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  1. wanted WTB: CZ P-01 or Rami BD

    The "BD" is a de-cocker model. The "B" is a single/double with a manual safety.
  2. Magpul AK folding stock

    I don't care for them. I'd much rather have a receiver block/tapped receiver with a stormworkz hinge and ace style stock. To me, they don't look right and just feel off on an AK. Lots of people love them though, so there's that.
  3. Anyone have experience with a Century M74

    When they are good, they are good. You'll like it.
  4. Anyone have experience with a Century M74

    Yeah, depending on when it was barreled Century was using 5.56 barrels and they had horrible keyholing issues. This is back when when Century was at the height of developing their gorrilla gunsmithing reputation. Supposedly they fixed the issue and their reputation (to some degree) but there are some still out there and I don't think anyone knows how many they brought in that way. Hard to tell without proper gauges. I tend to stay away from those and the Tantals unless I can verify the proper barrel. Dealing with Century for those issues is a nightmare. That being said I had a Tantal and is was a great gun with the proper barrel.
  5. Anyone a member at akfiles.com

    Can't find it now, but pretty sure I had posted this a long time ago. It's looking been know as a possible inconvenience. Glad you got it running.
  6. Toolcraft BCG

    Toolcraft makes bolt carriers for the military, so they should be GTG.
  7. Good brace for a Draco AK pistol?

    Non SBR, you can carry it as a pistol with a HCP, you can cross state lines without the hassle of notifying, you can sell the weapon much simpler, and there are far fewer laws in general to hassle with. The brace is not considered a stock, thus the classification does not push it into NFA purvue. It remains a pistol and can be treated like any common pistol.
  8. Good brace for a Draco AK pistol?

    Like Dolomite said, KAK/shockwave. Once you drill and tap the receiver, the attachment point is a matter of preference. Here's my latest I just sold. Draco Stormwerkz folder and M92 pignose adapter
  9. Where you been hiding out? Been too long!
  10. It's pretty cool once you figure it out. Pretty ingenious. Also, really helps with the hammer bite.
  11. Haha, nothing particular just something interesting. She's the hot girl that gets around.[emoji4]
  12. I'll regret this like the other two times I parted with it on TGO (and got it back haha!), but looking to trade my beautiful FN Hi-power 40. It comes with an EFK 9mm conversion barrel, SFS safety system, C&S extended slide release, and C&S wide combat trigger. Had original box, papers, grips, & 3 mousetrap factory mags. These are great 9mm guns because they have the beefier slide and three barrel lugs. There are two little bumps shown in pics. Not really looking to sell but would trade for something nice or interesting. $1000.
  13. Yeah, cause criminals would never think to drive a stolen care through a cinder block wall or come through a ceiling/roof Can't really stop criminals, but glass is easier and cheaper to replace than walls. Only gripe I have with stores is when they don't use bollards in appropriate places. Of course then they do the above.
  14. Common Sense Gun Laws

    Again, already law and in place. The only difference is in Tennessee we have to go through the state because TN took back the ability, but TICS is set up as a free access system in and of itself. I doubt TN is going to turn down revenue like this. Selling guns illegally is supposed to be an automatic 10 years added to any other penalties.

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