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  1. What Sam1 said and there are several DIY rigs that are much less expensive that are nothing more than an over priced roller to add to your mower to get really good stripes.
  2. If you keep the blades sharp it will cut at this speed too. I have a large yard and spent at least 2.5 - 3 hours every time I cut it with a 52" Cub Cadet lawn tractor mower. Since I purchased a 61" Badboy I can have it cut in under 2 hours and it looks better than it ever looked with the lawn tractor style mowers.
  3. Yep, and that's a fact Jack!
  4. So Billy Boy wants to raise gas and diesel taxes 6 and 10 cents per gallon respectively over a 3 year period. For those that don't know, Tennessee ranks the 10th lowest in gasoline taxes and 5th lowest in diesel fuel taxes. Currently fuel taxes in Tennessee federal and state combined for gasoline is 39.8 cents and diesel is 42.8 cents.
  5. I really like that. Are the grips OEM?
  6. While the rubbing on concrete or using a file around the edges are fine if you are really desperate, I'm not there yet. Are you sure you don't already have a spam ammo can opener? Have you checked in your kitchen drawers? One of these work just like the stamped metal opener. I have one of the new clean edge can openers in my kitchen that I use more than any other can opener these days. I have not tried it because I'm not ready to break the seal on any of my spam ammo cans still sealed. By laying the clean edge opener on top of the spam ammo can (as I would a food can) it looks like it would open one just like it would open the spam can just fine. The one I have looks like the one below which happens to be a Pampered Chef product.
  7. Nice glass panel but why no right seat stick?
  8. I think these guys may be a little farther advanced than Iran in the space race.
  9. According to the map at the bottom, Tullahoma, Tennessee is now in southeast Kansas. Nice Rifle by the way!
  10. Not sure how your going to protect this. If your going to the trouble to construct something up there most that have a survival mentality would think you have something worth fighting over in an TEOTWAWKI situation. Chances are good I could come across an oxy /acetylene torch. If I can find that, chances are good I will find some plate steel to make an armored something to get me in long enough to have you tumbling down faster than the big bad wolf and a straw house. I'm quite certain the following post were made in fun but if you were serious you better be coming up with a plan B. I will admit this would be full on in the fun category for a while but, in reality chances are slim you will find one. That is unless you happen across a location of a recent Monster Jam these thing are few and far between. Not to mention they will not go to far on a tank of fuel. These things really are 1 gallon or more per mile. In addition you will be announcing your arrival from several miles away. I would think stealth would be an import method of operation in such times. While this has a lot in common with the monster truck it will run a long time when the tanks are topped off. Current low sulfur diesel fuel has a horrible useful life when untreated. Once again though, few and far between and in some areas practically non-existent.
  11. My first thought is, has your wife ever had a 1 hour (one way) commute to work? One hour that you drive on weekends or evening may turn into a 1.5 (more or less) during early and late rush hours. Commuting seems like a great trade off to get out of the city life for some initially but after time they really regret it.
  12. I don't know why it was designed this way but my first gut instinct is that it may be the result of a particular group of American lawyers than vino soaked Italian gun designers. I have not researched this but does using the striker deactivation button release the striker spring tension with out the striker being able to hit the primer of a live round if one were in the chambered. If so, there's your answer. Not trying to derail the thread but it does seem to be something I'm quit proficient at. Speaking of Italians loving their Vino. During the Annual ATA Grand American visiting vendors row is always fun. One that I never pass up is the Perazzi shop. Does not matter how early I've been in there I've sales reps and gunsmiths with a glass of vino in their hand or near them, I've even been offered a glass. I kid you not!
  13. This guy makes it look quite easy starting at 4:24 in this video.

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