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  1. beebee233

    NRA Rant

    Question for the experts: Which is more important to your freedom, the First or the Second?
  2. beebee233

    NRA Rant

    A man said to me once, I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you. Where this conspiracy theory would go.... The NRA does not exist to end the attempt by anti-2A entities to put gun control measures into to place to prevent citizens from owning........ ah, nevermind.....
  3. beebee233

    NRA Rant

    My conspiracy theory: The American Cancer Society does not exist to wipe out cancer. The American Heart Association does not exist to cure heart disease. They would be putting themselves out of business. You see where this goes??.....
  4. I count 1 rational thinking person (the girl) and three complete effing dumbasses (two cops and the driver). Amazing that failure to obey a cop is grounds to shoot to kill.
  5. beebee233

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    Something else I recall about Chief. He rarely ventured away from the homestead. Pop had a couple hundred acres of pasture/woods/wetland and it all came up close to the house on three sides. The house sat on an acre or two, and that was Chief's turf. Don't think I ever saw him go through the fence into the pasture or cross the highway out front.
  6. beebee233

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    My grandpa had a boxer named Chief. A dozen or more grandkids would ride him, pull his ears, tail, feet, tongue and probably a few more body parts. He played football with us. Nobody that didn't know him got out of the car when they drove up. They waited for Pop to come to the car.
  7. beebee233

    Who has a diagnostic code reader for vehicles?

    gregintenn, This probably doesn't do you any good since you're a boat ride or two into town, but you can "rent" a high end scan tool from Advance/Autozone/Oreilly for free. You give them a card they charge you a hundred bucks and refund when you return. It is, from what I understand, similar to the tool an auto shop would use. I have rented them before and they do way much more than the 4 buck scanner from ebay I also have tried. The problem with the one from Autozone is being able to effectively interpret the data. I was overwhelmed by the information it provided when I used it. Good luck.
  8. beebee233

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    I've said it before and will keep saying it, we could tax it (stupidity) and fully fund the government. I would probably be in for a tax liability increase should the country take such action, at least initially. As far as training goes, a basic firearms class should be pre-req in grammar school, another in high school, and a few electives offered along the way. Since we are no longer teaching students to read, write, and cipher, they should have plenty of free time for it.
  9. beebee233


    As a kid had comics, coins, stamps and baseball cards. Don't know where they are but if I could find them all probably worth millions of dollars. Today it is tee shirts and baseball caps. Worth about 2 cents.
  10. beebee233

    Best cleaning tools?

    This is anecdotal but anyway..... My friend used to own a hardware store and I happened to see a product he was promoting up front called APC which stood for All Purpose Cleaner. I asked my friend, is this any good? He responded, yes it's great. Come with me. We went back to the aisle with all the other cleaners, and he said to me, see all these cleaners? They are great too. For something. But none of them are great at everything. I just like hearing that story so I tell it a lot.
  11. beebee233

    Spring Time

    Heard a redbird mating call Saturday morning. Last week saw Two males in a turf war while a mostly disinterested female looked on.
  12. beebee233

    Tn. Lottery winners

  13. beebee233

    I thought I was cold............

    I'd guess RTC Great Lakes.
  14. beebee233

    Cold Enough for Ya?

    reminds me of the 10 years I spent in Chicago in 1983.
  15. beebee233

    Nashville Homeless

    Yes, quite discernible from the pic above. Reminds me a little of Colonel Kurtz's hamlet in Cambodia.

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