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  1. A nice big, round tree worked for us when we were kids. We also used each others feet playing a game called chicken. But that was a different time....
  2. Both good reads. Deep on a different level.
  3. This is the best video I've seen in a long, long time. I only wish I could see the processing and bail hearing as well. Would make a great movie short. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/05/leftist_sudent_lies_herself_into_the_pokey.html
  4. I'm low on ammo......no s**t.... We need a medic......For WHAT???? I can't f**king hear......yeah, neither can I.... Incredible...
  5. Attended the play several years ago with a group of people who, we'll say, were probably not very happy with the last Presidential election outcome. Not friends, but close enough acquaintances for me to know the demeanor of most of them. Had dinner afterwards at ones' home. Never been surrounded by a more uncomfortable bunch of liberals in my life. Great play, by the way.
  6. Glad I am able to assist you in your contribution to society by finding useful things to do with your time. Maybe you'll be able to solve some real problems now that you've regained your focus. Go get 'em tiger.
  7. I try to use my navigation app simply as a map. Input destination, study the route, put the device down. When map apps first hit the market, I got misdirected too often relying on spoken directions, so I turn the map lady off most times. I agree that spoken directions make a good companion while driving in the city but I still try to have my route in my head so I'll know that after a few miles traveling west I'll need to turn left to a heading of 18 to get near enough to the field in order to get in the approach pattern, then I can focus on the runway. If I am trying to get to Joe's house and find myself surrounded by warehouses, that's a clue to me that something might be a little off. On the point about searching for mile markers and not focusing on the road, if (in my opinion) you are so focused on the road that you cannot track mile markers, you are a danger to yourself and others. A constant scan of the surroundings inside and outside of your vehicle will keep you out of danger much more so than staring at the white lines and the bumper ahead of you. Just my .02.
  8. ....persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed....
  9. No contacts for you but I would hit my agent up assuming you have one....he/she owes you....
  10. I think it all started with a friendly visit from Guido, who politely offered to see to it, for a small fee, that your storefront did not get broken into.
  11. Here's a tip. Place a backup offsite (mom's/friend's/brother's house or office) in case of theft/fire/etc.
  12. Good spot. Good chow. Skull's has a really nice upscale menu.

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