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  1. jct231

    Air Rifles

    I did the same, researched Air gun forums for weeks until it gave me a headache! lol The reason I descided on the Hatsan vortex edge is its was a no frills rifle without the wooden stock but still had the gas cylinder instead of the spring and iron sights to get me through the break in period. Break barrel Air rifles are notorious for being scope killers because of the violent double recoil. I have since bought a UTG scope with eatched glass ( because of the recoil) and it has worked great for me after a few hundred rounds. Holds zero perfectly, clear glass, 3x12 zoom with a 10
  2. jct231

    Air Rifles

    I recently picked up a cheap Hatsan vortex edge in .22 for $100 on Amazon to keep the squirrels out of my attic. I'm happy with it for what I paid. Its made in Turkey and the barrel is supposedly made from German steel instead of the Chinese pot metal. It's not a tack driver and the trigger was stiff even after I adjusted it but I bagged 6 tree rats the first day out of the box with the "iron sights" from about 20 yards with a 16gr. Pellet traveling around 800 fps. After the damage they were creating, I feel it paid for itself and my little Mountain Cur feels he finally has a pu
  3. The article lost credibility to me when it said ".... the grip should fit 95% of shooters." I find that hard pretty to believe from a 15 round double stack .45. The thing does look pretty tall though, maybe they stagger the rounds like in the Shield.
  4. jct231

    Gen 4 Glock 21

    I think if I were to dish out that kind of money I would probably just go a little more and get a P227... Or the 21 and a half case + of ammo.
  5. jct231

    Gen 4 Glock 21

    Wow! I did not know that. 17 rounds would make it a beast!!! I would have to start doing some curls so I can keep it on target!
  6. jct231

    Gen 4 Glock 21

    Thanks for the comments. Im not looking to carry but to get one as a range toy and a HD/nightstand firearm. I've had the M&P and it was a pretty good fit for me but the Gen 3 I tried was way to large for comfort, for me, but I never really have it a legit chance.... good to know.
  7. jct231

    Gen 4 Glock 21

    What's you opinion on the Gen 4 and comparison to the grip radius between M&P full size .45 with small backstrap vs Gen 4 with no backstrap.
  8. On Target is pretty helpful sometimes. They have changed out sights for me and not charged me. Their Smith is a pretty good guy also but I can't remember his name. He is just in there a few days a week.
  9. I used to go to Fall Creek of Mona Rd. and it was always good to me but it's been a few years since I have been there.
  10. Hey ringo20001, Does yours not already have the factory adjustable rear sight on it or is it just worn out? You could contact EEA corp./ TANFOGLIO. They have all the parts that you would need as far as springs and such but I am not sure about a direct replacement sight. They have a great coustomer service department and am sure they will help you. I used to have all the contact info and could probably dig it up for you if you would like.
  11. My favorite M&P. I have the APEX poly trigger, comp springs, Talon grips, extended mags with X grips on the 45c... AWESOME! I am very picky and notorious about buying and then selling for the most simple of reasons but have never even though of letting this one go. Nice pick up Tercel. Love the back strap.
  12. I have one in .40 and you are more than welcome to try it out if you ever make it out to Manchester. After I put the Hogue Jr. grip on it, my wife loves it better, shoots it better and handles the recoil better than all of my guns. She shoots it so good I have been thinking about selling it. lol
  13. I think so. 3 pins apposed to 2 pins and a latch and the M&P has the take down tool attached that can be used as a slave pin or to push the pins out but wouldn't recommend with new pins....they are in there a lot tighter than Glock. I like how easy the trigger bar connection is on the M&P over the Glock. Other than that, the slide release and a few little things, they are exactly the same... but different. lol
  14. Thanks Wolf for putting it in laymen terms for me. This is the first time I have ever seen the Mountain gun and as much as I like the .45 and the idea of finally owning a Sig., they aren't going anywhere. I am VERY happy with my M&P .45c. and it may be a long while before I have a chance to try out the 686+ Mountain again. Plus it adds the .357 mag to my stable. Thanks TGO for helping me get through my indecisiveness!!!
  15. Thank you. I did not know that was an option on gunbroker. I am not so much looking for a monetarily "good deal" but more so looking for the pros and cons. I know that, typically, people who love Rugers don't like Smiths in the same way and I know that people who love the AR platform are the same when it comes to the Mini 14. Never hear anything bad about the Sig...except from the Glock fans who call it a dated design. I think I have ruled out the Mini for now and leaning towards the Sig because it is similar to the CZ... kind of.... unless someone can educate me on how great the 686+ is wit


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