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  1. Can't do anything on it now, but will be coming to M'boro about this time next month. If you still have it then, I'll get with you. Yeah...I know...a lame comment. But true. To much going on with wife and last week's flash flooing here in East Nashville. Surely someone will jump on this by then. If not...
  2. These are fantastic pistols. Just as underappreciated now as Canik was initially. Bought 2 SAR9s and have shot one. Absolutely love it! Forgetten how good a steel frame can feel when shooting. Although I have no knowledge of this particular model...I'd be willing to go for it if we were closer.
  3. May be wrong...but don't think the full size 1911 Nightmare was available in 9mm. There is a P938 called a "Nightmare" and a P226/229 also called Nightmares. But as a purist, has to be a full-size 1911 in 9mm for me to call it a Nightmare. JMO.
  4. 2 cases of Ramen, a dozen or so salisbury dinners, and 40-50 cans of BBQ Vienna Sausage(I splurged on those). Plus several boxes of unsalted Salteens. I think I'm set for a couple of weeks. lol.
  5. Thank the Lord! I was wavering!
  6. I didn't acquire the 1911 bug until 2009. Got to fire a Colt Officer's Model. I was hooked.
  7. Sort of reminds me of some of the Igh Standards of the 60s and 70s.
  8. PBJ and water. Wife and I lived on that seemed like for years. Both had the car lust. Could pay for rent and cars. That was about it. I've recently gotten back on to those PB&J Sammiches. I find them tasty, fast, but not as cheap as they were 40+ years ago. But at least we can afford the crunchy style now.
  9. NO! No! No! I don't need another one of your cast-offs! Actually, I seem to remember getting something like this from you a while back. LOL! Even so...if not for some medical stuff still lingering, I'd do it again! These are great pistols. Second only to Glock for reliability and ease of use. I actually like the grip safety on these. MMakes you have a correct grip and makes it almost as easy as a 1911 to shoot. I would like that holster though.
  10. My first old car was a worn out Ford. Like most back then...no money. A buddy showed me how to remove starter and alternator and rebuild them. About the last time I could do anything but open the hood and hunt for the dipstick. Don't none of you wisea*** tell me to put a mirror under the hood either!
  11. Fixed that for ya!
  12. My wifey thanks you for tonight's good dreams.
  13. Great pistols. Great Guy to deal with. I'd be all up in his face for this one if I didn't prefer the full-size Caniks to the compacts. LOL. Serioulsly good pistol here. Snap it up before I get crazy and try for it!
  14. You're just taunting me...aren't you! My shooter MKIII isn't quite that nice looking and I don't have a fancy box.


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