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  1. I'll start to get worried when I see TGO David shopping at the Nashville Ferrari dealership.
  2. Good choice! Nice they decided to cut services while increasing prices...
  3. I really want to hear the nitty-gritty details of the old hosting company - after you get some rest! I'm used to servers having at least RAID arrays; while not foolproof, they usually help with data loss.
  4. Thanks for all the effort David! Not too many people know how stressful catastrophic software failures are for the guys who have to fix them. I really, really, really hate it when I find out my backups have issues to boot. I've already updated a couple of Trading Post topics and left feedback for a couple of members. \Part of me does feel like I looked at the Men In Black memory eraser...
  5. Found 50 rounds of 200gr RNFP ammo to go with the pistol
  6. This was sold before the great server meltdown of '23. Up for sale is a very, very lightly used Geissele Super Saber trigger pack for a Tavor rifle. It greatly enhances the trigger pull on these rifles. I don't have the original box but even the extra lube comes with it. Asking $275 in the Mt. Juliet area or I can ship this if needed. These are $355 from Geissele, if they have them in stock: https://geissele.com/super-sabra-trigger-pack-iwi-tavor-x95-rifles.html. You can find new ones (in stock) for $400+ on other online resources.
  7. This is sold - thanks for the interest. Up for sale is a KelTec P3AT. I only have one mag (6 round) for this pistol. It comes with the factory box and the pocket holster shown. This makes a great backup gun sporting the .380 ACP cartridge. $175 in the greater Mt. Juliet area.
  8. This was sold before the great server meltdown of '23. Giddy up! Grab this gem and channel your inner cowboy. Just cleaning out some of my safe queens. This has been shot very, very little. I love the color case hardening on the frame. Pictures below should tell you everything you need to know. Comes with the matching box. 50 rounds of 200gr RNFP ammo included. $500 in the greater Mt. Juliet area.
  9. This is SPM Rumor has it owning one of these pistols makes you an honorary member of Seal Team 6. They never asked me to join any missions, so I can't actually confirm the rumor. But you can at least feel like a special forces operator. Continuing my safe cleaning... For sale is a like new Sig Mk 25 with three magazines All the original Sig stuff is in the box. I shot this very little; it was primarily a safe queen $1000 in the general Mt. Juliet area to any legal TN gun owner.
  10. Continuing my safe cleaning. For sale is a like new Glock model 45 MOS with three magazines and a Trijicon RMR. Both gun and optic boxes come along (the optic box in the picture is incorrect but I do have the RMR box) . All the original Glock stuff is in the box, including the other optic mounting plates. I shot this very little (just look at the barrel hood) as I just can't seem to adjust to an optic on a Glock. $1100 in the general Mt. Juliet area to any legal TN gun owner.
  11. For sale is a gently used AimPoint PRO with the original box. Pictures should tell the story but this has spent the vast majority of it's life mounted to a Sig MPX sitting in my safe. $300 in the general Mt. Juliet area.
  12. Doing a bit of safe cleaning. For sale is a HK P7 PSP with one magazine. I do not have the box. Overall, in great shape - there is a bit of discoloration on the right hand side cocking serrations. $1600 in the general Mt. Juliet area to any legal TN gun owner.
  13. Just picked up this carry piece Ruger Mk IV with a little Turnbull magic. I've been lusting after one for awhile and noticed they had one in stock so I jumped on it. Can't wait to try it out. Figured there have to be others on TGO who appreciate what Turnbull can do.
  14. Hindsight is always 20/20 but dash cams are a great tool. Within a few months of moving back to Nashville, and driving into downtown on a regular basis for work, I installed a dash cam just to protect myself from the craziness on I40! At least I'll have video if I ever need it. Cars can be replaced, family members can't!
  15. Good grief - her guardian angel deserves a night off! Glad she is OK.
  16. Welcome to TN from a Wilson Co resident! I moved to Mt. Juliet a couple of years ago after spending most of my adult life in Nashville.
  17. I'd take a look on arrl.org and see if there is a local club. They can be very helpful - since you can sit down and talk to people. arrl.org also provides practice tests, when you are ready. I'd suggest getting a decent study guide and get ready for the Technical exam. Personally, I've had good luck with the ARRL books: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1625951558/?coliid=I3G0DKEKQYU5P2&colid=ZYN195036XL5&psc=1&ref_=list_c_wl_lv_ov_lig_dp_it. But there are tons out there. Someone in a local club may have one they can loan you. I've been a Tech since the early 90s. Upgraded to a General earlier this year. I just need to upgrade my rig so I can get on HF.
  18. This could only happen in my hometown...
  19. I drove by last weekend on another errand and noticed the signs were gone and a note on the door. It might make a nice store front for a knife sharpening and range business...
  20. Plaxico Burress https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plaxico_Burress When I taught carry permit classes years ago, this was my go to "don't do this" example.


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