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  1. Yeah, some will. Of course I was more concerned with the slide stripping off Beretta 92FS's/M9's and they've been the military side arm since '85 or using ones hand to block the hammer in revolver/hammer fired guns. Again, good to know, but not really a realistic concern.
  2. If I'm pushing my gun into someone then trying to shoot them afterwords, a whole lot is already wrong. I don't see this as a "flaw". Well, no more a flaw than polyagonal rifling or non fully supported chambers.
  3. I rode a VStar 650 daily for about 5 years and it was fantastic. This one is a great bike. Put several hundred miles on it so far and it will get up and go. Even did about 150 2-up with the wife Saturday and it was a smooth ride. Plenty of power, super stable, and the wife even remarked how comfortable it is. Picture below is how it came. Since, I've put Cobra slip-ons on it and now it really growls. Changed grips and handle bar (Baron's touring) to get a little more height and reach. National Cycle QD windshield for those 2-up rides and saddlebags. Just sent the ECU out to get flashed and dyno results say (with Cobra pipes) it should gain about 10 hp and more torque. The flash will also smooth out the throttle and decel popping. Non of those were bad to begin with but it should really be smooth now. Most of all, I forgot how much I really enjoyed just being out in the air and on the road!
  4. Haha, 2007 Vstar 1300 with 3k on it. Looks brand new and got it for a song.
  5. I'm kind of impressed your company would care enough to track down post on local forums, half way around the world to correct misinformation. May have to take a look at a Girsan.
  6. To a politician, anything that is intended to limit them is an obstacle. Eventually all of the constitution is a problem.
  7. Looking for a cruiser in the 900cc-1300cc range. Don't need anything fancy or flashy, just a good reliable ride.
  8. I can't speak for David, but after seeing his initial response bout going for the C&H plate. I did as well and it was a wise, if not costly choice. It sits a bit lower, has a "recoil" shelf at the front and uses threaded post to get a better thread engagement for the optic. I have the Walther plate as well and would work just fine, but the C&H "mil-spec" is much better.
  9. They'll be enough alcohol to neutralize any virus and it'll be hard to tell if it's the virus or a hangover. BTW with that demographic, I think the virus is the least of the concerns. haha
  10. Withdrawn. To good to let go.
  11. You sure are fired up about peoples perceived take on this story! Context is hard online, but my comment was a tongue-in-check shot at the hypocrisy of the "narrative". Not about Georgia killer or Watson. Sadly, whether Watson is guilty or innocent will make no difference. Much like the true story of Atlanta. It will be how the narrative directs "justice (social)" and how it can be used to further an agenda that only cares with the ideological outcome, not reality or real people.
  12. Protected class. He's the victim of the NFL Elite owner system and his addiction. His addiction will matter.
  13. It's an RPK clone. Com-block answer to the m240/249. Basically an AK with a longer barrel and bi-pod. That particular one is a VEPR, which is built in the Russian special weapons military factory. They are definitely capitalizing on the current state of American politics and import issues. $6k? not a chance. In the past RPK's were usually higher priced and a VEPR would have been a premium version (for some) but mainly because they were a niche collector market item.
  14. (Yeager) Well, it is hard to use an optic ... or a firearm laying facedown in a ditch. He does have experience.
  15. The original/breaking story was 3 dead and read like a small crime gone bad scenario at a low level psuedo prostitution joint. Most big cities, its not even front page. Truly curious why it got so much national traction. It's not a national story, maybe not even a regional story.


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