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  1. In case things get cancelled I'll put you next in line.
  2. This is my S.A XD9 Sub Compact in 9mm. It's new in the box. All I did was clean the factory oil off and add Ballistol oil to it. It comes with the case , warranty paper, cleaning brush and a factory 13rd flush fitting magazine. I'm asking $300. I'm in the Clarksville , Springfield , Ashland City area. I can even travel to the Dickson area . Thanks for looking. Any spots on it that you may see is just the oil I wiped it down with.
  3. I'm looking for an old Ruger P89. It doesn't matter if it's scratched up or not. I am in middle Tn but I can travel if I find the right one. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  4. Look at this video . It looks like they shot a Gen 5 22 10,000 rds . I cant read it but I saw 10,000 in the end LOL .
  5. Just wondering what you guys thought. From some pictures of a Glock 22 in Brazil , it shows the 22 to have 2 pins. Here's a link https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/01/19/gen5-glock-22-sao-paulo/
  6. The Glock Gen 5 chambered in .40S&W have been announced that they will be coming out. My question is this : If Glock is making them in Gen 5 then what's up with all the talk about the .40S&W cartridge being a round that beats and tears guns up ? I have shot .40 S&W Glocks since 1996 and still today. The Glock 22's get these little wear marks or peeing marks under the slide and then the wear stops. One certain firearms trainer here in Tennessee says that they will never go beyond somewhere around 35-40,000 rds. He does know what he's talking abot and he's a smart guy as he's seen a lot come through classes but I dont see Glock making Gen 5's in the cartridge if they are this destructive. Your thoughts ?????
  7. Channel 5 news just said that there has been 688 new cases in only 24 hours. The weird thing is that I haven't seen any long lines at doctor offices , health departments or hospitals for people getting tested. No long lines at all. BUT when the toilet paper thing was going on , you'd see lines wrapped around the buildings and all kinds of nonsense. This makes me think these "new cases" are just bull crap.
  8. I bought 3 firearms from them. 2 purchases in 2012. Another in 2013. I called ahead and made sure they had them in stock. I told them I was coming from Middle Tn . I got there and rang the bell on the door. They let me in and I was able to look at the gun before I bought it cause it was a used pistol. I paid in cash and did the background check and was out in under 20 minutes. Very good place. It is like a order online type place but you can pick it up in person too. But there weren't many on display. Kinda like Mid South Shooters Supply. You mainly order online but can still pick it up in person. Just call ahead to make sure you can still do that.
  9. Let us know what happens. I am interested. We went to gen 5 G17's at work 2 years and I havent seen this happen yet. I do know that when I take the slide off my Gen 5 17 , once I pull the slide back and pull down on the slide LOCK AKA take-down-lever , the slide can come off only half way forward instead of having to push it off all the way. I think it's because of the slide-STOP cuts on both sides.
  10. The rope trick is how I caught my first one. LOL. It really worked !!!!
  11. Looks like Gen 4 production is stopping. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/07/02/glock-gen4-guns/
  12. have you taken out the pins yet ? It looks like they are out. I'd do that and try to remove the rear slide plate cover to pull the striker out. Also , keep pressing the trigger anytime it resets itself while you are messing with it along with pulling down the slide-lock (disassembly lever).
  13. Failure to feed , failure to eject and some people , including myself , had rust pop up on them. I had a Glock 27 Gen 4 and mine had rust form on it and I am very careful to keep mine wiped down good. As far as I know the Gen 4's are fixed now.
  14. I went back today and hooked another one the same size but he got off. I then saw one at least 5 feet long and very big around. I couldn't lure him in. If I was to catch him , I bet those loins would be at least the thickness of your wrist . He was a big dude.
  15. Yeah the eggs are supposedly toxic but the way I dressed this Gar , I only cut the skin , opened him up and took out the loins . This way of doing it doesn't even cut into the guts at all.

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