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  1. Much good here. And lots to think on as to how we relate to people everywhere. One situation that causes me to think a lot is the "street sellers...the paper vendors...to the outright beggers." I see so many that say they are in need of help and this is the way they live day to day. The only thing they can do. Really? Personally, except in rare instances, I believe if you can stand on a street corner or in an intersection for 8 hours a day, you are able to do work of some sort. If you can have cigarettes and cell phones while doing this...I question your motives, if not your character. I've heard said that some of these are God's Angels in disguise, testing how we respond. True or not, how we handle this is telling of our spirit. I'm weak, I know that. I don't always stop or slow down to ask or to give money. I use my questionable judgement to decide who I should give to. My decision. My very small attempt to help. My failure? Is this wrong? Am I passing judgement on someone simply because of the superficial things I see? Probably yes in both cases. In true faith and love, we are called to help...everyone. But I fear that I, and others around us, have become so jaded in our own little worlds that we become an arbiter of judgement. Not helpers and healers of men. I have failed in this. I admit it. I have failed in much in this world, and it weighs upon me. I miss the old country church I went to as a child. Life was simpler then...more black and white, good and evil...faith was a constant, a power in our lives. For many reasons, we have strayed from it. So have I. My vague, rambling commentary may have some nuggets of truth. You decide.
  2. Check GunPro.com sales today. An 1894 in 45-70 for under 600. Looks cool.
  3. I like it! I really like it! Needs to be on my safe door. lol
  4. I sort of like it. lol But that's an old man of low taste for ya'.
  5. All this talk is making me want to try the RMR thing again. Still have my G35 or the Canik to try them on. Thinking the Canik might be the way I go. It just holds so much more comfortably than the Glock.
  6. It is now! Gosh! That combination is gorgeous! That black(?) Damascus and the lighter handles is amazing. Paypal incoming. AND Done!
  7. I think I prefer the duo-tone model.
  8. Chalk it up to bad memory. lol Old age strikes again.
  9. Chill Wills...the trusty sidekick and comic relief thru many, many old westerns.
  10. Very nice! Wish I could take it. Alas, too many bills. But wimpy old me wonders what it would be like shooting 44 Spl or some light Cowboy loads.
  11. Fully understand your situation and frustration there, I40Bandit. I've been converting a small(roughly 8x12) room that was a "home office" into what has become my man dog house and a personal library. My wife rarely enters it anymore. I now have 2 walls done in bookcases, floor to ceiling. Initially, I've been using wooden folding bookcases that we've had for years, attaching them with 1 5/8 wood screws on the insides, and 2 1x3 boards on the back for additional bracing and stability. Also had some older Sauder kit CD/DVD shelving from previous use. I used 1x12 finished boards(for looks...lol) on top of the folding case unit by predrilling holes in the uprights of the old bookcases and the 1x12, then again with the 1 5/8 screws to attach them to each other. This gave me a stable base to place the CD/DVD case on the top and do the same thing as with the folding cases. That gave me a 7'W x 9'H unit covering one wall. I like it. My wife...not so much. The only out of pocket expense was the 1x12. Then did a similar project for the longer wall using salvage and yard sale bookcases. Got sort of interesting finding specific sizes to make it all fit, but I enjoyed the search and getting it put together. I did finish it and had a 13" wide gap left over in the corner behind the door. Just couldn't decide on what to do with it. Solved it by attaching a piece of an old curtain to the case and the wall. Makes a nice spot to place a rifle and hang a pistol or two. Out of sight and quick access. Now trying to convince wifey that I really need to keep going over the desk and other short wall. But after covering one window, she's not too keen on that. Hey... the point is use what you got as much as possible and spend as little as possible. I look forward to seeing more pics of your personal loading space.
  12. In all this talk about the magnificent table...no one's asked what it weighs. I wonder if UPS would laugh at you for it? I do sort of like it, but really have no place for it. Plus that drive is killer.

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