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  1. hipower

    Show at Lebanon Guard Armory

    Well, plans were changed for me. lol typical. I didn't get to the NG Armory show, maybe next time. Or not. Sparta show does get a lot of commentary. I'm going to try it sometime. Go to Cookeville and spend the night and go to Sparta early. That's my hopeful plan anyway. Until then, just have to be satisfied with talking around here.
  2. hipower

    HR 1705

    And have more than one box of ammo. lol All these reporters seem stunned, or just stupid(take your pick) when some incident occurs and they rave about finding several boxes or hundred rounds in a closet or a safe.
  3. hipower

    DNA Links Suspect in 1999 Alabama Cold Case Murder

    Yes, the idea has crossed my mind, but I really don't want to know any more about my family past. Too many skeletons in the closets...moonshiners, coon hunters, drag racers, and a lot of other less well-known vices. Seriously though, you'd think some of the so-called intelligent law-breakers would realize that advertised or not; DNA tests and results seem to be available to LEO all around the world.
  4. hipower

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    Great news, Doug!
  5. hipower

    Any Canik Lovers?

    Cool. So we are all too literal. Understand that. We all react when our triggers are pulled(bad pun intended). We copacetic ok?
  6. hipower

    Fun pictures or videos.

    If you're proposing an alternative to God...at least learn to spell it.
  7. hipower

    Any Canik Lovers?

    Like a safety? That was my first thought last night. Next... Cap, you seem to have a problem with Canik. Fine. Solution...don't buy one, and don't imply someone can't handle a firearm simply because you don't like it.
  8. hipower

    ad closed Kahrs for sale *SOLD*

    You guys don't know how much I fretted over these...after I posted what I did! lol But I got enough now. lol
  9. hipower

    ad closed Kahrs for sale *SOLD*

    LOL That's the most brutally honest sale ad I've seen in years. But to be honest with you, I could buy them, but I won't. I just don't like the Kahrs. I've had 2 and just couldn't live with them. Now that being said. Heck of a good deal for someone! Shouldn't, I would think, be too much trouble with repairs. I don't know enough about them to guarantee this. JMO I wish you success in this sale. I can't believe they've lasted this long here.
  10. hipower

    Any Canik Lovers?

    Yes...this one would know. lol Steelharp and I have been known to talk about, and own them. We are pretty much on the ball! Well, one of us is anyway. And it ain't me.
  11. hipower

    Any Canik Lovers?

    Thank you. That's the ones. Not everyone likes the Canik pistols. I really don't understand it. A very high quality 9 at a really good price point. I have never had an issue with mine...except for the problem of deciding if it actually is better than my PPQ. And it really is close. The TP9 pistols are fantastic and still under-rated. Yes, it's Turkish, but we buy from all over the world now. Worst case scenario, you need a part. Buy 2. Use the other for a parts gun. I did. lol TP9sa and the 2nd gen TP9. I actually like the SA version better. jmo. With prices these days, I think that is actually a viable option on the TP9
  12. hipower

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    For you all. Amen.
  13. hipower

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    Doug, you all will be remembered in prayer, along with FortyFive and his family.
  14. hipower

    for-sale Four totally unique knives....

    I've bought several from GT with intention they were gifts for a knife snob. They didn't meet his criteria. lol They are mine now, and I don't regret it one bit! Also got a couple that were just for me. And considering adding #2 to them as well. Just need to find some cash. Made a couple of totally unnecessary purchases...lol.

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