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  1. Ammo Prices Are Going Up

    I've got a good supply of most of the calibers I use, however I need to increase my stock of 10mm, 357 and 44 before prices go up.
  2. Another shooting

    Why did they give him the few minutes of fame showing his face and name over the entire Country?
  3. Dan Wesson Pistol Pack

    Very nice! I'd love to find a DW Pistol Pack.
  4. RIA 1911's now days ?

    I have a RIA 9mm. It's been reliable and accurate using any ammunition I've fed it. It has a budget finish, but it's a budget pistol.
  5. Kimber Camp Guard

    I had to reread this. My first thought was why would Kimber name a pistol REMF.
  6. M1 Carbine

    I regret than I didn't acquire more M1 Garands and Carbines when the were cheap and plentiful. A major part of the appeal of these rifles is their history.
  7. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    Got to fire enough rounds to have brass, first.
  8. If I Only Had One Concealed Carry...

    My 9mm PC Shield would be my first choice for carry although if I could only own one pistol is would be a 1911.
  9. Mop man

    ya can't fix stupid
  10. It's been a few years ago but I remember camping in a tent there. Check the TWRA website for information.
  11. ad closed Craftsman Socket Set

    still available?
  12. Carrying Gun In Place of Worship

    As I don't open carry and my church isn't posted, it's never been an issue during 30+ years.
  13. What size backup generator?

    I usually look at the Trading Posts Section to sell or buy.
  14. New cutter. Pro-Tech Strider PT.

    My TGO editions don't get much use. I've got a second Strider that sees frequent use.
  15. Protech Magic 2

    This has replaced my former EDC knife. The size is ideal!

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