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  1. Oh, no, it is in great shape. Just did not know if maybe over the course of time something better had not come along. Didn't know to what extent if there was something more direct fit for this, or if things are somewhat generic for revolvers, per se.
  2. What is available out there for a carry holster for a SW 36 ... for CCW ... belt &/or "pocket"? Thanks ... Actually, this is a question anyone could offer some info on. I know the one left with the gun really is not anything worthwhile, ... & least in my eyes ... maybe, besides something completely custom, it is about as best as I am going to get.
  3. Yes, it is absolutely a 36 ... it was a typo in the OP ... I fixed it. It is 100% a "MOD. 36" CS. Also, ... my FFL here looked it up in a book before I had a chance to in a book & apparently the 36 came in two different barrel lengths ... a 2" & a 1 x/x ... this is the shorter of the two.
  4. You are absolutely seeing the exposed hammer. It is a Colt Automatic .25, made by Colt, 1970 or 71 ... according to their website Serial lookup.
  5. Just moved down here back in March. Fifteen days later, my Pop had a stroke as a complication from a quad-bypass nine months prior ... I was able to make it back to Syracuse in time to say goodbye, & make a decision with my Mom to remove him from life support - he fell on concrete, hit his head, & received an inoperable brain bleed & was immediately knocked out & into a self-induced coma ... he never regained consciousness again. Sorry for the extensive details, ... it is just how I am, ... Here are the three pistols he had, & left to me: S&W Model 36 Chief's Special - Nickel Plated w/ a couple speed loaders & belt holders for them & a pictured leather holster. Colt Auto .25. All original, matching everything, as pictured, along w/ cool leather holster ... Davis Industries DM-22. I guess it is more or less called an over/under Derringer. As far as the Chief's .38 Snub goes, I know he bought it brand new in the late-1960s, ... & the fifty rounds I have shot through it in the past three weeks are the most it had ever seen in the previous forty-five'ish years of its existence. It had not been fired in approximately fifteen years ... it was his carry when he drove armored truck for a casino - last time around 2000. Then it went into the safe. I like it, but my hands are kind of too big for it, but my gf loves it. Now, the 'lil Colt ... This pistol I absolutely love! This thing, to me, has a coolness factor of 10-out-of-10. Yeah, obviously if my hands are too big for the S&W, they are bigger on this, ... but w/ a big hand & a 6ft-5in frame, I can one-hand it w/ no problem because of its clear lack of any kick ... but it actually has some range to it when I have taken a bit of patience w/ it. The Colt, as well, I know he bought brand new ... this one in the early-1970s. I did some investigating on this & found many earlier models were manufactured for Colt in Spain under the name Astra, ... until the early-70s when Colt started making them themselves right here in the US, & the US-made Colt models have serials that begin w/ "OD". This one begins w/ ... "OD". :^) I have shot a box of fifty through it in the past couple weeks, ... before then? My Dadaybe had shot twenty through it, & it had easily not been fired since the late-70s, ... when I was around five or six yrs old. Fires like new. Lastly is the Derringer. This is only maybe twenty years old, or so ... & had six rounds put through it as I actually heard them at a distance. Then it sat on a shelf. I have not done a thing with it since having it in my possession, & likely won't, ... actually, will probably sell it, even though I know I would not get much for it even though it is basically brand new & everything from retail is present. I want to get either a .40 or 9mm subcompact semi-auto as a carry, which will probably mean I will have to sell either the S&W or the Colt. GF loves the SW, but she will never end up with a CCW, & I just love the Colt even though I know what it essentially is: Not much more than the Derringer ... power-wise, per se. Eh, who knows ... just participating in this "Show & Tell". Thanks, folks!
  6. In a bank? On high school property? On the grounds outside of a federal/state/city/county building before entering & surrendering & something pops off?
  7. Great 'lil home defense & occasionally throw-in-pocket during the summer months is my Model 36 "Chief's Special". Timeless J-Frame, nickel-plated w/ some stopping power, if needed. Plus the lady can have it in her purse/bag or just in her glove box / console. Very, very versatile. Still going strong ... not a new one, this one is from the early-70s.
  8. Not sure why no one has mentioned this, unless I missed it in my scrolling, but there were at least two guys CCW there ... two male students, both veterans ... one was interviewed on The O'Reilly Factor. He said he & his vet buddy were concealed carrying, on campus, & attempted to find where the commotion was coming from when they were hoarding into a classroom by faculty. Not much more was said about the situation except that they obviously never had an oppty to engage the retard. Just adding what I heard. ... & to think, ... if it was a gun-free zone & someone who was legally CCW'ing did their thing & ended the situation forthwith, tell me one prosecutor that would prosecute, or one jury that would indict/find guilty for carrying in a gun free zone while stopping a mass shooter ... I think you get my point. Have all the zones & signs you want ... yeah, there are some very obvious places you do not press your luck, but others? If you CCW well enough, no one knows, & if some azz pops off, & you eliminate the threat, ... who is going to give you any crap for it?
  9. Out of all the selections, & with me stating that I am only interested in handguns, no long-guns, ARs, etc., whatsoever, what would be my best bet? Thanks ...
  10. Oak Ridge. Would love to get together with some folks. Just moved here six months ago. Have gone to the range twice so far, by myself, & has been rather lonely, have hoped this would turn into an activity/hobby that I end up making some great friends with ... hard being the new guy around town & not knowing anyone. I am also in the market for a new carry, so definitely looking for some ideas & feedback from what folks already have vs. what I have in mind vs. what I have & have rented to shoot already.
  11. Ugh ... For those that might remember my "fight", I was able to get Cleveland to conduct an administrative expungement within about four minutes, ... once I got to the right person on the phone - a helpful female detective who actually seemed to care, then thoroughly proved it to me. She pushed everything through CPD's chief, then I received actual raised-seal copies of my clear record for the city & county up there as she pushed it to Ohio's bureau of investigation with an overnight delivery & even shared the tracking number via e-Mail with me. She asked OBoI to please get the info cleared & pressed on to the FBI, & if someone would please fax said info to the the number I provided that I was given by the TBI. By the second week of August, my FFL told me everything was good to go. *phew!* I was heading out of town, then the next week was all Bristol, all the time ... Needless to say, I finally snagged my property here just over a month ago. Apologies for not posting my "ending" sooner. Now to chase down some more important info that really matters to me on here! Thank you for all the folks that shared great info & just plain 'ol good vibes - whether in this Thread, or via PM. Be well, ...
  12. By the way, the deal in Cleveland was not firearms related.
  13. Update: I called Cleveland Courts & they could do nothing because it never got to them ... the Case Number I have is only a Police Report number that was randomly generated. I then said to Hell with it, & called TBI. Very kind lady spike with me & had me tell her, without straight out asking me, about my criminal history. I told her the only thing she/TBI could be looking at is the Cleveland deal, & I briefly gave her the facts as I had them in my hands. I was instructed to call the Ohio AG's Office of (Criminal) Investigations & ID & let them know the issue, & that I was working with TBI, etc. I did just that. Ohio let me know that CPD has an actual department that expunges records that meet certain criteria, & that would be my quickest way to begin this, or else call them back & go at this in a different angle. I called CPD, got the Expungement Unit on the horn, & was quickly told that this could only be done IN PERSON! I blew my stack, ... in the most respectfull way I could, of course, ... but I let the lady know I don't live in Cleveland nor in Ohio, NOR in any adjoining state. So I was asked if I knew anyone in Cleveland that could go to CPD for me that I trusted to file in person for me. It was at that point that I literally blew a cork, & gave a piece of my mind about this so-called policy, & if I could speak to a supervisor. The head detective of the Unit came on the line & took my info, asked my "story", & pulled up my report. It was immediately stated that it was absolutely eligible for an Administrative Expungement, & all I needed to do was to write a letter & request such be done. The letter was written & in a USPS Priority envelope at 1:45pm yesterday afternoon. I was told it would take no longer than two weeks. I told them that it then needed to be reported to the Ohio Investigation & ID so that they could NTFY TBI & then I could get on with my life. I was told no problem & given a direct line phone number to said detective.
  14. Yeah, if the Dealer wants to ... wants to take the risk ... it is up to him. He is under zero obligation whatsoever, especially since he does not know me from a hole in the ground ... I just moved here three months ago. Therefore, I completely understand his hesitation. So at his shop my pistols do sit & gather dust ...

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