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  1. First thing to do is stop publishing member directories with names, pictures and other personal information
  2. What I am suggesting is that if shots are fired there ought to be an automatic dispatch by EMS as a policy. It's just a thought. I'm not calling out the LEO action.
  3. No clue to procedure, but EMS ought to be dialed up after the first shot, if not sooner. Just my .02...
  4. Can't help on a referral but I would guess you don't want to pay a Nashville company to do it. They likely would charge you a fortune, given all the work available here in town. I would look in Clarksville or go to the other side of town. Home Advisor lists these two:
  5. The King of England put his stamp on a few things as well.
  6. I don't think they disagreed. I think they got what they wanted. They just haven't gotten enough yet.
  7. As far as the bumpstock ban, I always thought that those things should be illegal to operate/own without proper training and a license (kind of like a car). But that's just based on my viewing of youtube videos.... But my opinion on ownership is rather archaic. I think you should be given firearms training in first grade as a pre-req.
  8. .gov, just like all the kings and rulers past, present, and future, fear chaos and unrest from the masses more than anything else. That's why welfare is such a great thing. .gov telling the masses that aliens are here and we don't have a clue what to do about it would cause .gov's world to fall apart quickly. AOC is a lifeform that, unfortunately, can be understood and accepted. Well, not understood, exactly.
  9. We can be but we don't have to be.... I've talked to a couple of pilots who said, without going into much detail, that they've seen some weird s#|+ in the night sky. These conversations were decades ago and the pilots were pretty senior military types.
  10. A nice big, round tree worked for us when we were kids. We also used each others feet playing a game called chicken. But that was a different time....
  11. Both good reads. Deep on a different level.
  12. I'm low on ammo......no s**t.... We need a medic......For WHAT???? I can't f**king hear......yeah, neither can I.... Incredible...
  13. Attended the play several years ago with a group of people who, we'll say, were probably not very happy with the last Presidential election outcome. Not friends, but close enough acquaintances for me to know the demeanor of most of them. Had dinner afterwards at ones' home. Never been surrounded by a more uncomfortable bunch of liberals in my life. Great play, by the way.
  14. Glad I am able to assist you in your contribution to society by finding useful things to do with your time. Maybe you'll be able to solve some real problems now that you've regained your focus. Go get 'em tiger.

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