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  1. I've got the SR2 Baton II, HR2, and a PL-mini 2 (on my G19) and love them all. Event got the wall mounted charging stand. Great stuff and Willis is a great guy to deal with.
  2. Smith


    One post from Boston Mass on a state gun forum and this is the thread? Interesting.
  3. It's a Manticore Renegade front HG, per the description. I got to beta test these when they came out and they are awesome. They also have a top cover with optic mount available as well.
  4. Smith

    TICS Denied

    Typically, the inital TICS check flags anything that might be suspect, like two names, one with a felony and issue a denial. Usually, in these cases, the appeal will actual verify you using the social, address, etc and get overturned. If you consistently get denied you will have to submit your fingerprints to keep on file and they will them give you a number that you will enter on all future TICS forms to clear the issue. It's debated, but I've have seen denials based on DUI's. It's murky but does happen, although it's inconsistent. Best thing, is to see how the appeal goes and then you'll have a better idea.
  5. Thought I had it sold. Lots of interest, but technically still available. Bump.
  6. BTW the bolt is not PSA it is a Spinta. Much better than stock,
  7. The standard for this and virtually all current shooting principles is rooted in the Sykes/Fairbain study/book "Shooting to Live with One Hand Gun". Their study still holds water even if semi auto techniques have changed some of the application. Second I would use the FBI study of the 1986 Miami-Dade shooting. Plenty of info there. Here is a current assessment and some facts pulled to explain the move back to the 9mm. https://sofrep.com/gear/the-reasons-why-fbi-went-to-back-to-9mm/ Yet another http://gundata.org/images/fbi-handgun-ballistics.pdf None of them will give a simple outright answer, but it's all there if you look j through it.
  8. Got this for a project and ended up not using it. Unfired PSA 9mm AR upper 16" with FF 13.5" KeyMod HG, Hybrid bolt and charging handle included. $350 Nashville area.
  9. Got one of these when they came out to see how they measured up and I'm impressed. This is an extra and other needs have arisen. Very smooth billet trunion AK. I did change the stock piston for a Dolomite recoil reducing piston. Dolomite is awesome BTW. Furniture is refinished Romanian wood. Grip is MD Arms Molot grip. Comes with two Bulgarian Poly Com mags. Like new, un-fired. $650 Nashville area. Not looking to trade
  10. You're right except for the fact they did rewrite the Civil rights Act in blatant unconstitutional form ... unless that is the kind of action you referred to in paragraph 3.
  11. Everything about Roberts is now clear after the SC rewrote the Civil Rights Act without legislation, over-site, or legality. Same as they did with Obama-Care. The Executive (ironically not somuch Trump) and Judicial branches are moving without checks. It may be better that they ignored the 2a cases at the moment. Even Gorsuch's own words contradicted and confused themselves in an attempt to make an illegal ruling seem appropriate. Yes, ignoring the 2a cases is probable a good thing at the moment.
  12. Condensing my platforms. Much prefer the M&P over Glock but my 9mm AR's are all Glock based. So, I have an unfired M&P 2.0 (4.25) 9mm with 6-15 rnd factory mags, NDZ back plate (have the original), NDZ base plates (mags), Ameriglo CAPS night sights, and Apex Forward Set duty enhancement (springs, sear, aluminum trigger, etc.) Original box and a couple kydex holsters. Trade for G19 Gen5, Gen 4, or MOS like new, . In Nashville

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