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  1. mills213 has an small XDS 45acp on here for sale
  2. She was so beautiful back in the 70's an 80's. In Xanadu , she was an absolute beauty !
  3. This one was 2018. They got discontinued about 2 years ago. There's a new style Jericho out now called the Enhanced Jericho but it doesn't seem as well made in my opinion.
  4. I finally found my favorite plastic hammer-fired pistol. These things are no longer made and are hard to find in person , at least is was for me over the past few years. I found a nice used IWI Jericho 941. For me it's the best feeling and best looking polymer pistol. I have turned into a metal gun person but this polymer one just does it for me. Old school hammer-fired but new style polymer. I don't like finger grooves on a pistol but these are extremely well placed and usable. Frame-mounted safety so it can be carried cocked-and-locked. DA/SA action. It is the well proven CZ75 design. Made is Israel by Israeli Weapons Industries. Just thought I'd share.
  5. Thanks everyone. I want to try and load it very light t at first like I do 9mm and 45. Then work up to maybe a medium. All my reloading's are mainly for target fun. For hunting I will stick with Underwood's game loads. I'm going to try to take a deer this year with my Glock 20. And maybe get some wild pigs later. The area I hunt is very thick and grown up with shrubs and all kinds of mess. My mother-in-law hasn't had the area bush-hogged in several years and it's so thick now I can barely get a straight line of sight for a good 100 feet. So most hunting will be close-up.
  6. Can powder specified for .40S&W be used to load 10mm ? For some reason I can't find any powder that shows that it is specifically made for 10mm . Any help is appreciated.
  7. I dont keep up with and understand the goverment politics that much but let me ask you this : Is this thing likely to get busted down when it goes to be "approved" by the final entity ? I ask because things like this have rose up before in the past and got shot down really quick by the higher-ups.
  8. No sir , the price on both is very firm.
  9. I hate that too but they usually get their punishment later on in the form of screws and nails stuck in their tires since that is where all the stuff like that ends up on the road.
  10. Up-Talking is one thing that annoys me. People saying a sentence that sounds like they are asking a question. It seems to be widely used now by all ages of people. It makes people sound like they are unsure about what they are talking about. It annoys the crap out of me. Also when people drive too close to one another. Either they have not rear-ended someone before or they are just immature. People tailgate others so badly that the hand of God is the only thing that could keep them from not crashing into the person in front of them. Also , I have noticed something in the last few years. When I'm turning from one street to another or turning into a driveway, the person behind me always gets pissed amd blows the horn. They expect people to turn into a driveway or street at full speed it seems. When you are behind another vehicle in Tennessee , you should keep safe distance to keep from crashing into them . If you get mad at a person that wants to sayfely make a turn, then you should probably put more distance between you and them or leave your home earlier to you're not in such of a hurry. I've been working crashes for 25 years and drivers just keep getting worse habits and make more dangerous decisions it seems.
  11. I havent shot it for the purpose of dead-on accuracy yet, I just showed her how to shoot it and shes been hitting a steel target and hearing it ring. I'll try to check for accuracy next week and post it.


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