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  1. Netflix series

    As a longtime Peter Weller fan...I agree. Lucian was a great character, and added a lot to the history and development of Walt. You'll see a bit more of him in Johnson's books though.
  2. Netflix series

    Also. I caught the series in the beginning and just loved it. Have you read Craig Johnson's Longmire books? They are really, really good. I've bought them all and am waiting for the next one to come out. The last one, The Western Star, is a sort of flashback story telling the beginning of Walt's career. It's a bit darker than previous books, and has a bit of a tv style ending...a clifferhanger for the next book.
  3. Netflix series

    Second for The Man in the High Castle. I really have enjoyed it.
  4. My Mother Passed

    My condolences friend. When all is said and done...she was still your mother. That doesn't change the life you had, and didn't have with her. The loss is still a part of you and your life. Grieve in your own way and at the time of your choosing. And grieve you will. Not because of the loss now, but because you are a human being with feelings that are with you and will come out at some point. Because you are human, and because you did what was necessary at the time, you show compassion for her. And you show intelligence recognizing in yourself how you were shaped by your mother to become what you are today.
  5. Smith & Wesson 15/22 Pistola

    I agree...just too much going on right now for me to snatch it.
  6. TWD Season 8

    Well...this is all news to me. I stopped watch 2 seasons ago. I just couldn't take it anymore. Way too many inconsistancies in all areas of the show. It got to be that the Talking Dead segments were more entertaining than the show. And that was just too much for me, so I left.
  7. for-sale CZ 40B

    Really nice, buddy. I like it. Hopefully...someone with money will also.
  8. I have a pair of Original S.W.A.T. brand shoes I ordered from Botach last month that I cannot wear. I'd like to sell them for my cost of 30. These are Chase Moc, Black, item #135001, size 10.5 Wide. Brand new, unworn. Not even 2 steps in them. I tried to get my foot into the right shoe and cannot comfortably. I have injured it so many times I have trouble with anything but a lace up shoe. But I thought I'd try these. Due to some family issues, I've missed the return date on them. So here we are. I cannot post pics, but if you need some, pm me with phone or email and I'll get them to you. Thanks for looking. And Merry Christmas!
  9. Combat Accuracy vs Target Shooting

    Sorry, I guess I'm just a suspicious and devious minded person. A bit down this morning and that was my first thought.
  10. Combat Accuracy vs Target Shooting

    Interesting...but would you be a bit self-serving having your first post promoting your own video?
  11. East German Makarovs

    You have much more guts than I do to make a statement like that. It would be a total lie from me. lol
  12. East German Makarovs

    Well...now I can see them. lol Looks very good. I like the grips too.
  13. East German Makarovs

    Wish I could see the pics. Sounds interesting. Never had a Makarov. What am I missing?

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