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  1. Glad to see it burned itself out and no major damage done. After seeing videos of those shells I knew that what happened to you is exactly why I never got any. I've shot some crazy stuff but by the time these things came out I had gotten all that out of my system.
  2. Doesn't really matter just curious. Over the years I've had the privilege to coach several National Championship teams from Tennessee at the 4-H Invitational and the National BB Gun Championship Matches and I will say by far the number of all female teams usually did better and where far more easier to coach. You should be proud and keep challenging her with similar rewards. For mine it was equipment upgrades. The latest and greatest range gear and rifles didn't necessarily make them better but they felt good because they thought they looked good. If you feel good you shoot good!
  3. Yep, that's a Ruger 10-22 trigger group sticking out of the bottom. I've been next to a real to a MG42 in action. Saying they have a fast cyclic rate is an understatement. I caught the Mosin fever a few years back but nothing to your extent.
  4. Very, very Nice! It's not hard to notice one of these is much unlike the others. Tell me you had another room full of those and this one was overflow.
  5. I had no idea, 22 distinct dialects in Italy.
  6. I'm willing to bet this small arms expert voted for Hillary.
  7. I just looked around and found there are not too many of these up for sale. The ones I did find are in a totally different league price wise. You did VERY WELL! Good for you, I hope it's a shooter.
  8. Being a 4-H Rifle coach in Tennessee I'm curious as to what her scores were?
  9. i think the little turd made his own liver extra slurry, no Socom required.
  10. I've driven by Discovery Park America several times and said to myself I need to go there. This weekend may be it after seeing this on their website. May 27 - May 29 Military Living History Weekend Military Living History Weekend May 27-29 World War I. World War II. Korean. Vietnam. Gulf War. These are all wars that made history, and that today’s society sometimes forgets. Join dozens of military enthusiasts, some retired military and those who fought for freedom, and those young ones who are just now learning about the wars that helped shape this country. Reenactors will have encampments set up, and firing demonstrations will take place on the Great Lawn all weekend long. Don’t miss out on Living Military History Days at Discovery Park of America! Who: All guests What: Military Living History Weekend When: May 27-29 Where: Great Lawn Time: 10 AM until 5 PM Cost: FREE with park admission A Special Vietnam Memorial Service will be held on the Great Lawn at 11:30. Former Congressman John Tanner will give a few remarks before the unveiling of the Vietnam Memorial Monument that will be permanently displayed on the grounds at Discovery Park of America. and this
  11. Even though the politics section has been eliminated, political threads will continue to pop up whether it be under general discussion or any of the other possibilities. The heart of this forum is firearms and like it or not politics will always be connected to our ownership and use of them. I too get a little frustrated with the rants that go on in these threads and they do veer off on tangents but such is the nature of any group of people gathered and having a conversation. Once politics or religion is mentioned, some people get quite riled and start spewing. I am in favor of keeping a political section but make it a benefactor only option. My other suggestion would be to make sections like members if it is even possible. We have the ignored user option under account settings so we don't see their entries could we do this for an entire forum section?
  12. The NHL Western Conference Champions. GO PREDS! Bring Lord Stanley's Cup to Nashville!
  13. That's a nice one! I just acquired a Police Positive Special last week. It is marked RHKP on the backstrap meaning it was a Royal Hong Kong Police issue. I will try and get some pictures up soon.
  14. And all this time I thought they were just......

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