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  1. It was a good tomato year for me. I froze enough to keep me cooking until next years crop.
  2. Well my take on it is that I don't notice that much difference. But...there are so many variables involved that I truly believe that some guns do have a favorite ammo. The only way to be definitve is to spend the time reloading and come up with a load for each gun you shoot. But who has the time for that?
  3. I'm not quite sure what you're asking.
  4. This morning I cleared out the last of this years garden. Holy crap...okra is a serious pain in the backside...lol. Looking forward to the next round in the spring.
  5. Therein is the problem. It seems to me that the "data" is being put out in so many different formats it's meaningless. Surely you know the old saying.... " There are lies, damn lies, and statistics "
  6. Or he doesn't get a better offer....
  7. You know the truth here is that I've already been in this position previously. As much as we want to hate Obama the one thing He taught me was how to horde. Thanks Barack.
  8. So my takeaway here is trust in God and keep your powder dry. Depending on any fabricated "party" is an invitation to get royally screwed. The folly of leaders is to stay in power at our expense. Promise anything and take away everything.
  9. Well election and a global pandemic is bound to f*coup the ability to fill orders. Are you really surprised?
  10. Yes spewing bs promises is always better coming from the party you believe to be the best.
  11. Doubtful. We're in election mode. Remember, trust but verify...
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