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    Ok, enough of this serious talk. Time to get back to the fun stuff.
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    I bought the following grip for my Sig P365XL - https://talongungrips.com/gun-grips/pistol-grips/sig-sauer/p365xl/ - but in the meantime found out that Hogue came out with their Beavertail grip which I like better. Thus I have no need for the Talon grip. Rather than try to sell it, I will GIVE it to the first person who replies to me with A PICTURE OF YOUR P365XL! Since this is a free gift I want to ensure it goes to someone who actually owns a P365XL. I will ask the winner to PM me their address and I will mail it to you. Good luck!
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    The very first brand new rifle I bought when I turned 18 in 1977 was a M1A. SN 006022. It was a nice rifle but accuracy was out the window once the barrel got warm. Nation Matching the bedding points is some what of a fix but not an easy job and takes on wear with cleaning take downs. I sold it when Springfield started selling SAR48's and that rifle is the nut. After tuning it up to my liking, I at one time fired 10 rounds in 5/8ths" group @ 100yds. Hand weighed & prepped cases with W748 behind Sierra 168g BTHP Match kings. Typically the AR's will out shoot a FAL but the history, parts and field reliability loom large in the FAL's corner. The HK is a decent rifle but they are far more rough on the brass with their fluted chamber walls and the sheet metal stamping of a receiver is a huge negative compared to the sleek FAL's milled bolt guides. AK 308's are built AK reliable but what you inadvertently get with that is an over gassed weapon with a high piston over barrel bore that inherently creates way more barrel whip that the close to bore piston of the FAL. Speaking as a trained Gunsmith, a properly built FAL is the best bang for the buck in SHTF hardware. In that scenario, adjustable gas launches it past the more accurate AR guns. The M1A is simply out dated with its multi point bedding system compared to FAL barrel harmonic geometry. I like the M1A but I love the FAL design. So much so.... I hang FAL lowers on more than just their uppers! Best buy right here...DSA w/ life time warranty
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    "The Shellbark Hickory Tree is similar to the Shagbark hickory tree in its bark, though it is not as shaggy. This hickory features larger sized nuts than other types, and can generally be found in wet, fertile bottomland areas. Shellbark is a less common variety compared to such varieties as the Shagbark and Bitternut, however it is no less worthy to be planted, and it's wood is used in many of the same ways"
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    Thank you to all of our veterans. Thank you for your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your family, for keeping this great nation Free. We know it did not come without a price. We Salute you!!
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    Thanks, same to you. USS Ponce LPD-15 USS Holland AS-32 183d Tactical Fighter Group
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    This is my Gerber PARAFRAME MINI. I call it my “Illinois knife” because I can’t carry an auto knife when I go there; so I carry this. I saw it in Rural King on sale for like $10 a few years ago. I was pretty sharp when I got it, and still is. It’s been a good knife. https://www.gerbergear.com/en-us/shop/knives/all-knives/paraframe-mini-stainless-plain-edge-22-08485 This is my Protech Magic BR-1 "Whiskers" Automatic Knife that I carry when I am here. http://www.protechknives.com/product/br-1-7/ I think it was about $180 when I got it.
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    I will be out as well. Probably won’t be at the big farm but may hunt my small property. Have to go to a wedding tomorrow afternoon. Good luck to everyone who’s going out. Please wear a harness up in those stands y’all.
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    I’ll be out. Good luck and be safe gents!
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    I’d love to see how that setup is done
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    While I am confident in my reading of the law, I would suggest to the OP that he contact the HCP office in Nashville for a final answer.
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    I’m pretty sure the validity of the lifetime HCP is dependent upon residency in the state of TN. If you become a resident of another state, then your permit is no longer valid.
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    I don't know about the east end of the state, but there ain't been any rabbits here in the west end for at least 15 years now. Not since the damned coyotes moved in.
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    I'm selling my Glock 21 SF Gen 3 in .45ACP. Manufacture date is 2016 with a serial prefix of BCKS. This is the SF (short frame) that has an easier trigger reach than the standard 21. Its like new. I put 25 rounds through it for a function test. It has the box , 2 13 rd magazines , cleaning tools and manual. Been sitting in the safe since. I am asking $475 . I can meet a member to buy it in the Nashville , Springfield , Clarksville area and some West Tn areas too. Thanks for looking .
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    Location is East Nashville. I do head down to Spring Hill to shoot every now and again on weekends. Selling a TacSol X-Ring. Bought on a whim. Shot once to zero indoors. Haven’t shot again. It has a Weaver 2.5-7 (I think) scope on it. Threaded barrel. Rubber Hogue stock (factory). Haven’t done anything to it but attach a scope. I actually don’t even know how to take it apart. Any wear would be from the safe, but it’s buried in the back and I “found” it again over the weekend. I have the original box and bag and AROUND (10) 10 round factory mags with it. Will take better pictures tonight and firm up the number of mags and scope type. Trade wants: 2MOA Aimpoint Micro, 9MM ammo, M&P 22LR AR. Asking $700.
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    I guess, I'm the old Geezer here. I carry a SAK and a big ole Grand Daddy Barlow. And if I’m not carrying the Barlow, It's a large Case Sodbuster. I got tactical folders, but don't every carry them. I like the look and feel of an old slip joint.
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    Well Greg that makes 2 of us. Sort of like cell phones, if it wasn't for my wife I wouldn't have one. Where we live it doesn't work much of the time. Yea I have heard of other you kids killing big deer and elk, kind of beginners luck I guess.
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    Hi all, how many of you are going muzzle loading hunting tomorrow? I actually have about quit hunting, tell my friends I don't hate them as much as I once did. I didn't actually hate them btw. Went scouting on Monday and found some fresh rubs and fresh doe scat, so I figure that is a good place to park my butt in the a.m. Good luck and be safe for all that are going to the woods.
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    May have found one. Update: just got one from a member.
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    Winchester's Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-30 Rifle and Carbine. These did not sell as a set, at least not to my knowledge, but I am selling them this way because they have consecutive serial numbers. The rifle features a 26" octagon barrel and the carbine a 20" octagon barrel. I do NOT have boxes, papers, etc for either gun I personally believe they've never been fired but since I am not the original owner I will only say they've seen very VERY little use. $1600 Not really looking for trades FTF in east tn but other arrangements can be made
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    Brand new in the box never used/mounted. This is the newest generation post 90k serial number. Trijicon MRO 2 MOA (No Mount) Price: $329 Shipped/Insured Can meet FTF in Cleveland for a few dollars less if you are near. Payment: PayPal + Fees or Gifted Will ship within 48hrs
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    One of the best out there. LOVE mine. Surprised it's still here.
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    Sold pending meet Thursday 11/07. Thanks TGO'ers! Sam
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    I've seen a few of those large ones, some time ago. One was down on Long Creek, I think, another was on a little island in Rocky Creek off Cumberland river in Wilson Co. The hulls were thicker than norm.. Have no idea how to locate them now ( & I've tried ), LOL.
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    " It measures 1.20" in diameter at the nut, tapers to 0.750" at the gas block where it flows to its minimum diameter of 0.60" until it flares slightly to accommodate an elongated, 3.48" flash hider developed by Smith. " https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2014/10/28/upgunned-smith-wesson-mp10/
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    It will have more soon. It is how I prep for the few things (gifts mostly) that I am looking to buy
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    By the way, the Black Friday Ads website is pretty cool. It has sneak peeks of quite a few Black Friday ads. https://www.bfads.net/
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    The FAL is a beast...and I mean that as a compliment, not a pejorative. If I ever felt the 7.62x51 itch, that's where my money would go.
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    The 1911 is an addiction. After the first purchase, there is no cure.
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    Soooooo...I happened to be posted up at the Love’s across the street from The Outpost Armory tonight. I wandered over there to see if they had one so I could get my hands on it and see what it felt like. I shouldn’t have done that. I went and I did a thing.
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    That's all the encouragement I needed. Thanks
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    That gun should last a dozen lifetimes...definitely a good excuse for a Galco Miami Vice Shoulder Holster Rig as heavy as it is.
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    There are all gone men. Thanks for lookin'!!!
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    Yeah, sorry man! I feel bad for how I've dealt with this, regardless of personal things going on, send me an address and I'll send them by Saturday. I'll just give them to you ... and cover the shipping.
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    I also recommend starting with a .22. Get the fundamentals down first without recoil causing any bad habits. Cheap to practice with, can be used for self defense if necessary, and just plain fun.
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    Tried these? https://fedarm.com/product/primers-boxer-leadfree-lp/
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    That is a beautiful set you have there! My dad gave me the rifle version several years ago. I think he shot it once or twice. GLWS!
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    Come on Dave, you are smarter than that. Don't try to bring logical thought into dealings with the Govt.
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    I swear on a jury trial I could beat every single one of yall in court. I say again, the only time residency is mentioned is while applying. And even that has an exception listed.
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    Needed some meat for the freezer so I decided to shoot a nice young buck that walked by this morning. After a thorough search and not finding any blood I guess I missed him.
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    I don't need to walk around, my fingers usually do the trick!
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    Ha! Hellcat on the gun doesn’t bother me, but any car with Dodge on it gets a hard no.
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