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  1. I don't think so. Their S&W sales have centered on the M1 versions and the 25-75 buck rebates on them. I honestly thought it was Primary Arms, but haven't found it on their site. Maybe was a short, daily sale and I missed it. But thanks for the thoughts.
  2. Does anyone remember getting an email ad in the last few days concerning the selling of the new M&P FS 9mm M2 5" barrel in FDE? I have searched my current, spam, and trash boxes and cannot locate it. Don't think it was my imagination. Would appreciate any help with this. If you find it, let me know. I would like to have it forwarded to me. Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.
  3. Thanks, I have had no luck from them either so far. Just thought I'd ask. Glad you don't need any, they are very hard to find.
  4. Both my Nashville and Louisville tickets came just a week before the shows. I was a bit worried, but as has been mentioned; you can check in at the show really easily. And the wait in line was really pretty short and moved quickly. Just get there as early as you can manage, or just wait an hour or so after opening to avoid the rush. Caution alert! If you have a phobia about crowds...avoid Saturday. It was killer at both locations for me.
  5. Have you had any luck in finding grip screws for a Smith? I haven't.
  6. I have 2 Caniks now, and totally agree with you. I rank their triggers very close to the Walther PPQ triggers; which are for me, about the best of the stock triggers on a non-1911 out there.
  7. Very well said! I have shot guns that supposedly have the best trigger jobs in the world. Rarely have I been able to tell the difference between it and a stock trigger. I know that sounds stupid, but usually I can't. Just my lack of good tactile feel in the fingers. Sure I can tell the difference between a 10lb and a 5lb pull, but that's about as far as it goes for me. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate a fine pistol or rifle though from all the other aspects of construction and usability. I just boils down to the individual user.
  8. You are making me very lustful with all this talk!
  9. Sadly, I confess that I haven't shot anything in at least 2 months. Some family responsibilities have kept me from going out. I usually just go to one of my area indoor ranges to shoot. Too wimpy to go outside most of the time. But I do need to get a fresh start and even pledge to get some time in outdoors. Really. Hmmm. where have I heard that before? Glad to hear your comment on the M&P M2, David. I have been strongly attracted to a 5" model in FDE, and since the CZ P10 hasn't shown up...
  10. That, the additional bridge traffic, hadn't really sunk in until I read this from TGO David; but I'd already given a lot of thought to bypassing this one anyway. I went to the Nashville and Louisville meetings. All the walking just about destroyed me. Bad knees and feet made all that huge walking area darn near impossible for me. I didn't mind the crowds. Not even all the jostling about while trying to get from one both to another deterred me. Even when I'd lose track of where I was in all the strange number and pattern configurations of the booths. But the lack of sitting space was lethal. An old man like me just can't walk and stand for that duration of time. lol I would still like to go, but even with all that, and even having family I could stay with for a few days, I think I'll pass this year and let you younger, sturdier guys have it. And I still haven't gotten rid of all the freebie bags, magazines, and other junk I should already have thrown out. Would I like to go? Yes. But not this time. Now a little advice for you guys going, if this might be your first time. Carry nothing. No bags, backpacks, or fanny packs. Even personal shoulder bags will be filled very quickly with handouts and the like. Well...maybe a small fanny pack for a couple of energy bars or the like. All that walking and talking will drain you quickly. Very quickly. You will get a decent bag to stash your goodies in almost immediately. But do go if you can. It's a great time to be had.
  11. I feel very certain that this was not a forced trip for the young girl. I'm not saying that Tad Cummings isn't legally guilty of several things as she is a minor; but this young girl wasn't too interested in getting away from him it seems. Mr. Cummings didn't look as if he could chase down a non-willing teenage girl. As stated by bud and Danger Rane, this story will likely get more interesting as the days go by.
  12. Thanks. I really didn't understand what you meant by it. I have the same pistol, and have no problems with it. But that's what makes this game fun...not all of us see, or feel, the same things in them.
  13. What do you mean when you say the trigger bit your finger?
  14. Brought a chuckle or two. Got a big ole grin when your dad got the keys to the General.

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