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  1. This ^^^^ Historical context helps to understand application and understanding of a principle at a specific time. Principles transcend dynamic application. In other words, the reason the Constitution transcends time and culture is because the principles are "found to be self evident". What we wrestle with is the "application" of the principle in a changing culture not the principle. However, the leftists are attempting to remove the principle. That is the slippery slope with a cliff into the abyss at the end. Those on our side who can not apply transcendant principles/truth with changing culture are just as bad as those trying to remove the principle all together.
  2. Yeah, and I'm in the middle of dealing with Metro Nashville Codes on a building permit. It's as bad or worse than lumber prices.
  3. Got these for a build and went a different direction. Never used. $100 shipped. Zukov-s folding stock MOE AKM HG MOE AK grip
  4. Wow, a hog with a .22lr? And I thought 5.56 was way underpowered for hogs!
  5. Smith

    $13 Homemade Bow

    That's awesome!
  6. I have no dog in this hunt, but Garrett Holsters are awesome. Leather lined interior and quality kydex shell is the best of all worlds.
  7. I have a new unused/unmounted CMMG 22LR dedicated 4.5” barrel. Got this for a project but went a different direction. $100 shipped. Stock photo, but exactly like this.
  8. I agree. The Californians NEED to be buying all they can get before the state tries to stop it again. Tennesseans could help by not drying up the supply lines unnecessarily. We're on the same page
  9. Want is not the issue! Great deal on a great classic.
  10. It's stuff like this that creates the problem. If you were planning on getting them... get them. If not, hold of till supply replenishes. However, if you just have to.. you also probably need to run to the store for milk, bread, and toilet paper RIGHT NOW!
  11. Like it says ARP 16" barrel Scout 3R barrel and Daniel Defense bolt. Mounted and about 50 rounds put through them. $200 shipped. I'm in Nashville.
  12. 960 rounds factory 6.8 ammo. One loose box is XM68GD (60 rnds) the other two loose boxes are SB68C (50 rnds each). Averaging this at .78 per round. You won't find it cheaper! $750 for it all plus shipping from Nashville, TN

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