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  1. It will be considered primarily for EDC, but who knows, it might kill a can or 3. That was the reason for the weight limit. At 34 oz, I'll just carry one of my 1911s. Currently have plenty of 9mm for practice because of the FX-9 PCC. NOBODY ever has too much money, but I'll get by. Next month I'm down to a mortgage. Night vision, huh?
  2. I've decided to spend my stimulus check on a 9mm and ammo, but which one? I'd like a lighter compact with about a dozen rounds capacity, under 25 oz., Condition 1 carry is a big plus, polymer frames are OK, some striker-fired are tolerable, had 2 Glocks (and 2 too many), but I have a carbine that uses Glock mags, so a 19, if cheap might get it. I like the looks of a CZ 2075 RAMI, but can't find one to handle. What do you recommend?
  3. I put these and a Vortex SPARC II on my FX-9. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0182VADPU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Do nothing. The handgun is on loan for the next 70 years and then becomes an estate transfer. From the ATFE web page above, this is legal. Don't go looking to wake the bear. One day that might be the only gun you get to keep.
  5. My EDC is a Colt Mustang. I also have a DW Valkyrie and an OACP I occasionally carry. I use excellent leather from Sparks and Tucker. I have both IWB & OWB, but I think OWB is the way to carry even lightweight 1911s. The weight has less effect with OWB.
  6. Colt4530

    .38 super???

    I'd buy it. .38 Super runs about the same speed and muzzle energy as a .357 in some loading and comes in a 1911 package. Call DW, but as stated, you can likely have a 9mm barrel fitted and have a dual caliber gun.
  7. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Never do that! There is no registration in TN and you never want it. A bill of sale is enough and is not required. Your guns will be confiscated soon enough, don't make it easy. You will only have to prove a gun is yours if it is reported stolen by someone else.
  8. Look at and add up all the power demand from all the stuff you want to power. Assign 150% for the microwave. Motor starts require AT LEAST 2x the running load. There are 746 watts/horsepower. Assume a freezer and fridge WILL start at the same time. You can control when the lights, microwave runs and maybe the furnace fan, but not likely the rest. So, if you have a 1/2 HP furnace you'll need 750+ watts to start the fan if you have gas heat. Look at your fridge but expect 800 to 850 watts to start it. Same for the freezer. Add a couple hundred watts for lights, at least that for t
  9. Protac 1AAA https://tacticalgear.com/streamlight-protac-1aaa
  10. BTDT. I'm so used to having a pistol in my pocket, I can't remember whether it was posted or not and whether I carried or not. However, if nothing happens, nothing happens. If it does, you'll be glad to have the defensive capability. Many others will be glad, too.
  11. Unless you are dying of something only Vandy treats, you're probably better off avoiding their sort.
  12. ROTFL! I have handled one, at The Outpost. I had expected it would be unpleasant to shoot. Lots of nice semis for the same price. Prolly get another XSP for the polished up price. I was thinking about it as a boot Gun handy to get when driving.
  13. Can't account for my fascination with retrievers. Bond Arms' look great but also look stupid expensive. Could buy a pocket Sig or Colt for that. The other choices have been $100 - $125 and look suspect. Well, now Bond has released the Goldilocks Rough series for ~$260. I searched and found nothing about shooting the little beast. How rough is the recoil of the .45/.410? I like 1911 .45s, I don't mind .41 Mag with the right grip shape or a Contender in 7-30 Waters, but draw the line below .30-30.
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