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  1. I told my son that his fancy dancy pistol would raise questions...lol. I have shot it though and shooting 10 yard bullseye, its fricken awesome.   Me ... I used my beater Springfield G.I. model today at Gallatin at turtle's pace, but did manage 'most accurate'...guess not bad for a first timer. I credit my RO's for all their great instruction and patience for us 'new guys.' Thanks Gallatin for a fun shoot.
  2.  Is that the same gunsmith that's in the back of the pawnshop on Waters street?
  3. First time for my son and I to ever shoot the range. We enjoyed it and will be back. Was impressed how smooth it was ran and what great range officers we had (LagerHead). They ran a safe, tight ship but without a range nazi attitude and that was deeply appreciated. We left learning a few things about shooting steel, and met some great folks at the same time who were more than happy to share tips and opinions about gear, guns, etc. Hope to make it a regular monthly run. MCTS does it right!
  4. Dolomite, Tell me your precaution recommendations on handling hard cast lead bullets. I don't cast, but have bought and loaded hard cast bullets for years. I always loaded, handling the cast bullets with my bare hands, but washing with soap and water after a loading session. Should I be wearing surgical gloves? I won't want to, but I guess I would. thanks...
  5. Firerescue02 on this site has it from time to time, and at a good price.
  6. Well, I wish I knew how to post a photo of my bike (04 Road King) on this thread, but I don't. But one thing for sure, I think we need to do a TGO Saturday run somewhere when the weather gets right!
  7. Hey Grunt, I can't say enough about my model B, I bought it in 1980 and its still going. No telling how much brass its cleaned, especially since my other reloading buddies back then, who were also just getting started, would bring their brass over for me to clean too ... tightwads...LOL.
  8. Just FYI, but I broke a belt on my Mod. B this week. I usually break a belt about every two years. So they are durable. However, I had brass to clean, and Midway was out of stock (like everything else). I did find another at a rock collectors website and ordered it, $12.50 including shipping, but THEN I saw on another site where someone used a vacuum cleaner belt.   Well, I went to my local Walmart to see what they had. Of all the belts, there was only one that was round, vs flat, that kind of looked like it might work. For $2.50 I took the gamble and bought the package of two. To my delight, yep, fit just fine, though I had to give it a rolling start as it was just a bit tighter, though I'm sure it'll stretch. Been tumbling brass for a few days now with it, no problem.   Since I ordered the replacement belt already, I will use it when it comes in and keep the vacuum belts for back-ups, but if you have a Mod B Thumler and break a belt, here's your quick fix,,, Wally World, Eureka RD by Durabelt, fits (Eureka 400 and a few more).   Worked for me. Good day. :up:
  9. That's me, four years ago I slowly stocked up a little at a time. Always had to go to Walmart for something, so about every other time I'd pick up a brick or box of something. I'm cold turkey now on buying any ammo but I'm going to continue to shoot as I always have and not worry about it until a 'new norm' surfaces. My guess is that by summer, you'll be able to walk in and buy what you want ... at what price may be the other story. Two things I refuse to stand in line for, a table in a restaurant and ammo!
  10. CZ 527, I have one in .221 Fireball, one of my favorite rifles I own. Had a .204 527, but sold it after realizing the Fireball was my goto varmint gun and I love loading for it. One thing the .204 will do over the Fireball, Hornet or .223, and that's BLOW stuff up when it hits. I went on a pairie dog hunt in Wy. a few years back. We used a .22 Hornet, a .221, a .223, and the .204. It was a big difference when that .204 hit!   pcrc11 - How did you post that photo of your 527?
  11. Rusty, At least you did it right... you "slowly starting stacking" and to look at it at an economic stance is fine. I agree! I was more pointing that comment at the sudden surge to wipe out all the ammo "cuz the british are coming, the british are coming" Well, I guess that may have some truth if you consider Piers Morgan... :puke:
  12. What really irks me is the panic buy on ammo to only hoard it and make it worse on everyone. Yes, you should have enough to carry you through for range sessions, plinking, hunting and back up if SHTF. Especially for range sessions, until availability get back to normal, so at least you can continue to shoot.   But these guys who stock up on 10,000 rounds for the end of the world so they can be prepared? That's funny and usually the attitude of someone who's watched too many movies, ready too many books, and played too much Call to Duty, where they hit the 'respawn' button to come back to life. Do they really think they'd last long enough in a real gun encounter to use up all that ammo? Real soldiers carry 210 rounds combat load for their M4s. The truth is, that the soldier either puts the bad guys down within that allotment, or he's toast. And these are real trained warriors, not wannabes.   Let's see...if you have 10,000 rounds, a 210 round battle load (if you shot it all) = 47 firefights. Chances of surviving that...slim to none.   Guess the only realistic worry we should have is if we, the gun owners, keep wiping off the ammo shelves, will the manufacturers have a 'new norm' of higher pricing when they catch back up to restocking?
  13. WOW, this makes my reloading room look like trailer trash! LOL.....NICE!
  14. "If you think you know something more about why double-posts are happening, I'm ready to hear it because I could use the relief that sudden insight would bring."   Never said I did. Just saying that I did not multipost. I pushed the post button one time. Just thought the info might have helped you prognose the problem. Sure didn't mean to tick you off. Sorry.
  15. Think there's more to it than that David. Right before supper, I posted the two knives on non-gun classifieds. I hit the post button ONE time, it had the spinning icon that it was thinking about it. I went and had supper. A half hour later when I returned, it had posted....FOUR times. Don't know what else to do, doesn't seem to do it for a single photo.
  16. Yep, talking about the classifieds. Can admin clean it up? There's still 3 in a row for a SXS 20 ga just a few mins ago.
  17. If it brings you piece of mind Lumber...buy the boots. If anyone is in snake country, it be you over near Johnson City.   I actually bought snake chaps for my first hunting trip in South Texas several years back, after all the stories of BIG rattlers in the brush. 'Chaps' was the right name as they were the most uncomfortable things I've ever walked in. In our party of 8 hunters, one fellow saw one rattler. I got rid of the chaps and made three more trips after that, still no rattlers though I saw some of the biggest indigo snakes in my life, like 5' in length. I just feel pretty safe in good ol' Central Tennessee :pleased:
  18. Can one of the moderators remove the duplicates? Sure runs the other folk's postings down real quick when someone has 5 of the same listing in a row.
  19. David, Have you ever had any decals printed of the TGO logo? I didn't see any in the store, but I'd sure put one on my truck if you had them. Be a great conversation starter at the range. Any chance of that happening?
  20. Best remedy for snakes is to get a snake book and learn to identify them for piece of mind. You will find that 99% of the snakes you encounter are non-venomous and not a threat. Water snakes are probably the most misidentified as copperheads, of course if it has a rattle on it...no faking that. But be honest, how many poisonous snakes have you actually encountered turkey hunting? Myself, none turkey hunting, and less than a half dozen copperheads and one rattler while fishing...in my 57 year old lifetime of the great outdoors. I'm sure our eastern brothers in the mountains have a few more. Learn your snakes and breath easy.
  21. This is why I don't get into the religion discussions. Wars have been started over less. What matters is this ... :usa: ,,,either you are or aren't, regardless of faith.
  22. Secret Service also paid a visit to Ted Nugent after he made the remark that he'd "either be dead or in jail" if Obama got re-elected. Seems that remark pales in comparison to dragging the two politicians behind a truck. 
  23. Kentucky's Dept of Fish & Wildlife does a great job on management and the protection of their constituents. They have posted this statement in defense of the dam spillway closures on their part of the Cumberland River. I hope our state agency will fight the battle as well. Tennesseans have fished the tail waters of our dams on the Cumberland for 30-40 years, depending on which dam you want to talk about. It's a fishing heritage that I hoped would be passed down to my grandkids. Those who fish the spillways know its one of the best fisheries to be had with such a large abundance of all species. It is a part of our resource, which its fishery management is funded by our licenses we buy. Please read Ky's statement below, I know its a bit long, but points out some real economic facts and more importantly, take note of where most fish per acre are caught.     Position Statement Regarding Boat Restrictions at Corps Dams Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources The US Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District, is preparing to release plans to restrict boating access above and below their dams to maximize safety associated with hazardous waters. These restrictions are based on a   1996 policy established in ER 1130-2-520, Project Operations-Navigation and Dredging Operations and Maintenance Policies. Restricted areas are to be based on hydraulic criteria and site-specific operational considerations. The Nashville District has four impoundments in Kentucky including Martins Fork, Laurel River, Barkley, and Cumberland lakes. The above dam restricted areas will not significantly impact most boating activity; however, the below dam restriction will significantly impact boaters (anglers) below Lake Cumberland and Barkley Lake. The other two lakes do not have adequate streams that support boat access. Most other impoundments in the Nashville District are in Tennessee. Areas below dams (tailwaters) provide a concentration of fish due to the physical barrier, flow and oxygen conditions, and the concentration of forage fish for major predators and these conditions attract boat anglers. Anglers have been accustomed to fishing these areas since 1953 at Lake Cumberland and 1966 at Barkley Lake. Data from Barkley Lake in 2000 reveal the importance of these tailwaters when there were 562 fishing trips per acre immediately below the dam compared to 4 fishing trips per acre above the dam. Over 60% of these fishing trips were made by boat anglers. Similarly the fish harvest in tailwaters was 2,655 fish per acre compared to 9 fish per acre in the lake. The economic value for the Barkley Lake tailwater fishery is over $3M. Site specific data is not available on Lake Cumberland tailwaters but anecdotally this is highest fishing pressure area and supports the highest catch rate and harvest for this entire 75 miles of trout stream. The proposed unofficial restricted zone below both Barkley Lake and Lake Cumberland are unnecessarily restrictive. They are based on bank full conditions with all major gates open-a true flood stage at either location. These are extreme conditions when it is definitely unsafe to be in this section and probably the entire river below the dam. Very calm and safe water will have restricted access for significant portions of the year including the major recreational season. We agree with the Corps there are significant safety considerations below any dam due to the periodic turbulent conditions and reverse currents that are created. Presently there are warning signs and a requirement to wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) in this zone. The Department promulgated a state regulation in 2011 to provide our Conservation Officers the authority to enforce the Corps PFD requirement. The Department is opposed to the proposed restrictive zones for the following reasons: Both areas support major recreational fisheries that will be negatively impacted. The hydraulic line standard only applies at flood stage and is not applicable during other major times of the year. The Lake Cumberland hydraulic standard is definitely excessive since gates have only been opened during rare events since the dam was constructed except during the current dam repair era. The policy is being implemented without public input. The policy is 17 years old and has not been implemented. The policy contains language that allows some flexibility, i.e ..boundaries shall   ordinarily be established based on high flow conditions… The proposed buoy line to delineate the zone will be cost excessive and has not been budgeted. Other alternatives are available including warning lights to designate a restricted zone when gates have been opened. Both our Department and Tennessee Wildlife Resources in Tennessee have agreed to provide enforcement if a less restrictive methodology is utilized. The Corps can maximize safety and minimize legal liability by using other alternatives.
  24. The only other handgun I recently thought of adding to my safe was a Keltec PMR30, just to plink with, but since I just saw one at Auction Arms about to tap out at $1200+. Hmmmm, a gun that was selling for about $299 a few weeks ago... guess I really don't want one that bad!


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