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  1. My New Wicked Edge system

    Very nice looking equipment!
  2. Land Between the Lakes

    Check the Land between the lakes website. It list the activities, lodging and has maps of the area.
  3. Suicidal Bird.

    Can't imagine how he got in there. I'm sure he's questioning the wisdom of it now. Bet he stays away from the fermented fruit in the future.
  4. lol @ Kaepernick

    I guess his hatred of the Flag and police can be bought cheaply, when he needs some $$$$. He could try selling knee pads for Home Depot or Lowes. A few years serving as a Marine might improve his attitude toward the Flag and Veterans. It would pay better than his protesting job not that the nfl has no use for him.
  5. Who still squirrel hunts?

    I haven't squirrel hunted in many years. However my greyhound and blue tick coonhound will probably never a chance to run one up a tree.
  6. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    My last firearms related purchase was a few boxes of 45-70 for the Henry I got a few weeks ago.
  7. Once the government takes something, if won't be given back.
  8. Stupid carries on

    We need a silencer on HRC.
  9. I put Pergo laminate in my house about 15 years ago. I wouldn't use an adhesive, as its designed to float to allow for thermal expansion. Check along the wall as the flooring should have a small gap between it and the wall. If a board is pushing against the wall, it may be the cause of the warped boards.
  10. Buying a rifle in another state

    I recently purchased a rifle in MS and got a Hold placed on it by NICS for several days. Several years ago I made a purchase in GA and it had a hold placed on it before later being approved. My purchases in TN don't have this problem. I have recently completed a Voluntary Appeal File Application for the NICS in the hope this will prevent future delays from them.
  11. 380 days! Hopefully the nfa fast track will make an improvement.
  12. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    As I was driving to a work assignment today, I stopped and picked up a can of Pepsi. As I was walking to the counter to pay for it I noticed a nfl logo. I sat the can down and purchased another product.
  13. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    I have no idea what any player did. I didn't watch.
  14. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    sent my goodbye email to them
  15. Failed background check

    I did have security clearances during active and reserve duty. The holds were on purchases in MS and GA. TN purchases haven't been a problem. Has anyone filed a Voluntary Appeal File Application with NICS? It requires providing information and fingerprints to prove identity.

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