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  1. LIVE PD last night

    At what point would it be justified to kill someone for making a threat unless they can act on that threat. People get threatened every single day, are we now justified to shoot someone when some lowlife says he is going to kill you because you won't give them a quarter? Insane what is being passed off as justified any more. LivePD is nothing more than the desensitizing of the population into believing that it is OK to allow the government to trample on their rights. If they ask you a question, you MUST answer or go to jail for obstruction. I watched that one pan out on LivePD. They pulled over the driver because he was in a "high drug area". They asked him where he was coming from and when he refused to answer they took him to jail for obstruction. They never found drugs or anything illegal during the search incident to arrest but he was still taken to jail. The officer briefed the camera saying he was being charged with felony obstruction for not answering the officer's questions. You have the right to remain silent but only AFTER you have been arrested. Before that you can be tossed in jail for keeping your mouth shut. A lady was pulled over for sitting in a parking lot putting on her makeup. She refused their request to search her car. They asked her if she had medication in the car, she said she did. The officers said they needed to get the medication AND search the car. She refused to let them search but offered to get the medication. The officers refused to let her get the medication to verify it was legal but held her there for like 30 minutes saying she wasn't allowed to get into the car until AFTER the officers left. The officers said the lady might pull out a gun and shoot all seven of the officers if they let her get in her car first. I have seen numerous searches started because the officer said "You look nervous". Even if the driver said they weren't nervous the officer made them get out of the car so they could search because "You look nervous so you must be breaking the law". The officer is able to tell whether the person they just met for the first time is nervous in the first 30 seconds of making contact, BS. They get briefed, as I did, in how to lead and make statements to support what you want to happen. I was idling around in a parking lot looking for a spot. I didn't come to a complete stop at the white line at the end of a row. There was an officer sitting, stationary about 100 feet away. The officer pulled me over stating I did not come to a complete stop at the white line. I told him it wasn't a stop sign. His response was that I almost t-boned him. I laughed and said he was half way across the parking lot. He gave me a hard stare and said I better be careful or I might get in trouble for trying to kill an officer next time. This all happened on private property at a local grocery store. Anymore anything a person does is "suspicious" and is probable cause to violate someone's rights. It is funny watching all the officers crowd the car looking, and peering, into the car like some peeping tom trying to get a glimpse of some skin.
  2. Armor for small female

    Body armor is not meant to be worn 100% of the time. It is there when you need it. In the teachers case it would likely sit in a closet until it is needed. Putting on body armor that is properly fitted and proper for the individual takes seconds. There are no restrictions at AR500.com. Anyone can buy them.
  3. Henry AR7 MAKE OVER

    Can the stock be removed? If so be careful about length because if it started life as a rifle it MUST be at least 26" overall length. Cool looking little survival gun, great work.
  4. Armor for small female

    No need to have any IIIA soft armor with level 4 plates. Level 4 plates will stop pretty much anything man portable. And one more thing, extra cost does not equate to extra protection. Spending $1,000 on a level IV plate from one vendor will not ensure you are getting a better plate than a vendor that has one for $99 as long as the cheaper one has been tested. AR500 has been selling their armor for a very long time now, you can trust their products to be what they say they are. And one thing I would caution you about is only buy from reputable dealers. There are a lot of sellers out there that have not tested their armor. Some are proving to be inadequate for their armor rating. Some are even selling fake airsoft armor that will not stop a 22. Here is a decent level IV composite plate for not a lot of money. It is pretty lightweight as well at 7.5 pounds and is pretty thin at .75". But it costs more at $155 https://www.ar500armor.com/ar500-armor-body-armor/level-iv-body-armor/ar500-armor-level-iv-composite-body-armor-10x12.html Here is IV plate that is cheaper, $99, but the trade off is weight, 8.3 pounds, and thickness, 1". It is a ceramic and polyethylene plate. https://www.ar500armor.com/ar500-armor-body-armor/level-iv-body-armor/ar500-armorr-level-iv-body-armor-10-x-12.html Here is a lightweight level III plate that is a bit lighter than the level IV plate above. It is also cheaper and thinner. But it will probably not stop 5.56 at point blank ranges but you could back it with IIIA soft armor. The trade off would be cost because this combination would be more than most of the IV plates above. https://www.ar500armor.com/ar500-armor-body-armor/level-iii-lightweight-body-armor/ar500-armor-square-back-lightweight-level-iii.html
  5. Armor for small female

    Armor that is going to stop rifle threats is going to be heavy or expensive. And as far as the vest itself they can be cumbersome and unwieldy unless you actually train with them and practice putting them on. An armored vest would also attract attention in a school setting. I recently remember seeing a backpack that has soft armor built in and while that won't stop a rifle round I will say you can find backpacks with pouches for water bladders that will probably accept a hard armor plate. I bet you could drop a hard plate in the backpack and have a very effective bullet stopper without looking like a bullet stopper. Plenty of places could sew in a pouch to hold the plate if you wanted something that looked commonplace in a school. I've seen Hello Kitty backpacks big enough to stick a 10x12 plate inside. As far as why type of plate I would suggest a ceramic as they tend to be lighter but they are thicker. Steel is thinner but weighs more. They do have ultra lightweight plates capable of stopping rifle rounds but they are very expensive. They even have rifle plates that actually float. Some of the polycarbonate plates are nice as well. I have used all the different types and there are benefits to each but you must weigh those against the detractors. For me, personally, I use steel because they are thinner making getting into and out of vehicles easier. I am not going to be pounding the ground so weight is not a concern if it was I would choose ceramic or one of the newer types that weigh very little. Also, do not forget about "In Conjunction" plates. They are designed to have a soft body armor backer. The plate itself doesn't stop the bullet but causes the bullet to break up as it passes through the plate. The soft armor backing then catches the fragments. These are generally lighter and thinner than level 3 stand alone plates but they generally cannot soak up a lot of rounds either as the ones I have seen were ceramic. Any armor with the letter "A" behind it, Like "3A" or "2A", is generally a soft armor plate and will NOT stop rifle rounds no matter the rating. Armor with only a letter designation, "3" or "4", is a hard plate and is designed to stop rifle rounds, providing the classification is high enough. Both types will stop pistol rounds they are rated for but only hard armor plates will stop rifle rounds. You can also use lower rated rifle plates if pistol calibers are the more serious concern. 5.56 is a very, very hard caliber to defeat at close range. And you generally want a level 4 plate to handle point blank 5.56 rounds. Some level 3 plates are rated to stop 5.56 but those are generally not tested at point blank ranges.
  6. Ammo Prices Are Going Up

    Since when does a declining demand equate to increased value? seems to me they are just chasing the same profits in a declining market.
  7. for-sale Threaded CZ P09 with tall sights

    Bump, taking trades. Glock 19, optics, ammunition, AR uppers Price drop
  8. for-sale FS: Romanian RH10, 100% bone stock

    Bump, taking trades. Glock 19, optics, ammunition, AR uppers
  9. Another shooting

    An unarmed populace has a far greater threat in its government than a lunatic with a gun.
  10. I hope this happens

    But that we be a lot simpler to fix. Require only those issued cards be able to use them and most of the fraud would disappear overnight. Announce that retailers must check IDs. Don't even need to enforce it or verify it is being done.
  11. Another shooting

    Another HUGE problem with putting officers in schools is the fact they are generally the least experienced and least trusted within the department. They have an officer they can't trust to be on the road and they can't fire them so they stick them in the school as a resource officer hoping they will never be called upon. They are generally the least paid of any officers as well as the least qualified. They are there only because it is cheaper than private, armed security. Privatize the security for schools and require qualifications that are commensurate with the pay increase. Children are the most vulnerable in our society and our government does everything the cheapest it can on behalf of the children. Everything the government does is done according to who the lowest bidder is. And those bids are generally overshot as well as the time needed to complete. Get the government out of our children's lives, out of their school system and quit letting them use the least qualified personnel to protect them. We have thousands of veterans who are desperate for work. They have the training, skills as well as the mental attitude to deal with situations like this. Hire them, pay them WELL and give them the tools (firearms) they need to keep our children safe. All you have to do is look to Israel to see how our society could be. Everyone there is armed, including teachers, and the only attacks come from terrorists and not from little snot nosed kids who's mommy didn't show him how to be an adult. When the #### will our leaders learn the gun free zones are free fire zones where people die.
  12. Another shooting

    Shooter was an ANTIFA member.
  13. Another shooting

    One of biggest problems is political correctness. When we, as a society, see a problem we are afraid to say something. Our kids are being taught that it is wrong to say something when something is wrong. Fellow students knew the shooter had a problem but they were too afraid to say anything out of fear of being labeled. We must stand up and say what must be said. Sitting back whispering will change nothing, we must scream and point fingers when there is a problem. Mental health is an issue but it is not as big of an issue as we are lead to believe. We have always had crazy people doing crazy things and that will never change. The problem we do have is the drugs for "mental" conditions are being over prescribed and those drugs cause just as much of a problem as the underlying "mental" condition itself. Life sucks for most people on the planet but here in the US we are so spoiled that we think we have it bad. In comes the pharmaceutical companies with a little pill that they promise will make life suck less, it doesn't. Young children are diagnosed with a disease when they show signs of an active imagination and the parents are told they MUST give those kids prescription drugs to cure their active imaginations. Most of the mass shooters have been on a cocktail of these drugs prior to going on a shooting rampage. And I bet the shooter will also be on those same drugs or at least prescribed those drugs at some point. The pharmaceutical companies, and their urge to get richer, are the ones pushing people to believe there is a mental health crisis. There are no more crazy people, just more diagnoses that require more prescription medications to treat. The pharmaceutical companies are also the ones responsible for pushing, for profit, the drugs that has caused the opioid crisis that is killing hundreds every single day. We do have a problem but we do not have a mental health problem in the United States, we have a problem with corporate drug dealers whose only concern is profits from selling dangerous drugs.
  14. I hope this happens

    I have been saying those in need should be sent boxes of food instead of given free money. I believe it would benefit a lot of people while making it harder for those who cheat the system to continue to cheat the system. It would also ensure that those who are getting help would eat good food instead of junk food or food obviously too expensive for those getting assistance. For those who may not be aware, in Tennessee it is against the rules for a business to ask for ID to verify the user of an EBT card is the person who is issued that card. Any vendor that does as for ID can risk loosing the ability to take EBT, which is a LOT of money for some vendors. I have seen it first hand because my brother gets EBT benefits and then sells to pay for drugs. I talk to the cashiers all the time about it and they say they know the people getting issued is not the ones using it but they cannot do anything about it. Had one lady who would use her EBT card to buy packs of expensive tuna. She would brag about that fact they were for her cats and that she would continue to buy the tuna until cat food was covered by her EBT card. I see people using EBT cards to buy food that most people cannot afford to eat on a regular basis yet our tax dollars are used to pay for a lavish lifestyle for those who say they cannot afford to eat. If they would require businesses to verify the user is the one who was issued the card it would cut down on a significant amount of fraud. Hell, my ID is checked when I use MY credit card so why can't those who use my tax money be bothered to do the same. They cite privacy reasons and that it might embarrass those who are using EBT cards but if you are truly in need of EBT you would be grateful instead of embarrassed. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-wants-replace-food-stamps-114015814.html

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