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  1. MP5_Rizzo

    Bend of the River?

    I believe they do but but you could call them to be sure. (931) - 498 - 2829 I'm quite certain the primary proprietor is away at the Daisy National Championships in Arkansas until at least July 5th. I believe his son takes care of the place while he's away. Their website link: Bend of the River
  2. MP5_Rizzo

    Emoji Test

  3. MP5_Rizzo

    Recommend a good tv for air broadcast signals

    What about a portable dish antenna like used in RV's? Dish Network has a pay as you go plan for about $35.00 a month. More channel options and no fuss with a a tall antenna array.
  4. MP5_Rizzo

    .410 Shotgun Barrel Choke Tubes

    I did one more search and found this. They list some as T/C Encore compatible. May be worth contacting for some Q&A. http://www.colonialchokeandtool.com/
  5. MP5_Rizzo

    .410 Shotgun Barrel Choke Tubes

    I posted the Briley choke bore chart for choke restrictions only. If you call Briley They will make choke tubes for anything out there but this may be a little pricey for what you trying to do. But this goes hand in hand with anything .410 for it's size. Whether it be factory new ammo or hulls and wads, they are expensive. I did a little and I mean very little searching on the web and it seems like choke tubes for dedicated T/C Contender .410 barrels are non-existent. I did find a couple of references that said Winchester tubes are the same as the T/C Encore tubes but I found nothing that this was 100% positive. So the key thing about choke tubes is that they control how fast the shot pattern opens up after it leaves the barrel. Different choke restrictions will pattern differently at a given distance no matter what shotgun gauge you are testing. The thing about .410's or to be specific, 67 gauge shotguns, most all are loaded with 1/2 ounce of shot so the pattern density is going to decrease really fast as you open up your choke restriction. I hope this helps.
  6. MP5_Rizzo

    .410 Shotgun Barrel Choke Tubes

    I hope this helps.
  7. This Marlin would have a new home if it weren't for your Phar East local from mine.
  8. MP5_Rizzo

    Range Report S&W Victory .22LR & Bersa Firestorm .22 LR

    Consider yourself in a small group of lucky buyers of the Remy Golden .22 bullets. I and most I know had terrible reliability with them. Some I know sold them off at a loss just to get rid of them.
  9. MP5_Rizzo

    2018 Tennessee Elk Tag & Rifle Raffle

    I get TWRF emails as well but have seen nothing on this as of yet. Big thanks to KahrMan, I'm a little lighter in the wallet now!
  10. MP5_Rizzo

    TGO Newsletter

    Thanks but it's looking like health care management.
  11. MP5_Rizzo

    TGO Newsletter

    I too enjoyed reading some good news. I have been active in 4-H shooting sports for almost 10 years. My daughter as well was very active in youth shooting sports and a youth leader at Target Smart Camp a few years ago before she all growed up and went off to college. Thanks for the plug!
  12. MP5_Rizzo

    My Frankin build..... one of a kind!

    You build the coolest Frankin-guns!
  13. MP5_Rizzo

    What's a dad to do

    You stated she does not want anything to do with guns now. Before going any farther you need to ask her how she feels about what you're thinking.
  14. MP5_Rizzo

    Savage 1907 Disassembly

    Not a gunsmith and never owned Savage 1907 but I never took something apart I could not put back together. Appears to me that when pin 13 is removed part 7, the cocking lever should come out. Maybe a little caution here as the firing pin or part 14 may have some tension and may or may not fly out. Part 8 looks like the tricky one as I can not tell from the diagram if it comes out before or after the firing pin assembly. Good thing is the firing pin spring appears to be captured on the firing pin so parts 14, 15 and 16 will come out as 1 unit. Parts 9 and 10, the extractor and extractor spring look fairly common to most extractor assembles and is just held in with spring tension. The same appears to true for parts parts 11 and 12, sear and sear spring being held in place with spring tension. All this sounds simple and probably is but may be a test of your nerves when it comes time to look for the small parts that fly out from spring tension and align everything back up to reassemble. Good Luck!
  15. MP5_Rizzo

    Gun purchase monitoring through CC?

    Credit card monitoring data is chicken feed when compared to what smartphone technology is gathering on the population. https://theconversation.com/smartphone-data-tracking-is-more-than-creepy-heres-why-you-should-be-worried-91110

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