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  1. You just brought up an extremely important point—we cannot go it alone and I am concerned with my extended family and their “head in the sand” mentality.
  2. I live in a rural area; however I work in Murfreesboro and that concerns me the most. All my family has a commute that could take us to problem areas. My son and I have “get home bags” we carry with us all the time. I just need to convince my wife and daughter that they need to do the same. I do need to stock up on more water, food, MRE's, etc. so we can avoid getting out for a longer period of time just in case. My 3-5 day emergency stash doesn’t seem to be adequate anymore. I look forward to reading all these responses and determine what else I should consider.
  3. Another vote for the BCM ambi charging handle.
  4. I have worked at the same automotive manufacturing facility for 25 years and I am now furloughed for at least two weeks. I have a feeling it will go longer. At least I have time to reload now and have a good stockpile in the makings!!!
  5. Welcome!! Please share some of the hikes you enjoyed. I'm always on the lookout for good hiking options other than the Smokies.
  6. phiferran

    Ruger 57

    What are the odds that Ruger comes out with their pistol carbine in that caliber that takes the same magazines as the 5.7 pistol???
  7. Running a CMMG lower parts kit,so I feel good about that. I only used the cheap charging handle cause I used my good one on my new AR pistol build.
  8. I second this, but I am biased since I served on the Battleship Wisconsin when it was recommissioned in 1988. I took my family there a couple of years back and still remembered all the spots where I was reprimanded by the Master Chief!!! There is also a boat trip that takes you by all Naval ships stationed at Norfolk which is impressive.
  9. So, I'm at the range shooting my AR and run into a problem with some ammo leaving unburned powder and gunked up my rifle. I didn't know about the powder at the time, but I did have a double feed which also caused my bcg to get stuck. After inspecting it when I got home, my old Anderson charging handle will not fit anymore--had to get a plastic hammer to knock it out. First time I had a charging handle expand and not fit anymore. My charging handle from PSA works fine in it. Seems like a good time to buy a BCM or Radian Raptor handle. Just curious, anybody had a similar issue??
  10. You are killing me!!!! Just finished building an ar pistol that I don't need and this pops up!! I have to go check my gun fund!!!
  11. I'm glad this sold or I would suffer the same fate as hipower!!!
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