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  1. It's Elmer Keith, the Godfather of magnum pistol calibers and big game pistol hunting.
  2. This is exactly how I would describe almost every country boy redneck I know!
  3. While very interesting and unique and has some historical provenance I would classify that as a wall hanger. Ain't good for much else and if the need arises for an improvised club, it'll be there hanging on the wall.
  4. Not really comparing apples to apples. The Mississippi river is much wider at Memphis then it is in Minneapolis. The Memphis bridge is about 6.5 times the length of the Saint Anthony Falls bridge.
  5. 2021 Darwin Award winners may reach an all time yearly record!
  6. MP5_Rizzo


    Definitely pros and that stuff is out of state ASAP. I've seen videos from two of these jobs in the Mid-TN area and these guys are fast! (Sorry no video links as I watched them on one of the owners video system.)
  7. It is from 1963, found a story about it in the link below. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/06/07/blast-from-the-past-miss-america-shooting-a-cutting-edge-rifle/
  8. I wasn't searching but stumbled across the fact the McDonalds ice cream "broken" machine thing seems to be a getting some traction on the web these days. To know the McDonalds ice cream machine status near you, check out mcbroken. https://mcbroken.com/ Now if you have about 29 minutes to waste (A little less if you skip thru the ads) you can watch this video and get the whole SCOOP!
  9. Way way back in my past I worked some fast food gigs and to my knowledge gloves did not exist nor were they ever mentioned at any time I worked these places. This was true of food prep and the dreaded cleaning of the toilets!
  10. Wild a$$ guess here but my bet is the property owner voted for the current regime.
  11. I will take it, sending PM.
  12. At $200 plus for a roll of 2” tape it should come with a bucket of lard and a fat chick. 3M VHB Tape Uline
  13. if @Chucktshoes had one of these with his white whale strapped on, MP5 slung of the shoulder and NODs on the ready he would be a BMF!!!


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