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  1. YIKES! Guess I'll have to check my onions at Kroger this week.
  2. I like it...for all the wrong reasons. lol
  3. You are right, my friend. lol! I fought it for years. But since wife retired...it's been hopeless. I now watch them with her. Some are even fairly good. It's fun watching actors that I've seen in movies and series before show up on the show. Fer' instance...Lucas Bryant. The sheriff from Haven. And others whose names I don't know but recognize the faces. I wonder if the Canadian TV regs are like the music industry there was(is) in the past? A large percentage, I think it was 80% of broadcast music HAD to be Canadian musicians.
  4. Interesting little critter! We need to talk buddy.
  5. Well...I missed that one. lol Actually found, like most everyone else, that Holosun and others are in very short supply at this time. I actually ended up spending close to 100 more and ordered an HE510c GRv2 from Amazon. It appears to be the next gen/model up from the 507. Supposed to be here on 8/4. I'll be mounting it on my Canik SFX. Checked with Canik to be sure the Holosun products would work with the mounts supplied with the pistol. According to Canik, the Holosun has the same footprint as the #2 mount for Trijicon RMR. I guess I'll be able to verify that soon.
  6. Gerber forever! lol I've had Gerber knives since I was in my 20's. Bought an LST and loved it. If fact, I still have it. No longer carry it. It's got strong sentimental value because of an incident with my Dad over those "cheap" knives. Anyway, I have several Paraframes. Great little pocket knife. Have one on the desk in front of for cutting and opening things. I also have the ProTech Magic. Wonder where we all got these? Like it, but it's in the safe with my so-called collectible knives. I will be looking into that Gerber FAST model. I do seem to like those assisted opening knives.
  7. Bang on, Sir. Having just eyeballed(sorry for the terrible pun) them and having a couple of green lasers, I'm definitely in it for the added visibility. Red dots just seem to all blur out on me, and I find them harder to find the dot. Now that might be just my inexperience with them, but I do favor the green. Couple with the side access for battery, and the shake awake feature...I believe I've made my decision.
  8. Maybe. I'll do some calling tomorrow and find out.
  9. David, I'm looking at the 507 C v2 green dot. I'm finding myself very drawn to it. From what I get from Kinzie Optics and Canik USA, it fit the Trijicon mounting plate for my SFX.
  10. Nice looking piece. I sort of favored the Bold Action Xll Tanto myself. But that's just me. If you get in the mood for another auto...look into the Kalishnakov Autos. I've had 2 and for 40 or so apiece, they've been pretty good carry pieces. but I don't do much more than cut paper or open boxes with them.
  11. hipower


    I've had a "mouser" since that fateful day many years back when I walked into Specialty Arms II and found an LCP with a laser attached. Paid entirely too darn much for it, but it was just after the craze hit. Lightweght, snappy, and dependable. Expect to own it until I leave here. I do have a funky greenish yellow keltec one that is so ugly I'm embarrassed to mention though.
  12. Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene might have sent them. They were last known to have plants in their yard.
  13. Are you still in Las Vegas, Nevada? Be a bit costly to buy this here and have sent to your FFL wouldn't it?
  14. It is an addiction. Meds do not seem appropriate and usable for it. Wife mostly ignores it these days. Common reply is "Do you have enough to protect me/us?" I usually reply with a shake of the head and a sad smile while explaining the virtues of the next or recently acquired specimen.
  15. You will be missed Jeff. You brought a lot of fun and insight to our community. My condolences to your family. R.I.P. Jeff.

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