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  1. Watch out Tennessee. Our secret could get out. Tellico Plains is right at the foot of the Smokeys.The mountain streams are cold year round. The clean pure environment is lightly populated by the kindest, most friendly people in the world, Tennesseans.
  2. Has anyone thought of the outcome if he is convicted of the shooting? You will have the right to carry a firearm. But if you use it to protect yourself or your family at the very least you will have a whopping legal bill. Or go to jail for the rest of your life.
  3. What you said makes since. I've got a boatload of WC 820 left over from the days when the military wasn't involved in gun control. I'm not showing any signs of pressure. I think I'll just burn up the powder I've got. Thanks guys for the help. When I do run out of the powder I'm going to go looking for an 8 pounder of 2400 or 4227.And that's going to kill me. I bought this powder for 6 bucks a pound. Remember the days?
  4. I've tried Unique. It's a bit fast for magnum cartridges. But it's awful dirty. Or I should say that it has a lot of graphite in it. 2400 always worked will for me. Any guesses what the charge would be for the hornady 225 gr FTX? According to them there is so much bearing surface that I had to cut the h110 load down.
  5. I've been loading my 44 mag with WC 820 for a long time. I start out with a Lyman gas checked 240gr hard cast bullet and 22gr of WC 820. It burns well, but it's just like h110, it likes to be compressed to burn consistently. It's a good load for range shooting. I don't think it would be good for hunting. Here comes the but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wait for it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, But, I'd like to deer hunt this Fall with my son. I picked up a S&W 629 hunter. It has a 7 1/2" barrel and a 2-6 power scope. I looked up Hornady's load for their 225gr FTX. If I use their load for h110 [recommended loading data for WC 820] the max I can use is 20.6gr. Reason being that there is a lot more baring area with this bullet. With that load I can't compress the powder and because of that I have a lot of unburnt powder in the barrel. Average velocity for 5 rounds is 1350fps, and ES is 19. I'm tickled to death with the crono numbers, not the crud in the barrel. What do you use?
  6. Caster I've been casting for the better part of 45 years. I realized that I don't know everything about the casting and now that I've read your post I realize just how little I really do know. Thank you for taking the time to do this post. I really learned a lot. Ray
  7. This is the one I use when I carry my LCP. Prints like a wallet, trigger is covered, easy to get out if you have to. http://www.stonerholsters.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9&products_id=112&zenid=f0e0b518f6c838cc492984ffb7183bbf
  8. Dolomite thanks for that one. I've been loading for a long time and knew that too much media was too much of a good thing. But I never knew how to determan what was a good way to get the right amount in the tumbler. One thing that I do is use the dryer sheets after they have been used in my tumbler. They absorb the fine corn cob media that makes the dust when I empty the clean brass out.
  9. Ray Z

    "Glock Haters"

    A while back, when I lived in Cincinnati, I was visiting the owner/ friend of a public indoor shooting range/ gun shop. While we were talking the rep from Glock came in. He asked the owner to "How many rounds had the rental Glocks have through?" He told him that as far as he know, 35000-40000 rounds each. The rep asked to see them. He took each of them apart, took a tool out of his pocket, and popped some small parts out of the frame of each gun and pushed some new ones in. Then he told the owner that the guns would be good for another 35000/40000 round now. One of the other things that the rep said was "If you pull the trigger on a Glock and it doesn't fire it's because you forgot to load it. Now, that being said, I shoot practical pistol competition. At the end of the day, if I shoot the Glock 34 or 35 that I have in a match my scores will be lower than if I shoot my M&P Pro or XDM 5.25. I'm not saying that the Glock isn't as good as one of the others. I just can't get used to that cotton pickin' Glock trigger.
  10. Everybody has their favorite powders. I use solo 1000 on 45acp, 44 special, 40 S&W, 38 special, and 9mm. I find it a lot cleaner to shoot than a lot of the other powders I've tried. That is to say that it doesn't have nearly as much graphite in it as Bullseye, unique, 231, and most of the AA powders. One other thing. Unique likes to be in an almost full case to burn completely. As far as the setting of the taper crimp goes, instead of measuring I slide the finished cartridge through my fingers. If I can feel a flare in the case mouth I'll bring the taper crimp die down not even an 1/8 of a turn and check a couple more cases.
  11. My favorite lube is synthetic grease from the auto parts place. I use it on everything [No! she won't let me]. It works great on all my presses and all my pistols. Give that a try
  12. Sound like it's been a while since you've reloaded on this press. Whatever the case, If it' were happening to me I'd take the offending member out and hose it down with brake cleaner to degrease it then work it over with some fairly course steel wool then put it back together after using some good 'l 3 in one oil on it.
  13. My wife and I transferred out concealed carry from Ohio about 2 1/2 years ago. I feel it was a bit too painless. I really don't know the differences in the laws between the two states. "Yea, I know the gun grabbers are reading this too." Anybody got a list of the differences?
  14. From the IDPA rule book................ Contestants may be anyone who can legally bear arms. Juniors, ages 12 years through 20 years, may also compete in IDPA matches when not prohibited by law and when allowed by the hosting club. Additionally, the parent or legal guardian must accompany the junior contestant during the entire match. (State and Local laws vary and may be applicable.................... You've got to try it. Most people won't just jump into something that they've never done before. I think you'll find that the shooters in IDPA are just like those in practical pistol. Very willing to give a hand.
  15. Benton's and Gander Mountain really like their stuff a lot. Midway isn't far behind. I like the gun shows in Knoxville for powder and primers. I get my bullets from Montana gold. I go on line in the evening and they're on my step in three days.
  16. Hey Robert [That's the proper greeting in Tennessee.] You'er going to love it here. We moved here from Cincinnati, Ohio two years ago and I'll never go back. Stuff we've found. Ever gone to a restaurant and have people at the tables around you just start talking to you? People are that way here. Everybody is friendly. This is the bible belt. Everybody is a God loving christian, and proud of it. Food is a bit higher here. When you find specials at the grocery you will take advantage of them. The Smokey Mountains are the best thing that God put here. Plenty of hiking, hunting, fishing, and a lot of other stuff that we couldn't do up North. Be ready to drive a bit more. We live 40 miles South of Knoxville. My wife drives 60 miles to work in Cleveland, Tn and I drive about the same to get to the gun club in Oak Ridge. There are several public ranges here. I belong to Oak Ridge Sportsman's Ass. and love it. http://orsaonline.org/ It's a bit confusing but they refer to each section as a club. Surf their web site. Once you get settled drop me an email rzillick@gmail.com. Love to show you around.
  17. I just found this forum while surfing the net for Tennessee legal stuff on concealed carry. I am from Ohio. Have been living here for about two years. Had my CC permit in Ohio for about 3 years before we moved here. I don't carry very often mostly because I don't like to go places that I feel at risk. Some of my particulars are, Member of Oak Ridge Sportsman's Ass. Past practical pistol match director for a large gun club in Ohio {7 years} before we moved here. Am now helping out with the practical pistol matches at ORSA Have taught classes on practical pistol at the club Did target shooting most of my life Reloaded for the last 50 years or so. "Kept me out of the poor house" Married, 2 boys, both grown and gone "TG" My lady is still my best friend after 42 years


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