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  1. Somewhat of a Gerber fan here. I had 2 of the Gerber Paraframe Minis and the last year's Secret Santa gave me another. I have one on the desktop beside me right now, one on the dresser to grab when going out, and one in my car. They are great little do-almost-everything you want knives. And should you damage one, or break the blade doing all those things we aren't supposed to do with a knife...you won't cry over the loss.
  2. I've used Prvi ammo for years without issues. I like it. Especially the 9mm.
  3. Joe, are you looking for a pistol form or a short barrel/sub 16" for SBR?
  4. Thanks hughd. I didn't find that fast enough.
  5. Brother-in-law has a similar setup in the bed of his truck. It runs wheel well width, and about 3-4 foot in length, and think about 6" in depth. It's a commercial product, sort of costly if I remember his comments. It's really nice, well built, and supposedly "waterproof". If I can catch up with him, I'll try to get some info on it.
  6. That's one fine stock. I've had a Thorsden on my wish list for a while. Just need to break down and do it.
  7. Would love to have another one in my collection...lol...but distance, and most importantly...money; preclude me from getting it.
  8. hipower

    PC Advice

    LOL! My wife wants the 32" as well. So she will most likely win out on this.
  9. hipower

    PC Advice

    Been looking at the ad. The Lenovo model is one I've been considering. Probably will order it. Thanks for the info!
  10. hipower

    PC Advice

    Automatic. That's my style. No muss...no fuss, or work, installation. lol
  11. hipower

    PC Advice

    Thanks. I didn't think of checking WW.
  12. hipower

    PC Advice

    Thanks to all. I think I'll go out this afternoon and look at several units. Not sure exactly what I'll do, but the desktop is definitely leading. So I'll be pretty much comfy with it. DaveTn, thanks for the advice. I like the looks and specks of that linked Lenovo. Very good price. Don't like the wired keyboard, but can live with it. I'm assuming Optical refers to wireless mouse, so it might be leading at the moment. Now, my thanks for all the advice and comments. Hughd, btq96r, jGrady, 10_Ring, deadeye111, peejayman, No_one, Trekbike, and Jamie Jackson, I appreciate your coming to my aid. I won't say I understood it all, lol, but I gathered some info that will get me to where I want/need to be. Thanks.
  13. hipower

    PC Advice

    Yes, the HP has all these connectors. So it's not totally unfamiliar.
  14. hipower

    PC Advice

    Thanks for the comments. Now I have to interpret them. Basically I think, for me and what little I do, an out of the box standard model with similar specs to what you mention will do. Anything more than that would be a waste. Gaming, for me, has been rousing games of solitaire.

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