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  1. I found this. Does not have slot in butt but once again, that's an easy mod. http://www.ruger-mini-14-firearms.com/mini_14_30_accessories.php
  2. Seems like a fairly simple modification with the right power tools.
  3. MP5_Rizzo

    22LR AR15 magazine question

    They recommend Black Dog Machine magazines. I have several Black Dog sonic weld mags that I use with and old Ciener/Atchisson conversion kit and never had an issue. Even in full bullet hose mode.
  4. MP5_Rizzo

    Cop shoots partner in back

    So what group is going to raise the most ruckus for the male officer repeatedly calling the female officer "baby"?
  5. MP5_Rizzo

    Reloading Aluminum Case

    Are they boxer or berdan primed? Originally the CCI Blazer was berdan primed to prevent reloading but I have not purchased any in awhile so I don't know about current manufacture. A quick search turned up something on Brian Enos's forum about the subject from a few years ago. Click Here for Link
  6. MP5_Rizzo

    Fed. Income taxes

    When I hear people talk about their refund I ask them if they know how much they actually paid in. Rarely does anyone actually know the amount.
  7. MP5_Rizzo

    car title transfer

    You can download an Affidavit of non-dealer transfer on line or pick up a copy from your county clerks office. The top of the form has 2 options. First is a Relative transfer and to be tax exempt it must be from a spouse, sibling or any other lineal relative. Option 2 is gift transfer or low selling price to a person other than tax-exempt relatives. I’ve done a couple of these and they were quite simple. The county clerks office can walk you thru and my suggestion is take the existing title there and tell them what you are trying to do.
  8. Aero precision makes one like what you’re decscribing less the colorful unicorn. https://goo.gl/images/Z8Y7az
  9. MP5_Rizzo

    Exceptional gun collection auction

    It's currently at $800.00 with less then 3 days left. I'm curious about the 1 of 7 made? I know the round post doughnut base ribs are rare but not that rare. This one does not appear to have the doughnut base post either. Anybody know what's special about it?
  10. MP5_Rizzo

    5MM Ammo

    I'm sure the Remington ammo set you back a few $$$ but I would set that back and hold on to it. If you want to shoot it, drop a few more $$$ and get some Centurion. It's pricey too but quite a bit out there for sale.
  11. MP5_Rizzo

    Glenfield model 60 squirrel stock

    You're welcome.
  12. MP5_Rizzo

    Glenfield model 60 squirrel stock

    If Ebay does not work out, Numrich has plenty of them. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/marlinglenfield/rifles-marlin/60-old-style?page=4 or https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1041200
  13. MP5_Rizzo

    Neeed some thought about a problem!!!

    You say you have Smoke and toxic detectors. You may want to look into a dedicated carbon monoxide detector. Some of the newer dedicated carbon monoxide detectors are designed to be located 5 feet above floor level which is usually lower then where most smoke detectors are mounted. Just a thought.
  14. MP5_Rizzo

    Christmas Avatar Time?


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