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Community Answers

  1. Well, we old geezers seem to share the same feelings on Frank Herbet. I just couldn't get into his books. And like you, I'm a bit over the top on sci-fi books and movies. But seems we are outnumbered in our opinions on Dune books and the 1984 movie. That being said, I do have an interest in seeing the new one. Just because of the Ridley Scott work.
  2. My wife would do just about anything to own that!
  3. Sure he did. I hear music...something about Brandon?
  4. And here I'd gotten all hopped up on the Turkish clones! I just meight have to sell something and buy one...if it's what you think!
  5. Not saying Freedom product is all bad, I still use what I have. But when one gives me problems that I can directly tie to the ammo...well, it's range use only.
  6. AND...they move inventory really Fast!
  7. I agree, but these seem to be the hot pistol at this time. All I've seen have been from email adds. Like ol' Magic said, may be your only option for a while. I too might like one, but have other things going on that stop it at this time.
  8. Corrected this for you...and for me. LOL!
  9. True. I haven't seen any model at sub 380 pricing.
  10. Just called The Gun Crew. They have 1 in stock. No Safety model. 649. Call 'em. Told that there is a big interest in them lately. Good Sales line...right.
  11. hipower

    Glock 45

    Different strokes...I had a 19X and just didn't like it. Sold it within a few days of shooting it.
  12. Sad. He was a good man. Didn't care for some things he had said in the last few years, but overall seemed a true partiot who worked for the betterment of his country. My condolences for his family.


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