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Found 38 results

  1. DixieOutfitter

    1187 Super Mag Issue

    I have a Rem 1187 Super Mag, after shooting several 3 1/2 “ rounds it will not go into battery. The barrel seems to slide backwards and will not let the bolt go back into position. After this happens it is impossible to pull the barrrel out while taking it apart. I have to work the action slamming the bolt like it’s pushing the barrel back into place. Has anyone ever saw this or know a fix for it? Thanks!
  2. PoofNoEyeBrows

    Rem 700 / True Action

    Looking for referals. Need a good gunsmith to true a Rem 700 action.
  3. Hello guys, I know this gun (H&K usp .357 sig) is hard to find but I'm sure someone is selling one somewhere. Please is anyone is selling one or if you know somewhere I can go to find one I would love some advice. I was reading that a member named Creepy was selling his a couple yrs back I wonder if he ever got rid of it? Again some help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!!
  4. Purchased the software about a year ago. Then realized ‘garbage in=garbage out’ so I then purchased a Pro Chrono for velocity measurements. I would like to spend some time with someone who is experienced with the software to learn “tip,tricks and traps” to get me over the initial hump of learning how to use Quickload. I’m a little overwhelmed with what the software can do and I am over analyzing everything. “Analysis Paralysis” I’ve printed out the Quickload manual and read through it several times. I do have many years of reloading behind my belt and recently got back into it after divorce, college, raising family and other life events that shifted my priorities. Could some kind soul allow me to spend an afternoon with them so I can pick their brains and experience? Willing to travel an hour or so and provide pizza and refreshments for your time.
  5. I need help? My husband has want to take the handgun carry class and get a small concealed weapon for some time now and I have been his detourant... I know shame. He's a sportsman hunting fishing etc. But nothing small... I want to change that for Christmas! But I have no idea what to get or ask for or if I'm being ripped off? Can someone please help?
  6. Just to be crystal clear up front, I'm specifically NOT trying to sell any guns here, trying to get advice on how to proceed. My wife's uncle passed away, and his wife legally passed his gun collection down to us. We are keeping what we want, and are attempting to sell the rest. I sold some of them to our local shop, but the price that they're offering on two specific items is way too low - that's what they're able to offer, specifically based on their current inventory (a glut of these specific types of handguns). Just for reference, what they're offering is around 45% of the price I've seen these specific guns sell for privately. I understand they need to make money (and don't begrudge them that at all), but for the others they purchased from me, they gave me around 70% - 75% of what they're going to sell them for. With the show coming up this weekend, I figured I'd go up and try to sell them - as near as I can tell, it would be pretty safe (from a legal perspective) for me as a seller; assuming the prospective buyer has a current TN carry permit, the state of TN has done a legal background check, and I can be assured as a seller that to the best of my knowledge (to meet the state's requirements for a private sale) the buyer is legally allowed (by the state) to purchase, correct? Next question: according to a 2015 story, RK Gun Shows (whom the upcoming show is put on by) is no longer allowing private sales at their shows without a background check. Does the buyer having a current TN carry permit meet that requirement? If this doesn't meet that requirement, is there a way to have the check done at the show prior to the sale? To be perfectly honest, I'm not interested in meeting up with someone in the parking lot just to avoid running afoul of RK Show's rule. I'd much rather do it safely (from both a personal and legal perspective) and keep it all above board. As a condition of the sale, I will be capturing the individual's personal information, including their HCP number / DL number (since they're the same thing in TN). For my (legal) peace of mind, I will not be selling to someone who doesn't have a permit, and I would have serious issues selling to someone who would have an issue with providing me that documentation for a private sale. I just want to handle this all correctly, legally, and above-board - please let me know if I can clarify anything, I apologize for the length of this post - I just wanted to be as clear and specific as possible!
  7. Damethedude

    Changing the minds of the masses!!

    How can we convince major gun companies that the .357 sig is not a dying caliber and is an amazing round that is in a league of it's own when compared to other stout rounds, also convince more major gun manufacturers to start producing the gun again in multiple variations to appease their loyal gun community. THESE GUNS WILL SALE!!!JUST MAKE EM ALREADY!
  8. I have been seriously looking at some armor to add to my gear. Rarely am I really looking at tactical style gear. I like to be a little lower profile than that. So I have no experience with it. I also need to keep it in a budget that keeps me out of the dog house. My better half does not approve of my, as she calls it, "crazy ideas." I fully know the old "you get what you pay for". That is why the prices I am seeing from AR500.com make me ask. I see sub $200 plate carriers with level III armor plates. I know the carriers are not ballistic, so that explains part of it. So does anyone have one if these? Do you like it? Is it comfortable? I have a gut, so that is a worry for me. I don't want it riding up to my chin. Btw, I did look st some older posts, but they were old enough that I thought it wise to get updated info. Thanks in advance
  9. msliger

    Gun identification

    Can anyone help me indentify this. Caliber, year, make ; value? Thanks in advance
  10. I'm finally going to add a red dot to my Sig MPX. I'm leaning towards the one of the Holosun models but I really don't have any experience with this. Is there a reason why I should pay $30 more for the orange lens over a yellow lens? Should I pay more to get the solar panel on top? https://www.opticsplanet.com/holosun-paralow-hs403a-red-dot.html I'm open to other suggestions as well.
  11. Anybody have any experience with Anderson barrels? I found one in 300 blk out.
  12. IdRatherBeFlying

    Handgun Carry Question/ Insight

    A while ago my dad had bought a handgun for himself while living here in Tennessee, when I got out of bootcamp and got my handgun permit, he gave it to me as a present ( I was 19 at the time also there is no bill of sale/ paper trail because he just gave it to me) he has since moved to Alabama but I have still have and carry that same handgun today. Is that OK? Am I allowed to carry that gun purchased by my dad who was a tn resident at that time but has now moved to Alabama?
  13. Anyone in the Nashville area that restores broomhandle Mausers? This is a family piece handed down to me and it's in rough shape but I'd like to try and restore it. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
  14. I took a friends PIC Decatur Ga cal .22 revolver apart to clean. I always take pictures so I will know exactly how to reassemble the parts. However, in this case a part fell out during disassembly without me knowing where it came from. I have attached a photo of the part in question. The part is 1/4" long. Does anyone have an idea of where this part goes? Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the image being upside down.
  15. Ahitchc4

    AR pistol and SBR advice

    If there is a thread similar to this please direct me. I looked for about 5 minutes. I’m about to start a pistol build and I’m looking for some advice. What is the optimal barrel and rail length? I have a 14.5” rifle with a pinned flash hider to make it 16” now just to put that into perspective. Also I’m looking to make this with mid level components. What braces perform the best? Any recommendations on barrel besides Daniel Defense? I know they’re good to go. Last question. I know it costs around $200 for the stamp to SBR a rifle. That’s just for one single lower that you can put any length barrel upper on correct? Also how long does is usually take to get that stamp back in TN?
  16. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any experience with these. My dad is wanting one. Seems like it would be pretty cool. I like how you can control the pressure. Also, can anyone recommend a good compressor? https://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Seneca_Sumatra_2500_500cc_Reservoir/1077 Thanks in advance!
  17. TGO David

    Why do I need an AK-47?

    Why do I need an AK-47? It's a pretty simple question, really. I think I want one, but I am not really sure why. I have always owned AR platform rifles. All of my gear is for the AR platform. I have been tempted by the AK many times over the years but never dipped my toes into those waters. I have only shot a handful of them over the past two decades. But, again, I think that maybe I want one. Like a lot of folks, I was ready to buy one last October as we ran up toward the election, but then I breathed a sigh of relief when Hillary was kept out of office. Talk me into or out of this.
  18. Just a question tonight for those more educated than me on this subject. When it comes to charging handles, do you go with the big name guys with the big price tags? Or do you go with the 20+/- models? Thinking of trying my had at a couple of builds, and would like some advice. Thanks.
  19. tldr650

    Converted Makarov?

    Just picked up a Bulgarian Special Edition Makarov. The 9x18 ammo I purchased does not fit. The slide does not fully close and the bullet does not fit in the front of the barrel. How can I check if this was converted to another caliper like a .380? I read that was a common conversion at one time. I purchased the gun from a lawyer doing an estate sale so he has no idea. Thanks
  20. My 1945 Savage 6A jams in the guide clip. I have tried lots of different brands of ammo. I now have over a thousand rounds that I can't fire. The rifle will fire if I spend two to three minutes working it out of the clip I have replace the springs.
  21. I got a Lee Load All II over 20yrs ago, and never used it :/ Doesn't look like they've changed in all that time(?) ...Anyways. I'd like to replicate some of the 9 pellet low-recoil (1150 fps) stuff I've been shooting from brands like Fiocchi.... I'm not really interested in loading anything else right now. Slugs would probably be next. Anyone know of a good recipe(s) for what I'm looking for? And is there anywhere to get 00 buck shot at a price that makes sense, or will i need to cast my own for reloading to save me any money? I'm in an apartment, so that would be tricky :/ If this question is a lot more complicated than i'm thinking , links would be appreciated too. Thanks!!
  22. Hornady has a 6mm neck size die that doesn't indicate which 6mm it refers to. I specifically need die for 6mm creedmoor. Someone has told me this "should" work. Will this work on any cartridge with a 6mm neck? They make a die specifically for 6mm BR which makes me think all 6mm are not created equal. I'd greatly appreciate anyone who can shed light on this.
  23. This may be a longshot. I picked up an old Llama IXA for $150, and figured it would be a fun little resto project that wouldn't break the bank. The last piece I'm missing is the extractor spring. This is part #10 shown in the attached schematic. I'm having a hell of a time finding this little sumbitch. Anyone out there what size/ load this spring is supposed to be, or if it is interchangeable with any other firearms? If someone had one laying around, that would be even better. TIA.
  24. Lately, I have increasingly more been thinking about either sending a Glock 19 slide off to be milled for a Trijicon RMR, or buying a slide or perhaps even full handgun already equipped with a red dot sight. I would like to hear from those of you who already have gone down this road. I do not have problems sighting with traditional irons. I do, however, love the way my red dots work on my carbines, SBRs and PDWs. I think that I would like a red dot on a handgun equally well. One option is perhaps purchasing another Sig P320C but this time getting the RX model with the Romeo1 sight already installed. What do you guys have? Post pics of your setup, if you want. I'm sure that seeing them would push me over the edge.
  25. I am in the market for a second generation CZ P-07 9mm. If any of you know of a shop that has one in stock in the Nashville area, or if you have a gently used one that you would like to sell, please let me know.

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