. it is best to have many reloading books to look at. i like to look at the older books for info. start at the low end and work up. get a chronograph to check you loads. they are cheap and worth the money if you reload.
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    I am selling a Brand New never removed from box Holosun Elite Flagship 2MOA Dot / 65MOA Ring Open Reflex Sight w/Green Dot and Holosun Riser. I am asking $300.00 FTF sales or $308.00 shipped. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. "NO Paypal" Thanks for looking. SOLD - Thanks TGO
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    I have a Ruger MKIII target model for sale. It is in excellent condition. It comes with box and paperwork. It has the optic rail and wood grips. It is a .22 LR. It also has Volquartsen Accurizing Kit installed and a Volquartsen Bolt Tune-up Kit installed. Asking $400 for everything.
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    New press is all setup and cranking out some 55gr FMJ loads tonight. I already had several hundred pieces of primed brass so this was great to get a feel for the new press. I have a LED light kit on the way already, KMS Ufo light for better visibility. It will be most helpful with handgun rounds as peering into small rifle brass is difficult anyways. Also already want to buy the Inline Fabrication improved output catch bracket, as the catch bracket with the press is fairly flimsy. Fully serviceable, just flimsy.
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    I’ve said it, and I know others have said it. If you want to get to the bottom of the reason for the change, look around at all the other sponsors. I would venture to guess that the vast majority of them don’t want their logos featured next to those of manufacturers of “assault weapons” or other scary guns. I’d bet serious cash that folks like Coca-Cola, FedEx, or the big banks said “put our logo next to something like that and you’ll never see another dollar from us.”
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    If true, the operational leadership of the NRA is part of the problem. Misuse of dues and donations alienate current and future members. Perhaps change some of the fear based confiscation messaging with highlights from educational events and interview the young people who participate. Kids sell stuff, if you could get a dog or two in the video...
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    I see a lot of Silicon Valley in that list. No surprise.
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    Years ago, back around '86 or so, I had a Dan Wesson 44 mag with a 8" heavy vent rib BBL. Got a mount for it from B Square in Ft. Worth. Clamped on, worked fine. Good luck with your venture, I'm sure you'll get it worked out. Killed a few deer with it, BTW.
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    I have several pictures of the planes striking the towers store on my computer and I thought about posting them but I think anyone and everyone that was alive back then remembers what they saw. I use them to show my grandchildren and explain to them what happened that day is why 9/11 is so important to the American people. And when I talk to them I tell them who was flying those planes that day because here recently it has been said that some people are trying to get the American people who these people where and what their goal was and still is. There is an elected official that has gone to great length to try and make us forget who was flying those planes and it was brought up at a ceremony yesterday! Speaker at 9/11 Ceremony Questions Muslim Congresswoman's Patriotism A speaker at New York City's Sept. 11 commemoration ceremony on Wednesday assailed U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim member of Congress, over her recent "some people did something" reference to 9/11. Nicholas Haros, whose mother was killed when al-Qaida hijackers flew planes into the World Trade Center in 2001, said, "Our constitutional freedoms were attacked, and our nation's founding on Judeo-Christian principles was attacked. That's what 'some people' did. Got that now?"
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    Things that are closer require more diopter (power). Reading glasses for books/cell phones/watch/etc. (for me) require .25 more diopter than ones for the computer monitor.
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    Tennessee has a 50% chance of winning every coin toss this year, which is their best chance at winning anything.
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    STI Staccato P DUO 9mm 2011 This may be the ultimate host for a red dot optic, and anyone who's been following my posts for the past year knows that I have become a fan of red dots on fighting pistols. I became aware of the Staccato P earlier this year and managed to elbow my way through the crowd around STI's booth and wrap my mitts around one for a few minutes at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Scores of people were doing the same thing, and for pretty good reason. STI has managed to take the lessons they have learned building race guns for competitive shooters over the last 25-years and start cranking out a mass-produced series of combat handguns. The already impressive Staccato P gained even more notoriety this year after word got out that the US Marshals Special Operations Group (SOG) had adopted the pistol for duty use when they looked to depart from the Springfield .45ACP 1911 that they had carried for the last 16-years. While there are easily more expensive handguns owned by quite a few of you here on TGO, this one pushed the boundary of what I am willing to spend on myself. Truthfully I had essentially written off the idea of owning one until I lucked into a little extra cash and my loving wife gave me the green light to do something... impractical... with it. Blah Blah Blah... How's It Shoot? After picking it up from a nearby FFL transfer agent at lunch, I just managed to eke out the last 30 minutes of my local outdoor range's operating hours today before they closed, and ran a few mags of 115gr aluminum cased Federal 9mm FMJ through it to dial in an RMR that I popped off of an M&P for the time being. Before stepping foot out the door I "slaved" the dot to the top of the front iron sight just to get it close and make the process a little quicker. It wasn't too far off at the range. The first three shots made an effortless cloverleaf at 9 yards, about 2 inches lower than my point of aim. It only took a few tweaks of the RMR to get the dot and barrel agreeing with each other at 9 yards, and there was no disagreement at 15 yards either. This target is the last one I shot for the day before they called the final "CLEAR" and I had to pack it up and go home. This is 17 rounds at about 15 yards grouped around a 1" bullseye, offhand. The gun is capable of wayyyyyyy more than I am. I am not sure if I am going to leave this RMR on there or just order another Holosun HE508T and install that instead. I put one of those on my Gen 5 Glock 19 recently and really like the smaller 2MOA dot as compared to the 6.5MOA dot in the Trijicon RM06. There are a lot of other things to like more about the new Holosun too, but I need to make a post about that separately. Anyway... I'm tickled with this 2011. It's the first time I've owned a 2011 or a 9mm 1911/2011 and it could very easily end up seeing some carry on Sundays when I'm doing the Safety Team thing at church. John Moses Browning would approve, I think.
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    Cable snares in a PVC pipe can work great if you know that you can keep neighborhood cats out. I expect with Huskies, cats generally stay clear of your yard. The pros won't drown skunks, either. They'll trap them, throw a blanket over the trap, and either gas them or simply relocate them. A guy up the street from me is a wildlife removal guy. You wouldn't believe the number of skunks in his ex-wife's neighborhood.
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    Well, I did find out it has a leaf spring for its main spring but cant find and internal pictures. Heres a target model. yeah a target model without a wide spur hammer & trigger. IDK...... Good Luck to them and the snake fanatics with the extra $$$. https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2019/9/7/new-for-2019-colt-king-cobra-target/
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    We use them for bathroom breaks when we travel, cleaner restrooms than gas stations.
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    Agreed. It's been a loooong time since they have seen any of my money.
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    I had to contribute to this, about 5 years ago I had been seeing a skunk in my barn if I went out there at night and turned a light on, had been carrying my Browning Buckmark and had laid it down which was mistake #1 and had went 10-12 feet away and guess what? Ole Peppy LaPew came strolling in from the Browning side of the barn, I retreated onto a pile of firewood and when he got close I did the standing long jump, retrieved the Browning and shot him. That was in my younger days. LOL I might have been out on the road a wee bit too long. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Do ya think???
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    Brand new in the box. Bright night sights. 1 mag. Pretty blue polished slide. Has box and paperwork. Have more pics available. $1050. These are 1300-1400 everywhere else. 615-542-3513
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    Polls are aimed at a friendly audience. 95% of the people in this country will not agree on anything. And, I've never been invited either, unless you consider the crap on FB.
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    It doesn't look anything like the Old King Cobra, sadly. This one reminds me of a upgraded Charter Arms. I do not like the contours.
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    Bank tellers practicing defense of the bank.
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    24 hours from now I'll just order one and have it delivered next week. lol
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    Yes get the Palmetto State Armory(PSA) version...I have the 1st GEN KS47 and it runs flawlessly with a T2 Heavy Buffer using the 8.5" barrel and pistol stock. The KS47's HUGE advantage over an AR in 7.62x39 is that it runs on AK mags while still using the DI system of the AR so it actually shoots way softer than an AK47. I love mine and out to 200yds its steel plate accurate with a red dot. They actually have a GEN2 or 3 out now which is supposed to be quite improved over my GEN 1.
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    I can't believe how fast your eyesight can start to deteriorate.
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    It happened in Nashville. I feel like my country is squeezing folks like me out, little by little.
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    THIS will be the first thing they do if for nothing more than shock and awe. Anti gun folk have preached this with "common sense" at the front and end of each paragraph. Geeze that phrase is getting old
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    I’m supposed to go look at it tomorrow evening. Don’t know about the engine yet. It should have a 1600, right?
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    If you get into bugs, subscribe to Mustie1 on youtube. I've recently gotten into them a bit. I've been wanting to build a bug based trike. A rusted out crapbox will be a fine donor but I just haven't run across the right car. Formula Vee cars are also a good bit of fun.
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    The difference, however, is the person firing on the enemy or firing on your own people.
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    BBQ was best when it was whole hog, cooked over homegrown charcoal, laid out on old metal racks supported on rows of concrete blocks, under an open-air awning of tin and rough-sawn wood. Surrounded by dirt worn bare by generations of folks who stopped by and bought their meat pulled directly off the hog by the pound with stacks of buns and chips on an old picnic table nearby, paid in cash only ...
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    Has the war on drugs worked? Yes/no? Answer-No. Legal weed is in fact cheaper than illegal weed. Prices in the legal states have plumetted thanks to competition. Capitalism is awesome! These threads always show the people that actually love freedom and the ones that want government control. DeerSlayer, not directing this at you specifically. But you can't simultaneously say that "banning drugs will keep people from getting them" while also saying "banning guns won't keep criminals from getting them." They are one in the same.
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    If the left really wanted universal NICS checks they would push for Trump or any other PotUS to make NICS available to the public for free or for a small nominal fee. Make it free and have it generate a confirmation that the check was done and everyone would use it. When they push for laws to force people to go through FFLs only it becomes apparent that the goal isn’t universal checks but is instead just ratcheting up the degree of difficulty for gun transfers in the hopes of curbing ownership numbers. If I had access to NICS I would use it for every sale simply for my own piece of mind. How many of y’all would do the same without being forced to by law? I’d venture that the vast majority of y’all would.
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    It makes you an intelligent neighbor. I think a family of skunks would liven up a wedding party nicely.
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    Proof of some range activity..... My Certificate and Turbo Pin #8
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    Well, that and a closer drive. Y'all are a good hour away from me.
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    Well, finally some one (NY's Gov) is doing something constructive! "Governor Cuomo talked about the provision on Rochester public radio station WXXI Wednesday, with Connections host Megan Mack. “Just to show you what it's accomplished, we now have 100,000 seriously mentally ill people on the mental health database that could have bought a gun in New York, Megan, who can't now buy a gun because we have a mental health database,” Cuomo said. " Should end up as the state with the largest group of unarmed Democrats.
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