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  1. I teach on occasion, traditional blacksmithing in a coal fired forge, reclaimed material to completed knife. It's to hot to teach right now, it'll be 115 in the shop with the forge running, but I can do a class this fall if you want. Feel free to PM me and you can see the shop and other work at www.flatwoodsforge.com Sent from behind the anvil
  2. Merry Christmas and Thank you Sent from behind the anvil
  3. That's what the guys on SOA fo. Gotta mantain and "outlaw" image Sent from behind the anvil
  4. RUB = Rich urban biker. Typically seen straddling late model Harley touring bike with 40 total miles at the local bike night. Likes to play outlaw, but gets nervous around motorcycle club patchholders and thinks real outlaws and most MC club members should be in jail. Sent from behind the anvil
  5. Awesome video. It's amazing when you realize that the bowie knife has went from a large butcher knife to a weapon as detailed and specialized as any bladed weapon on the planet. I do love my bowies, that is for sure.
  6. This is what I wanna do. I wanna do 4 clips down the front and 4 down each side with the sides cut out and tightened up at the same time. The guy next to me has his done down the front Sent from behind the anvil
  7. I talked to Biker rags today when I was there. They didn't have any ideas other than possibly the lady who does patch sewing at the swap meets. I'll bring it with me when we come over, hopefully soon. Just don't wanna crowd you with you feeling bad. I think I could punch and install my own eyelets if I had to, I just need a good clean stitch up the sides after cutting so it doesn't separate and fray out. I'll text George a d see what he says. I'll text GjohnsonIV on here and talk to him. A shoe repair might also be good for that. Thank you Sent from behind the anvil
  8. I wear a vest for motorcycle riding and I would like to have it modified. I want to cut a 4" section out of each side and add eyelets and either lacing or double sided snaps. That way I can tighten it up for a better fit. It's currently a little loose for my taste The problem is its a set of club colors so I can't drop them off and leave them. Does anyone know somebody who can cut it, sew the side seams back closed, and punch in eyelets while I wait? Thanks in advance for recommendations Sent from behind the anvil
  9. Yeah I've never understood having anything that is display only. Some things may not be practical but being usable and surviving hard use is a must Sent from behind the anvil
  10. Thanks for the compliments guys. I do believe this piece is gonna stay in my possession, since I have very few of my own things and I love the way it looks and feels Sent from behind the anvil
  11. Being a well rounded individual is gonna be important. I'm a blacksmith, wood worker, logger, ASE mechanic, helicopter mechanic and motorcycle mechanic, and a martial artist. I'm also a draft horse farmer, shooter and I can butcher most game and livestock. The more basic homestead skills you have the better Sent from behind the anvil
  12. After helping out my dad yesterday I had some free time to get in to the forge. So I tapped my inner Viking for this build. The runes are Thurisaz for defense and destruction, Uruz for speed and strength, and Tiwaz for honor and leadership. Handle is 29" of seasoned oak. Mild steel body and 5160 bit. The blade is 3" wide, and the head is 7" from back of eye to the edge of the bit. It will shave hair pretty easily after splitting 4 pieces of seasoned oak firewood. I'm damn proud of this one. Sent from behind the anvil
  13. I have to cancel this weekend due to a personal issue. I will reschedule as soon as possible. Thanks Jordan Sent from behind the anvil
  14. There are men left, you are just looking in the wrong place. I served side by side with many of them in the Marines Corps. They exist in all branches of the military, and still exist in the blue collar world of manual labor, both skilled and unskilled. Though the numbers dwindle, the men are still out there. As for the hero above, I had heard his story before and all I can say is that some men just refuse to die. Sent from behind the anvil
  15. I was a helicopter mechanic. But got pulled to be a space ship door gunner in a very hush hush black ops unit for the moon spider rebellion Sent from behind the anvil
  16. I'm so sorry for your lose. We just spent $1200. Our little maltipoo got attacked in our yard. It tore a hole in her abdomen, and hurt her badly. So after a $250 vet ER visit at 1100 pm Saturday, then she went to the normal vet today. It was either put her down or emergency surgery. We opted for surgery to the tune of $1200. She has been our only baby for 8 years since we can't have children. It put me in more of a bind than I care to admit, but I would (and almost have) sell everything I owned to keep her alive and healthy Sent from behind the anvil
  17. When I was in Okinawa, when the Typhoons hit we were required to wear our Kevlar and flak jacket to go outside if it was actively hitting. Bunch of guys in the smoke pit, rain driving in sideways and extremely strong winds, us in silky pt shorts, flakes and Kevlar smoking and drinking beer lol. But yes a helmet is probably a good idea in a Tornado Sent from behind the anvil
  18. Everything is stock, so I think I'm gonna start with a carb sync and go from there. The plugs and filter, etc are fresh. Not a biggie either way. Sent from behind the anvil
  19. It's the same size. 1.6 liter lol You and me both man. I rode 50p miles this weekend Sent from behind the anvil
  20. I learned this long ago, and practice it every day. I ride very defensivly and do everything in my power to control what I can and keep a good eye on anything I cant. Because we all want to come home Sent from behind the anvil
  21. I know the plugs are new as is the filter. But he did say he hadn't had the carbs synced, so I will probably do that. The guy is very meticulous about maintenance so the bike is in excellent shape. I love it. Thanks for the kudos y'all Sent from behind the anvil
  22. So a club friend knew I was looking to replace my 95 Vulcan with something more comfortable and suitable for two up riding. So we made arrangements and I sold my Vulcan 1500 to a guy from North Carolina Friday night. Saturday morning I picked this up and put 500 miles on it that day. It's a 2001 Honda Valkyrie. Flat 6 cylinder motor, 110 horsepower or so, quiet pipes, aftermarket saddle bags and windshield, Ultimate touring seat for driver and passenger with backrest. Highway pegs, etc. It rides like a Cadillac and has no problem running 85 up the interstate for hours in complete comfort. My only complaint is gas mileage. It hovers in the upper 20's, lower 30's. Probably not bad for a 6 cylinder in a heavy bike running kinda hard, but I'll probably add a belly tank at some point for extended range. Anyways, I was excited to share. My old Vulcan 1500 My new 2001 Valkyrie My new 2001 Valkyrie Sent from behind the anvil
  23. I love the fact that it's a non-nfa firearm built from the ground up to skirt ATF rules. But for $1500 I could buy a stamp and build an SBS Saiga semi auto with a 10" barrel and it would be much more wicked. Sent from behind the anvil
  24. Well there was a lot of interest last time so here goes round 2. This class will cover the fundamentals of unarmed self defense using strikes, throws and joint manipulations taken from a core of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo. It will then proceed into knife techniques, carry and presentation drills etc. We will wrap up with a demonstration and discussion on improvised weapons in both a rural and urban environment. This will be an overnight event, with class starting in the early afternoon and running into the evening, then we will eat around the camp fire and enjoy each others company. The next morning we can pack up and head out. I hope to make this a semi-regular event eventually. What: Self Defense class Where: Oliver Springs, TN When: Sat. April 30th and Sun. May 1st, meeting at noon What to bring: Approiate clothing, food for supper Saturday evening, water and other drinks. Tent and/or sleeping bag. Money for Lunch at Hardees before we head up to camp Cost: Free to any who want it If you are interested post here and I will be in touch as the dates get closer. If you are interested in teaching a skill or class please PM me. Sent from behind the anvil
  25. I did not know the orginal lyrics poster Sebastian. But I did post it because people do need to think about worst case. Yeah hopefully it'll be Fred the crackhead or whatever. But training for the worst makes anything else an improvement. And learning what you can do with your own physical ability is a huge part of that. My dad is fond of saying "I'm to old to fight and too crippled to run". He's 63, has two bad knees, a bad shoulder and a bkdy worn out by a life time of brutal work. I would still very much count him as one of the most dangerous men I know in a confrontation. Mental as well as physical training can mean the difference between life and death. My training doesn't define me or run my life, but it is a large part of my life, because I've found a way to make it enjoyable instead of being a grind that I dread doing. Martial arts several times a week, hiking or ruck in a pack while walking with my wife for daily walks. Dry firing while watching TV. Practicing knife techniques by just "playing" with my edc fixed blade when I have down time. Small habits can lead to big results. I hope nobody here ever has to face a confrontation. And if you do I hope it's the skinny crackhead wo pisses himself when he sees a knife or gun. But to immediately underestimate your opponent because you think he's a druggie or just some street thug can be a very bad idea. Prag I'll definitely PM you when I do my next class. I'll be setting one up soon, and hopefully everyone can make it. One last thing. It was drilled into me early and often. Don't ever quit. No matter how bad your beaten, how bad it hurts, etc. Don't ever quit. A man with both his legs broke who is laying in the street still calling you a dirty son of a bitch might be hurt, but he isn't beaten. Refusing to quit and to give up can be one of the biggest differences in surviving a violent confrontation. Sent from behind the anvil


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