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  1. When I was a kid, I had a cardboard box for a tank and my imagination. In hindsight, I don't feel too deprived.
  2. Further evidence of Walmart's PC pandering culture about guns and ammo. If they are so concerned the next school, church or Walmart shooter, why don't they get ride of all of their toy "weapons of war" that fill up the toy section. This is in my local Walmart. Are they encouraging children to become War Hawks?
  3. His video will be added to the FBI training program, and he will put smiles and grimaces on faces in perpetuity. Now, if he could only figure out a way to make money on his new found fame.
  4. During the press conference the Nashville Mayor took his few minutes to call for more gun control, but don't think he mentioned the real reason - mental health. I understand two were shot outside before the gunman entered the Waffle House. A CCW holder in the restaurant may have been able to engage and end the shooting at that point. Cudo's to the guy who charged the shooter and took his gun away.
  5. After receiving no replies to my question here, I posted it on Glocktalk where several have chimed in. Their replies are from all over the US, but if you are interested their replies can be found here Glocktalk - EMT Protocol
  6. Paramedics, EMTs, and other non law enforcement........What is your protocol when responding to a medical call, where the patient must be transported but the patient is carrying a handgun? I assume if a LEO is on-scene they will secure the weapon, but there will be many medical emergencies not requiring a LEO.
  7. Ozark and Godless. Give Godless a few episodes before you give up. Not to give anything away, but a LOT of lead thrown during the final episode. Did I mention A LOT! I just started Frontier which seems promising, but can't provide a recommendation yet. For news you may or may not can use.......An Indian actress who appeared in Longmire and Godless is also in Frontier.
  8. Did anyone else suffer through the disorganized cluster of a gun sale at Bass Pro Nashville on Wednesday before Thanksgiving? BassPro had a Browning Buckmark on sale, with a $100 Browning rebate, bringing the gun down to $214 before taxes. I thought it might be a "little" busy, and I was prepared for buying and the background check process to maybe take a couple of hours. Well, I miscalculated! Two trips to the store, 5.5 hours in the store, and I finally had my gun - BUT I SAVED $100! About 2 hours into the process, I was thinking paying retail and not dealing with the crowd was looking pretty good. However, like many there, I was sure my turn was coming soon. I pre-payed for the gun after three hours and went home. When I went back Saturday afternoon to finished the purchase, I showed the sales clerk where the active dates of the rebate form did not correspond with what their sale flyer advertised. My purchase of the gun on Wednesday did not meet the requirement of the rebate. The rebate began with purchases the day after paid for mine. One sales clerk decided I had the wrong rebate form and I should look for another one. A second clerk told me just to send it in, as she was sure Browning would honor it anyway. Finally, a third clerk agreed with me, but then they had to figure out how to fix it. In the end, 7 employees were consulted on the issue. Once a senior manager got involved, it was all of a sudden a simple refund and re-ring. To add insult to injury, I checked my email while waiting for the background check to come back. In my email was an ad from Rural King, and the same gun was listed for $189 after rebate. While the Bass Pro employees are polite and courteous, they were totally overwhelmed on Wednesday. There must have been 100-125 people back in the gun section, but there was not really an orderly and fair order as to how customers were being waiting on, and there was not an orderly and fair way the background checks were being done after you select a gun. One poor patient customer who said he was one of the first to get in the door and one of the first to pick out a gun did not get called to do his background check for over two hours, and that was after he complained twice their system made no sense. Customers were arguing with each other and arguing with the clerks as to how the process was supposed to work. After I picked out my gun, I asked the clerk what I was supposed to do next. He said he really didn't know, but to just go down and hang out near the background check tables. Most of the problems could have been avoided if one of the managers working in the gun counter had made sure all of the clerks were on the same sheet of music and then stood up and informed the customers about the process. I could go on with other stuff I saw, but I've ranted enough. I'm sure I'll get over the experience once I sling some lead.
  9. I bought a SIG P238 not long after they were first introduced and fell in love with it. Once I got into the 600-800 area of rounds fired, I began to experience the failure to feed issues. It got to where I was experiencing 2-3 FTF per clip. I tried different types of ammo, but that did not correct the problem. I got frustrated with it, no longer trusted it as a carry gun and stuck it in the safe. Due to work and family stuff at the time, I did not want to deal with it. I recently got it back out, tried different ammo again and a new magazine; but still experienced 2-3 FTF per magazine. I read this appeared to be a common problem with many of the P238's, so I called SIG to see what they would do about it. There was no acknowledgment of my issue being a common issue, and he suggested that since my gun was 7 years old I should get the full service package - so I would have a dependable carry gun. (Oh, I thought I bought a dependable carry gun.) I acknowledge the gun was 7 years old, but had no more than 1000 rounds through it and sat in my safe for most of it's life. Anyway, I sent it in for the Full Service Package, got it back in about two weeks, and it shoots great. I realize I should have called SIG when it was new. However, if my issue was a common one, I don't think I should have had to pay for the full service. It appears from some of your posts on this site that you sent your guns in, had them repaired, and at no cost to you? I would be interested to know what was repaired and/or replaced and what you were charged if anything. Thanks.
  10. Actually, I went through a three day course with a Gunsite instructor, but it was 25 years ago. I was shooting a CZ75 back then. After looking at a couple of videos and based on the feedback here, I'm going to play with my grip and see if I can fix my issue.
  11. I've struggled to shoot the Glock 19 consistently in regards to where the rounds hit the target. My rounds are grouped, but often are left of and slightly lower than the bullseye on a target. I don't have that problem with a 1911 style handgun. I'm starting to wonder if it's not the combination of my short fingers and sort of a fat pad below my thumb, that does not work with the grip on the Gen 3. My finger just reaches the trigger without being able to really curl it around the trigger. I assume that what I'm doing is pushing the gun slightly to the left, as I pull the trigger? I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is enough difference with the smallest grip of a GEN 4 to make a difference. I'm going to take my Gen 3 to a store to compare to a Gen 4 and/or 5, but thought I would see if anyone has experienced the same issue.
  12. My kind of woman........ http://www.theleafchronicle.com/article/20110507/NEWS01/105070330/Burglars-surprised-by-armed-Clarksville-homeowner?odyssey=mod|mostview

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