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  1. I had one in my person truck and car back in the 90's. It was the best at finding trooper and police radar and wrecks up ahead. That is what I mainly used mine for. I had a guy "peak" my power output so it would reach out a bit further. One day my brother and I were coming back in our pick-up trucks from Land Between The Lakes. We were in seperate trucks. We pulled into a steak house sort of like Logans with a live band outside. My brother keyed up on his radio and asked me where I wanted to park. I heard his voice come over the live bands speakers. It cancelled out there music and songs. FUNNY AS HELL. So When we parked , I told him how his radio was coming through the bands speakers. He goes back to his truck and tells me to walk to the front door and listen. he keys up on his radio and it comes through the bands speakers : He said "attention all customers , free beer at the bar , free beer for the next 15 minutes" !!!! We died laughing at the reactions to people hearing it and running to the bar.
  2. I know a certain TGO member with one .
  3. I didn't realize these were forged. I thought Tisas were cast .
  4. Where are you guys getting Canik Magazines ? I have searched all over God's creation and no luck !
  5. I realize their pistols are more complicated than Glock for example. But my workplace uses Glock since they are very simple and reliable. I guess this has carried over to my personal choices. I like my pistols to be as simple and less complicated as they can be , except my Beretta 92 and CZ75. They have many parts but run like a well oiled machine. But dang , this high Power version is just wayyyy expensive.
  6. No offense to FN fans but FN seems to think their pistols are made of gold when it comes to their prices. Even their polymer .45ACP pistols are crazy high priced. I wanted one but got a Glock 21 at $200 less.
  7. FUJIMO is a good member. Had some great transactions with him. Free bump and a great pistol. I had the base model of that gun in blued form. These pistols are starting to have a following and part of the 80s wonder nines. Get it while you can.
  8. That's a great deal in my opinion. The M&P's are rock solid with a lifetime warranty.
  9. LOL, sorry guys , I didn't realize the coaster was in the picture.
  10. I'm sure they will have a ton of "check engine light" problems.
  11. I just found an extras magazine that I bought when I bought this pistol new. I always like to have at least 3 magazines with every gun. So that is 3 19 rd magazines that are included with this pistol. These factory 19rd flush fitting magazines give you 19+1 in the chamber which is an awesome amount of firepower and would make a $hit storm in any bad guys nightmare.
  12. I hate it for you. And I have a few S&W's. But this is exactly why I have gotten to where I don't buy American products if I can help it. For example car and trucks: Japan makes vehicles to LAST. America makes vehicles to SELL. Same damn thing here. Sorry to hear your frustration my friend. Keep us informed on what S&W does for you.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, Glock has never put its logo on top of any of their guns before. I like Glocks and hammer guns but this is one ugly pistol. The take-down lever is wierd too. I think this is bull.
  14. . A 5.11 shooting/range/ hunting vest in mens XL. It is green in color. I only wore it once. I got it to use as a fishing vest but it was too nice to use as a fishing vest. This thing has pockets EVERYWHERE on it. You can store mags , guns , water bottles. It is made of heavy canvas cotton and is very durable. You can store or carry Just what ever you can think of on and in it. I am asking $35. I am in Clarksville and can meet a buyer up to 35 miles from here. I can ship on your dime. Cash or US Postal Money Order. Thanks for looking.
  15. I'd like to see it in 45acp. That would probably get my full attention.
  16. Thanks but I am just staying with 9mm or 45acp as far as Ruger P-Series go. Thanks for the offer.
  17. tercel89


    I just hate the rust it causes .


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