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  1. Deep breaths everybody,,,deep breaths. :pleased:   I like Reloaders Bench, they've always been priced at what I call normal suggested retail (or market price), no bargains, but they usually had anything you needed. Things are wacky right now, so they have their troubles as well. As a small business, I can bet they aren't getting the wholesale prices they once had either, so you can't expect them to sell at 'normal' prices.   I've posted it before...until everybody quits buying ammo at ridiculous prices, ridiculous prices will stay. I will not pay $30 or $40 for a .22 brick, much less $50 or $60! I've been doing some fishing lately, minnows have not gone up at all. :pleased:
  2. My brother deer hunts with a Weatherby .300 mag., using Nosler 165gr ballistic tips. The golf ball size exit hole is impressive, and as he'll tell you, "I don't eat ribs, and don't have to track 'em."   I use a 7/08 with 140 gr Nosler ballistic tips ... I have to track them...sometimes...but I always find them.   But I will admit, drop dead in tracks is a blessing if you're hunting hills and 'hollars'...especially if you're on the hill and your deer goes down the 'hollar'!
  3. Hmmmm, those mobile rocket launchers almost look like models from Godzilla ... LOL
  4. Greg, Great story ... and beautiful rifles. Here's an idea you may want to consider. Write down on paper a short article about those rifles ... the history, specs, what they meant to your father, what they mean to you, and what you want your kids to know later down the road about the whole story when they get older. Then seal it and put it in safe keeping. A lot of things said get forgotten over time, dried ink does not forget. I'm fortunate to have my 35 year-old-son close by and we still shoot together when we can. I'll start to talk about this or that gun of mine and a deer story behind it, or where and when I got that gun and he won't remember that I told him those same stories 25 years ago. So I've started to write down information on my favorite guns and their history as I now have three grandsons. None are old enough to shoot yet, but I have some rifles earmarked for them. There are no guarantees in life, so I want a record of my firearm legacy to them, in case I'm not around, because one day it will matter to them. Walt
  5. Dang...that scared the bejesus out of me! Don't do that!
  6. I'm with ya Will, but wish I would've waited for the explanation, because I slugged my barrel and now my hand is sore as hell! :rofl:
  7. Seems like a lot of concern over selling a box of ammo among us otherwise pretty decent folks ... especially when I saw on the news last week that prison inmates filed more than 173,000 fraudulent tax returns last year ... and the IRS can't get a handle on it. :yuck:   ...just saying :pleased:
  8.   Totally agree ... WE need to just say NO to overpriced ammo. And we need to start here. One only has to look at our own TGO classifieds to see the profit making going on with ammo. It has caused an artificial shortage in my opinion. If WE would just suck it up and do without for a few months, I believe the gougers would go away. Everyone has some stash for SHTF stuff, but to keep buying at ridiculous prices makes no sense. If you're a target shooter, shoot up some of your old stuff or grab a pole and go fishing instead for a couple months and wait. I mean, how fun would target shooting be if you're burning $1 a round .223 or plinking .22s at 15-20 cents a shot!?  Here's an interesting video on the subject and I believe has merit...    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjVqZ_--0Cs
  9. Guess I'm old school about my 1911s. To me, FS is like putting spinners on a 57 Chevy ... but hey, we got some fun conversation out of the post :popcorn:
  10. Wow ... looks like I'm preaching to the choir. So Steelharp, what's the practical you see about the forward cuts? I mean if you want to check if loaded, how 'bout tug at the rear with the muzzle down and forward.
  11. Is it just me? That's why I want to see some views/opposing views on this subject.   I think companies cutting front cocking serrations on 1911s should be tarred and feathered. In my very humble opinion, front cuts totally destroy the aesthetics of an otherwise good looking, timeless design. It's like gun machinists gone wild...45s are just looking too 'busy' anymore. It's like lets see how many things we can 'cut' into this 1911, front slide, front grip stipples, grip safety bottle opener.... and what's the purpose of the front serrations? I thought we're taught to keep our cotton pickin' fingers away from the muzzle of a gun!   I won't buy a 1911 with front serrations. In fact, if I found a fantastic deal and it had front cuts, I'd fill them in with Bondo! :rofl:   Your turn.
  12.   LOL ... Yeah, my son and I would like to get in your squad again, and he told me he's leaving that fancy dancy CZ at home next time. He's got an XD that would be a whole lot less controversial :pleased: You (and your wife, and Hognut ... enough kudos to go around to all) gave me some great pointers that day ... so I only have about 249 more questions and I think I may have this IDPA thing down.
  13. I picked up a .22 rifle in Huntsville a couple weeks ago. After filling out the paper work, and getting my wallet out, he asked me if I wanted a brick of ammo to go with it. I said "You've got .22 bricks?" He said yeah, but only when you purchase a gun in that caliber. Almost makes me think the bottom may really fall out on certain firearms as the ammo gets harder to find.   I know personally I'm done buying firearms for awhile. I can't feed the ones I own as it is. :down:
  14. I've got a Redding BR powder measure. Very accurate with both flake and ball powder and I've been using it for about 20 years now without a problem.
  15. Did this about 30 years ago when a groundhog came out while hunting doves...cut it, and slid it in the chamber of my 870. The slug worked, the shooter didn't...missed the groundhog, and he stayed in his hole after that until I was long gone.   It works in a pinch, especially useful during certain seasons like in Ky, where you cannot legally possess a slug while hunting ...like ducks, doves, etc., definitely an old McGyver trick...er, no...he didn't use guns...wuss... :rofl:
  16. I told my son that his fancy dancy pistol would raise questions...lol. I have shot it though and shooting 10 yard bullseye, its fricken awesome.   Me ... I used my beater Springfield G.I. model today at Gallatin at turtle's pace, but did manage 'most accurate'...guess not bad for a first timer. I credit my RO's for all their great instruction and patience for us 'new guys.' Thanks Gallatin for a fun shoot.
  17.  Is that the same gunsmith that's in the back of the pawnshop on Waters street?
  18. First time for my son and I to ever shoot the range. We enjoyed it and will be back. Was impressed how smooth it was ran and what great range officers we had (LagerHead). They ran a safe, tight ship but without a range nazi attitude and that was deeply appreciated. We left learning a few things about shooting steel, and met some great folks at the same time who were more than happy to share tips and opinions about gear, guns, etc. Hope to make it a regular monthly run. MCTS does it right!
  19. Dolomite, Tell me your precaution recommendations on handling hard cast lead bullets. I don't cast, but have bought and loaded hard cast bullets for years. I always loaded, handling the cast bullets with my bare hands, but washing with soap and water after a loading session. Should I be wearing surgical gloves? I won't want to, but I guess I would. thanks...
  20. Firerescue02 on this site has it from time to time, and at a good price.
  21. Well, I wish I knew how to post a photo of my bike (04 Road King) on this thread, but I don't. But one thing for sure, I think we need to do a TGO Saturday run somewhere when the weather gets right!
  22. Hey Grunt, I can't say enough about my model B, I bought it in 1980 and its still going. No telling how much brass its cleaned, especially since my other reloading buddies back then, who were also just getting started, would bring their brass over for me to clean too ... tightwads...LOL.
  23. Just FYI, but I broke a belt on my Mod. B this week. I usually break a belt about every two years. So they are durable. However, I had brass to clean, and Midway was out of stock (like everything else). I did find another at a rock collectors website and ordered it, $12.50 including shipping, but THEN I saw on another site where someone used a vacuum cleaner belt.   Well, I went to my local Walmart to see what they had. Of all the belts, there was only one that was round, vs flat, that kind of looked like it might work. For $2.50 I took the gamble and bought the package of two. To my delight, yep, fit just fine, though I had to give it a rolling start as it was just a bit tighter, though I'm sure it'll stretch. Been tumbling brass for a few days now with it, no problem.   Since I ordered the replacement belt already, I will use it when it comes in and keep the vacuum belts for back-ups, but if you have a Mod B Thumler and break a belt, here's your quick fix,,, Wally World, Eureka RD by Durabelt, fits (Eureka 400 and a few more).   Worked for me. Good day. :up:


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