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  1. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Never do that! There is no registration in TN and you never want it. A bill of sale is enough and is not required. Your guns will be confiscated soon enough, don't make it easy. You will only have to prove a gun is yours if it is reported stolen by someone else.
  2. Look at and add up all the power demand from all the stuff you want to power. Assign 150% for the microwave. Motor starts require AT LEAST 2x the running load. There are 746 watts/horsepower. Assume a freezer and fridge WILL start at the same time. You can control when the lights, microwave runs and maybe the furnace fan, but not likely the rest. So, if you have a 1/2 HP furnace you'll need 750+ watts to start the fan if you have gas heat. Look at your fridge but expect 800 to 850 watts to start it. Same for the freezer. Add a couple hundred watts for lights, at least that for the TV or radio/stereo for entertainment. And up to 1800 watts for the microwave, a device you'll want in an outage. Add 1500 watts for each electric space heater. It's easy to get to 3500 watts and that has been an effective size for me over several years. I have a Powerboss 3500/5250 watt now (check Wal-Mart.com). It's a B&S brand. A Briggs engine will sit for years with preserved fuel and start. I have a Honda powered lawnmower. No confidence it will start; for the first 3 years, I have sprayed it with WD-40 to start it. In the '93 blizzard, we were without power for 5 days. You should plan on 5 days of fuel at the average power consumption you expect to see. Should the SHTF, you can siphon gas from the cars and motorcycles after that. Use the Briggs 2-year preservative.
  3. Protac 1AAA https://tacticalgear.com/streamlight-protac-1aaa
  4. BTDT. I'm so used to having a pistol in my pocket, I can't remember whether it was posted or not and whether I carried or not. However, if nothing happens, nothing happens. If it does, you'll be glad to have the defensive capability. Many others will be glad, too.
  5. Unless you are dying of something only Vandy treats, you're probably better off avoiding their sort.
  6. ROTFL! I have handled one, at The Outpost. I had expected it would be unpleasant to shoot. Lots of nice semis for the same price. Prolly get another XSP for the polished up price. I was thinking about it as a boot Gun handy to get when driving.
  7. Can't account for my fascination with retrievers. Bond Arms' look great but also look stupid expensive. Could buy a pocket Sig or Colt for that. The other choices have been $100 - $125 and look suspect. Well, now Bond has released the Goldilocks Rough series for ~$260. I searched and found nothing about shooting the little beast. How rough is the recoil of the .45/.410? I like 1911 .45s, I don't mind .41 Mag with the right grip shape or a Contender in 7-30 Waters, but draw the line below .30-30.
  8. As I understand TN law/rules, you cannot knowingly sell to a prohibited person, like underage or a felon, but you don't have to check. I once bought a gun out of the trunk of a car, in a big parking lot. We both got a chuckle from that! While you may choose to do more, it is less effort (and fewer requirements) than selling a car in the paper. A good thing, generally, keeps the government in the dark.
  9. My home system sounds sooo much better than any theater, too, though Regal gives it a good run. So why go out and be distracted by inferior sound for $7.50 each?
  10. Size the generator at 2x the largest motor you need to start. Likely your well pump. You might add in the freezer in case the both start at the same time. There are 746 watts in 1 HP. I have a Honda powered lawnmower. Never again. requires wd40 to start every time after the 3rd week from new. Carb too complex, gums up too easily. Briggs or nothing. Avoid ethanol, it gums up carbs even worse.
  11. @R_bert I live in a quiet neighborhood and would like to install an antenna(e) in my attic to minimize attention. How would this work for CB? Got a better suggestion? https://www.rightchannelradios.com/collections/base-station-cb-antennas/products/firestik-indoor-cb-base-antenna
  12. I like to use public places with a lot of traffic, like gas stations. Once bought a rifle out of the trunk of a car at Northgate Mall. LOL!

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