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  1. Bump-Fire Stock Ban

    We control the house, the senate and the presidency yet we can't get anything done in Washington. Our representatives no longer represent the people that elected them. Heck, I have been trying to contact my representative for over three years now but he is never in his office. He is perpetually at his "home office" and refuses to return or take calls.
  2. for-trade For Trade AR Bumpfire stock

    I have a like new AR Bumpfire stock. Used for 2-3 magazines from a silenced 9mm. Not abused or modified. Looking for AK related items. Specifically a RSO mount, 223 Saga magazines, AK74 magazines.
  3. Bump-Fire Stock Ban

    Like I have been saying, we don't have conservative Republicans, we have 80's Democrats. There is already mumblings that this might be the straw.
  4. What NOT to do during an active shooter incident

    Dan Bilzarian also enjoys kicking hookers in the head.
  5. Las Vegas Shooting

    With all of our precious republicans crying in Washington and pulling everything gun related off the table I am beginning to think Trump is the only sane one in Washington right now. I will say this, if our Republican controlled government does ANYTHING to harm my gun rights I will NEVER vote Republican again, ever. At least I will be able to recognize my enemy instead of having a "Wait and see" attitude to what kind of republican I helped vote into office. I hope all those who helped fill our government with "conservatives" do the same when they realize Washington doesn't have any conservatives. What we have now are 80's democrats, not conservative republicans. Seriously, we have control of EVERYTHING in our government yet we cannot get ANYTHING done, Washington is broke.
  6. Perfecting my carry gun

    No clue honestly. Didn't like the VFG or AFG so I really didn't look that far into it.
  7. Las Vegas Shooting

    Everyone here does realize that hidden away in any BFS ban will be a lot more restrictions. No way in the world will they ONLY ban bump fire stocks. Especially with the NRA calling for them to be banned. Make no mistake when the NRA calls for a review, they are trying to compromise to get some of the heat off of them. Right now the Dems are on a warpath with the NRA and the NRA is backing down to them. Collectively, we are about to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I have said it before and will say it again. Gun owners have no problems throwing other gun owners under the bus so long as it does not affect them personally. I hear from my fellow gun owners about how this gun should be outlawed or that gun should be regulated. In the end we will be left with nothing.
  8. Upgrading trigger for 7.62 AR

    If you are having problems it is likely because of firing pin protrusion, not spring tension. I have built a few 7.62x39 ARs and the firing pins needed to have more protrusion before they were 100% reliable. You HAVE an amazing trigger, it just needs a little work to bring it to its full potential. Installing one of these will VASTLY improve the feel of your trigger. http://www.ar15triggeradjusters.com/ Also, those do not need lighter springs to improve your trigger so the reliability is still there.
  9. FMJ..... a tool for the tuff jobs.

    Last year we had a wood stove put in by a local roofing guy, great roofer. During the install I used .22 pistol with a laser and silencer to mark where to drill in the roof. I put the dot where he wanted and pulled the trigger. A 22 CB wouldn't go through so I had to use a short. Worked so well the next one we shot through the sheet rock ceiling and the roof. A lot easier than trying to drill a hole.
  10. Las Vegas Shooting

    Never give an inch. I have a bump stock and I hate it but that doesn't mean I am willing to sell out everyone who does like it. I think revolvers are useless, I say we ban them as well because they serve to legitimate purpose for ME. Matter of fact, I don't particularly care for ARs any longer so I say lets get rid of them as well because of MY views. I say ban everything except those items I have sitting in MY safe. Sounds pretty insane but that is EXACTLY what everyone who is not against banning the bumpfire stock is doing. I have a question for those of you who are willing to let the bumpstock get banned. Are you OK with a ban on scopes, ammunition, magazines or Magpul furniture? If not then you are a hypocrite. I refuse to sell out my fellow gun owners. If it takes banning something to get national reciprocity I don't want reciprocity. I am unwilling to negotiate with a government that refuses to abide by the terms of the deal after it has been struck.
  11. Drone with Block Video

    Now imagine trying to defend against these. They could be produced so cheaply that they could be used as a kinetic weapon or loaded with a small payload of explosive.
  12. Perfecting my carry gun

    No, if its OAL is 26"+ it is considered a "firearm" and as such I can attach a VFG. Under 26" and a VFG is verboten.
  13. Johnson City FullAuto Arrest?

  14. Las Vegas Shooting

    I can bump better without it.
  15. Las Vegas Shooting

    I have a slidefire sitting in the safe, hated it. I guess it is time to make my money back.

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