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  1. Took me a while...but I finally spotted the O2 bottle on the old geezer! LOL!
  2. Thanks, Cap. Very interesting reads. Cars really had some style back then.
  3. Got several 22lr pistols I'd let go of, but the distance is too far for me to handle. Just to tease...a couple ATIs, a Ruger(a nice one!) and a Walther PPQ 22.
  4. So what do you see as options? Destroy all AR/AK style pistols? Dismantle them and keep parts separated? Keep using them? Since the majority, I think anyway, are intended for HD, vehicle carry, or range use; where does this leave us? Sell off to any willing buyer? Not sure if I would sell off anything right now. And what of the parts I'm sure many have? Uppers and lowers I don't immediately see as a problem. Braces and short barrels as components could be an issue. I'm sure there are other items that will need to be scrutinized in the wake of this threat to us. At this point, I'
  5. Why oh why do all your great holster deals have to be thumb-break models? lol I know the reasons for them, I just prefer without. But both your recent offerings have been great and very tempting. GLWS
  6. Very nice HS! Made in the era when High Standard was the TOP DOG in 22 target and plinking guns. I own several HS pistols and can say you will not be disappointed in having one of these in your safe!
  7. Well...if you like CZ weapons...you can't be too bad a guy! Welcome to TGO.
  8. Terry, I really can't tell you more than you've already been told here, but I can make a small comment. My late brother-in-law was a collector of knives. The more exotic the better...with one caviat. It absolutely HAD to be one of 2 things. Made by someone he knew and respected, and not be a commercially produced model with 1000s+ made of each one. I can tell you that he owned several Thomsen knives and they were among his favorites. Some years back, he bought and sold knives personally, and knew many of the "old guard" as he called them in the Knife Guilds. So his standards were ver
  9. For that I'll pass. Anyway, does the Health Dept. charge for the testing? I really don't know, as I've avoided those long lines. lol
  10. I bought a Craftsman knockoff at Sam's Club a few years back. A big sucker. A 2piece with a total of 14 drawers. Had been looking, like you, just for something to make a centralized area for tools. Long story short. Sam's had it at 1k. Ouch! Found a few dents in it and asked for the manager to talk about a discount. After a few minutes conversation, he offered to sell it at 400. I took it. The moral. Look for damage and ask for discounts.
  11. Welcome back! I still have some of the canes you made. Gave most as gifts to family. Sadly, 3 of the them have passed on. Did you curse them? LOL Just a joke. They were much liked and appreciated when given.
  12. WOW! That is a fancy car! Now...what the heck is it?
  13. These are sooo sweet! I got some time in with one and it's awesome!
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