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Community Answers

  1. Choate works well. If it is dimpled you will either have to punch the dimples or Dremel them down. I've always dremeled them down.
  2. From reports, girl thinking she was a boy. Used a Keltec Sub2000, Grunt AR, and m&p Shield EZ. She shoot through a glass door to get in. Then fired from a second story window at arriving cops. So glad the MNPD pushed through the fire, to stop her. Uvalde should be humiliated and ashamed.
  3. Listing this for my son. We got this here on TGO and my son has been riding for a year now, but he's wanting something a little different. It is a great , fuel efficient, fun bike, that is easy to ride. I'm a bigger guy that rides a 1900cc Yamaha Stratoliner bagger daily and this S40 is an easy and fun ride. We rode 1k miles on our last trip covering everything from winding mountain roads to interstate and the S40 had no problems keeping up. In fact he outmaneuvered me on the switchbacks pretty easily. 6800 miles $3500 or partial trades for firearms. He is looking for an Sport Touring or Adventure bike in the 800-1200cc range if you have one to sell or trade. What he's added: - Voodoo Café Turnout muffler 19.75": It's LOUD! in a good way (the color variation is where me melted his jogger pants on the muffler.) - DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap - Kuryakyn Heavy Duty mirrors - DC Motive Speedo/Tach/Trip (GPS Speedo, Tach not connected) mainly for the trip meter to manage fuel levels - new Raptor Fuel Petcock - Shorai Lithium Battery - (new) Mikuni VM36 Carb - Sigma Jet Kit - Avon Air-90 Grips - K&N Air Filter - all LED lights (easily removable) - Slipstream Spitfire QD windshield and hardware included (not installed) - Willie & Max throwover saddlebags - under carriage accent LED lights with remote - USB quick charger - QD seat retaining pins (best mod ever for theses!) That's bug splat not pitting.
  4. Go to see that black van back! Looking forward to seeing you back on this side of the country.
  5. Context. It's the next step to reading comprehension. Haha. You seem like a pleasant fellow. Good luck to you.
  6. Ironically .... I think you've answered your own question.
  7. How the heck is anyone supposed to know your post count on AKfiles and reputation to make transactions on TGO. This a regional/state forum. Nothing like a big city guy coming to a small town to declare his importance. Tends to rub the small town guys the wrong way no matter how big the city was. You gotta earn your reputation where you're at not, where your from.
  8. I can appreciate it. Tennessee is a very long state. Happens to all of us. True, some more than others but I've had this happen to me quite a bit. I just understand, if things are in the Memphis area, Chattanooga, or Knoxville areas I'll probably miss out. I can offer but I understand the reality. And rarely, if ever will I ship. Just not worth the hassle and risk most if the time.
  9. Yeah, an "I'll take it" with a delay condition is not an I'll take it. It's "I'll take it" and most convenient that gets it. A weeks delay is a sellers discretion to agree to or not. The seller has the right to accept what is most convenient for him. An "I'll take it" does not give the buyer the ability to dictate the terms after the fact.
  10. I needed to hear this like I need a hole in the hand.
  11. Smith

    Premium Gas

    In 9mm I really like Federal HST 115 +p. Recently, I've been liking the Barnes Tac-XPD 115g +P. When I can't find those, I've used Hornady Critical Defense and some Federal 9BPLE I've had in quantity for some time.
  12. Bellshire Hardware would be a good one to use. https://www.ffldealernetwork.com/nashville/southeast/bellshire-hardware-co-inc


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