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  1. Received my Lifetime permit in the mail today. It's only been 9 days. Guess I got lucky.
  2. Went and applied for my renewal / lifetime permit at the Athens (McMinn Co.) DMV this morning. Arrived at 9:05 am, had only 2 people ahead of me, and left at 9:25 am. Lady said it was an unusually slow day so far today, but was standing room only all day last Friday. Now to wait and see how long it takes!
  3. Favorite is still my SIG P226, but it's hardly ever fired anymore. Carry and range guns have become mostly a Glock G4 19 OWB in a DMBullard bodygard, or G4 26 in a pocket RKBA holster when wearing cargo shorts in summer. Carry a SIG 938 in PJ holster kydex pocket around the house and yard.
  4. Just after I first bought my 938 I went out in the back yard and was consistently shooting to the left. Got on here, searched, and decided I was sticking too much finger in the trigger. Corrected that, went to a range with 500 rounds and now POA and POI are the same. My sights do appear to be centered on the slide though!
  5. I started doing some "Armed Guard" security work a couple of years ago and bought a Safariland model 7365 7TS ALS/SLS Low-Ride, Level III Retention Duty Holster as I'm sometimes around large groups of slightly intoxicated college students and wanted to ensure that I retained my weapon. Wasn't sure that I would like the Level III retention for drawing, but I now love that holster. Much better than the leather with snap strap holster I use to use, and with just a little practice have found it very easy and quick to draw a Glock 19 from. Also have a Safariland 7378 ALS Level I holster but now feel that the ALS/SLS is much more secure and just as quick to unlock and draw from so it's all I ever carry..
  6. AMT 45 backup in stainless steel. Suppose to be the smallest 45 semi-auto ever made but, because it's stainless it's too heavy for a pocket gun. Bought new and couldn't get 20 rounds through it without a stovepipe or FTE using either ball or hollow points. It also had a 20+ pound trigger pull and wife couldn't fire it. Had a gunsmith work on it, polished feed ramp, got the trigger pull down to about 12 pounds but started having FTFire with light strikes on primers, about 1 in 5, Found an original mainspring and got rid of lite primer strikes but regained 20 lb trigger pull, however it does now feed reliably with ball ammo. Only drawback now is that due to it's small size, recoil is so harsh I can only fire about 25 rounds through it before my wrist says I have to quit.
  7. When they first came out I bought a 238 for it's small size compared to the P229 I usually carried. Then, after SIG solved their initial reliability issues, I bought a 938 to have a 9mm in nearly as small a package with the 9's ballistics. I nearly sold the 229, but have found that as much as I've tried, I still shoot better with a larger frame and adapted to concealing and carrying the larger 229 a majority of the time. I've since moved to Glocks and now have either a 26 or 19 on me all the time, but still hang on to the 938 and 238 just in case I find a need for a smaller package.
  8. I went to Glock's website, used the "Dealer/Range Locator" with my zip code, changed it to a 50 mile radius, clicked the "LE Dealers" tab then started calling.  Didn't try GT but Craig (the two LE Distributors) was in the 490 range.  Frontier Firearms was the lowest at 425 for those around me.  Try shopping around your area.  There seems to be no set price and there is competition.
  9. Sorry, I can't help any on this, but I would be interested in how you like the G10 grips compared to the regular SIG plastic grips.  Like you, I've always thought the grip on my 20 year old 226 would be better if it was slightly smaller.  When I researched it I concluded that the old SIG aluminum grips were the thinnest with the G10s running a close second.  I've been looking for a set of the original thin SIG aluminum grips for several years and have only found one set that was priced too high.   Glenn
  10. Sorry, haven't been able to get on  here in a few days but had read all the responses.  We cooked and ate it on the 15th and no one got sick so all is good and I've learned a new way to preserve meat.  Thanks to all who gave me some great advice.   Glenn
  11. I've shot and ate many of them over the years but now I've got a question.  My wife and our Grandson, who is a 16 yo expert on everything, were in the truck and hit a rabbit last night (caught it's head with a tire).  He wanted to bring it home and clean it, which he did very well, but then did something I've not seen before.  He left the meat in a bowl, partially submerged in water, sprinkled about 2 tablespoons of salt on it, and left it on the kitchen counter till this evening (about 20 hours) at which time my wife decided it was going in the refrigerator.  He says it's still OK to eat because it had salt on it but the wife and I are not sure of that.  I've only cleaned and then immediately cooked or frozen them and am not sure.  What do you think?  Is the meat still OK after sitting at room temp for that long with just salt water partially covering it?   Glenn
  12.   No, it would take a lot more than that to freak her out.  We had already been looking at furniture for way too long that day and this guy looked and acted creepy by talking loud, drawing attention to himself and seemed to be unhappy about something.  So we decided that this was not a situation that we wanted to remain in and went to Olive Garden to eat dinner.  By the time we finished, it was closing time.     Unfortunately, it only delayed it.   Glenn
  13. THAT is why I CC.   I saw someone come in with just a single, uncovered shoulder holster at Rooms To Go in Chatt. a couple of months ago.  I pointed him out to the wife and it got me out of furniture shopping for the rest of the night.   Glenn
  14. I agree with hipower's assessment.  I looked at one before buying a 938 and didn't like the 290s shape, size, weight or trigger pull.   Glenn

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