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  1. Cold Steel may not produce it, but whoever does it for them, I like it. My 7" Lynn Thompson Tanto Recon is quite the blade.
  2. If anything, we sure got some TGO members talking and debating, over CC and OC, and that's ok. We are all brothers of our belief in the second amendment and opinions will be formed. My opinion (and it is mine) on CC and OC is that if I'm in the woods, hunting, fishing, whatever, I'll be packing OC. If I'm in public places, I'll be CCing. Why? I think most of us carry because it's possible, not probable, but possible, that we could run into a bad apple and a bad situation one day. If that were the case, I'd rather he not see I was the first threat he needed to take out because I was OC. No, I'd rather keep the element of surprize and A., not escalate the situation, or B., get the drop on him when he least expected it.
  3. I don't even drink Starbucks, but I did stop in and bought TWO caramal mockey somethings for the wife and I, and gave a nod of thanks for supporting 2nd amend rights. The Manager said they saw no decline in sales today, didn't think they would in Tn...thank God for country folk.
  4. Hello David, When I go to my old PMs, it won't let me reply back. It says "You cannot reply. All other recipients have left this conversation." A new trick I need to know? Thanks...Walt
  5. 221 Fireball

    CZ 527

    Yeah, like I said, I love the CZs. I might have to add one of these to the collection. I'm curious of a range report of accuracy from MrBrian, once he mounts a scope. Really interested how tight a group he can get out of some surplus ammo. I think a straight 4 power would be a pretty good choice for the type of close range shooting this carbine would be suited for.
  6. Would like to get a shotgun dipped, anyone know of a good company?
  7. 221 Fireball

    CZ 527

    Depends on what you're going to be using it for mostly. I have a 4x12 Redfield on my 221 in the photo, but I've pretty much gone all Leupold on my other rifles. The Redfield has served well, and there is really no reason to replace it, but if I would, it be a Leupold. Depends on your budget, but for a bit less money, I have had great luck with Burris and Weaver. I put a Weaver Grandslam on my .243 and a Burris on my 7/08...both good scopes. You'll have to give me a report on that 7.62. I think it would make a handy little deer rifle as a woods gun. Ballistic wise, it should do anything a 30-30 can, out to a 100-150 yards anyway. I've thought of getting one myself for a centerfire plinker. I assume it would shoot surplus military stuff ok, anyone out there try that yet? If it does, that be some cheap shooting!
  8. 221 Fireball

    CZ 527

    I've owned a lot of nice rifles, some more expensive than the CZ. But without a doubt, the CZs are some of my favorites. My CZ527 in .221 Fireball, hence my username, is the one on top of the pile of favorite rifles. The accuracy is impressive, and its just one of those good feeling rifles to have in your hands ...especially when the varmints are running. I had another 527 in .204 Ruger, and it was a tack driver also, but wouldn't do anything the Fireball wouldn't do, so I sold it and got a CZ550 Varmint in .308. It will shoot minute of angle out of the box with factory ammo to 300 yards, and maybe more but I have yet to find a range over 300. For those who might not know, both the 527 and 550 comes with a set trigger, so nice on the target bench. Gosh, after reading all this praise, CZ should send me a check! LOL
  9. Don't hold that against me, had to do 36 years with Dept. of the Army at Fort Knox, before they let me retire and move down here to "God's Country." Love the folks of the south, and yes President Obama, I WILL cling to my guns and my religion... heh,heh. I love to hunt, shoot, buy, sell and trade guns. I love to varmint hunt, and as my user name states, love my little CZ .221 Fireball, what a sweet rifle and the coolest little varmint round I've ever played with. Low noise, no recoil, but Big coyote medicine. I also like range shooting, mostly .45 auto challenges, steel plates, etc. Please post if you know of anything close to Nashville area, as I said, new to Tn. Glad to see this type of Website. God Bless our Soldiers and God Bless America.


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