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  1. Have not reloaded any bottle neck pistol rounds in my 60 some years of reloading. But many 308, 30/06, 22-250. Just trim to length, and follow the direction. Even went so far as to anneal some cases to see if they lasted any longer. [ Not worth the work for pistol ]
  2. Been loading and casting for over 50 years.I'd be in the poor house if I didn't. To date I, either am or have loaded, load 38sp, 357 mag, 44 spl, 44 mag,9 mm, 45 acp, 45 colt, 223, 22-250, 308, 30/06. If it's center fire I load it. The cheapest thing I ever bought was a set of loading dies.
  3. Anytime I went to a gun show and didn't find anything I went looking for I always brought primers or powder. I now have enough to last me through the idiot that's spending our money now. I think I've got some primers that cost me $60 for the sleeve [5000]. Some powder that I spent like $15/# for. I can still hide in the basement for an evening when the wife drives me nuts. And when the boys want to go shooting I've enough ammo to keep them busy so they don't shoot each other
  4. I tumble all night [6 hours]. If I'm in a hurry I make mistakes
  5. What kind of ratio of corn cob to other stuff?
  6. If you shoot a lot your need to reload goes up a lot. Start collecting brass. Gun shows are a great place to find primers and powder. On line is the best place to get bullets. Think ahead and buy in bulk. As bad as it is, it's going to get worse. Great way to get away from everybody a couple of nights a week.
  7. thank for letting me know. I never heard that and I humbly stand corrected.
  8. At least till next week you can buy a gun. But good "ol Uncle Sam will tell you what you can have, what it looks like, and how many rounds it can hold. Oh yea, if you can't hunt with it, it's not allowed. In some places the steel poppers we use in USPSA are not allowed to have tops on them. The poppers look like people and the little ones look like children. Keep up the good work dems. It won't be long until there will be no middle class, and we'll all be on our knees begging to Uncle Sam. FIX THE FRAUD IN THE VOTING SYSTEM NOW!
  9. If I'm not mistaken the dems. Got the whole congress, and the Presidency. If that's the case, they're going to be picking them up in a year of so. Most Americans want to be good law biding citizens and a lot of others will turn guns in just not to be felons. So they've got most of us coming or going. All they have to do is pick up the 4473 forms from the dealers. They can't say no to the ATF.
  10. I started out with a rock chucker [ https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1013036852?pid=937051]. Used it for many years as my only reloader. It still serves my well with many tasks, including reloading rifle cases, reforming cases from one to another. Example is like was said forming 8 millimeter cases from 30/06. For pistol I use my Dillon 650. Much easier for 9, 38 spl, 40, and 45. A single station press would never keep up with demand. I shoot a lot of USPSA practical pistol. Please stay away from Lee loaders. They aren't very well made and wear out quickly[ just my opinion ] If I can get you started in reloading let me know. Ray
  11. sorry, I'm still pissed off at the butt kissing Colt is giving the government on the AR 15. I won't even give them a thought until they start making the AR 15 available the general public
  12. Your focus is on the front sight. The rear sight and the target are slightly out of focus. For USPSA and other competition red dots are great. For personal protection,and this is only my opinion, red dots are only something else to worry about.
  13. check your cartridge after loading. hat will tell you if the neck wall thickness is off or maybe the OL too long.
  14. Clean out the gas ports with pipe cleaners. Works great
  15. What are you loading for? Trap and skeet, or hunting? I only recommend Lee to those I don't like. Mec is the way to go. The one to get is determined by what you're going to do. Trap and skeet are high demand on shells and shot size. 2 3/4 - 3 Dram and 7 1/2 to 9 in shot size. Hunting goes to 3 1/4- 3 3/8 dram and shot size goes nuts from there. 7 1/2 for birds, 6 to 5 for rabbit [ hard to find ] and expensive as all get out. Then there are slugs. You can cast your own. The biggest thing is different size shot and wads. Mec has low production presses like the mec jr, and production presses like the 9000. Even motorized and hydrolic units. What's your poison, what's your friend? Bonnie and I shot trap 3 days a week. So we loaded 2. But shot was $5.50 a bag then. Now there's only one plant [that I know of] for shot. We think it's a little back door gun control. I've got two presses in the basement. Both Mec jrs.. One 12ga one 20 gage.Both are taking up space.
  16. Been loading for over 50 years. Great past time. Good way to get away from the pressures from work and the way my wife greeted me at the door coming home, " Do you know what your boys did today!" Started out with a RCBS rock chucker press and added on from there. I now still load on it and Dillon 650. Got 14 different die sets for that and maybe half that many that I still load on my rock chucker. Started casting my own bullets a couple years into loading. I now have 15-20 sets of 4 cavity Lyman molds a real nice sizing machine. It's been a great hobby for a lot of years. Sure kept my out of the poor house shooting practical pistol.
  17. Reefermac came up with the word I've been looking for for years. I put some tunes on in the workshop area, clear the clutter from my reloading bench, and start sizing brass... its therapeutic like any mindless repetitive task. After a bad day at work, and after the three S's, I head for the loading room and pound out a few hundred rounds, Works great both for my nerves and for the ammo cabinet.
  18. If the powers at bay would stand up on their hind legs and do something there wouldn't be a problem. A fire hose did a good job
  19. Not only was the chargemaster faster, but it eliminated another possible problem in missing a charge once in a while. Love mine. Well worth the bucks.


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