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  1. If you prepared properly, the test is very easy. I've watched several people pass the Technician and General tests the same day.
  2. I have heard many individuals speak and remove any doubt that they understand the laws pertaining to firearms. The right to carry also has the obligation to know and follow the law pertaining to use of weapons.
  3. There are several amateur radio clubs in the area which provide classes and exam sessions. AK4SZ
  4. After a range trip I’ve tried to replace or have more ammunition than I began the day with. The only ammo I’ve bought since I retired has been 45-70 and 5.56. With the current conditions I’ll spend less time practicing until things improve.
  5. Ocassionally see MarkII and MarkI knives on ebay but they are expensive.
  6. tnhawk


    I've had mine about ten years and it goes with me when a larger gun isn't possible to be carried.
  7. The leadership of IL doesn't want the thugs to need to be worried that their victims could defend themselves.
  8. Arrived a few days ago and has been in my pocket ever since arrival.
  9. I haven't had a problem with WWB, but all of mine is several years old. Much of it was bought at Walmart before they stopped selling ammo. Most of mine has been 45 acp.
  10. I was in Academy this week and there was no pistol ammo. They had a few boxes of 45-70 that I bought. Shotgun shells and a few boxes of .22 were the only remaining stock.
  11. I'd be interested in seeing the specs as they are available. Every Protech I have has been well made.
  12. Years ago I asked my older coworker why the first thing he read in the newspaper every day was the obituaries. His response was if his name was listed, he wasn't doing nothing that day.
  13. Meant to type spring not buffer tube. I was operating ham radio while on site.
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