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  1. The two quotes above were posted in a thread separate to this. Apparently that thread was merged with this one. I was replying to those posts.
  2. Facebook and youtube are private companies. They didn't take the video down because they're pro-family murderers. They took them down because seeing dead children is offensive and they don't want to lose users. They also take down pornography if you put it up.
  3. Oh I meant nylon. I'll check those out. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, I'd probably be a marauder. If it's really a situation where everyone's taking to the hills, people are going to die because they can't get insulin, civilization has crumbled, etc. then yeah, I'm probably going to go to extreme measures to survive. I have a feeling moral quandaries will kind of take a back seat when I'm starving to death.
  5. I'm on a belt hunt. Does anyone know of any quality canvas gun belts?
  6. What I don't understand is this: As far as I know, every potential terrorist attack that I can think of was thwarted by the passengers in the plane. Which means they got through TSA. Which means TSA's methods don't work. If through some improbability some x-ray machine and someone with a GED prevents the next 9/11, then I'll support these new measures. It's not going to happen though. What's more likely to happen is these morons are going to get caught saving these images and there's going to be a boatload of lawsuits. Flying may not be a god-given right, but not being groped is as far as I'
  7. I look forward to the day when all the Supreme Court Justices are highly advanced robots, and briefs are presented via IBM punch cards. Also, I long for the day that my Coleco® brand Supreme Court Justices graduate from Phoenix University. None of that hoity toity DeVry or ICS for our lawputers. As a side note, we need to ensure that our cutting-edge Judgebots come with an Extended Warranty. I know it costs a little extra, but those Coleco®'s will rust up on you.
  8. I'll stick with the supreme court.
  9. "I'm calling it a suicide....should have read "fed up"...he just didn't get a chance to finish." right


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