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  1. Been seeing that as well. Falls under the "Too good to be true" heading for me. On the other hand...it sure looks interesting!
  2. LOL! Just that we old farts are full of totally useless information. I can walk by the tv and with a 90%+ rate of correctness; name old movie titles and actors. It drives my wife crazy. On the other hand, I can't remember squat about important things anymore. Like first date with wife, family members, etc. Heck, next I'll be forgetting her birthday and our wedding date!
  3. I agree! I have shot one and loved it. Took a bit of concentration for me to get the correct grip on the "lemon squeezer" but it's a blast too shoot.
  4. Yes. One of cheesiest of the multitude of flying saucer movies of the 50s/early 60s, but good saucers. I think I must have watched every one made. If I remember correctly, the gun fired a sort of high frequency, concentrated sound wave to disrupt the saucer's internal mechanisms and cause them to crash.
  5. I really don't want to like this...but it's just so darn good I have to! lol
  6. I received my holsters today. Ordered one each for a G43X and a Shield. The look is great, the finish is as well. The leather is stiff and firm. I expect that to soften a bit with a bit of saddle soap and use. The important part...pistol retention is excellent on them. No way a pistol will fall out of these. It takes a firm pull to release them. I'll have to learn how to draw all over again. In short, I llke them and will order more as I can.
  7. I find myself drawn to the semi-auto models. But I'll probably have to pass them by for reasons of cost vs need, no fund s left, and not really wanting to replace the Tac 14...yet.
  8. Thanks for the input. Guess I will.
  9. I got another email yesterday about the Hartley Class Action Suite about the Sig/Drop Safety issues. What is the, in your opinions, the thing to do? Return for the "upgrade" or not? I have an unfired 320 Tactical that somehow escaped my attention. lol Send it back or not?
  10. Would take to long. And would go right over the heads of many. In East Nasty, sometimes it's hard to tell.
  11. YES! Kroger on Gallatin Road always was a place to see the millennial population in all it's glory, but it was usually late at night. Not anymore. Went to the senior shopping segment this morning 7/8 AM. A younger "lady" wasn't happy about being restricted from going in. It was sort of funny.
  12. Ran across some videos while watch hickcok45 this morning. Saw some of the Black Aces models. What do some of you guys know or think about them? Looked interesting. Worth try to find/buy one? Thanks for all comments.
  13. Congratulations from one survivor to another! Glad to hear you are doing good. My tale started 03/2008 and officially ended 05/2010 with the "Remission" word at my Doc's office at Sara Cannon. Like you say< I feel, and I'm told Immune system in good shape, but since then, I seem to get every bug that wanders thru town. Like jgradyc, take lots of vitamins to go with my BP meds. I can really tell a difference if I go off them for some reason. As in feeling cocky and getting berated by my wife for not keeping up with them. Multi, B complex, C, D3, and fish oil. Will be checking into some of jgradyc's supplements as well now.
  14. hipower

    Ruger PC Charger

    So I wonder if the current release is pistol or rifle format only? Off the wall thinking, buy the rifle and get the pistol barrel as a backup. Or vice versa. Maybe they will offer different length barrels separately later? Either way, it does look interesting. Personally, I really like the looks of this Ruger release. I would imagine it will put a dent in the PSA PPC sales.

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