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Community Answers

  1. Couldn't they just take the whole headrest out with the push of a button or a little force? Seems like a great idea that is terrible.
  2. Yeah, I'm hypocritical on that point. Too many potential legal issues or threat of issues in today's climate.
  3. While that may be true, hypothetically speaking, I'm not selling under those conditions.
  4. I would operate under the law as I know it, 21 on the handgun. Ability to own and carry is not the same as ability to buy. I would not sell to a 19 year old. I left out the 21 in my first post but I usually say that attached to the "are you 21 and legally able to own a firearm" for handguns.
  5. 1. Are you a TN resident? 2. Are you legal to own a firearm? (Not a felon). I usually just ask, "are you at TN resident? and you're not a felon?" The ID and everything after that is unnecessary. You will get strong opinions about the extras and the methods but the above is all that is required by the letter of the law. Personally, I will do no more and no less. I understand Bill of Sales, but out of principal, I will not participate in those transactions.
  6. The dream! Glad for you!
  7. That has more to do with culture, population density, and geographical aspects than criminology and or penalties. That being said, the rehabilitation experiment has faired far worse than the punitive model. Even with those above mentioned dynamics. So, with crime being a constant, punitive works better than rehabilitation on the whole.
  8. It's this a pre-op for Biden? That being said, if you've done your time, you've done your time. When it's over, you're restored. Make sentences mean something and quit all the early, plea, negotiating releases, and sentences, etc. That's just for politics anyway. Do it and be done. It's idealistic but how I'd prefer it to be.
  9. Just make one with some spare wood.
  10. You really need to add a block under the frame. Pulling those straps down on the suspension has castrostrophic potential as you bounce down the road. Also, it'll hold tight and not compress with the suspension. Plus, the straps are only stabilizing and not putting retention stress on parts.
  11. Haha it was not great but it was no Gun City!
  12. Yep, it's where I went because it was quiet. It wasn't the best when it was full, but I went when it wasn't.
  13. Just saw that yesterday. There's a note on the door but I didn't read it. I believe the owners are from Ohio?
  14. Also, have 1500 rnds cased ammo I could include. $525 (.35 rnd)
  15. Got this in a trade but need the cash. Very lightly used Century VSKA AK-47. I added a Polish lever actuated wire folder (very cool and hard to find) and Magpul furniture. The original Choo wood was pretty ... pretty fragile. 13 mags. $SPM Nashville area. 8 - combloc metal mags 1 - Magpul 30 rnd mag 1 - Magpul 10 rnd mag 3 - generic plastic 30 rndwaffle mags


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