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  1. Are you saying that you're getting as addled brained as me? lol I continually mistake movies these days. Took me forever to come up with The Magnificent Seven title the other night.
  2. It sure is! I paid a bit more locally for one I bought. Nice pistol, but not as enamored with it as I thought I would be. I find myself wishing David had posted his M&P 45 before I had bought the 9. But that's the way things go. lol
  3. I believe the truck is a 48-53 vintage. Chevy of course.
  4. sold

    Da nada, amigo.
  5. sold

    Good evening buddy. I'll take the one with the minimalist stock.
  6. Thank you. I didn't know if anything was different currently from my past experiences with CO2 pistols, but perhaps nothing major has happened. I guess I'll go back to looking into pump single shot air rifles for my "needs."
  7. What kind of distance/accurately can you get with this? And seeing it uses 2 CO2 bottles at a time, how long/rough # of shots can you get with the 2 bottles? And last but not least, do you notice a drop off in any of these factors as the bottles lose pressure? Yes, I'm being a pain in the butt with all these questions. Just trying to see any potential drawbacks to buying one of these myself. It has been quite some time since I had a CO2 pistol of any kind and trying to see if it has changed. Thank you for your comments on this initially, and anything else you might post on it.
  8. That's great, Steel. Dad was a real hardcase at times. A real no nonsense sort. Some shows he would tolerate, but about all he really watched would be news and Red Skelton. The only reason we even had a tv was Mom's insistence that we "needed" one to occupy me. I was a bit sickly growing up. But not important, memories are what you have and how you made them.
  9. I was around 12 when Batman swooped in on the tv. I spent many a half hour watching the really bad acting and listening to corny dialog. I'd like to say that even back then I knew how bad it was, but I watched anyway. Sometimes just to make my Dad a little angry with it. Yep...I was a nasty little brat back then too. He' always just ask how I could waste time watching such trash and sit and shake his head at it and me. Yes, good memories of those days. Thanks for those good times Mr. West.
  10. lol! This just ain't right!
  11. I had the opportunity to fondle one yesterday. It is an impressive pistol. It holds well in the hand(personally, I might take a piece of sandpaper to the nibs on the grip though), is very easy to keep a consistant sight picture when drawing and presenting, and the trigger is very good. I think the best thing about the P10c is the reset. It is very, very short. I think no more than 1/8 of an inch. Now the kicker. I did not buy it. Why? It actually didn't just make me love it. I didn't get the feeling it was really any better than my PPQ or the Canik Elite. Yes, that feeling is very subjective. I'm sure others will disagree with my assessment. And one other thing. I was told there is a threaded barreled version coming with different sight options. So I can wait.
  12. I thought I had a dvd copy of the Matthau/Shaw version, for you to watch Steelharp; but I haven't found it tonight. I'll keep looking.
  13. I believe the Mt. Juliet location has also had that problem at least once. Sure must be the unluckiest bunch of gun dealers in this state.
  14. As the owner of 2 Caniks, I have to ask. What took you guys so long? Steelharp and I have been talking about these pistols for almost a year. They are ergonomically fantastic, shoot exceeding well and accurately, and have a trigger that is the envy of at least 75% of the gun world. So...It's about time. lol
  15. On the topic of goats, fartless or otherwise, I looked into using goats to clean up a portion of my property. Found a local person(group) that rented goats out for the purpose. Lined up a meet to check it out. Short version...250 a day for a "herd" and it would take 2-3 weeks to clean off/eat the weeds on a acre 3/4 hillside. Little out of my price range.

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