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  1. Granted it's been several years ago, but I had a Gammo that didn't meet your comments. It wasn't Whisper quiet(sorry I had to do it. lol) but was quieter than those without the so-called suppressor on it. I got rid of it because it had a trigger worse than the worst of the little 22 mag derringers. Couldn't get a smooth pull to save my life out of it. Gave it to a neighbor I didn't like.
  2. sale-or-trade Glock 41 MOS with Burris FF3

    Dang! You make me wish I could buy it back! That's a tremendous price for this package!
  3. Awesome!! Wish I could afford it! I have a 625 Mountain Gun and that would make a great companion to it.. But alas...
  4. My Glock 29

    True, recoil isn't excessive. I just didn't really want another caliber to feed since it didn't really suite me. Annnnddd...one of brother-in-law's buddies wanted it. So off it went.
  5. 1911's

    I know how that happens. lol I'm actually afraid to get mine all together. I do know I have several unfired still.
  6. My Glock 29

    Congrats! I had a G20 but wimped out. Not man enough to handle that powerful man-stopper round.
  7. Fn 509

    If we were a bit closer, I'd see if a PPQ 45 would interest you. I can't get very far from home at the moment.
  8. 1911's

    Agreed. That's more in the line of bragging! But with all those...I guess he can.
  9. What are you listening to now?

    One of my favorites from the movie! But you've only see it 38 times?!? Shame on you! I really could not put a number to the times I've watched it. Aside from loving the BB themselves, and darn near getting divorced over playing the soundtrack on repeat for hours on end; I can honestly say that I've been known to watch at it several times a day as I'm doing daily housework chores. I'm very hard pressed to say which I've watched more...The Blues Brothers or the Terminator. Either one being on when my wife gets home will earn me a nasty look. lol Love Matt Murphy as well! The big man sure can make that guitar cry out.
  10. I'm not really and IWB sort of guy, but that looks great! Almost makes me want to try one.
  11. Sig P320 Drop Test

    As well. I checked one over at G&L Hendersonville a week or so ago. It was ok, didn't really make me lust after it though. I thought maybe later. I guess it's much later now.

    Thanks for the map. Weather permitting, I will be sitting in the back yard watching. Just occurred to me...any reason I can't use my cell phone to video it? Anyone know?
  13. Well...I guess I better put my illegal affairs in order and say goodbye to all my friends and family. I just received a message that I was under indictment for tax evasion and was about to be arrested. But... If I called this number, 203-491-3062, immediately; I could get it resolved. lol Looks like it has started again. That's the 3rd one I've gotten this year. Can't believe I'm still here.
  14. Springfield XD-E

    Too many to list for me to pick just one. I've been blessed/cursed to have a lot go thru my paws in my life.
  15. Upcoming Germantown auction

    Very good thoughts. I had not considered that yet. Haven't gotten past the shock of seeing these.

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