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  1. I'm not wanting to get into it...but I am looking for a Union artillery shell jacket (with the red trim) for a new project I am working on. Online they seem pricey and was wondering if anyone had a lead on some good deals...
  2. My wife's great uncle Billy Haynes gave his life at Normandy.
  3. Must have been on MLK.... I lived on oak and in college heights. ..also not great areas. Just keep driving. .
  4. I have holsters from both gjohnson and greg. Both are fantastic!
  5. In Kentucky if I take my kid's fish off the hook I am technically fishing and subject to fines for fishing without a license.
  6. Calling all my turkey hunting friends! I am in need of unwanted turkey wings and tails for another Native American project. I can also use the feet for a different project. Thanks friends!
  7. When I quit butchering I repurposed my knife into something more manageable.
  8. My family farm used to have a few...We had a ten foot section with two vines. It was two 4x4 posts with thick wire run back and forth. I don't remember much more except it took about three years to see and amount of grapes.
  9. Welcome! I'm down the street in p-town!
  10. I bought from supercircuits. They were great. That is my two cents.
  11. Good looking gear! How are you with that hawk?
  12. The Felice Brothers - Fire at the Pageant: http://youtu.be/DzD1O7zZryM
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