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  1. If you have to be bored at a Conference.....

    Live fire demos? I wonder what the marketing guys at Beretta were thinking when they rolled out their heavy 50 BMG rifle and named it after a genus of black birds, like crows and ravens and such?
  2. Muzzleloader ban-suppressor edition..

    Was not aware what the Stay Woke button on New York city Councilman lapel stood for so I looked it up. Stay Woke Wake up from the bull#### you're speaking. Say this when someone is obviously talking out of their ass.
  3. A different kind of 300 Blackout pistol

    First thing that I can picture in my imagination is a tacticalish Remington XPIsh DoloEspecial
  4. for-sale Southwest 737 Wing bench

    Being an aviator in my younger care free days when I had the time and $$$, I think this is way cool. Only problem I can see is that anything I would be using it for now I would spend half of my time picking stuff up off the floor. GLWS
  5. Need help with renewal

    Check this thread and see if it will help you. Click Here: can't-renew
  6. 870 dimple remover

    There are a couple of ways to do it but the easiest way is to just drill them out. The hole that is left will not interfere with any function and if you decide to operate in wet environment you have extra drain holes.
  7. R51 2d Gen anyone?

    Or maybe just the pistol line in the way of XP 100's.
  8. Finally got a buck!

    And thankfully we don't have moose to worry about.
  9. Crazy things my wife says

    Not a 100% guaranteed method but more times not, take what ever she says and try thinking the total opposite and that's is what she meant.
  10. Got in some 5 stand action yesterday.
  11. That It for Butch?

    It’s getting bad.
  12. That It for Butch?

    Something like the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl? St. Petersburg Bowl
  13. Another story from my past.................

    I was never a Shelby County resident but two of my college buddies went to med school in Memphis. I spent a many of weekends visiting during that time and almost always included a trip to a range near an old landfill. Inmates in prison stripes were there working. I guess your term of range attendants is more fitting. We sent a lot of lead into the backstop at that range until one weekend they told us we had to give them the make, model and serial number of everything we plan to use on the range form then on. We did not stay and never went back.
  14. Another story from my past.................

    Is this the one that was on top of a land fill and all the range workers (Except the RO's) were inmates from the Shelby county jail?
  15. Do you tip your barber?

    I never really gave much thought about tipping until I took a vacation to Australia, 20 plus years ago. While reading up on things to know one of things discussed was tipping. It seems that the practice of tipping is a very American thing. At that time in Australia, tipping was not expected in the service industry and doing so may have been construed as an insult. I know times and cultural norms are changing so I have no idea if this is still true. So as for things changing the person that cuts my hair has not in many years. During the early years I tipped but on the low side. After years of visiting the same person I know just about everything there is to know about my barber, her lifestyle, spending habits, her wants and most of all her needs. Since I've worked like a dog for over 35 years, my disposable income has moved to a higher level and I will leave an above average tip if I feel like the person providing the service has earned or given me good cause to.

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