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    The NRA deserves our support. As a matter of fact, if they fail, we don't have a chance. You will never agree with all of their moves and stances. Heck, I never agree with myself a 100% of the time.
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    I echo WFM. IMO, SnS you do more to hurt 'the cause' than to promote the firearms agenda. If you want to OC in public places, your business, but still creates a negative response by most. On private property, it is the owners prerogative. Now you have possibly caused a business to be posted rather than going quietly on your way. The effect now if posted, those who CC will be in violation of the law, whether charged or not. In more ways than one, who have created a win for the other side.
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    I wasn't planning on picking up a new gun "BUT" Walther just came out with the new Walther PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame. I sold my polymer PPQ and picked up the new steel frame. It has been a long time since I really got excited about a new gun but I really like this gun. It is a heavy gun at 2lbs 10oz with an empty magazine so it will be legal for SSP/ESP division in IDPA. My main purpose for the gun is to shoot Carry Optics division and the weight limit is 45oz with an optic. The optic I will use will be the C-more RTS2 6 MOA. The gun does come with three mounting plates, not for the C-more. Had to purchase one from C-more. The grip is a little bit more aggressive than the polymer gun and I am very happy with that. I hope to get out to the range soon and when I do I will do a range report.
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    If you didn't have any changes in dependent status? That seems way too high for a refund. Makes me wonder if your employer adjusted how much was withheld after tax reform was passed. I remember my first paycheck was a copy of 2017 from income tax withholding, but once the systems were updated with the new tax changes, I saw the surplus hitting my paychecks. My *all things money* spreadsheet shows I'll get refund of less than $100. After I tally up investment dividends and capital gains, I'll end up owing. That's the way I like it, not giving the government an interest free loan.
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    Just one more reason why I carry concealed everywhere I go.
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    He didn't need to outrun the dog....he only needed to outrun her. I get sick of people telling me police officers are the only ones who should have guns.
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    I've been a member of the NRA for close to 40 years and will continue to be one until the day I die. They are the "big boys" on 2nd Amendment rights and likely always will be. However, I'm not at all happy with the current state of the NRA. They have become too tied up in the political game and they actually want to play it. The 2nd is NOT negotiable and never will be. Political games be damned, fight to win!
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    The democrats completely abandoned the 2nd amendment and most of the Constitution back in the 70's and 80's, so the NRA went with the party that mostly supported the Constitution, Being as we have only two major parties they really had little choice.
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    That will be the downfall of the 2A, too many gun owners willing to give away their rights piece by piece. Whether you agree or not with a piece of legislation, ban of certain products, or if you will not be personally affected by it, if it's anti-2A you need to fight it. There is no room for those that want to work for "sensible" gun laws in our ranks. Laws only affect the law abiding, period. Criminals will be able to commit their crimes no matter what laws they break because they are criminals. Laws should be aimed at those who break them, mandatory sentencing, no mental health waivers for those using firearms to commit crimes.
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    Yes actually, if you are Oliver and feel that strongly about it then you should. Oliver has more at stake than young, single people.
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    Are they boxer or berdan primed? Originally the CCI Blazer was berdan primed to prevent reloading but I have not purchased any in awhile so I don't know about current manufacture. A quick search turned up something on Brian Enos's forum about the subject from a few years ago. Click Here for Link
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    All three are the same blade blank but by changing configurations and handle materials you get very different results. Things that are the same.... Blade length of 5 1/2" made from 3/16" thick 1095 carbon steel Hammer forged appearance Black oxide finish Come with combo kydex/leather sheath shown #1 Hidden tang with Sweet Gum handle with Padauk and G10 accents. Hammer forged finger guard made from same material as blade. SS pin and lanyard tube. #2 Hidden tang with Texas Mesquite handle and G10 accents. Hammer forged accent made from same material as blade. SS pin and lanyard tube. #3 This is a full tang knife with file work on the spine, Birds Eye Maple handles with Purple Heart and G10 accents as well as liners. It has mosaic pines and brass lanyard tube. Buy a single knife for $125 shipped Buy both for $235 shipped Thanks for lookin'!!!
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    For 2019, Ruger has decided to cease production of the SR family of striker fired pistols. Personally, I think they made a big mistake. I guess they wanted to push the American but I think the SR would have done better if they released it in a "pro" model without the safety.
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    I laughed when I read the survey. Do you carry a gun in your car? If so, is it loaded? If so, is it locked? Do you wear a Fitbit... etc. I suggest a follow-up question. 5. If you don't carry in your car loaded and unlocked, does your Fitbit, Nike Sports Watch, or Apple Watch indicate that you can run faster than 1,000 feet per second?
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    To get the 10 bucks u have to fill out the form.... I’m not giving em anything except hell. When kids need school books and pens and pencils because the school has no money, but they’ll spend it on this crap they deserve pure hell.
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    Amazing to me that people who are authorized by the government to carry firearms in the performance of their duties are bound by less stringent rules and regulations regarding the use of them.... A/D hell....
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    I didn't want the NRA to endorse a democratic candidate, so try not to construe such intent from my words. Bernie might have been the only palatable option, but that was before he had to tack all positions left, not just his economic theme. Once he crossed that Rubicon, he didn't deserve any endorsement. What I do want, is for the RKBA organizations to not tie themselves to a single party. When they do that, they run the risk of becoming effectively complacent as the politicians they stuck themselves with by default. Republicans have zero incentive to actually do anything on guns, because they know for a single issue voter on the topic, their lack of action is better than the Democrats want of action in the wrong direction...so nothing actually gets better, we just become falsely satisfied with "it could have been worse." Seriously, we had two years of express lane open for whatever could have been passed, with the presumption that a pro-gun court is in place for about a generation, but all we got was agency level work to take away bump stocks. That's like having a savings account with 0.25% interest when inflation is running 3%.
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    Swoop and buy. 22M is my cousin, good guy.
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    They used to have some really cool looking mini 14s.
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    Don't believe the aluminum has the ability to expand and contract, like brass does with the violent explosion during firing, as cheap as 9mm brass is I would not spend time reloading it. Just my personal opinion. Aluminum is not very elastic.
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    Have manufacturers stopped selling guns that hold more than ten rounds?
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    Saw this posted by someone somewhere else. Has a few TN kids in the pics. Positive article https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/03/26/the-gun-owners-of-the-parkland-generation
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    They are currently going for some pretty steep prices on Gunbroker Red. Pretty steep...
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    Those magazines used to be worth quite a bit. I haven't looked in a long time. CA, NJ, MA, etc have passed so many things about 10 round or less who really knows. I definitely would have to look at the laws. I personally wouldn't ship to a few states. At this stage in my life I don't need the worry.
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