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  1. Since walmart stopped selling .45acp and 9mm, I haven't been in their stores.
  2. After enduring several shortages of ammunition, I began a practice of purchasing additional ammo each time I went to the range. At current prices and availability that no longer is possible.
  3. I haven't put a large number of rounds thru my maverick but it has been reliable for it's intended use. If someone is foolish enough to break into my home it would likely be their last mistake. I'd like to find a used 870but the maverick accomplishes its tasks well.
  4. I have a DW 10mm and a SA TRP 10mm. Both have been excellent pistols with my only problem being finding 10mm ammo.
  5. Having spent considerable time in other areas of TN, it appears the problem doesn't end at the city limits of Memphis. I've seen no part of the state that I feel safe to be unarmed.
  6. A 1911 and spare mag should be more than I'll ever need.
  7. Several of the coworkers I worked with at General Electric were submariners. Most would not have been able to endure the conditions they worked in.
  8. I've used synthetic oil beginning in the 90s. I had a mechanical engineer tell me I was wasting money by using synthetic. I couldn't help but remind him of that as I took him to pick up his Toyota after the engine was replaced.
  9. Before obtaining my HCP I had to get a court record from Houston showing a dismissed charge. One denial was from someone with same name. Another denial apparently due to an address misprint on a drivers license. I had two denials on out of state purchases with no explanation given once purchase was approved. After being issued a UPIN, I have not had another purchase denial.
  10. It would be extremely helpful to find a local radio club for information. Use of a repeater or VHF transmission in 2 meter band requires a Technician License. Operation on the HF bands requires a General license. You can get the manuals and study or attend classes at a local club to prepare for the FCC licenses. AK4SZ
  11. I had delayed adding additional calibers to my press due to component shortages. I didn't realize that there would be delays for dies as well.
  12. Congrats on getting seven stamps in 8 months. The long wait is the primary reason I haven't purchased additional suppressors.
  13. I purchased a few lowers from Palmetto before I retired. I should have purchased the other necessary parts for completion as well. As said above, the SS checks are not supportive of current gun parts and ammo prices.


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