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    1966 Pontiac GTO. Drove it through the high school years in Knoxville. Way too much for a 16 year old...had some close calls. Got the car in 1985... and I still have it in my garage.
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    Boy I feel old with what you guys had for first cars. My first car was a 1949 Crosley Station Wagon that I bought for $100 when I was 13. I spent the next 3 years rebuilding it mechanically. Had it tore down to just a frame on a pair of saw horses then cleaned and painted and assembled. Never got beyond a rattle can paint job for the body when it went on the road to drive the last of my high school years. Here is the hook, I still have it. Rebuild mechanical a second time in the 70s and it is on jack stands in my shop waiting for me to get to a third rebuild.
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    Hi all, Mine was a '67 VW that I later chopped to a Baja bug. Growing up in Tucson, having a desert crawler was a good thing. Ed
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    I do. It’s too bad that a thief got killed while trying to steal a cell phone from an innocent victim. That’s their fault for not understanding that you can’t shoot fleeing criminals. Most people know that. If you shoot someone and there is some question about the legality of it; you will be tried in either criminal or civil court, or both. You can find these kinds of stories all over the net. We hear all the time about how most HCP holders are so safe and living at the foot of the cross. That’s laughable. Should we pick out the cases where HCP holders committed murder and judge all HCP holders on those cases? Of course not, that ridiculous. We live around animals that will kill us and eat us. We live around thugs that will kill us for no other reason than to take our car. Disarming us is a crime. Don’t take this as me saying people don’t need to be trained; I am trained and I expect others to be. But that’s your responsibility.
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    For those with no experience with Border Collies, they aren't forget and leave at home all day dogs. The can be high maintenance and need exercise and training. That said, they are AWESOME pets. They are as smart as a 3-year-old and far more teachable than a teenage boy. This sweet girl will make someone a great companion.
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    It's interesting that you say that because my experience, and the experience of the majority I have spoken with on the subject is the opposite when it comes to older eyes and red dot optics. They tend to work better for us than iron sights do because there is a single plane of focus, especially for faster shooting with higher accuracy. I would suggest spending more time with it or, more importantly, more time with someone who could help guide you through acclimating to it. There are trainers who will gladly charge you for it but there are people like me out there who are just pretty good with it that are glad to help others provided it fits into our free time and availability. My problem is that I don't have much of those two things these days.
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    It’s amazing how contested something as simple as shotgun shell orientation can be. My take on it.
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    That 390 4bbl would flat out run, especially the Interceptor pkg. Remember it quite well.. My wife's first car was a Galaxy 500 that had a 428 HiPo engine in it. The engine was a beast and leaked oil like a sieve. I found it odd that they'd put an engine like that without some version of posi-traction differential. The car would absolutely roast the passenger side rear tire.
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    Just picked this up the other day, now rides in my truck.
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    Same old conversation. One cannot be for constitutional carry and assume one is suddenly trained anymore than assuming a ECP class makes one qualified to carry routinely. I have taught a couple thousand students, and there is a very small percentage I would be comfortable with being downrange. I think the class has some excellent legal information. Classes of a tactical nature are strongly recommended/necessary.My opinion doesn’t solve anything. But many of the posts contradict themselves.
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    Round Two, I'm leaving and can't take my privately firearms with me, so putting them out there instead of putting in storage. I have a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special in 45ACP in extremely good shape, comes with all you see. I have had this weapon for numerous years laying in the safe. The night sights date it to 2006 and the serial number is 03xxx along with having Les Baer's original Hillside, IL address on it. I am by No Means a Les Baer expert, but I know this is not the re-release 25th Anniversary model if that even matters any. I live North of Nashville but can and will meet within reason, I am willing to ship also for an additional $50 $1600 OBO cash only, I love to trade but I cant take my firearms where I'm moving to
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    I know who wears them in my house, and some times I want to get into them!
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    Henry Small Game Rifle in 22 WMR / 22 Magnum. Model H001TMRP. With Skinner peep sights. Large Loop with paracord wrap. In like new condition. Fired less than 50 rds. Comes in original box with manual. I'll even throw in a box of 50rds. $450 Clarksville
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    Have my brother-in-laws Dad's Colt in 38 super in my gun safe awaiting me to work up some loads for it. Have 500 pcs of Starline brass, need to get her done. Nice nickel Colt, will be passed on to me when brother-in-law passes, no body on his side of family wanted it. Sad for them.
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    Get ya one of the gas plugs. Better yet, just get TWO so you'll have one for your next one. Thats what I did and wouldn't do a thing different. http://www.garandgear.com/ported-gas-plug.html
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    Selling my CZC Custom 75 BULL SHADOW 9MM OPTIC READY 9mm. I am asking $1375.00 FTF sales or $1450.00 shipped to your FFL. "Price is Firm" I have a total of 414 rounds through the gun and it is in excellent condition. Thanks for looking. The Gun Comes With: CZ Custom trigger job with Competition hammer, Short Reset, Short Reach DA 85C trigger without overtravel screw. Two Factory Magazines Two CZ 75 Mec-Gar Base Pads Take Down Tool Cajun Gun Works 11.5 lb Hammer Spring Installed (stock available) For payment I prefer USPS Money Order, Bank Certified Check. "No Paypal" For FTF sale the purchaser must be a resident of the State of Tennessee, Must have a TN HCP, Must Fillout & Sign Bill of Sale.
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    Welcome, that's a heck of a commute you have there.
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    In the late 80s I worked for Terminix in the Memphis area for 9 months. I never saw insulation under any house. I laid out a lot of vapor barrier under houses. It was 6 mil plastic, 4 ft x 200 ft rolls, 4 rolls per case. Let it lap over 6" and use nails to staple it together. I did my sisters house and she said she could feel the difference during the winter. My second wife wanted to spend our honey moon in Nashville. While there we visited a college friend. They were working on the crawl space. It was tall enough to stand in about a 3rd of the house. They had dug out to level the floor, trenched for water flow to the sump pumps. Laid down vapor barrier and covered it with crushed limestone. First time seeing insulation in the floor joist.,It was installed the right way. After wiring in lighting he wanted to staple insulation to the joist the wrong way and cover the joist. I talked him out of it. A couple of months later I passed a construction site where a large, tall metal building was on the way up. There was a large pile of 2" x 28" x 40" sheets of Styrofoam used in packing of the metal siding for shipping. I packed my truck with all I could carry. I read about it on the internet that night. It will breath were paper will not. It was carried to Nashville our last trip there. They cut the foam so it fit between the joist tight and painted the bottoms of the joist. The picture I was sent looked great.
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    "Just south of Frankin" would be Charlie Haffner's range on Owl Hollow Road and I'm guessing that is the one you didn't care for, for some reason. That's a shame for Charlie, but good for me because I hate crowded ranges. Other than that, you've listed what is available.
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    The White Settlement, Texas Church of Christ shooting was approximately 6 seconds in duration from start to finish. These types of scenarios have historically been ended as soon as the good guys with guns responded. Your team's response needs to be about speed and decisive, overwhelming action. That's why we carry a handgun. It's right there with us. Sending someone to acquire a carbine is going to temporarily reduce the size of your responding force and lengthen the amount of time it takes for them to respond. As for the question about engaging a violent actor from a distance: If possible you want enough team members spread throughout your facility at the entrances so that you don't have enormous gaps in coverage that make a 25-yard shot necessary. If you can, lock the doors that can't be manned. For everything else, God gave us two legs and a heartbeat, so we use those things to run toward the threat and engage from a closer distance. I wouldn't want to have to take a 25-yard shot through or over the top of a crowd of panicked people and am doubly sure I wouldn't want to have to deal with the legal "what if" quagmire that would arise from not being able to clearly determine friend or foe and the nature of the threat at that distance. With that being said, is there utility in carbine use for CQ scenarios? Yes. Multiple points of contact onto your weapons system makes for a much more stable platform, and I'll take 30 rounds of faster-moving, more precise munitions any day. If you can figure out a way to have a team member or two discretely toting an AR style weapon on their person, it might make sense to have in a pretty nightmarish scenario. An AR "pistol" or SBR with a dot sight, bright weapon light, and collapsible brace/stock (think Law Tactical Folder mechanism) in a very nondescript backpack would be an easy way to bring something substantial to a room-clearing or a hostage situation until the police arrive. My requirement of a safety team with these in use would be that they were manned at all times. Not locked in closets or safes, and never left unattended for even so much as a potty break. The method of carrying them discretely would have to be such that it is comfortable and non-fatiguing, and extremely discrete. It also couldn't be their primary weapon. That still needs to be a handgun, for fast access.
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    I am betting there have been some really great cars that ran thru our hands. 1965 Buick Wildcat. Nailhead 401 Bought for $400 from a little old lady my mom knew. Fun, but dangerous in the hands of a teenager. Use to tick my brother off to no end it was faster than his 73 Roadrunner. Had a real problem with right rear wheel tire wear though.
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    That 390 4bbl would flat out run, especially the Interceptor pkg. Remember it quite well..
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    From my insurance agent: "Remember if you loan the kids the vehicle insurance follows the vehicle so your autos are covered but we do need to get them added somewhere if they have regular access to the autos"
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    Is there a vapor barrier (plastic sheeting) on the ground in the crawl space? Is the fiberglass insulation faced with the backing toward the floor (up)? Any wet spots under the house or drainage issues around the house?
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    My wife has owned guns for years but never touches them unless I put my boots on. If she wants to carry, I'm ok with that. Practice, practice, get your enhanced version then, practice, practice, practice. Did I say practice? I've set up various drills and targets in my home so we can both stay sharp but she never practices. No practice, no ccw... Don't need her in panic mode and giving me a new butt hole nor not knowing when to draw in public and understand the rules of engagement..
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    Then all you have to do is read the law. Here it is... This is not an opinion. A lot of time is spent on this. As far as we know, no one has been charged with it. If the Police become involved they usually (from what we have seen) give the person a trespass warning. But that is not required. How the gun became an issue is probably more telling than the fact of mere possession if a citation was issued. This is a fine only offense; it's $500. Some folks believe that because this is a misdemeanor offense; you could lose your HCP over this. I’m not one of those folks, but anything is possible, depending on how you handle it. This “New” sign law merely makes it clear to those having problems with the “old” sign law that they can’t carry if property is posted. It makes it clear to the property owner the specifics of what the sign must have on it. But those are just my opinions.
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    My whole issue to this is just that there is no need for this new permit class. One permit structure is just fine. If one wants a permit then just save the money to get the HCP. As long as we are required by the state to obtain a permit to carry then proper marksmanship and common sense should apply. As others have said, some states won't recognize the new permit. What good is that if that permit is not recognized? I would love for constitutional carry to be the norm but I don't have faith that it will ever happen. In the mean time at least prove you can hit your target and understand the laws. Easier said than done in a life or death scenario. Could I do it? I hope so or I'll be in a world of s#&t. One thing I learned is that every bullet that leaves your gun has a lawyer attached to it. That and showing that you understand the basic concept of deadly force in self defense can mean the difference between going home or going to jail possibly. I dunno what the new course teaches but I doubt it matches what I learned in my HCP class back when I took it. I learned just enough to be dangerous. Practical tactical courses should be next. I want to take some but the money thing keeps me from doing at the moment..
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    They didn’t want my business before so I don’t feel the need to give it to them now. Plenty of places to buy things they have.
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    I’m George, currently retired, and living in Venice Florida. I’m also a Navy veteran. I’ve been a handloader for just 51 years, and wish I had started earlier. These days my main interest is in antique Infantry Rifles, both bolt action and single shot, USA and Foreign. After 16 years in Florida, I’m taking steps to move to Tennessee, possibly the Cookeville / Crossville area. Hopefully, by Summer. While Crossville has a well known range, Cookeville seems to lack one. Maybe, I’m wrong. I’m glad to be aboard, and hope to be a active and contributing member. George
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    Mine seems better than at first - I have been using Remington Thunderbolt entirely lately because bought 1500 rounds at just under $11 per 500 rounds (less than $0.022 per round). I still get a Fail To Fire occasionally - last time out had no failures. I did change the Recoil Spring *used the extra one they sent with it). Thunderbolt is supposedly 1235 FPS (obvious you occasionally here a weak round - it's cheap, but not the best). I treat it as just another gun to play with. Accuracy depends on the shooter and I am not an expert. last time with the Firefly at 21 feet, using a chair to sit on and hands / arms actually / rested on the shelf at the range I shot 20 rounds (2 inch diameter group that was 2 inches low). Blame the Low on not figured out exactly where to set the front sight with the rear sight - spread is Me (ability), Thunderbolt AMMO, Harder Trigger Pull. I do a little better with the SW22 Victory (which has modifications of 2 lb trigger pull, better sight picture, longer barrel, and is more of a quality Target Type Pistol). I shot 30 rounds today (15 each at two targets) at 21 feet at rest (same as when used the Firefly). I was pretty tight in a 2 inch diameter Splatter Burst Target (maybe say 1 1/2 inch group including I was raising the rear sight a bit as went along cause started out shooting low within the the 2 inch target). Just saying, the GSG Firefly is what it is (not as good as the GSG 1911, but nearly). GSG 1911 is easier to shoot (better trigger for one). I would like to post pictures of both -- can't get pictures into this web site. GROAN
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    Who’s wearing the pants in this outfit?
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    My Dad had a 69 Super Beetle when I was a kid. I think first car I remember. Mom had a 74 Beetle
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    1969 VW. It was a great car.
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    Thanks folks. Signed up as a lifetime member today.
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    James Madison Tactical AR-15/.308 Drop in single stage trigger for sale. New in unopened package. Not interested in trades $75 OBO Nashville
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    If a person is unwilling to help out even in some small way they have no business complaining when politicians pull their crap- My son is coworkers with an older fella that piss and moans about all the anti-gun politicians and the stuff they try to enact-but when he was asked if he does anything about it the answer is no. Do you vote-Naw they don't listen anyways. Do you belong to any groups like the NRA or GOA-Naw they only want my money. Do you at least write or call your Representatives-Naw what good what that do. So I say to this fella-SHUT UP-you have no complaint if your unwilling to help.
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    Wasn’t trying to overstep. Sorry.
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    Shared on Facebook as well
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    I'd say current manufacturing CAN BE better than ever. But if we seek to keep costs as low as possible in order to maximize profit margin, we're still perfectly capable of turning out some real turds.
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    I work in Va and I find this appalling that the leadership of Va is encroaching on the freedoms of the people. I want to start a movement in Warren county to be a 2A sanctuary county. We dont have a threat immediately but seeing how it is going in our neighboring states we have to stand up and preemptively secure our rights. We must get out and make sure ALL OF OUR NEIGHBORS VOTE!
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    I also have a Venom on my Canik like the one above. As far as zero, it's been good. I did go through a couple batteries in about a month at first. Not sure if it was turning off like it was supposed to, but I'm on the 3rd battery and it's been OK so far. As a pistol optic I'm not a huge fan of it. The window is rather squashed down and I like to have a little more field of view than it offers. Now that they have things like the shake-awake solar Holosun, I wouldn't buy another Venom unless it was dirt cheap, and then use it only on a competition pistol, or a rifle. If you intend to use it for self-defense on a pistol, you definitely want something always-on like the RMR or at least shake-awake like other models offer.
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    Really can’t imagine shooting +P in my LCP. It’s not fun to shoot with regular .380.
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    If shouldering a brace was illegal, there would be a whole bunch of folks on YouTube in jail.
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    I moved here (I live in Jefferson City) from Massachusetts in September. Not a lark, my wife and I spent a year and a half choosing where to go, eastern Tennessee was the choice for MANY reasons. We're glad we're here, we're not going anywhere. I told her "when I die, have me cremated and sprinkled on the hill in back." Anyway... I know people personally that now live in Virginia. One of them has been going to "Lobby Day" for years. She's active politically and articulate, and when she tells me they're concerned about what will happen when the legislators come back I believe her. Libs WILL create laws and enforce them as they see fit, regardless of constitutionality. It takes YEARS to get a case to SCOTUS, even assuming they decide to hear it. In MA the federal assault weapon ban never sunsetted, MA copies and pasted it and made it state law. For years we just lived with it. Then on 7/20/16 our (theirs now!) Attorney General "reinterpreted the law and decided that "copies" or "substantially similar" firearms were not to be sold or possessed and were felonies. Those in possession were essentially "felons in waiting". Gun shops statewide stopped selling them. Private sales became expensive, a "pre 7/20 ban" AR essentially sold at a premium. There were no prosecutions, but it became increasingly difficult to buy a rifle. Many vendors won't ship ANYTHING to MA. Hats, tshirts, nada. Forget about complete or even 80% lowers. Some companies won't ship SPRINGS. So it happens, burying your head in the sand almost guarantees it will. Once the law is in place fighting it becomes harder and more expensive. This #### needs to be stopped BEFORE it happens, not "fixed" later. Who would have thought 20 years ago we'd be arguing about bathrooms and wedding cakes? We are now. You think that the landscape will be recognizable 20 years from now? Lol. Go watch "Idiocracy". Virginia is the canary in the coal mine.
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    How do you plan to sneak this past customs? From what I know about Australia, this would put you under the jail.
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    You know, I first read that as you trying to avoid going on the date. I thought, "Man! Poor young @Raoul really shoulda done a better job picking them!" Then I realized you were taking about prolonging the date...
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    I know it's not you Dave-sorry if I wasn't clear-I meant in general that's how a lot of guys think. I myself have experienced that same attitude from people I have talked with-when I worked at Range USA we actually had a couple of guys there with that same attitude-someone else can fix it-why should I.
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