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    Keltec CP33

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  2. Any volunteers have time to dig up some financial information on the Wildlife Resources Fund Mentioned in this document?
  3. From their website the main difference I can gather is the redesign trimmed some weight off the 693.
  4. Yep about 5-6 times since about 4 p.m. today. Both desk top and iPad. Reloading page seems to work on my iPad but did not on my desk top earlier if I recall correctly
  5. So did he just need the 4 bore for elephants and use the spear to his right for lesser game like cape buffalo, lions and crocs?
  6. If you can find an older 870 that fits your wants except it has a smooth barrel then check out Barrel Exchange. I’ve purchased a few barrels here and was always very pleased.
  7. Be sure to use promo code Iwant2go2jail Everything about this site is sketchy. Here is the description of the product above. Love the part about referring to as spare parts for a motorcycle Gen 1-4 model 17-41 Requires rework is not a prohibited product since, it is in an inoperative condition 80% drop It is not illegal for individuals to own these parts in current form. The customer and I are not required to inform. Requires basic tooling to finish. Just replacing the backplate. This is a much more cost efficient way to own a full auto glock. The kit comes with instructions., When sending out we specify as spare parts for a motorcycle, we deliver practically all over the world, the delivery is free of charge.
  8. The two on the fenders look enough alike to be twins. Heck, they may be triplets but the one in the middle appears to be a little older but then it may just be the angle of the pose.
  9. If you want a really exciting way to catch fish and NO boat necessary, look into noodling. Besides, catfish are slightly more prized then carp in this part of the country.
  10. It does look odd but after a closer look it clearly is a deer with his left front leg stretched over his left antler and yes the headlamp does play optical illusions with the deer. While studying the deer I noticed the guy on the left has something under his right arm I can not identify. Any ideas?
  11. Is the fellow in this picture G. Gordon Liddy? He did have a thing for ladies with guns! I think I have most of his stacked and packed calendars he used to sell.
  12. Lets' go BIG with the .585 Nyati Nyati means cape buffalo in several African languages.
  13. If you really want a .308 T/C pistol then Encore is your option. If you want to maximize your G1 or G2 frames then my suggestion is Bullberry Barrel Works. Click Here: Bullberry Here's a video of a guy shooting an Encore in .308, I think it's fairly lame recoil compared to my 45-70 Gubment barreled G1 T/C.

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