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  1. Your's truly winning the 4+1 shootoff:
  2. One of the man vs. man shootoffs:
  3. Here's a video clip from the Shotgun Instructor class:
  4. This is a really good course. I was the host and assistant instructor for the inaugural class. Tom has made a few tweaks to the original plan. The range that is hosting this course is one of my favorite ranges.
  5. It's the Farnams, Ayoob, Marty Hayes, Claude Werner, and Dr. Martin Topper. The picture was taken at a dinner for presenters at the 2015 Rangemaster Tactical Conference.
  6. That's John Farnam, but here are some of me with Tom Givens. ...and one more of Mr. Ayoob.
  7. The link will take you to a YouTube video of a drill from my Defensive Pistol Skills class. Race to the Middle The inside paper target for each shooter is designated as a no-shoot, and since the lifestyle rules of possessing a firearm don't allow us to point a firearm at things we don't intend to shoot they are also no-muzzle. Failure to avert the muzzle results in a DQ. The steel down range is an 8" gong and a speed popper for each shooter. One of each is painted red while the other is painted white. The go command is the color call. The shooter has to draw and put at least two hits in the 8" center mass circle on the paper target. Failure to get two hits is a failure to neutralize. The shooter then averts their muzzle to get by the no-shoot, and then they hit the correct color gong followed by the correct color popper. Shooting in a man-on-man in a race gives the drill competitive pressure. Having to divert from the no-shoot makes the shooter apply proper lifestyle rules, and then the colored targets requires proper target identification.
  8. Exactly. There is an entire generation of instructors that won't be active much longer. I try to spend as much time with them as I can to soak up as much "primary source" knowledge as I can. It's why I made an effort to host Mr. Spaulding this year.
  9. I'm hosting this course, but I have no financial interest in it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm hosting Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives for his Adaptive Combat Pistol class on 4/21-22 in Watkinsville. The cost is $425. The round count is 600. Course Description: Its not the person with the fastest draw or can shoot the tightest groups that will win a gunfight. It’s the person with a solid set of essential skills and the ability to recognize a rapidly unfolding situation and adapt accordingly. This course will review essential combat shooting skills and will then add skills that are not normally found in a basic square range course. Use of cover, unconventional shooting positions, multiple target engagement, one hand shooting/manipulation and decision making/cognition drills skills will be emphasized. Adaptation is the key to prevailing in a situation where you life is on the line and this course will help bolster those skills. Register at the Handgun Combatives web page under the "upcoming classes" section, or you can mail payment to Mr. Spaulding. The address is on his web page.
  10. I've attended William's presentation six times. I get something new out of it each time John is a very energetic presenter. I've seen his classroom stuff on several occasions and had the honor to work with him and two others on codifying and presenting the Rangemaster Doctrine. The two together will make for a very fine class.
  11. Gabe White

    I was a student in the class where Gabe and Manny Bragg both ran Rogers clean, but Gabe did it from concealment. He's the only guy to ever clean Rogers from concealment; even Rob Leatham didn't do it. I hosted his second ever open enrollment course through his training company and have him coming back this spring. The first class sold out in 26 hours; the second class sold out in just over two days almost a year ahead of the class. His program is very, very good. Gabe has actually been teaching for years in a local program in Oregon. He is very polished.
  12. Dave Spaulding July 15-16

    I wish I could have made it up for this class. I'm hosting his Adaptive Pistol class in the Athens, GA, area in April of 2018. I'm hoping to get into his Combative Pistol class somewhere prior to that.
  13. I was in the class in which both Gabe White and Manny Bragg shot perfect scores, only the third and fourth times that has been done. Gabe actually shot his from concealment, the only time that has been done. Here is a link to my review.
  14. I have taken this course, and I have also served as an assistant instructor for it several times. Here are some pictures of the range in this review of a different Rangemaster class. It's my absolute favorite range to visit.

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