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  1. Very good deal! If I were just a little closer to you I would snatch it up in a heartbeat but finding the time to get away is a problem at the moment.
  2. Wow! If I didn't have my mid size, I would be all over this. I really like Wilson sights and how M&P's FDE color looks in person too! Nice deal. GLWS!
  3. I have recently been given a very nice mower from my father after he upraded to a massive commercial mower. As I told him before he gave it to me, ..."I don't have enough yard for this beast...I already have a little Husky that does just fine and could even push mow my yard in about an hour, if I wanted to." It is a Z445 EZtrak with a 48" deck and a strong 24hp v twin. This thing cuts and drives really well and cruises along at almost 10mph.! He bought it at the dealership and has had all the scheduled sevices done there as well. It is a 2014 or 2015 model with only about 140 hours on it so it really is in excellent shape. https://www.deere.com/en_US/products/equipment/riding_mowers/zero_turn_mowers/z400_series/z445_48inch/z445_48inch.page He paid a pretty penny for it and I would hate to sell a gift so I haven't really researched it enough to give a fair asking price, but... I don't think I would feel as guilty if I traded it. I'm looking for a good commuter bike like a sport cruiser (Versy, Nc700x, V Strom...) or maybe a naked bike or regular cruiser but I'm more of a straigh up rider so nothing to laid back or laid forward. I would also like for it to be a 2004 or newer and between 650 and 1200cc. Can add cash for the right bike.
  4. jct231

    ad closed SOLD - - CZ 75 Compact - $400

    P.M. sent
  5. jct231

    Gen 4 Glock 17 with goodies! LNIB

    Great deal with the sights! I really like the sight picture on the HD's and love the ballance of the 17/22's. Never really cared for the "feel" of Glocks, until I bought a duty sized Gen 4!
  6. jct231

    ad closed Withdrawing Sale

    Wow! To bad I am not about 4 hours closer to Memphis! Awesome deal!
  7. jct231

    sold Searching for a Glock 20 Gen 4

    Sweet! Definitely my next Glock!
  8. I have a CZ 85 that was bought new by me, fired about 200 rounds through it and sent it off to David at Cajun Gun Works. Great guy by the way! He talked with me several time through the process with updates and suggestions and treated this gun as if it were his own. He hand fitted and pollished all the internals as he gave me everything CGW had to offer and more including the... Full pro package with the triplex trigger system and reach reduction kit ( look it up) that gave it a 3mm single action reset and reduced the trigger pull to an awesome 3.5 pounds S.A. and a 7.10 DA. A 1911 style "surprising" break with absolutely no creep or grit! crowned barel, their 10x bushing an amazing set of sights that has the blacked out rear and fiber optic front... All the factory parts are included along with invoice, receipt matching the serial number to the gun. This service alone was over $600 but money well spent in my opinion to have a coustom, hand fitted like firearm that maintains the reliability of the trusted and proven CZ! Also included are an extra set of grips and (5) 16 round mags all for the low price of $800... that's almost like getting the gun for free after the mags and the price of shipping added on to the the work done! The only reason I'm contemplating on letting it go is I have its smaller brother (pcr) with the exact same upgrades that I use heavily and have grown to attached to cheat on it with a relative. I rarely pull this one out of the safe and the round count is only 150 rounds since the work was done... other projects in mind so out with the "dupicates" and in with the new. Any and all questions will be answered and more pictures provided upon request. I'm off from work for several days so I am willing to travel within a reasonable distance.
  9. jct231

    sold Gen 4 Glocks

    The 19 is pending so I am dropping the price on the 21 to $450 If it isn't spoken for by the end of the day Thursday I will gladly keep it.
  10. jct231

    sold Gen 4 Glocks

    Forgot to mention... the 21 has the extended slide lock and extended slide release installed with factory parts included
  11. jct231

    sold Gen 4 Glocks

    Gen 4 Glocks View Advert Spring is in the air and I need some cash to upgrade my fishing kayak.I have 2 Gen 4 Glocks up for sale and will keep whichever doesn't sell first...First one is a factory gray frame with black slide 19 and 3 mags but I am missing the medium-sized beavertail backstrap. Other than that, graet shape and low round count...(SOLD)Second is a older Gen 4 21, both backstraps and also a low round count in great shape with 5 mags...(KEEPING IT)Meet in the Manchester/Murfreesboro area...maybe further if my schedule will alow. Advertiser jct231 Date 05/10/2017 Price $450.00 Category Firearms Classifieds Caliber 37355 Manufacturer Glock Type of Item 5
  12. M1 .30 carbine mags and ammo View Advert My father has recently given me (2) M1 15 round mags, loaded. One is a Rugg and the other is a Union hardware. They both appear to be in good shape with good springs and the 30 rounds of brass cased .30 M1ball carbine ammo, brand and weight are unknown but they have a red ring around the primer if that helps anyone. Totally useless to me but I'm offering them up for trade if any one is interested Glock mags .22 ammo ...anything gun related really. Advertiser jct231 Date 04/09/2017 Price $1.00 Category Gear Classifieds Manufacturer Rugg and Union Hardware Type of Item 8  
  13. jct231

    sold Glock 19 (Traded)

    Sorry, traded and forgot to close the post.

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