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  1. MP5_Rizzo

    Calibers named after Animals and Insects

    Lets' go BIG with the .585 Nyati Nyati means cape buffalo in several African languages.
  2. MP5_Rizzo

    Thompson contender

    If you really want a .308 T/C pistol then Encore is your option. If you want to maximize your G1 or G2 frames then my suggestion is Bullberry Barrel Works. Click Here: Bullberry Here's a video of a guy shooting an Encore in .308, I think it's fairly lame recoil compared to my 45-70 Gubment barreled G1 T/C.
  3. Every time I see this thread title I read it as 2 questions. Q1. What is the the approximate wait time? Answer: Depends Q2. What is the actual wait time? Answer: Varies
  4. MP5_Rizzo

    Thompson contender

    G1 and G2 are interchangeable with the exception of the Herrett barrels. Encore barrels fit Encore frames. The info above was gathered from the T/C website in a brief read so take it for what it’s worth. Here’s a link T/C Arms
  5. Captain America: The First Avenger is probably the only one on the list that played in US theaters. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/M1941_Johnson_rifle The M1941 Johnson rifle or it's variants has been seen in the following: Film Title Actor Character Note Date The Domino Principle Unknown Assassin With sniper scope 1977 Assembly (Ji jie hao) Baoqiang Wang Jiang Maocai 2007 Assembly (Ji jie hao) Nationalist Chinese sniper With sniper scope 2007 My Brother Name Shun Liu Baoqiang Wang Shun Liu With sniper scope 2009 Captain America: The First Avenger Sebastian Stan Sgt. James "Bucky" Barnes With sniper scope, portrayed as bolt action rifle 2011 Cold Steel (Bian di lang yan) Mingxiang Guo Major Masaya With sniper scope 2011
  6. MP5_Rizzo

    What kind of 7.62 ammo is this?

    Looks like a little rust on the bottom left corner of the can top that's visible. Appears to be a couple more cans stacked to the right in the picture. If the can with the rust has not compromised the integrity of the seal the ammo should still be good but you may want to consider opening, inspecting and repackaging if you plan on storing this for any length of time. Another solution is if you need help turning the contents of this can into smoke, noise and tons of fun I have several things that will eat this ammo and be glad to hook you up.
  7. MP5_Rizzo

    What kind of 7.62 ammo is this?

    Looks like 7.62X54R to me but not positive. I found this Click Here: Spam Can Guide
  8. That was good but Django should get honorable mention.
  9. MP5_Rizzo

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Either would be nice but I tend to favor the one with gun ports.
  10. MP5_Rizzo

    Farm Card aka Agriculture and Use Tax exemption

    This is from the Tennessse Department of Revenue website Here’s the link https://revenue.support.tn.gov/hc/en-us/articles/203809459-What-qualifies-for-a-Tennessee-agricultural-exemption- Sales of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for use directly and principally in the production of agricultural or nursery products for sale and consumption off the premises.
  11. MP5_Rizzo

    Senior lisense 166

    I'm not a die hard fisherman and this info I gathered was from a really quick TWRA regulation search. In the Tennessee fishing guide the only mention I found of a requirement for a trout stamp is if you are fishing on Fort Campbell. You did say specifically say "Trout Stamp", please note I did see several mentions of possibly needing a trout permit even with a type 166 depending on where you plan to fish.
  12. MP5_Rizzo

    Any Airgunner's here?......My new PCP airgun addiction.

    I know nothing about them but this is where I would start. Water Dogs 681 N Spring St, Clarksville · (931) 919-0270 https://www.waterdogs-scuba.com/

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