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    Dan Wesson Valkyrie with less than 1000 rounds thru it for sale. Getting out of 9mm and selling everything as great package deal - $1000. Everything in near perfect condition. All ammo purchased within the last year. Gun has upgraded front fiber optic sight. Along with the two factory 8 round magazines, two Wilson Combat ETM 10 round magazines and another 8 round Wilson mag, two holsters (a galco and a Stoner Leather), and 750 rounds of various 9mm ammo including some high end defense stuff.
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    Up for sale is a classic. A Series 70 MKIV Government Model 1911. This gun was made in 1980. I have other 1911's that I shoot and this one just sits in the safe. Time for it to find another home. I do not have the box and it comes with one magazine. $900
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    Admit it, you would have the same look on your face. ...
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    Welcome to Tennessee. Kingston Springs is a nice town to live in. I lived there 15 years. As far as deer hunting down that way there are some to be found. Heres one my 11 year old grandson bagged last season.
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    I rebuilt the trim unit on my boat a couple of years ago as it sprung a leak. It worked great until Tuesday. It would raise the motor but not hold it. I was about to tear it back down when I decided to check YouTube. Sure enough, a guy on there with a short and concise video had already ran into this. All I had to do was pull out a screw and replace an o-ring. He sure made for a more enjoyable weekend. I’m tempted to get his address and send him some money.
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    Hi all. I just got back from watching the movie. In one word...fantastic! It was beyond incredible how they restored and enhanced original footage filmed in 1943 by William Wyler (who flew five combat missions to Germany himself,) then integrated that with personal interviews and recollections of the men who actually flew the missions. One of the center-lines of the documentary was the Memphis Belle and her crew. I highly recommend this movie and hope you all have the opportunity to see it. Ed
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    Man, that’s a fantastic price for all that! Somebody needs to jump on this soon and put me out of my misery
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    I am betting he is putting 24 on Armslist for $650...
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    Who are these people?
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    If you go to this website and put in your zip code it will show you the direction and distance to all of the broadcast stations in your area. https://www.antennasdirect.com/transmitter-locator.html
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    Photos do not do these knives justice! Thanks again, GT!
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    Per the title, I have a sealed case (1,000 rounds) of Wolf Gold 223 55 Grain for sale. No Trades Located in downtown Nashville $230.00
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    Also the greatest for making you(me) waste time watching useless videos for hours on end. lol
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    I have a brand new CZ P10C up for sale.... I really like this pistol... But I need to move some items that are just not getting used.... I'll take some photos tonight and get them posted shortly.... Asking $450.00
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    Hi all. I just read about this on another forum, and it might be of interest to those of you who want to know more about the B17 crews in the air war over Germany in WW2. The documentary "The Cold Blue" is scheduled to play in theaters one night only on Thursday, 5/23. I just reserved my tickets. As an Artillery guy, it always amazed me how accurate the Germans could be with their flack, and the fortitude with which these guys fought their part of the war. Ed Here's the trailer:
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    See if Stoeger offers a replacement stock for that youth model and if it will fit your gun. I'm assuming there's a penalty for using a 20ga instead of 12 in competition. Cutting down the stock and fitting a recoil pad isn't hard to do.
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    The Mark IV's are really nice guns. I purchased both the Hunter, as well as the Bill Ruger Limited Edition Competition Model that came with the matching knife.
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    Good for 15 bucks off purchase of 150 or more. Won’t work on trijicon and some other things but just wanted to share it OPBIF995815 theyve been sending it for the past month w stuff I ordered. Merry xmas
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    I've used a few of the Cold Steel throwing implements over the years and I found them to be good quality for the price. I had one of their three knife sets, a couple of their throwing stars, and one of the cheap tomahawks. I honestly suck at throwing so these things got beat to hell but they held up well to the abuse. I eventually broke the handle on the tomahawk but they have reasonably priced replacements. I will caveat by saying that although I think they have quality products I got rid of every Cold Steel product I owner after interacting with their owner/spokesperson at SHOT a few years back. The guy was such an arrogant/pompous jerk that I wanted nothing to do with the company after that. They also had a video compilation playing at their booth of said spokesperson massacring deer and antelope with a rifle, not hunting, I mean mowing down whole herds. It was weird. I have owned a few SOG products that performed fairly well, but have never tried any of their throwing tools.
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    I am just down the road from Kingston Springs in White Bluff and also work in Nashville
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    I think you should make some knives out of those scooters they're fixing to ban
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    Well my seeds came in today. 4 business days from order to arrival is pretty good in my opinion. Seeds came in sealed, clear packaging so you can see what's in itand the seeds look to be in good shape. Hopefully these do well if I can get the soil right.
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    Mumbley Peg. I had an old boot knife that was great for this.
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    Up for sale is my Colt Pony. I was considering this for a little pocket carry gun but I think I am going to stay with my PM9. I am the second owner. Not sure of the rounds count but I have not shot it. $450
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    This is my first post outside of the classifieds and first pistol with an optic. It’s gonna take some getting used to, but so far I’m liking it.
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    Watch them.....they'll breed like rabbits!
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    The last paragraph says it pretty clearly. The same situation occurs in a .357 shooting .38’s. If you thoroughly clean your gun after shooting it isn’t an issue. If you don’t, it could be an issue; so, don’t do it. However… if I was spending $2-3K on a revolver I’d probably do whatever the manufacturer recommended. (That's not true; I would never shoot it and only show it off as a conversation piece.)
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    The leaders of the NRA have become as bad as the congress critters on capitol hill. Greedy and corrupt. I've long been tired of their "compromise" attitude. It seems the dogs in this fight have been neutered. Its high time for a major overhaul.
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    Squint real hard and you are back in 1977. Gretchen Wilson sounds just like Ann Wilson (nope, not related). And look who makes a guest appearance on guitar....
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    My elderly parents got mad because their Comcast bill jumped. I tried to explain to them that happens when your contract expires. My Dad called me and said he was calling Comcast and dropping his service and getting Dish. I ask if he had priced it; he had not. We checked it out and both Dish and AT&T were higher than Comcast. Yea, I couldn’t believe it either. What I found was that when you sign a contract with Comcast you lock in the rate for the length of the contract. That’s what I have always done and assumed that was standard with everyone. Not so with Dish, your contact starts with Promo pricing and then kicks in a bunch more several months later. Be careful. To me it’s like reloading… The last time my bill jumped I looked at the options six ways from Sunday and couldn’t get a better deal than Comcast. However…. I need high speed reliable internet, 200 channels, and the ability to take equipment into a local office and get new when it quits working properly. I am spoiled and have no desire to live off the grid. I’ve been a faithful Comcast customer for over 20 years, paying for all the options they have (around $200 a month recently). I recently retired and do you think they would give me a better rate? Of course not; they would rather use the discounts to get new customers instead of keeping the good ones they have. I had to drop the premium channels to reduce my bill. I also have a phone with them that I don’t need but dropping it would remove me from a “package deal” and cost as much or more. I hate Comcast; but don’t have any better options; at this time. I keep hoping though.
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    This is not pointed at you Dave, but this is what is wrong (well part of) with our country. Not holding the law breakers accountable for actions. I say through the book at the thief!!!
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    All I carry is a small Swiss Army knife, the extra small version, so why would I have any desire to have one of GT's knifes???? Cause they look damn good. LOL
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    I have several old saw blades... I might be able to keep GT in material for a while! Ill admit to a knife addiction and I get some satisfaction seeing GT's knives sold out before I see them for sale... It saves me from the temptation!
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    I finally read this last year. It was such a good read and recommend it to all.
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    Excellent condition Beretta PX4 Sub-Compact 9mm LE Model, Night Sights, includes Box all paperwork, backstraps, lock, 2 regular 13rd mags, 3 13rd snapgrip mags, 2 Black Hills Leather Custom RH Holsters, G&G leather double mag pouch. I carried this as a back-up weapon has had only 1 mag fired.. $550.00
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    This gun has an "NM" serial number if that matters to anyone. I've never looked at it side by side with other Springfield Arms guns but according to google, that's supposed to be a good thing.
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    It is! I’ve got to sell. Hopefully someone on here buys before I have to take it to the pawn shop and get ripped off
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    Both good reads. Deep on a different level.
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    Loves me some Puddles Pity Party! The original of this is my favorite, but this is a good rendition...
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    I've had one for about 2 years. I've not got anything that I pay extra for. Its all free stuff. If there is such a thing.
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    Or if you go to Mohu website it will show you which channels each model should get. http://www.gomohu.com/tv-for-free-front/?ref=home-product-slideshow
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    Going through the safe and seeing what I don't use much Winchester super grade 30-06 Got it last year and used it this year a couple times. About 80 rounds through it. I took it to the range and went up to 500 yards and back and then hunted. Comes with original box and papers Located in nashville $900 for rifle $1400 for package Steiner GS3 2-10x42 4a reticle. 30mm tube Leupold rings I have the box and papers for this too
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    Six months from now, a loader will appear for it. I know things. lol
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