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  1. He has an inmate picture from 1989 that was over 25 years ago.
  2. Joke if you must but I ALWAYS have a firearm in the bathroom. Why wouldn't you? It is probably the most vulnerable you will be during the day. You either have you pants around your ankles, and can't run, or you are naked and soaking wet. Either of those would put me at a distinct disadvantage.
  3. Especially considering they each sent, what, a platoon each compared to the number of troops we have sent. Just by shear numbers we should occupy all of the top 100.
  4. About six months ago I was coming home from a local restaurant with food for my wife. It was really cold so I was trying to get home before the food got cold. I was speeding and was probably doing 15 mph over on a local highway where the speed limit is 50 mph. As I turned onto my dead end road I looked in the rear view mirror to see a patrol coming up on me rather fast but without his lights or sirens going. Realizing that he was probably going to pull me over for speeding I pulled off to the side of the road and turned off my ignition before he could hit his lights. A few seconds after I pulled over he pulled in about 15 yards behind my car and hit the emergency lights. Because my car was already off I could not roll down my electric windows so I opened my door to tell him my windows were not working. That is when he came unhinged and started yelling things like "you want some of this" as well as "bring it on if you want to die today" from behind the door of his cruiser. I honestly cannot remember with 100% certainty but I would swear to the fact he had his pistol pointed at me as he yelled those things. There was about a two minutes of him yelling taunts at me before he yelled for me exit my vehicle. As I exited my vehicle he went full retard and did a full blown felony traffic stop on me, for speeding. As I got out of my vehicle the officer had me walk backwards towards him with my hands on top of my head. Somewhere between my vehicle and his the officer grabbed me by my hands that were no top of my head and put me against the trunk of my car. It was at that time I informed him I had a gun and a valid HCP. That didn't change his attitude one bit and he continued to aggressively search me head to toe after taking my gun. I honestly thought I was going to jail for something because of the way he acted. All this occurred in front of a neighbors house and I was being searched as they were coming home from church. My neighbors had to drive through their yard because my car was blocking their driveway. After he ran me he came back and apologized over and over again for how he acted and tried to make excuses for why he acted the way he did. After I told him I understood he handed my gun back and sent me on my way. I had every intention of informing him as soon as I could but I knew I didn't want to tell him I had a gun while he was excited with his gun pointed at me. If this is how he acts on all traffic stops it will just be a matter of time before someone gets hurt. The officer that pulled me over worked for THP and was definitely a younger, unseasoned officer. And if he did shoot I would no doubt be painted as some bad guy because I did have a gun on me, legal or not. Having a gun, even legally, is all that is needed to justify a shooting any more. Even if you don't have a gun you can be shot if the officer thinks you do and "feels threatened". Castillo was the person we wish everyone was and he was killed just because he had a gun but the worst part is the officer(s) were acquitted because Castillo had a gun. I am starting to think that maybe carrying a gun is more of a risk than not carrying a gun. It won't keep me from getting shot but it will make it a lot harder for my homicide to be justified. I will say that it seems like LE is a bit more jumpy these days, especially the younger ones, and they escalate far too often and far to quickly. They pull their guns out without any valid reason a lot of time and as we all know every time your gun clears your holster there is potential for something very bad to happen. I understand officers have to protect themselves but they also have to realize that not all people are trying to kill them no matter what they think or have been told. People will get nervous and act differently when they have a gun pointed at them but these days nervousness is often used as justification for the officer's actions. All you have to do is watch any one of the reality shows with cops to see officers say that because someone is acting nervous, after getting a gun pointed at them, they must be doing something illegal. Could it be they are nervous because you just pointed a gun at them? Never realized that nervousness is probable cause to conduct a search but it happens all the time. I would LOVE to see any officer go through a formal investigation anytime their gun clears the holster on duty. And the only way to determine whether it was legitimate would be through an investigation by an impartial party, not IAD. And if the there was no valid reason to pull the gun then take administrative action against the officer. I cannot approach someone with a gun in my hand so barring a legitimate reason an officer should not be allowed to do the same thing. As far as the video released I will say that I do question the officer saying the people looked like they were involved in a in a robbery. Is it because they are black? Is it because the car is white? If the occupants were suspected in a robbery then by all means conduct a felony traffic stop. But with them walking up willy, nilly that only tells me that the officers did not believe for one second that the occupants were involved in a robbery even though that is what is told to dispatch as the justification for the stop. I also have a big problem with the video that was released because every version I can find does have some editing done to it to remove something from video that happened just before the shooting. I would like to see and hear what was said in the video that was edited out by the police department. I believe the acquittal was in error and the officer should be held accountable because he was wrong for killing Castillo.
  5. I think a perdon's heart rate has a lot to do with it. The average person's heart beats 2.2 billion times in their life. If a person is overweight or in poor physical condition or have some other stressor in their life then their heart beats faster. And, I believe, that is the key factor in dying of "old age". My resting heart rate, according to my FitBit, is 57 bpm but I can also meditate it down to below 45. I try to do calming/breathing exercises as often as possible and have been doing them for several years now. I also try to be as sedentary as possible when possible. Hopefully it helps but who knows. I have also read that another factor in how long you will live is how much you eat. There is a lot of data that suggests that if you eat as little as possible you will live longer versus eating more. And I am not talking about over eating but eating more than a starvation diet.
  6. What caliber(s) are you planning on using it for? I should be able to get you some starting loads. There is not a label on the back?
  7. for-sale

    LLama guns are as reliable as any 1911ish gun I have ever shot. I have owned several and they are a really good value. Mine ALWAYS went bang and were accurate. I will say that most 1911 parts will not fit, at least not easily but why would you because these are good to go as is.
  8. free

    Hey man, I think I have an older ? you can have. You can use it to make a . or a ! if you are talented enough. I'll even toss in a few # because I can stand to loose a few.
  9. for-sale

    Set one aside for me. I will send the money and then we can work out the details on how it will get in my hands.
  10. free

    I called dibs on .. so I guess he still has a . available. Better hurry though, these are the best . I have ever had so surely someone will grab that last one. Or if you want you can have one of my . if you want.
  11. I am not sure I would trust that because it looks like the data is not correct. I mean two different loads, with two different bullet weights, have the EXACT velocity with barrels up to 14". Both M855 and M193 have the exact same velocities with barrels 14" and under, I think not. The standard deviation is also identical which is statistical equivalent of hitting all the lotto numbers, not going to happen. Heck, you could not get those results shooting bullets from the same box of ammunition in two separate strings, much less two different loads from different manufacturers. Those results are worthless.
  12. Personally I see this as the state preparing to have its laws in step with federal law. I think the representatives in Washington are telling those at the state level it is coming, fix your laws now.
  13. It has been WAY too long since the last eastern side meet and greet.
  14. They have been illegal in Tennesssee up until the recent law change. Prior to the new law they were illegal but your registration was a "defense to prosecution". Basically it means you could be arrested for possessing one but once you showed your registration to the judge the charges would be dropped. Now they are legal.

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