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  1. I've had one of their 9mm front charge uppers for awhile now and it's been fantastic. Very easy to use and is quality made. Of course with the front charge uppers your locked in to their handguard but I've never had a desire or need for anything else.
  2. As et45 said, technically/legally no.... but going back to Janet Reno they were keeping the books, making copies of books etc. in violation of law.
  3. Decided I don't need two of the same, so I'll stick to my CR920. Here's my comparison of the two Micro Dagger vs. CR920 Great shooting and carry gun. Comes withe 3-15 rnd mags and Shadow Systems trigger. The SS trigger is a good carry upgrade trigger over the stock trigger OEM trigger included. Sold for it all.
  4. Fantastic pocket/carry gun. This is the ultralight factory bobbed hammer version. Even being small and light, its an easy one to shoot. All the springs are upgraded S&W springs. One of the best double action triggers in a revolver I've handled. I've handled a few ;). Comes with a Kydex OWB holster, original grips, Hogue (if I can find it), and Pachmyer grips. Sold . With Hogue Grips.
  5. Optics ready and the flat trigger are huge desirables. $400-$450 on a base 2.0, Add another $100 for the optics ready and trigger. With the mags $525 is a very fair price.
  6. Oh wow, the factory must have been busy! That's the most micro's I've ever seen available ... for more than an hour.
  7. Trust me I am trying to find some way to justify it!
  8. Oh my! I loved my 1300. Got taken out from under me and I found a Stratoliner. Even with the strat I miss that 1300!
  9. Reading through this, I don't like the idea of "tracking" my family. While we use Life360 for practical purposes any of my kids can remove the app or turn it off. Like anything, it can be useful or abused.
  10. All my family is on Life360. We don't use it to watch people but to let us know where we are. Its been very helpful. Me and the wife do have to intentionally not invade the kids space, but they can see us too. It works for us. My kids are 21, 19, 17, and 14. I think it helped that we started it as a way for them to know where me and my wife were, when they were younger and they couldn't drive. It's good accountability if nothing else.
  11. I haven't, but everything I've read says they work together seamlessly.
  12. Been wanting to see how these compared. Finally got a Micro Dagger last week and thought I'd pass on my experience. Quality: the handling and feel of the CR920 is better on every level. It's one of those things you can just see and feel. The PSA isn't bad, it just doesn't have anything unnecessary or extra. It just doesn't "look" refined. The CR920 has all the little extras. Handling: the PSA actually shoots better. The micros trigger is slightly heavier but more crisp and consistent. The CR920 is a little on the mushy side and the break is a bit soft. It's not bad but in a side by side comparison, it's noticeable. However, the CR920 feels better in my hand. While the CR920 feels smaller it also feels a bit wider than the PSA. The PSA feels great but feels vanilla at the same time. Accuracy: both would hit where they were pointed ... when I did my job. However, the slight mush of the CR920 trigger opened the groups of a bit. Both are more accurate than me. I think with a bit of trigger refinement the CR920 will be better than the PSA, but not in it's stock configuration. Mags: the PSA mags worked great but they look and feel cheap with the partial poly makeup. Mag lockup of the PSA was also a bit loose feeling and feedback was neutral at best. I would often double check that they were seated. Once I thought it was and when it wouldn't charge the first round, I found it hadn't fully seated. The CR920 mags locked in consistently with positive feedback and looked quality. Extras: none of my kydex CR920/43x mos holsters fitted the PSA securely. I have a dedicated holster from Eclipse holsters coming for the PSA. Both take Glock sights Bottom line: I ran both with Holosun 407K-GR and like them both! They both have standard pic rails (Big negative I had with the P365). The CR920 has the ability to be smaller with the different mag sizes. The PSA has 15 rnd mags (+2 over the CR920). I would have no problem if I only had one over the other. Is one better? Eh the CR920 is more refined but you pay for it. The PSA is cheaper and less refined but does all the fundamentals right ... get both.
  13. Finally got to run some rounds through the K6S. It shoots as nice as it looks. The combat grips are a must, if you want to shoot it very much. Carries extremely well. Light, tight, and barely noticeable. I got Garret Holsters to make their Silent Thunder STX 2.0 for it. This is my favorite OWB holster for semi autos.... and now revolvers. 38's were very manageable. Won't say it was .22 light shooting but it wasn't 9mm shooting either. 357 is snappy but not too much to handle. Very impressed with the trigger. DA was very nice and, SA was extremely nice. I did add xs sights and they worked as well as semi auto sights. Best revolver sights ever. It's a keeper.
  14. Yeah, the combat grip is almost mandatory.
  15. I'm kind of the opposite, but then again I don't have a whole lot of revolver attachment. I was torn between a western style SA revolver to go with my lever gun (.357) and a pragmatic revolver in .357 to pair with my lever gun. The modern feel of the K6S was a huge bonus for me, even though I like the looks of the western style. Particularly over the feel of the King Cobra. If I got stuck with one rifle and long gun platform and ammo wasn't an issue, I would go with this setup. A .357 revolver and a 16" .357 lever.


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