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  1. Don't really know how I've not seen this post. lol But if there are more available, I'd like 3 please.
  2. We have a BC/Aussie Shepard mix. Tremendously friendly, active, and very demanding of attention. Super watch dog. Will bark when a vehicle or person enters "her" territory, which is about three homes surrounding ours. lol But that's a good thing. We live on a dead end and she always is aware of sound and movement. I would love to have this little beauty, but Molly absolutely will not tolerate another dog around here. She even runs the neighbors dogs off. She's fine on walks and visiting the neighbors. Just no more on her home. Strange since she loves to play with other dogs and is especially fond of young children. Actually follows the 2 and 3 year old kids beside us. Won't let anything or anyone near them. Over about 6, she has no interest in them. A definite strong mothering instinct. Molly virtually didn't leave my side after 2 knee surgeries, and now at night she goes back and forth between me and my wife. Always checking on us. But agreed with all. These little creatures are absolutely fantastic companions
  3. Really like this! Hope to parley into one someday. lol I've become a fan of 1911s in 9mm. Started with a Rock Island. Then a Springer, a Colt or two. I do want a Smith too. Just love the combo! Fun too shoot and my old wrists like them too.
  4. Not so buddy. I didn't know there was anything else till into my teens. lol That's what my grandparents baked with...forever. There may be a bottle left around here from my late mother's cooking and baking, but I always thought it too heavy and sugary. So we have had several different brands of lite Maple syrup, Aunt Jemimah's and the like.
  5. It might just be a mistake on my part, but I use PayPal on every online/internet purchase I can. I've had to dispute only one purchase in about 5/6 years, and PayPal was right in there with me on it. Now that might bite me in the "Buetoocks" at some point, but good so far. As you say though, PayPal is restrictive on firearms and some related items, but had no problems with them yet. Wait...I did get a refusal when I tried to pay for a GunBroker purchase when I first started using it. Amazon's Chase Card also dislikes firearms and other items, but I use mine all the time for my FFL dealings. No refusals yet.
  6. Lately, I'm having trouble with that. Really. My balance sucks. Hell getting older and infirmer!
  7. Re-reading the post, I see I didn't really make my point clear. I think what I want to say is that if we have to be "overseen" by any body or regulation; I would prefer some form of "capability" being shown or proven, before being given said "permit. Sort of like the requirement of testing to be getting a driver's license. Where at least minimum capability is shown before being turned loose on the highways. I really am not putting this down well today. lol
  8. The way I shot on my last outing, you'd think I was using the braille method.
  9. If I were smarter, I'd offer you my New Vacquero in 45ACP. But I'm not. lol Even as little as I shoot it, it's just too darn pretty to let go of. And of course it shoots pretty well too. I only have a few SA revolvers, and this is absolutely my favorite.
  10. hipower

    Ruger 57 pistol

    "...real f'ning Nato and real f'ning Cabelas" I loved that line! I think that sums it up pretty well. If you got a real "Need" for it...get one. If it's just to be a range toy, a "Want," you'll need deeper pockets for ammo than I've got. Would I like to try one? Absolutely. Buy? Pretty sure that's a no for me.
  11. Agree with you Dave. If you think you are qualified to carry a firearm, you should be safe with it. And to me, "safe" means knowing your weapon and knowing how to handle it in puplic as well as in a class. I also believe the minimum requirements in a classroom setting are the bare minimum for public carry. I've had a few classes, not nearly as much as I should have, and I still feel cautious when I leave home armed. Am I showing/printing? Am I sure I can/should remove this weapon from concealment? Am I willing/ready to use it? This and more goes thru my mind each time. Guess that makes me weak and timid. Maybe, but cautious. But I still remember my first carry trip. Did the traditional "Wally Walk." Was nervous as hell. Afraid I'd be seen, or worse yet...bend and drop the gun. lol As I've gotten older, less mobile, and far less able to move quickly; I think about this a lot. I do not want to shoot anyone. I hope I'm never in a situation where I have to make that choice. But in the world we live in now, I know it could happen at any time. Street crime, muggings, car jackings, and bold daylight home burglaries. All things we have to be aware of. Am I ready? I hope and think I am. Do I think or wish I had more training than I've had? Yes. Circumstances permitting, I intend to go further. For my own safety, and comfort in carry, defense and in daily life. BTW, got sort of off the primary topic here. Is the 2 permit system good? My personal opinion is a resounding NO. It's too easy to get a carry permit like that. Then there's the "Online" permit situation. I really dislike that one. But in either scenario above, you, me, and everyone should have at least the basics from a face to face class to go armed. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
  12. Well, I cannot compete with all the goodies I see here. My first car, not titled to, but given by the family; was the 1962 Ford Galaxy 4 dr that Dad bought from the county in early 1963. The car was a late delivery, ordered for the county sheriff. Equipped with the 390 Thunderbird 4bbl and a little better suspension than stock. It was called the Interceptor Package back then I believe. Instead of a plain jane, no trim car. the vehicle was a Galaxy 500 XL. It had carpet, floor mats and chrome trim. County exec said it was too expensive, but Ford Dealer refused to take it back. So an auction for it. Dad heard about it and went to the auction. Don't know that I ever heard or knew what it cost, but if mats, carpets and chrome trim mad it too much for the county to accept...it sure must have been cheap. lol I do know that old beige beauty would smoke the tires, and I had to buy a few for it. I'd love to have it back these days too.
  13. hipower

    .38 super???

    I'll ask others with more knowledge to chime in on this, but wasn't the 38 Super a pretty popular competition round some years ago? In my personal experience, I find it a fun round to shoot. Very soft in a 1911. As a defensive round, I'll let others comment; but I don't want to be shot with it. As TominMN said, it's a high energy round, and pretty darn flat shooting for accuracy. I've had a couple of 1911s in the 38 Super over my long sordid life and still like them. I have a couple of Colts for the round. Prize possessions for me. I was fortunate enough several years ago to get a couple of cases at a reasonable price. I hoard it like gold! lol

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