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  1. You do not have to notify anyone when crossing state lines with a silencer.
  2. Not hard at all to disassemble but reassembly can be a pain if you have never done it. But 99% of the time I will just hose the gun down with WD-40 run the action a few times then hit it with high pressure air until dry.
  3. Just going to go ahead a lock this for several reasons.
  4. Something else a lot of people may not know is the insurance for YOUR car generally covers you in a rental as well. We just rented a mid size for Thursday through Tuesday for under $150. Had it for a day before the trip was cancelled and the manager at the rental place voided the transaction so it didn't cost me a penny.
  5. Here is a video explaining a lot of what Ballistic AE does. Here is a video on how to really fine tune your trajectory.
  6. There is one tool that has helped me more than anything else when it comes to learning about ballistics. That is Ballistic AE (Advanced Edition). It is available for Apple products and is the best app out there for calculating firing solutions. It costs $20 but is worth a lot more. It really is an amazing piece of kit. It gets updated regularly and has every bullet, in every caliber, on the market or at least I have yet to find a bullet not in the catalog. When I go to zero I select the bullet (there is literally thousands) I am using, I shoot across a chronograph to get velocity and input that into the program. Next I hit a single icon within the program and the program polls all the local cell phone towers to determine your location. The it uses the cell phone data to get the average weather conditions like temperature, humidity, height and that is your zero conditions. And the next place you shoot you hit the same icon and the program does the same thing again but this time it makes changes based on the difference between the zero conditions and current conditions. It has traditional trajectory charts but also has a HUD where you can make changes on the fly. It takes into account the earths rotation, the bullets curve as well as the firing angle when shooting up or down from horizontal. This program allowed me to get first round hits at 350 yards shooting subsonic ammunition. I have used Strelok, Knights Armament and a bunch of free apps and Ballistic AE is the best, period. http://ballisticapp.com/
  7. I might when I get ready to start casting. Have a good friend who is going to let me borrow his as well.
  8. I got it covered. Tony Tromix is sending me a chamber gauge.
  9. I am working on a bullet for the 458 SOCOM. Unfortunately I cannot get the information I need from either Marty or anyone making barrels or uppers. What I am needing is the freebore length, throat length and freebore diameter. And for this project I will also be looking for those experienced with loading the 458. Thanks
  10. Holy thread resurrection batman. I already have all the stocks I need. I do not need a 222 barrel.
  11. How many do you have? The reason I ask is most bullet manufacturers will sell their bullets without lube. What powder are you planning on using? Harbor Freight powders should be avoided for a couple of reasons. First, they just don't work well and second some Harbor Freight powders may have abrasives in them. I know of a few people who have claimed their Harbor Freight powder ruined their barrels when the rifling went missing. I have tried Harbor Freight powders, every one of them, and they just were not worth it. I have ruined more bullets trying to use Harbor Freight powder than it is worth. The best powder to use is Powder Buy The Pound powder. I use the TGIC polyester with a 400 degree baking temperature. You can buy it by the pound or by the ounce and is very affordable to try different colors. How are you planning on applying the powder coat? I have tried every single method out there and the end result can vary widely depending on the powder and how it is applied. I apply dry powder using a vibratory tumbler. I put the bullets in first and let them run for a couple of minutes to prepare the surface for the coating. Next I slowly add in the powder while the tumbler is running until there is a nice even coat on all the bullets, usually 3-5 minutes. I pour them into a sieve and shake off the excess while using high pressure air to remove any thick coating. Be careful using air around powder coating powder, it is considered a cancer causing agent in California until it is baked. I do not arrange them, I just tumble them with the powder, pour them into a wire basket, shake off the excess and bake. I set my oven at 350 and bake them for ~20 minutes depending on the batch size. The coating does not need to look perfect to work perfect either. I have had some that were less than 50% coated and they still worked fine. The thinner the coating the better because if the coating is a little thick on one side it can cause the bullet to become unstable or inaccurate. The reason is when you size the bullet the thick coating moves the lead causing the bullet to become out of balance. Depending on the twist rate the bullet can become very inaccurate. What caliber is this for? And if you need any help I can PM my number so you can call.
  12. $10-$12.50 won't even cover shipping. Sure wish I could find one of these "defective" triggers for my Model Seven.
  13. I knew it wouldn't last long.
  14. http://www.capitol.tn.gov/
  15. With a 100 yard zero you will need less than 30 MOA, 27.9 to be exact, total to get to 1,000. That is using a 140 Amax at ~2,840 fps. 900 yards is 23.4 moa with a 100 yard zero Total drop at 1,000 is 293".

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