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  1. for-sale H&R Handi Rifle 45/70

    This has to be the nicest H&R rifle I've seen. I'm glad you are not close by and GLWS!
  2. Hoping for a better deer season

    Thanks for all the support. I'm going to give this a go alone and maybe a son or two and if I need reinforcements this will be my go to place!
  3. Hoping for a better deer season

    Here's my take and you can take it for what it's worth. All these events taking place on the third rock from the sun are interrelated. Almost everything depends on the action or lack of something else and so therefore all these things are cyclical and there will be peaks and valleys. Just so happens we get the pleasure of living during the time of a peak in delirious nut balls. PS - In no way am I implying or intending to suggest that anyone here is a nut ball.
  4. Hoping for a better deer season

    Here's to wishing all the big game hunters a great season and what happened at my house this morning. I went out to feed and water the dogs as I do every morning and it's not unusual to occasionally see one or two of something like a small buck, a doe, some yearlings, turkey, rabbits, an owl, raccoons, opossum, well just about anything but black panthers and bears so far. As I walked out the back door this morning a doe was grazing and about that time a small 6 point buck walked out so I just watched. Then and 8 point buck walked out and then another really nice heavy 8 point buck. Well I reached for my phone to take a picture and I didn't have it so I went back to get it. I was only able to get a picture of the 4th by himself and the last 3. 7 bucks in all trailing 1 doe. I was in a rush and the pictures are horrible but you can tell what they are. And for those wondering, my land is posted and my neighbor is the DA! FYI
  5. Vintage Gun Photos

    Just an observation but the 3 that are not totally in the tunnels have their fingers on the trigger and the 1 photo of the guy that is does not.
  6. Robbed.

    Seems like I heard that whoever was involved had working knowledge of the security system as it was compromised by the suspects.
  7. Vintage Gun Photos

    I would say yes on the suppressor. The two items I'm not sure about is the sight device on top of the revolver and is that a pressure switch in his mouth that's connected to the headlamp?
  8. Picked up one of my grails

    John Cantius Garand designed a great rifle and are a real treat to shoot. I hope your Garand thumb experience is a short lived pain. I don't care how experienced you are with this rifle, it's not a matter of it may bite you but when it will bite you loading a clip into the rifle. Just remember it's all part of the fun. Also it's when the term clip or enbloc is proper terminology. One thing about this rifle design is that in an ammo exhausted situation and last ditch survival plan these rifles make an awesome club like weapon. Most modern military firearms don't have this characteristic.
  9. Built a budget AR10

    Very Nice. Tell us about the upper details. I'm sort of in the hunt for an AR10 upper and if a deal comes along, I may have to jump on it.
  10. Nine months later.... .22LR

    It is abundant in my area everywhere except Wally World. For some reason it still gets sucked up as soon as it hits the shelf even though their price is not that good and can be found cheaper in a few of the places I frequent. Until we see boxes of .22 stacked up with dust on them the retail price will not go down.
  11. 2017 record gun sales

    So what's the deal? Two conflicting stories going here. Gun Stocks plunged
  12. Why Gun Stocks Plunged in August

    Why wait until election time? I try to handle gun stocks daily along with the actions and barrels. Seriously though, if anyone one here has any investments in Black Rock, Vanguard or Fidelity mutual funds and depending on the fund family they very well may be invested in firearm or ammunition industry.
  13. Very Nice! We shall call you Edward suppressor hands.
  14. Hurricane Irma

    May be a 1,2,3 punch. Tropical storm Jose is following Irma and building.

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