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  1. Money bomb for NRA on 3/24

    I'm in!
  2. M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm First Impressions

    I don't have the M&P 2.0 yet, but I'm working on it. Gotta sell some stuff first. Do have TGO David's old CZP10c and ran across a great buy on the HKVP9 a while back. Haven't had them on the range yet(health problems) but I hope to soon. The loser will be for sale. lol
  3. LIVE PD last night

    OK...that screams for telling us! Give it up!
  4. Pachmayr Guardian Grip for Revolvers

    Very interesting. I do have a few J-frames of my Dad's. I might just try for one. And now they are on backorder.
  5. Sometimes it's just a great day

    And now you're just rubbing it in! Next you will tell us you bought the lot for 500. lol
  6. S&W Announce New 380 Shield EZ

    Wow! I actually influenced someone? Please don't let it get out. I might become famous. Sure. lol You sure found one fast! Seriously though, I'm glad you like it. I don't go to gun shows anymore, or not in a long while, or I'd be looking for another. I like my little Ruger, but Isn't my favorite. But it hides well, but so does the P32.
  7. G26 Gen 5 Glock

    Pro...it's a glock. Can use full size mags in it. Easily resalable if not liked. Con...kinda wide for my taste with the double stack mag. And it's a Glock.
  8. wanted Smith & Wesson Model 39

    This one doesn't look too bad. Has some scratches, lite ones, that make me think cleaned with light steel wool. Or I could be totally mistaken. lol I considered offering you mine, but then came to my senses. lol At some point, as I get older now, I know I'll have to start letting go of my meager Smith collection. Just not right now.
  9. PM sent. You actually just answered a question for me. lol If you were waiting for me to say "I'll take it," Thank you, I will. If you've made arrangements elsewhere...that's cool. No harm, no foul.
  10. Tempting. Need to measure the little bit of space left in my garage.
  11. Anyone have a couple of 10 round 9mm that you are not using, or would like to sell or trade? I need a couple to send to Kali for a new friend. Thanks for looking at this.
  12. Henry AR7 MAKE OVER

    Wow! That looks great. Kind of a retro-futuristic style I'd expect to see on Firefly. 1
  13. Yes, but some divorces are like that. I've been around a few of them. It is awful.

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