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  1. Yeah, sorry man! I feel bad for how I've dealt with this, regardless of personal things going on, send me an address and I'll send them by Saturday. I'll just give them to you ... and cover the shipping.
  2. Hey man, Sorry for the slow reply, alot of unforeseeable circumstances popped up all once. I did find them in the safe and I'll throw them the glovebox so I'll have them close. I work 12 hour shifts but could meet in Murfreesboro after I get off at 6pm tonight or I get off at noon on Wed and would have a little more flexibility as far as time and distance traveled.
  3. Right on! The add was almost a year ago but I do still have them, burried in the safe. I'll dig them out tonight and confirm it with you. I work in Murfreesboro and may possibly be heading to Smyrna later in the week... I'll message you around 7 tonight after I find them and we will go from there. Thanks!
  4. Ive had the same service done on a few CZ's and it does make a world of difference! I also have a C-100 and it's really hard to tell the difference between it and a CZ compact .... The C-100 is in between a CZ compact and the CZ PCR as far as weight goes. Its a good little gun and I'm tempted as well just because I know how good the CGW trigger is.
  5. jct231

    Air Rifles

    I did the same, researched Air gun forums for weeks until it gave me a headache! lol The reason I descided on the Hatsan vortex edge is its was a no frills rifle without the wooden stock but still had the gas cylinder instead of the spring and iron sights to get me through the break in period. Break barrel Air rifles are notorious for being scope killers because of the violent double recoil. I have since bought a UTG scope with eatched glass ( because of the recoil) and it has worked great for me after a few hundred rounds. Holds zero perfectly, clear glass, 3x12 zoom with a 10 yard to infinity parralex... it was more than the rifle at $150 but a drop in the bucket compared to bigger name brand Air rifle rated scopes like Hawke and the quality is still top notch and built like a tank! More than good enough to do double duty on my AR as well. Pcp rifles are very cool with being semi auto, for a few shots until you have to pump it up again or change out the tank, and mags and all but it takes all of 5 seconds to fire, reload, and be back on target with the break barrel. I went with a tool over a toy....at this time.
  6. jct231

    Air Rifles

    I recently picked up a cheap Hatsan vortex edge in .22 for $100 on Amazon to keep the squirrels out of my attic. I'm happy with it for what I paid. Its made in Turkey and the barrel is supposedly made from German steel instead of the Chinese pot metal. It's not a tack driver and the trigger was stiff even after I adjusted it but I bagged 6 tree rats the first day out of the box with the "iron sights" from about 20 yards with a 16gr. Pellet traveling around 800 fps. After the damage they were creating, I feel it paid for itself and my little Mountain Cur feels he finally has a purpose in his back yard. It was pretty loud when I first got it but after about 300 pellets through it, it is considerably more quiet. My neighbors aren't right on top of me and I do have a privacy fence but I have asked them if it bothered them and they never knew I was shooting it.
  7. Thanks for the info. I've used both Sweetwater and Reverb, both are very reputable. If I do go the online route it will most likely be from one or the other but I'm still holding out for one I can play first.
  8. You can, after a few modifications and I've had a few like that but I prefer to play before I pay. You can also put mud tires on a Prius but it's probably not going to perform the way you had hoped.
  9. I'm looking to upgrade my acoustic but finding a lefty is a like finding a unicorn, even in Nashville. I would appreciate any leads that anyone can give me towards finding a decent guitar under a $1000.... like a Larrivee, Gibson, Martin...
  10. Bump. Let's go $425 and I will be in and around Nashville sometime this weekend guitar shopping . Let me know if anyone knows a good sub 1k lefty acoustic for sale. lol like any exist!
  11. I have a like new in box black polycoat CZ 75b Single action only that I took in on a trade but have other CZ's that I prefer and have a lot more money in so this one is up for trade. I'm pretty open on pistol trades but prefer gen 4 glocks (20 and 23 in particular) or maybe a micro 9 or 380 like a kahr or a little Sig or Colt defender... I'll put a value on it at $450 and will work with the (+) or (-) price difference on a trade offer.
  12. I have two Glock 26 mags that I don't need and would like to trade. One of my mags is a Glock 10 rounder (like new) with a Glock +2 base The other is a ProMag (well used) with the pinky extension, I was able to get 11 on it but was very tight so, 10 rounder. Looking to get a 13 round Glock 21 mag for both 26 mags. Most of my time is spent in Manchester, Murfreesboro or Smyrna but I travel all around the Mid.Tn. area from time to time so I am pretty sure we could probably workout a place within a reasonable distance between us.

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