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  1. I'll get my wife to check our local Kroger.
  2. That's my thinking as well. Just something about that bumper seems "off" to me. Maybe the "split" in the center is just throwing me off. But there were some minor differences in Canadian GM products. Or just a repair. Or I'm just overthinking the whole deal. lol
  3. hipower

    Value on S&W 624

    Again, thanks for the offer. I packed away all but my "house guns" over the last 2 days. Won't be too likely to get into them again until I'm more mobile. Have steps to get up and down, and walkers and crutches and canes can be awkward.
  4. hipower

    Value on S&W 624

    Would be nice. I might sell for that. lol Smith revolvers are just all over the board on pricing. Smith Book is a good standard, but collectors and guys like me who just are fond of the S&W wheel guns, make a definitive price difficult to reach. But that's true for all firearms.
  5. Thanks buddy, I do feel a bit better. Good enough that knee replacement is a go for the morning. All prepped, overnight bag if needed, house sitter for my Molly, the dog. And alarm set for 4 AM. Wondering if I shouldn't just sit up all night anyway. I'll be pretty much out for a couple days anyway. But thanks for the thoughts.
  6. I hope so, but I've never experienced the alternative to offer a comment. lol
  7. hipower

    Value on S&W 624

    I appreciate the offer, and if I may, I might take you up on it later. The next couple of weeks, I expect my time here to be very sporadic. With help from my wife, I might get a few pics taken for possible sales. But since I won't be mobile/driving for a while, I won't have the capability to set meets. Again, my thanks for your offer.
  8. Thank you. Need all I can get.
  9. Well, I did end up going out for a while this morning. Unfortunately, not to the gun show. Bent over to pick up shoe and popped the back again. Emergency visit to chiropractor was needed. Now, I'm supposed to do nothing at all till I head for surgery. I had a few personal things scheduled today; like going thru boxes of books for keeping and selling. That's out. At least for 6 weeks or so. I'll be doing slow walks around here and that's about it. Getting old sucks!
  10. hipower

    Value on S&W 624

    I confess, I have not the knowledge nor ability to post pics. A veritable dinosaur of the interwebs. I keep asking a neighbor to help/teach me, but he never seems to have the time.
  11. A little late tonight to ask, but I saw a billboard today for the Lebanon Gun show this weekend. Since it's been years since I've actually gone to one; does anyone have any knowledge or comments on this Lebanon Show? My wife is wanting me to go and get out of the house. Says I need to "decompress" a bit. Been having a lot of back pains. DDD and arthritis, as well as siatic pains in my legs. Plus, next week I get my 2nd knee replacement and a bit nervous with the back issues. But, it's time. So...I may go. Thank you for any help and advice on the show. I was thinking of taking my Legion, and maybe a 320 Tac model down ad see about a response on them.
  12. Thanks for the "insight". Sorry, that was a terrible pun. Yes, I just about had a coronary when I saw the price on these. But Walgreens had a 2/1 sale on this week when I bought them. Made it a bit easier to take. I do have to say these seem to be very clear. Or maybe it's just that my current glasses are old and scratched. Also would prefer a larger lens...about 25-30% larger. More like my older readers. I do need mine on the pc, the screen is fuzzy. So I'm a bit further along.
  13. It happens. lol I'm on 250 now. BTW, I just bought a pair of those pictured above. Any comments on them? I find the frames very tight on my temples.
  14. Sure wish we were closer. I'd love to buy this from you.
  15. Is the figure arrived at by this method a total round count, case count, or total weight of inventory? I come up with 45,828,201.5 as a total. Seems a bit lite to me for total rounds. A good number for case quantity though. Not sure about the weight though. If that's pounds or in metric tonnes, I don't think my garage floor could handle it.

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