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  1. Watched all of the s***show I could stomach this morning. Sanctamonious rats! Despise listening to their blathering at any time! And that slimy little dweeb Jerry Nadler just makes me livid!
  2. You guys should jump on this package! It is fantastic for what you are getting. I would, but just didn't see it before buying an XD45 Compact that was also listed here. Too many bills piling up or I would snatch this. I've had XD pistols since roughly 2009 and never had an issue with one of them.
  3. Interesting. I wonder if they would work for the Shield Plus mags? Probably not, but just thinking.
  4. Sometimes the old ways are the best.
  5. No thanks. I get enough ridicule as it is.
  6. hipower

    Shield plus

    Ran about 100-125 assorted thru mine last week as well. Assorted brands. Mostly crap stuff and some WWB. Ate them all and asked for more. I seriously like this pistol...PC model, 4" non-ported, no safety. Keeper!
  7. No! I look like a flowered tent in them! lol
  8. I bet that was you. You never spend time here anymore. lol
  9. Unlike some of you guys, I was never able to find much of anything I needed in their ammo stocks when I did stop in. The last time I did buy ammo, it was a couple boxes of CCI Stingers, and they restricted me to 2 boxes at that. Ok. I sort of can live with the purchase restrictions. But what got me was the associate at the counter who had to walk me to the register and hand over the ammo to them for payment. Almost can understand that. But the clincher was when I was walked outside the store to be handed my purchase. Granted that was a couple of years ago, but I haven't been back si
  10. Well, I guess I can cap this thread off now. I got my2nd Moderna Vaccine injection on 4/9. All went well and I left after obligatory 15 minute observation period. Although I don't really think I was watched, just sort of shoved off in a chair and told to wait until time to go. Anyway, late Saturday afternoon, I started feeling a bit off. Joints aching, headache, and generally weaker than usual. Not bad enough to run to ER, but wife was concerned. Sunday was a bit worse. Had several just plain old deep bone aches. Tylenol and CBD creams helped, but not much. Pretty much like we were
  11. Dang! That must have been one mean instructor!
  12. Is it just me...or does that coat and pants look wrong? Carnival photo or the like?
  13. But that brings us back to the "but your vote was lost and didn't do anything to hurt/help our cause" situation. Voting, or not voting for or against a person or an ideal is a s bad as not voting at all. We have to see the net result...not the feel good vote.


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