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  1. Looking for any variations but prefer non-import marked rifles. I have one rifle to trade if interested, a Ruger Mini-14 and lots of .223 ammo. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a used FAL. Prefer DSA but open to any manufacturers/ models. Have cash and/ or a FDE Vickers G19.
  3. Looking primarily for an Arsenal or Yugo AK. Not set on a specific variant, even open to other manufacturers/ country of origin models. Located in Middle TN.
  4. I am in the market for a Garand and wondered if anyone had seen any sitting in shops around Crossville/ Cookeville area that are Rack or Field grade condition. Thanks for any heads up!
  5. Yep. I haven’t been able to get over that way.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I haven’t had too much trouble finding carbines with flip sights and type I bands on GB for OK prices but really would prefer to buy one FTF local if possible.
  7. Thanks, we will see if anyone has one they would be willing to let go of.
  8. WTB a USGI issue M1 Carbine. Looking for a shooter grade that is reasonably priced with flip rear sight and type 1 or 2 barrel band (don’t want one with bayonet mount). Not really concerned with manufacturer or being in pristine condition as much as being in largely original configuration. Thanks.
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