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  1. Agree with Shorty... Several 7gal jugs to hold tap water, bleach, batteries, first aid/meds/scripts, several gallons of gas, lots of salt to preserve food, alternative cooking method...oh and barter items, booze, cigarettes, lots of cheap lighters.... If I had additional money...a stripper/hot nurse to take care of me when I’m sick...that would keep my blood flowing... :))
  2. CalRW&B

    M1 Carbine

    Agreed, have learned tons. I really like the book..."U.S. M1 Carbines, Wartime Productiond" by Craig Riesch. Very-very informative! YouTube is great. But it's YouTube and that everyone doesn't always know what they're talking about. We find that out very quickly. I have a problem with people that want to strip stocks and strip away the history. Plus most of them damage them, takeing away too much wood. I feel that we are the stewarts for them. we are just preserving them for the next owner or generation. Really-really enjoy them and have learned a lot!!! Thank y'all for yor hel
  3. CalRW&B

    M1 Carbine

    Thank you all for your help and input. It's greatly appreciate it. I'm enjoying learning about my own one for me... Learning a lots!!!
  4. CalRW&B

    M1 Carbine

    I just just a World War II M1 Carbine. Would like to know more about care for it and shooting it. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Likely going to take it completely down, clean and oil it up first.
  5. I should've also said, thank you to your family!!! As they serve with you!
  6. 1st n foremost thank you for Yours and your Sons service to our country!!! Welcome to TGO!!! Enjoy the company here, happy and safe shooting...
  7. Welcome to TGO!!! Enjoy the company here, happy and safe shooting...
  8. Welcome to TGO!!! Enjoy the company here, happy and safe shooting...
  9. Thank you 1 and all!!!!!!! Lots of information this all helps a lot for a first time muzzle loader!!! Happy Safe shooting to one and all!!!!!!! : ) David
  10. Thank y'all for the warm welcome to TGO!!! Not on as much as I would like but enjoying the TGO site. Will be looking to change up to being a benefactor soon.
  11. Wow, nice....Life,times of expertise in a few posts here!!!
  12. Hello to all!!! Saw this site a couple of times as I have been growing in this area. And liked it!!! So I joined. : ) I started learning respect, proper handling and to shoot from my Dad "a WWII Vet" when I was young. Last year or so I have reengaged in target shooting. For me it is relaxing and enjoyable. "Accept recently, lol, the part about finding ammo..." And I don't mind that it affords one protection. I do have a big pet peeve....I don't care if a gun is unloaded, I was taught to never point a weapon at anything you are not wanting to destroy!!! I see people everywhere, gun sh
  13. Thank you to the above!!! Yes thk u, Ramrod Remove nipple with nipple wrench, rein with a film of antisieze. Boiling hot water for cleaning...good point!!! Pouring boiling hot water down the barrel at the end "with tongs." Thanks again!!!


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