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  1. Looks good! Not a big fan of the over the top "gucci" glocks, but that looks very clean
  2. I hear ya, hard to get a straight answer from any site
  3. Seriously, no one owns a SP-01 Tactical?
  4. So....finally broke down and bought one of my bucket list guns, a CZ SP-01 Tactical (it’s the all black that basically looks like the SP-01 but a decocker instead of safety, it IS NOT the urban gray one with taller sights and threaded barrel. This will be important in a sec LOL). My question for any of those that have this one is on holster options. Almost every manufacturer offers holsters for the SP-01 and SP-01 Phantom. A lot of the research I’ve done says the tactical won’t fit the Phantom holsters, but some info says they will fit standard SP-01 holsters. Looking for someone who possibly has the Tactical to verify. Appreciate the help as always!
  5. MPGlock

    Glock 48?

    Totally get that, but then to me that would mean I just paid 400-450 for a Glock frame. Not gonna happen.
  6. MPGlock

    Glock 48?

    They will soon enough, Glock is great at releasing things people don’t want first, getting them to buy it, then releasing what they do want so they can buy it all over again LOL (ala Glock 42 then the 43, 19X then the 45). I’m sure we’ll get an all black 43X in the near future (probably g49 or g50!)
  7. I have one and actually really like it. The IWB config is a lot better than their older models. The OWB sits nice and close so easy to conceal under the right shirt. I will say their AIWB is a bit thick for what they were trying to accomplish. I'll still run mine occasionally but I'm also carrying a G43, not a 20 or 29 so if I'm saying it's too thick with a 43, can't think it would be good with either of those. Only used that paddle conversion one time and it was good for a day on my family member's property when we were open carrying anyway. Final thoughts (and have not priced this out). It may be cheaper to get just the IWB and add the OWB expansion then to purchase the actual starter kit. If that's the case, probably would have been what I would have done from the get go as again the AIWB and paddle are almost novelties in my opinion (YMMV). Hope that helps
  8. Hey Ron, glad to have you back on here and nice to hear about the RPR. You gonna come out of holster making retirement any time soon? (selfish question :))
  9. MPGlock

    LMT AR-10

    Just my opinion but sighting in at 800 may be a bit extreme for 308 as it is really about an 800-1000 yd max gun. I sight in for 200 yd zero with 168gr Fed gold Metal Match and then adjust from there with elevation/windage etc if the shot will be longer. YMMV
  10. MPGlock

    Glock 48?

    As soon as they make the 43X in all black (G49 maybe LOL) I'm all over it. Just don't like the two tone for some reason. Til then I'll just keep my 43
  11. Couldn't agree more on the Kimber .22 conv kit, had one for about a month and never made it through an entire mag without it jamming unless using CCI Velocitors. Got rid of it
  12. Thank God this closed.....was really close to asking to trade my Gen 4 19 for this. Been wanting to try one BAD!
  13. Very nice!! Really wish Curtiss would make a reversible pocket clip for us lefties. If they did, i’d probably own one already! GLWS
  14. No love for the Springy 1911??? What the heck? Watching this...if wife takes the chains off funds in the next couple of weeks may be back for this
  15. Damn...just missed. Was just getting ready to IM to see where you were located. Great fun at a great price
  16. Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the help
  17. Was looking for some information and hoping to get a response from LEO on here if possible. A friend of mine just opened a retail business and wanted to know if they are permitted to have a gun there considering they have no carry permit. My first advice to him was “just go get your carry permit” but in the meantime, do the same laws apply to your personally owned business as they do to your home as far as having a gun there without carry permit? I searched online and everything I found was either related to home or about carrying with a permit. Any advice is appreciated!
  18. Totally agree with the stay local part if you can. It’s a very big help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I think I have that one already, I’ll have to look though [emoji13] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. So, spring is upon us and time to start the “real” grillin season (not that I don’t grill 3-4 nights a week all winter long anyway). But I found myself at a conundrum-I’ve run out of inspiration. I consider myself a semi-pro on the grill (backyard warrior maybe?) but just sick of doing the same ol thing. Hoping y’all can help. Here’s the deal - I’ll share my recipe below, in return you share yours. Fun thing is my general rule of thumb is if you change at minimum 2 ingredients in any recipe, it becomes yours. Case in point - the below I stole from Bobby Flay but modified a bit: Marinated and stuffed flank steak with fennel and cabbage blue cheese slaw For the steak: *1 whole flank steak *3 cloves garlic *Half an onion (or 3 shallots) *6-8 fresh basil leaves *4-5 provolone cheese slices *1/4-1/3 pounds prosciutto (can substitute thin sliced ham) *Enough red wine to cover steak while marinating in shallow pan (generally half bottle. I’ve used everything from Chianti to Cabernet and it’s a matter of taste. Whatever your favorite red wine flavor is, use it. Just make sure whatever you marinate it in you have more of the same to drink with the meal [emoji51]. *salt and pepper to taste For the slaw: 1-2 heads fresh fennel 1 head red cabbage 1/2-3/4 cup crumbled blue cheese (can substitute feta as I realize blue is an acquired taste for some. 1/2 cup mayo 3 Tbs quality Apple cider vinegar 2-3 Tbs sugar (depends on how sweet you like your slaw dressing Instructions Butterfly the flank steak (you need a VERY sharp knife for this as flank steaks are thin to begin with). Take your time and try to get even thickness all the way through. Leave just enough attached so it opens like a book. Throw the steak in a shallow pan, toss in the onion and garlic then cover all with red wine until steak is just submerged. Marinate for 4 hours. Remove steak from marinade, open it like a book and layer the basil leaves, prosciutto, and provolone in 3 single layers. Close the flap over (basically you’ve sandwiched the basil, prosciutto, and provolone in the middle of the steak). Salt and pepper the whole thing. Cook on high heat grill (just like a normal steak) to desired doness (generally 8-10 minutes for rare to medium rare). Let rest for 5-10 min then slice against the grain (think slicing a brisket). For slaw I like to smoke the fennel and cabbage on a 225 degree smoker for about 15-20 min over apple wood, not required but really enhances the flavor Shred the cabbage and just the white bulb part of the fennel into strips (think store bought cabbage mix). Mix mayo, apple cider vinegar and sugar together adding more or less vinegar as needed to get a good dressing consistency and more or less sugar for sweetness per taste preference. If too thick I’ve also found adding a bit of apple juice helps thin it out without adding more vinegar taste. Pour over shredded cabbage and fennel and mix to coat. Add in crumbled blue cheese to taste There ya have it. When done right, it’s perfection....and again.....don’t forget the extra wine for when it’s ready!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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