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  1. You're right . I'm wrong. Apparently this forum has been taken over by idiots who think fishing is essential. Best of luck to you and yours and adios to all.
  2. Dude, do as you like. Oh and bite me. I hope fishing is more important than your family. Be a man.
  3. I think I'm mostly amazed that you guys don't take this seriously. Hope your families don't regret your lack of responsibly.
  4. I'm done being public for a while. Except for my afternoon walk with the dog.
  5. Well for me so far it's a Talking Heads song.....same as it ever was. I was raised by a widowed woman who knew how to be a prepper. I'm more heavily armed and restrict my trips away from the homestead. Freezer is loaded, I've got extra propane, enough ammo, and backup if needed. What will be will be....
  6. Well it's good to see the paranoia runs fast and deep here. My only suggestion is if you can afford to hunker down do so. If not please stay away from me. And let me add I am absurdly well armed and would just as soon not see anyone at my door. Is that not where we are? It's a brave new world citizens.....
  7. Mostly. I got my hunting and gathering done. The only appraisal work I'm accepting is drive by, after all I am the target audience for CV19. And I do walk the dog a couple of times a day. Hmmmm sounds like what retirement will be like.....
  8. I'm staying in as much as possible. I am refusing to do appraisals that require an interior inspection. FNMA put out guidelines no longer requiring interior inspections on most of their products. Unfortunately investor grade paper, which most banks do some of, is still pushing for interiors. We've done the grocery thing and my freezer is always well stocked. I could probably use 50 pounds of sugar as a hedge against the liquor stores closing...lol. All y'all be smart and stay safe.
  9. Good dam n thing. I gotta walk my dog.......
  10. All I can say is thank God I grew up a poor kid in Appalachia.
  11. In case I didn't say this before....but a revolver
  12. Then there's us antisocial self employed jackwagons...
  13. Doubtful. My job involves me driving around and I've had no issues.
  14. Welcome. Don't get too excited...they let me hang around so ya sorta have to wonder about their standards....

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