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    Not much else of any public significance right now. My company made some internal adjustments this week to keep people employed and on the front lines fighting this virus and helping save people's lives. Our CEO is giving up 100% of his salary for the next few months and the leadership team that reports to him are giving up hefty portions of their salaries. The rest of us that aren't on the front lines are going to give up between 10-20% of ours for the next few months time to contribute to the war chest to buy PPE and pay wages. My wife and oldest daughter are both nurses, and my daughter is pregnant with her first child. My first grandchild. I can't imagine asking them to go do their jobs and risk their health (and the health of my daughter's baby) for me to sit back and not make some sacrifices as well. Especially if mine means they get paid, get N95 masks, face shields, nitrile gloves, etc. and the patients they're caring for get the care they need. We may yet experience what the Greatest Generation did when they gave up personal property so that the war effort could have the raw materials (rubber, copper, brass, etc.) it needed for victory. For now, me losing some pay but staying employed so that a war of a different type can be fought seems pale in comparison. I have no complaints. I feel terribly for those who aren't as lucky right now and are either sick, know someone close who is, have lost someone, or have lost their job. There but by the grace of God, go I. This may mean little to some of you, but I'm praying for all of you daily now.
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    Good post, I’ll add that a person’s perspective is formed by the industry they are in. This area and Huntsville are big in aerospace production, automotive, and large stamping. I most recently worked in a company that specialized in large 5 axis machining for airplane manufacturers. There was no work from home jobs really. Sure, in a perfect world, programmers could possibly do their jobs from home, but this isn’t a perfect world, and when parts are created with their programs that don’t pass quality; they often need to inspect the set-up on the shop floor and interface with the operators and set-up people to see what’s wrong, and how to fix it. In machining, working from home is not the answer. Everyone wants a job at a desk. So, they go to College and get a degree. Then they find out their jobs are a dime a dozen and those guys on the shop floor that can both run and program a CNC machine making aircraft, automotive, medical, or gun parts; makes more than them, without a degree. Our company could hire CAD operators and Engineers all day long at low wages for entry level positions but trying to hire machinists is much harder. Kids need to know that everyone isn’t cut out for college. And they don’t need to be saddled with a bunch of student debt for a degree that they don’t need to make very good money. Machinists, Toolmakers, Mold Makers, Electricians, Welders, Electronics techs and repair Techs (along with many others) are all jobs where you can make very good money and don’t need a degree to do it. Problem is, you don’t make that kind of money to start, you have to prove yourself, everyone is not treated equal, and you must be willing to move to where the work is that will bring the kind of money you want.
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    One of 3M’s biggest factories is in China and China is claiming their mask production for themselves. Even Geraldo is pissed. We really, really need to figure out a way to get large-scale manufacturing of even the most mundane, taken for granted goods back into this country.
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    Think what you will of Memphis but this kind of thing is why I will never be ashamed to be from there: https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/07/us/coronavirus-memphis-n95-mask-repair-trnd/index.html
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    My wife and I were raised country folks. We have seen virtually no difference in our lives except we'd usually be going to high school baseball games about 4 nights a week. I suppose we were prepared? Living out in the sticks means going to the store is more of an inconvenience than if you live in a city, so we've always had a well stocked pantry and freezers, as well as full gas tanks.
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    Hi all, I’m new to gun ownership, having bought my first 9mm last month. My older kids also pitched in and bought me a shotgun for home defense. I’ve been able to practice with the 9mm a few times, but have still not tried the shotgun. I look forward to learning more about guns in general and also in getting my conceal carry permit in the near future.
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    Hate to be “that guy” if this doesn’t apply to you, I’m sure it will to someone else...are you out of debt? Do you have 3-6 months worth of expensives saved up in an emergency fund? For most of us, these things should take priority over a new firearm purchase. If you are in good shape then awesome! Buy night vision!
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    The PCR name stands for Police Czech Republic the group for whom the model was originally designed. Nearly identical in size to the CZ 75 Compact it weighs in at a full 1/4 pound lighter owing to its forged aluminum frame making it more comfortable for everyday carry. Equipped with a decocking lever the PCR is designed to be decocked before holstering. After decocking the trigger safety is much like that of a double action revolver. While there is no need to flip a safety lever off the relatively longer and heavier trigger pull for the first round requires the conscious decision to pull the trigger before firing. Other additions to the PCR include rubber grip panels serrated front and back straps for improved handling and a loaded chamber indicator. This pistol comes with custom grips, two 14-round magazines and the price is $660.00 FIRM
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    For sale is a classic 1958 Ruger Mark1, semi-automatic pistol chambered in 22 long rifle. This pistol is in excellent condition, functions perfectly and is very, very accurate for a 62-year old firearm. It comes with three magazines and is priced to sell at $399. FIRM
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    This is why I take certain risks with what I keep on my truck.
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    Rant on.... I'm pissed about the government trampling our rights into dust by deciding who is essential and who isn't. They are destroying businesses, lives and so on. When crap likes this happens the government seldom if ever returns your rights as I see it. That being said I'm disgusted by Americans that don't appear to have an ounce of common sense when it pertains to personal behavior. If people would do their job for example and not an bit more instead of doing stuff half -assed just think how wonderful the world could be. People that have the "entitled" view of everything get on my last nerve. In reality one is entitled to very little but Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is among them. The government in these trying times should provide us with the best information on protective equipment, facts about how it spreads/transmitted and so on. We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights to guide us but with society the way it is people are either stupid or lazy and seem to need government to make even the simplest of decisions for them. It's why half the people in the country think socialism is this wonderful damn thing. Yes I'm old and yes I think personal responsibility for the most part is a thing of the past as I look at today's society. I am for now entitled to an opinion and apologize if I've offended anyone....well not really. Rant off...
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    CZ 75 B Compact – All Steel Photos edited 4/6/20 to provide better appearance FOR SALE - $1,050 (no trades) - price firm * Completely customized by Cajun Gun Works with “CGW” engraved on the frame * 10x Barrel Bushing for increased accuracy * Defensive Carry Package (SA measured at 3.25 lbs.) * TPU57CZ07 Fully Adjustable Rear Sight w/ Fiber Optic Front * LOK G-10 Palm Swell + Black Aluminum Grips. Pistol ergonomics are superb. Fits my hand like a glove * NOTE: The G10 grips are a combination color of black and cherry red. The photos appear to be black and an orange-ish color. * Stainless Steel Guide Rod * Five (5) mags Six (6) Mags found one more * Hard Chromed Barrel * This is not the aluminum alloy frame found on the PCR. This is the all steel version with a weight of 32.8 oz. Less than 500 rounds fired – Purchased in August 2019 – in excellent condition. This is an excellent deal on a quality pistol that shoots like a dream. Just money issues have led me to sell my beautiful CZ. Acceptable forms of payment include cash (if sold locally), bank certified check, or USPS money order. Prefer to sell to buyer local to Lebanon, TN. If asked to ship, buyer pays $35 shipping charges and it will ship to an FFL dealer. Local buyers must be age 21 or older and present a valid TN, or valid TN Carry Permit. For prompt responses, Email: tnman207@gmail.com for quickest reply.
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    Agreed, most businesses will require most people to return to work to resume anywhere close to normal. That requires special safety precautions and equipment that we are being told is not available right now. But it is being worked on. Our economy crashing would be worse than this virus. Sorry, that’s just what I believe. We can’t shut our economy down for weeks or months. I think most are coming to the same conclusion.
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    I'm not a huge Trump defender, and I realize his mouth often overruns his brain. That being said, right now we're at approx 8,500 deaths in the USA. If at the end of the year we have 10x that number, then its the equivalent to the amount of deaths in a very bad Flu year. No one is comparing the actual coronavirus illness to the Flu, they are comparing the death toll to the annual Flu death toll, which is a reasonable thing to do. All these people saying, "there he goes comparing it to the common flu again" are missing the point of the comparison. You say we missed 5-6 weeks to prepare. Do you know how the federal government was preparing during that 5-6 weeks? Would you have had us shut down the nation's economy 5-6 weeks sooner? Personally, i am a HUGE fan of the way Trump has left this to the States to handle it. I'm also a huge fan of the lack of mandatory testing. Tests dont cure anything. If you're sick, then self quarantine. If we give up our States rights and individual liberties for this pandemic, then the next pandemic will be right around the corner and will lead to even more erosion of individual liberties. And yes, I'm keeping my family "safe at home" and doing my part. I'm also going to work every day and not watching cable news, twitter, and the internet all day. So perhaps my fear and rage is kept in check by keeping my distance from every little trickle of news. Many people are so bent on blaming someone, be it Trump or Governor Lee. I'll be voting to re-elect both and I'd be willing to bet that both are re-elected.
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    I know where you live. I don't mind to drop some stuff off at your door step if you don't want to leave. I'll be living closer to you in a few weeks.
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    While y'all were hoarding toilet paper and draining the supply chain of affordable ammo again, I picked up this little pup during the first week of the "Safer at Home" response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Sig Sauer P320 XCompact RXP with Sig Romeo 1 Pro Red Dot Sight In all honesty, I ordered it around the first of February and it just took far too long for the retailer to ship it. I naively chose Locked and Loaded out of Pana, Illinois from the retailers that advertise through Gun.Deals due to them having the lowest price available on it. In hindsight I would have paid more just to have not had to wait nearly four weeks, or having had to call my credit card company to start a claim against the retailer for failing to ship it in a reasonable time. Avoid them like the plague. Boy does that phrase take on new meaning in the modern context. But yes, avoid them like you would avoid COVID-19. Anyway, the gun itself is a fine little blaster and the Romeo 1 Pro is a nice piece of kit as well. The original Romeo 1 (non Pro) was pretty frail and fragile as evidenced by Aaron Cowan at Sage Dynamics bieng able to effortlessly break it far earlier in the test than any other red dot had succumbed previously. Watch that video! Aaron's tests of red dot optics has become a go-to for me when researching new gear, so I was initially pretty wary of the Romeo 1 Pro as well. But those concerns seem to perhaps be a little unfounded, as Sig has beefed this model up and given it a heavy aluminum shroud around the glass. What really eased my concerns, though, is that the Romeo 1 Pro has the same mounting footprint as the Leupold Delta Point Pro... which, while it was also pretty weak in Cowan's torture tests... has been chosen as the footprint du jour for one of Holosun's forthcoming releases. And Holosun has been making some really fantastic, very rugged red dot sights lately. Again, go back to Sage Dynamics' videos for his test of the 507C and I think maybe even the 508T at this point. Regardless, the fact that I should be able to swap the Romeo 1 Pro for a Holosun at some point seemed like a winner of an idea in case the Romeo Pro can't handle real life carry and use. Anyway... let's talk about the gun.... I had a regular plain jane P320 Compact shortly after they came to market and just couldn't love it. The grip design felt like a dry bar of soap in my hands. It wasn't particularly ergonomic, lacked material in the places that would have allowed me to get more of a tight grip on it, and had mateiral in places that kept me from getting a firm enough grasp where it counted. I sold that gun fairly quickly. When the dimunitive P365 came out with the new and improved and grippier texture, I was greatly impressed. And when the P320 X-Series came out with the same texture and a recontoured grip design, I was intrigued. It just took me a hot minute to pick one up. First Shooting Impressions... 1st - I liked the trigger, a lot. I put about two solid weeks of dry-fire into the gun before I was finally able to get it to the range. I was lucky to get to my favorite local outdoor shooting spot on a day that the pistol bays were fairly empty and therefore Chinese Virus (tm) free. I spent enough time there to dial-in the dot and then run a few mags for function checking. 2nd - There is no hiding the fact that it's a Sig with the typical higher-than-seems-necessary bore axis. It flips a bit under recoil, but not too badly. 3rd - While the ergos of the X-Series frame are lightyears beyond what the standard P320 has, it can still be better. The grip texture isn't grippy enough and Sig strangely opted to leave smooth the area where your middle finger falls across the front strap beneath the trigger guard. While that may seem smart from a comfort perspective, your middle finger is one of three that most folks apply the most gripping force with. The other two being their thumb and index finger. I'd rather see some grippy texture where the middle finger falls so that I can really get some traction, especially with that high bore axis trying to flop the gun around in my hand when I put striker to primer. To remedy that, I'm expecting another X-Series Compact grip module soon from Chris over at 3 Golf Gunworks in North Carolina. He's putting their "Autumn" texture on the module for me and it should have a lot more grip as a result. Like the photo below, albeit in all black. Anyway, bottom line? Really nice gun. I like a lot of the things about it. The trigger is good, the shape of the grip is good, the red dot optic seems good and has a nice big open window for quick and easy sighting, and it carries very comfortably in a Werkz M6 holster. I stumbled across Jamison's company while searching for IWB light-bearing holsters for the P320 Compact and the Streamlight TLR-7 combo. Not only is it a design similar to some of my other favorites (SAC Zulu, Henry Holsters Spark) but the M6 is one of their Quick Ship models that goes out in the mail in approximately 2-business days. I've added a pair of Pull-the-Dot soft loops that I had on hand since taking this pic. Werkz offers those as an option in their web store, too. It's a shame about the grip texture, but at least grip modules are inexpensive (about $50 for the X-Compact) and there are numerous places to have them worked-over by competent "Stipplers". Or you can try your hand at it yourself with a wood burning tool, a light touch and a steady hand. And you aren't ruining a perfectly good gun since the grip module isn't the serialized part on the P320. I'm looking forward to more range time with it, but right now I think it's a solid choice and a good option for people who just don't want to recognize the fact that the Glock 19 and Glock 45 share the pinnacle of perfection.
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    Thanks guys for your interest in my previous ads. This one is the 4th and last of my "guns I really never shoot" sales project. Up for sale is a WASR AK rifle that I bought new about ten years ago, and since then its mostly sat under the couch.The WASRs sometimes get a bad name because quality can be spotty, but this is a good one. Its a nice shooter, groups about as well as my Polytech (which isn't for sale) and is rock solid reliable. The sights are actually on straight and it has a pretty decent Tapco trigger. I have added Magpul furniture, including the very nice Zhukov S stock which both folds and is length adjustable, along with Magpul front handguard and foregrip, along with the really nice Hogue pistol grip ( with the secret agent secret compartment to stash your KGB transmitter to aid in plannnik beeg truble for Moose and Squirrel) The gun does have the scope mount attachment on the side. I am selling this as a package, which includes: WASR AK with Magpul furniture and AK sling, You will see in the pics that the sights have Glow paint on them - scratches right off if you don't like it. I have also put a recoil pad on it, kind of a custom job, but again, it works pretty good and if you don't like it just pull it off. Qty 1- Combloc steel mag Qty 2 -Tapco mags (which came with the gun and fit the magwell nice and tight) Qty 4 -Magpul Pmags (3 still in the wrapper.) Qty 1 - 10 Tapco 10 rd mag - which is really handy for a hunting scenario. Qty 1 - East German AK cleaning kit (the cleaning rod is in the rifle) Qty 1 - UTG Detachable mount, which works great, just as long as you don't expect it to retain a close zero if you take it on and off (kinda common in my experience with those things regardless of price) Qty 1 - AK mag pouch with oiler. (Polish army I think) Qty 1 - Original Owners manual Qty 1 - Original box Qty 1 - 640 rd 762 x 39 Spam Can still sealed with opener And last but not least - 100 rds of boxed Wolf Ammo to zero your rifle with so you can stash your Spam Can unopened if you want. (not shown in pics) All of this for $800 - firm - face to face in Wilson County or nearby with TN HCP or TN DL and willing to sign BOS stating legal to purchase. Alternatively will ship for $850 (USPS MO) plus actual shipping costs my FFL to yours.
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    Please dont laugh I thought it was so cool. Lol
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    When I die let my ashes float down the Green River. Let my soul roll on up to the Rochester dam. I'll be halfway to Heaven with Paradise waitin' Just five miles away from wherever I am. Godspeed, John.
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    Based on the killer's name, he sounds like he might be yet another ambassador of the Religion of Peace. I may be wrong, but stereotypes can be a real time-saver.
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    My job is always "open" . Everyday , 365 a year until the good Lord comes back.
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    I'm an engineer, I fix broken jet engines. Part of my job does require that I be there to see and touch things and direct work. Part of my job is simply pushing paper that I could do from nearly anywhere as long as I had network access. I'd also wager the paperwork part could get more efficiently at a location where I don't get interrupted every 10 minutes. And as you've said above, there's a huge difference between a machinist and a machine operator. The difference is apparent when dealing with parts that cost more than your house. A number of the machinists, mechanics, and inspectors make more than the engineers do with overtime, so yes I also agree that not everyone needs to go to college. You've got to have more Indians than chiefs, though corporate America doesn't seem to get that.
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    Yes they are. On one hand I like to think that someone in government has some common sense and knows that happy subjects... I mean, citizens... are a good thing to have during tumultuous times. On the other hand, I know that the real reason is also rooted in common sense but it's the fact that we don't need a lot of alcoholics going cold-turkey through detox and flodding our emergency rooms right now. This is the exact same reason why hospitals usually have beer that can be dispensed by the pharmacy, to keep alcoholics from detoxing and coding. Mercifully the rest of us get to benefit as "enthusiasts" from this provision that allows liquor stores to remain open.
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    TGO David I would like to see those things too but I think many folks will forget a lot of what has happened within a year.
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    My first post in the forum will be my first AR. I bought it Fall of 2017. It’s a S&W M&P15 Magpul Spec series with the SL furniture. I’ve not done many mods other than the obvious Eotech & VTAC QD sling. Mostly I’ve just bought ammo and mags. The Eotech was added after this past Christmas. I did just notice the AFG, which was a Christmas gift. I like it a lot, but I’m planning 3 builds right now: currently working on a Betsy Ross Aero Precision lower to fit with an 18” SPR inspired upper, which will be my wife’s first gun. The second is a 13.7” build, (pinned & welded muzzle device). My third is kind of optional, but I’d like to build an 11.5” pistol or SBR, but we’ll see. Anyway, that’s enough from me.
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    If a silver lining can be found in all of this, it is that perhaps those who have adapted to become utterly dependent on the state for their well-being now has a healthy skepticism about their competence and a more realistic assessment of their limitations, and take it upon themselves to share at least some responsibility for their own well-being going forward, at least to give the Government time to gear up their response and shake the rust off. This would result in a healthy mix of responsibility and a far more resilient populace with a robust ability to absorb hardship whether it be through natural disaster, terrorism, scarcity, or otherwise. Unfortunately, I suspect many will go out of their way to miss the lesson and instead say the shortcomings were a flaw in this particular administration rather than an inherent limitation of the nature of the state, and these lessons will be forgotten in a generation.
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    Apologies in advance for the thread drift. I've long been if the opinion that both the vocal left and the vocal right want lots of government control over my life, they just disagree about which aspects of my life that should be.
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    Good to see you post again. As for Lee, I just don't see what other option he had. Option 1, he asks people to stay home and isolate. We know people are already ignoring this and not taking it seriously. Option 2, he makes us. He had a few thousand doctors begging him to shut it down. Let's say he does nothing and all hell breaks loose here. Thousands of people die and the hospitals are overwhelmed. I really don't know what else he could have done. This is a no win situation.
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    I've got various of the "doomsday" 25-year type food products I've picked up over time, different sizes, couple of 3 monthers, couple 1 montherss, various 1 week and 72 hour small ones. Bleah, hope to never have to use them. Several stashes of canned (veggie/meat/whatnot) and dry goods (pasta/beans/rice/whatnot) stashed here and there. Since I cook, and seldom eat out or grab fast food to go, the fridge stays relatively full. Plus, even though it's just a normal size fridge, the freezer also stays pretty well stocked all the time almost all with meat, and that's the main base for month's worth of good eating right there, before I'd have to start digging into the less palatable stuff. My normal routine is a Sam's run every 6 or 8 weeks for some bulk stuff but mostly meat, and then frequent on foot jaunts to Kroger and local fresh veggie market for odds and ends throughout that stint. I'm hunkered down for April, and my bestest tasting stash will be mostly gone by then, so I'll have to decide whether a run to the stores will be advisable or not in May. We'll see. - OS
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    My take on all this is that " The Gadsden Flag " has come out and that everybody with any sense knows it... Everybody in gubt best leave the citizenry alone... Lee has done his best to placate both sides in this and I'm betting LEO won't touch any individual citizenry enforcement... Take a look at the Knox County Sheriff's letter today, which i'll paraphrase "... We have been given leeway in enforcing this order.. ....I am confident that there won't be any need to enforce... We're all in this together..."...Sheriff Spangler, the County Executive, and everybody else (... Even Lee, whom I'm greatly disappointed in and will not vote for again...) seems to understand this is dangerous on both ends... Let's let this little thunderstorm pass and get everybody back to work, or there will be real trouble. This state is a powder keg, and I think Lee just murdered himself politically... leroy
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    I’m not an attorney, but I would guess they can cut your pay if you both agree to it. If you were advised of it, given the opportunity to quit, and you didn’t agree with it, you should have quit. If your hours are in dispute; you have a civil case. I’m not trying to be cold about it, but you mentioned “Right To Work”, that has to do with requiring you to pay union dues or join a union, and little (if anything) to do with this. Tennessee is an “Employment At Will” state. If you don’t have an employment contract; your employer can let you go for any reason, or for no reason. This is going to be bad. Companies are going to go bankrupt and when its over people will be trying to return to jobs that are no longer there. This administration is trying everything they can to help people to get by and to keep businesses afloat. But 50% of congress only cares about either making this administration look bad or using this emergency to get everything they want. They should be ashamed. The press is making sure we all understand what heroes the medical folks are and what risks they are taking. That is very true. But there are American Workers that are going to work and don’t have N95 masks and protective gear. They are heroes also, because if everyone stays at home; we will die. I don't say that in jest; its a fact. Thank you for going to work. I suspect you will be paid; one way or the other.
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    “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one's time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.“ H. L. Mencken US editor (1880 - 1956)
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    I'm going to point out that it's possible for it to be a combination of all of those things (Mental health, racial angst, misogynistic view of women, religious extremism) and any one those factors is capable of exacerbating the others and becoming a catalyst. I hope William Aprill does a review of this one after the facts become known. His "They Are Not You" segments on social media are excellent. Carry your gun and keep your head on a swivel, people. The world isn't getting any nicer. Exactly the opposite.
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    To my knowledge we don’t really have an official policy. Typically up to buyer and seller in negotiations.
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    KO4CYX Been wanting to do this for a couple of years. Finally got it done. Plan on getting General and Extra knocked out over the next couple of weeks.
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    Good advice! I actually signed up for a 2-hour private lesson with one of the instructors at Shoot Point Blank. Tomorrow he’ll walk me through firing the shotgun. I figured that if my kids gifted it to me and I have it in the house, I need to learn how to use it properly.
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    Another ban-era Bushmaster Dissipator here. I don't know why it seemed like such a good idea at the time, but they were popular then. I think this was after I had gotten a set of green furniture somewhere. Eventually I sold the upper and put a V-match 20" upper on the lower; I still have it, but it has been upgraded with a railed handguard and collapsible stock (we couldn't have those either, during the AWB).
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    “The point is there are ZERO non-essential jobs in even our nominally free (though massively government controlled) market. If a job doesn't generate income, it goes away. The question comes down to: How many people are you willing to starve and murder over a virus that the experts agree won't be significantly worse than the four previous major viruses, in the last half century? And if you can't name them without looking, then your opinion is irrelevant. EVERY business is essential to the owner, the employees, and the families. Any politician speaking of a "non-essential" business is an idiot and should be removed from office. Because lamppost decorators need work, too.“ http://www.michaelzwilliamson.com/blog/index.php?itemid=543&fbclid=IwAR30fIY8IVCG0_AMm5r5EB8N9WNnA0WIydavLxs5WKPuiUCPFBNcAnu2ZCE
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    Indeed. This is a summary of some of my earlier comments but bears mentioning IMO They knew, it was a deliberate decision to try and reduce panic buying (which happened anyway) as Fauci implicitly admitted in an article shortly before the announcement. I understand the need to try and avoid panic, but there are two things wrong with that. Firstly, there should never be a reason that we lack mission critical items (especially PPE, given the universal nature of its importance) necessary to do the job, and that represents a failure of leadership full stop. Our stockpile consisted of somewhere around 112 million N95 masks, reduced after the H1N1 epidemic in 2009-2010 to just 12 million and never replenished. It should have been on the order of 3.5 billion according to one testimony by a SME, which at $2.50 / kg represents less than $200 million in material costs. That's stupid cheap, in the grand scheme of things, even accounting for having to replace them due to expiration dates. Sometimes distribution can understandably be a problem (such as immediately following a natural disaster) but supply should not be -- panic buying is a known variable that can be accounted for in emergency management planning, and whether or not the public panic buys should therefore be irrelevant to mission readiness on the healthcare end if things are running as they should. Unfortunately, we are where we are, you fight with the army you have, and that will hopefully be addressed in the after action report (along with several ranking members hopefully having to update their resume) Secondly, it's disingenuous to deliberately mislead people about the efficacy of an intervention at mitigating potential risk in order to manipulate their actions (in other words, saying "masks do not help the general public" driven not by actual evidence, but because we're short and want to avoid panic buying) and is extraordinarily unethical and would likely be career ending if anyone else was caught doing it. The layperson may not be subject matter experts but they know when something doesn't add up, and it understandably sounded suspect when officials implied that coughing into your arm helps, as do masks for medical professionals, but not for anyone else. People aren't stupid, and they really don't like being misled. Public threads on social media indicated that a non trivial number of people immediately referenced the Surgeon General and parroted the claims that masks don't help. Their contention was likely that if you're practicing social distancing like you should be doing, the general public doesn't need masks, and combined with the severe shortage of PPE they were hoping it would trick the populace into not panic buying. Not only did it not prevent panic buying, but downplaying the seriousness and significant potential for pre-symptomatic transmission (relative to things like Flu) which were known caused everyone down the line to drag their feet in their response, and it illustrated a fundamental disconnect between ostensible guidelines and the realities on the ground, as evidenced by the pictures in mid-March of standing room only crowds at the airport and essential businesses being slow to implement social distancing measures. Those people really thought masks didn't help. So I get their contention, and do not care. This isn't China or HBO's Chernobyl, this is the United States and It's unethical to not be fully truthful to the public for fear of them not being responsible enough to do what is necessary. We can't make informed decisions when authoritative sources deliberately and selectively manipulate information. These actions were deliberate and hurt the public trust, potentially irrevocably, and in the press conference they tried to play this information off as if they didn't have it the whole time and were keeping us up to date with the latest developments. Their approach was conduct unbecoming and this should not be forgotten in the wake of this, because without a doubt their actions cost lives that didn't have to be lost.
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    I don't think I have an actual pic of mine. Back in the late 90's I had a Busmaster XM15-E2S. No collapsible stock, heavy barrel, fixed carrying handle. What a turd by today's standards. It was the Clinton era without an evil bayonet lug. I sold it to some rando on Craigslist before Craigslist stopped everyone from selling guns.
  43. 4 points
    At one time almost all of us were tacticool!!! As y’all know I couldn’t even tell you what my first AR was or what it looked like (I did have a spiked zombie lower with spikes 37mm launcher at one time though lol)...here is my current non Frankenstein’d AR. its a Troy Limited Run called the Palamino
  44. 4 points
    I'll be there in a few days. I 'm having a pacemaker installed in a few days. That bill would pay for NICE 1911 and ammo.
  45. 4 points
    I'm a registered nurse but not currently working in a clinical setting but always keep my license active. I've considered going to my old hospital and at least being put on some sort of list to call back if needed but as previously stated, the hospitals are half full and staff being sent home because of nothing for them to do. I read these articles about the governors of NY and NJ wanting the government to "draft" medical professionals and force them to come up there to help. Well that is some . If the time and need arises I'll throw my scrubs back on and help out my community but they can have my license before I head to NY regardless of what the pay is.
  46. 4 points
    Next one out of the safe is a Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag. Here is the backstory on it. I bought this gun new about 15 years ago when I decided I wanted to get into handgun hunting, so it started life with a 7.5 inch barrel. I found that squared off trigger guard uncomfortable to shoot, so added that Pachmayr grip which does a nice job both of filling that gap as well as cushioning the backstrap. I also like peep sights, so added a One Ragged Hole rear peep, (which does really work, btw). But after only a season or 2 I lost interest in handgun hunting (like my rifles too much) so decided I would turn it into a hiking gun for an out west trip by having the barrel shortened. Took it to a gunsmith for cut and recrown (receipt show below), then removed the warning and reblued the barrel myself, which looks ok but not great. The gun still shoots nice groups, and makes for a great woods companion in bear country, but I just don't shoot it anymore (never shot it much anyway), as I prefer a Glock 32 for all my outdoor carry. Well anyway, here is a very nice 44 magnum woods carry or hunting gun package for sale. Comes with the Pachmary grip, the original wood grips, the original box and manual, both the One Ragged Hole peep and the original sight, AND the nice Ruger holster shown in the pic. All this for $400, face to face in Wilson county or nearby with TN HCP or TN DL and sign BOS stating legal to buy. Alternatively will ship my FFL to yours for $435 (USPS MO) plus actual shipping.
  47. 4 points
  48. 4 points
    3M is a multinational company with its HQ in the US. The way the news is spinning this, they are an American company screwing over Americans to send masks to other countries. The reality is that they are a company with presences in other countries where those countries' residents view them as being a domestic employer. Trump should have resisted the urge to slam 3M for this but he doesn't do much that isn't impulsive and hyperbolic. Crucifying them during a White House press briefing just shows how surprisingly ignorant he is of how multinational firms practically exist without borders.
  49. 4 points
    I go out as needed to get things. I will go to HD or Lowes once or twice a week as I am working on finishing out my shop and need some things to continue. I'm not waiting a month to get some screws or things I need to make progress while sitting at home. I go in, get what I need, and leave avoiding as much interaction as possible. I will also go through a drive through to get food. My closest neighbors are about 1/4 mile away so not worried about being out and about on my own land. I am cautious, but not reckless.
  50. 4 points
    I stay home most all the time anyway. I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy. I have ventured to the store one or twice for stuff but usually go during old folks hour in the morning and with gloves, a mask and anti-bacterial wipes and of course my glasses. Things down my way aren't terribly crazy yet so I'm usually in and out in a few minutes without much contact. If things keep getting worse I won't be going out at all. For me we have plenty of stuff so it just isn't worth it. I know if we don't get people back to work soon there won't be an economy worth re-starting. My heart goes out to everyone that has lost a job or watching their business crumble because of some lying, communist assholes in China....pardon my French.
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