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  1. There are a few good supersonic powders. If you are shooting jackets bullets it is really hard to beat the consistecy of Lil'Gun. I use it for supers and subs, 8 grains for subs weighing 200+ grains and 16 for supers weighing 150 grains or less. A great " universal" powder is IMR 4227 because it works well for subsonic and supersonic loads. You can't get to the same velocities as with a supersonic powder but for a powder that does everything it is hard to beat. BTW, what barrel length and gas length does your AT have? Not sure if you have my number but if you, or anyone else, has ANY Blackout questions please contact me. I have an immense amount of experience with it. I have even designed bullets for it. I am less than a month away from selling a 265 grain bullet designed specifically for the caliber. It is shooting sub 2 MOA without load development. It is stable in any Blackout. Feeds from a magazine. And because it is so heavy it uses less powder which means it is quieter. They will be available from ACME bullet company initially but will also be available from some MAJOR component resellers. We have close to two years of independent testing of this bullet to ensure it is reliable and accurate. My number is the Knoxville area code (VOL) 789-5796, anyone can call anytime because I enjoy talking about the caliber, guns as well as life.
  2. Our current "Republicans" are nothing more than 80's democrats. Washington is infested with corrupt people who refuse to put those they represent ahead of themselves or their ill gotten wealth. That is why everyone from both parties were so afraid of Trump. They are afraid he was going to change that by forcing them to put the country, and those they represent, first. I will say I have a long memory and will I refuse to support anyone who refused to support Trump after he got the nomination. I suspect there are a lot of others who will use the mid terms to punish those who refused to support their own party's nomination. I know I would rather have a Democrat who is honest about who they hate than a Republican who isn't honest. If anyone is found to have colluded with foreign entities we must also take into account whether it was harmful to the United States. Just because a member of our government has contacted anyone from another doesn't necessarily mean it was illegal or harmful to our government. But if it is found that their actions have harmed our country, or its citizenry, they should be punished. Public hangings on the steps of the White House is where I would start.
  3. I am all for all our governments resources being used to investigate Trump but only after the same exact investigation has been done to Clinton, both of them. There are no statute of limitations on treason and both Clintons are as guilty of that as anyone. The Clinton foundation is nothing more than the way for foreign governments to influence our government. We are only seeing a drop in the bucket, I guarantee it. Just read an article where Hillary was sending email updates, through her insecure email server, about Stevens location in the days before he was killed. The article seemed to imply there was an unknown recipient in those emails. I suspect more is about to come out regarding her involvement. Perhaps that is why she guarded those emails so viciously.
  4. US Optics makes one. http://www.opticstalk.com/us-optics-internal-anticant-bubble-level_topic25393.html
  5. Someone makes one, seen an article about a scope with an internal bubble level. The article was a long time ago but I do remember.
  6. ####, how am supposed to get that time back? Off to the garage to build a time machine or lobotomize myself, haven't decided yet but probably the later.
  7. I have done quite a bit of reading and studying on those who live past 100. One study I read suggests that once you reach about 95 your body sort of quits aging. Hope he lives a lot longer, anyone making it out of WWII alive deserves a long, happy life and from the sounds of it he is definitely enjoying his. The last person I remember reading about swore it was drinking that kept them alive so long. Maybe that is the key, sitting down to relax with a cigar and alcohol.
  8. Any tags or stamped names on these?
  9. A search of completed listings on Gunbroker shows preban DMPS lower receivers SELLING for as much as $900 with most in the $700-$800 range. Here is a preban DMPS that SOLD for $1,315, definitely higher than any other current production DPMS carbine. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/623548425 Here are listings of completed auctions of preban DMPS guns. All are higher than current production guns so there definitely a premium to be paid for preban firearms and magazines. http://www.gunbroker.com/All/Completed%2FBCI.aspx?Keywords=preban&Timeframe=1 Preban Glock magazines sell for well over $100. Preban Norinco AKs sell for $2K+ now. Preban PNW stripped receiver sold for over $1,000. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/626921152 Preban makes a difference in price.
  10. People are still paying a premium for "preban" guns. Just like machine guns there is a finite amount and that amount gets smaller every day.
  11. Never say never. Happened in Texas before the laws were changed there. All it would take is an officer to be a dick and he could follow the letter of the law and ruin a bunch of people's lives with how the law is written now. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened with NFA items. I had an officer at a TWRA range tell me she would confiscate my silencer if she seen it. I told her it was registered. She said she didn't care and that I would have to get it back from the ATF if she seen it.
  12. If the DPMS is a true preban I would put it on an auction site so those from ban states can get some bids in. Or, tell your friend to hang onto until the next "crisis" and then dump it for a lot more. If it were not preban it would be worth around $600. With it being preban it is hard to say but right now is not a sellers market.
  13. Well if states are using legislative energy drafting, and passing, legislation in preparation of HPA passing it IS looking a lot better.
  14. Drilled and tapped the rear trunion. Stormwerks AR15 buffer tube hinge. KAK buffer tube made specifically for the Shockwave brace. Shockwave brace.
  15. I should charge them a "don't whip your ass fee" as they are sneaking around my property to read the meter. We had wireless meters installed to keep them off my property but the meter reader can't seem to understand he doesn't need to walk all over my property any more. Not saying he is up to no good but I still can't come up with a good reason for him to be walking around my property, especially since my meters are already being read wirelessly. I recently built a garage and went through hell getting the electricity installed. Wanted underground utilities, was told by KUB no. After I was finished with building the garage the same exact guy who said no before asked why I didn't get underground utilities. I got pissed and told him I wanted underground utilities but he said "no" before. Because I was pissed he offered to install underground utilities for free but I had to put a service pole right in the middle of our driveway, I laughed and told him "NO". You have to pay for your inspection before they will approve a meter. After the electrical was installed the state electrical inspector said I needed at least four special little stand off brackets for the conduit coming down the service pole to my garage. I have never seen another residential pole with these despite the inspector saying it has been the law for a very, very long time. The electrician had never heard of them being used in a residential application but the state inspector said I MUST have them or he will never approve me for a meter. When I asked where to get them he handed me a sheet with installation instructions as well as where I MUST buy them. There is only one business in town that sells the inspector approved brackets and that business is the only business with brackets approved for use. And because they are required those $10 brackets actually cost me over $70 each. As far as solar goes TVA and KUB have an agreement unlike anywhere else in the United States. Everywhere else in the United States you use YOUR power first then it pulls power from the grid. In TVA controlled areas you pay for the solar energy YOU generate because the energy YOU generate is dumped onto the grid ahead of your meter. You pay the same rate for YOUR solar as you do for electricity from KUB/TVA. KUB puts a meter on your solar equipment to measure how much energy you produce for the grid. Then they will reimburse you for the power you put on the grid but ONLY if funding is available. BTW, funding has not been available since the program's inception because some local companies put up some huge solar farms to reduce their electricity bills. By doing that those companies have taken all the funding away from residential customers who, like me, could use solar to offset their bill. 6-8 years ago I looked into installing a solar system and did not because the funding wasn't available then, just like recently. When I tried again last year and it was still the same way. The ONLY way YOU can benefit from the energy produced by YOUR solar setup is if you go 100% off grid. You are not allowed to do a grid tie system where YOUR energy is used first in KUB controlled areas. You will not see a single dime worth of benefit from the solar YOU paid to have installed if you are still connected to the grid in any way. That is why no one wants to go solar in the area or at least that is why I would not install solar. It would cost me ~$45,000 to install a large enough system to put my bill at zero but because I will not get reimbursed there is no way I can recoup my installation costs. And when I told them I would not shell out $45K to install solar that would not benefit me they said "what about the environment?". So they are also trying to guilt people into paying them to install solar even though it will probably never benefit them. I would install solar immediately if they let me use my power first but you cannot, YOUR power goes into the grid first and you pay full price for YOUR solar. This is unlike anywhere else in the nation and the contract between KUB and TVA to do this still has close to 20 years before the contract expires. So even if the contract did change I would not have enough of my life left to break even because it will take 20+ years to break even according to their estimates. I even asked what would happen if I decided to use my solar first and was told I would get into serious trouble if I did. Not sure what sort of trouble, criminal or civil, but saving the environment is now no more important to me than it is to KUB. Imagine the benefit if KUB offered to install a single solar panel on a residential roof for free and allowed customers to use a portion of that energy first. That would help out KUB because it would free up some energy production capabilities. Not only that but it would also generate, over the lifetime of the panel, profits well above the initial cost of installation. A solar panel lasts about 30 years and would not cost more than $1,000 to buy and install. I bet it would break even within a year or two then it would be 100% profit after that. Seems like a no brainer for KUB but they will never do it. If they let me use MY solar first I would install a HUGE solar system tomorrow but because they have no idea if funding will be available year to year I would be stupid to throw away all that money for the benefit of KUB. Seriously, why can't they do like every other state in the country. Profits are the reason why, if people start using the power they, themselves, generate KUB could not charge people for it. They act like all energy being produced belongs to them even though the equipment used does not. It really is sad that they have an opportunity to help out people in the community but are more worried about profits than their customers or the environment.

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