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  1. You do have a good shelter I presume? I think you just might need a place to stay for a day or two. lol
  2. Congrats, Mikey! You'll have to tell me this story on my next trip up. I haven't had a 45 Shield, but as has been mentioned, the current pricing sure makes it tempting. As I said after last weeks range session, I shot my 9mm Shield better than the G19 and the Gen2 M&P 9 5" I brought. Yeah, still thinking on that one. But as a long time Shield fan, and the owner of several(another long story), I really consider them to be one of the best, almost pocket guns out there. Yeah. I really need another pistol.
  3. So...if the manager and the team can't touch the trophy...who gets to move it off the ice? Aren't superstitions a strange thing? But anyway, as a recent follower of Preds hockey, I must say it has been quite a ride to this game. These guys sure seem to have it together and are beating all the players and teams who keep saying that Nashville hockey and its fans just don't have what it takes to be in the NHL, lol I think last night put that to rest. My congratulations to the entire team and management staff of the Nashville Predators for a fantastic season. Now go and get the next one taken care of and bring the Stanley Cup down South!
  4. Pardon my old eyes and memory...is that Obama bowing in the second pic?
  5. Firstly, I would like to say thank you for raising such a well rounded young lady. You certainly seem to have informed and educated her to a level of responsibility almost unheard of in today's society. That being said, you have also shown wisdom in the areas of worry and what she may encounter while living the college life. I will not presume to know what is best for her. With the obvious training you have given, it seems she would be comfortable with whatever you and she might choose together. Others will surely have their own ideas, but I think the Mossberg with light loads is a good choice. Also possibly something like a S&W Govenor comes to mind. Whatever the two of you choose, also factor in this roommate. Does she also have the same mindset and similar training? What might be her capabilities? Picking a defensive weapon for both of them also adds to the mix. My best wishes for you in the search.
  6. I so much want to be there!! Unfortunately, a conflict of dates with a family party for my 90 year old aunt in Cookeville will take precedence. I'm sure all you guys going will have a fantastic time. I will be thinking of you...nasty thoughts, but I will be thinking of you. lol Thanks to all who worked to set this up. I do appreciate it, and hope someday to be able to attend one of these events.
  7. My wife is a wonderful woman. She puts up with me. But that being said, she has no business picking up a knife of any kind. Granted it has been a while since this happened; but she is very prone to cutting herself. Better now than in the past, but we still don't have really sharp knives in the utensil drawer.
  8. Those steak knives were gorgeous! Would love a set of those, but...well, that's a lot of dough for me.
  9. We had a mother and her 2 kits hanging around here for about a week. It was much fun watching the kits play. Then our Aussie/Border Collie started playing with one of the kits. They'd chase each other around the trees and act like 2 little puppies having fun. Molly never once was aggressive with them, and all seemed to have a good time. Sadly, I found one of the kits dead one afternoon. All I could see was a hole the size of a half dollar in it's side. Don't know if someone shot it or what. I'm a softy, I hated that happening. Buried the little fellow on the hill on our property. Seemed right. The other 2 we haven't seen again.
  10. LOL!!! I 've heard many people express similar feelings over these pistols. Of course I would never lower myself to that kind of behavior.
  11. Is there anything in our lives left that's not being invaded by all this e-stuff?
  12. Took the words right out of my mouth! With apologies to Meatloaf for the steal.
  13. Well...I must say that this may well get my vote for the best post in this thread so far. Not agreeing or disagreeing with anything said...just think it's well written.
  14. Impressive results. I've bought a few boxes of the HST 9mm and found them to perform satisfactorily in my handguns. Of course, I've not shot ballastics gel with them. I've just gone with them for the reports I've seen and heard form others. I must say that I do prefer my Black Talon loads of the HST, but I'm about out of them. My comments are strictly from feel in the guns and from my own "performance" accuracy.
  15. Very nice! I really like the Bog Oak and the dark finish on the blade. Once again, you have produced a gorgeous knife.

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