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  1. My Mother Passed

    We have spoke and have similar feelings regarding our families. My mother and father are still alive and I am sure I am going to regret not talking with them for 9 years now but I cannot pretend nothing is or ever was wrong. I will say I am who I am because of my parents mostly because they were who I did not want to be. My father, an alcoholic, abused me until I outgrew him then the emotional torment started. I drive by their house every single day, not because I want to but because I have to, and it used to dredge up some awful feelings. It often reminded me of all the bad things that has happened to my family and I. But as of late I have been able to see them without getting sick from hate and without my thoughts wandering to all the bad things. Perhaps, one day, I will be able to forgive them and I hope it is before they die but I am not sure it is possible. I am sure we could write volumes regarding our experiences but for me I am hoping all those bad memories die with me. Look to the future and do not dwell too much on the past. The past is where is where it should be and the only thing that matters is what do from this very second forward. If you dwell on the past it will eat you up, Lord knows it has and still does eat at me almost daily. I have often used the past as the excuse for my failures but in retrospect it was my past that have lead to more successes than failures. My biggest motivator in my adult life was my parents because I did not want to be like them. But no matter how hard I try, some of them comes out of me. Fortunately I am now able to chose which parts I let come out so it is only the good parts now. Take the good parts of your mother, hold them tight in your memories and speak highly of those good things. It will be those good things that your daughter will carry, and use, as motivation to do good like you. But in doing so you must also let the bad parts fade away because if not it will eat at you and consume you. If only for a moment she wanted to be a nurse, presumably to help people, and in knowing you I am sure she did influence you in some way because you do, and have, helped others more than most these days. Be glad that your child will not know the same things you have known. You have my number, call anytime my friend.
  2. Finally got a AK-47

    I have started making dedicated pistons for tuning my AKs. They are a completely different design than a typical piston. The piston is the cheapest part so it only makes sense to modify it versus some other methods of tuning the gas Until you have shot a tuned AK you have no idea how over gassed they really are. My “best” AK right now is a 5.56 Saiga that have the full package. It took the place of the DDI I recently sold. I had a prototype adjustable gas piston and while it worked I worried about durability. I have a few more ideas I need to try.
  3. Finally got a AK-47

    Sometimes the truth hurts. I spent the better part of my adult life carrying ARs for work. I would, without a doubt, grab an AK before an AR when lives are on the line. I will say I never really had any real problems with ARs but after watching how Afghans clean their AKs I realized cleanliness and lubrication are not required for an AK to work. If you told an Afghan to clean an AR it would probably malfunction the first shot, not so with an AK.
  4. Finally got a AK-47

    They are known for having issues. But the good part is those issues come on pretty early. And to put your mind at ease Century Arms has always taken care of my problems without hesitation. Does the trigger have a "C" on it? If so those are some of the best "factory" AK triggers on the market. They have a very nice two stage feel to them. They are my go to trigger for all my guns. I would suggest taking pictures of the tail of the carrier, the bolt lugs on the bolt as well as the locking lugs on the front trunion. Then snap the same pictures every cleaning so you can compare to see any problems before they become a bigger problem. It will also help you if you have to send it back for repair. Now you need to get rounds down range to learn the best fighting rifle on the planet.
  5. Computer Problem

    Anyone got team viewer? Able to RAS in?
  6. Computer Problem

    What brand of computer? If it is a Dell you can easily restore it back to factory fresh. They have a ghosted copy of the original install that you can go back to on Dells.
  7. Re barreling a No4 Mk1

    Have you shot it? I have seen some very bad looking barrels that actually shoot well. Also, there is a very good chance the headspace is not correct.
  8. Found a nice, new hat in Walmart today

    You have no idea the punishment I have coming to me. I will expound once the case has been adjudicated. I swear I am a crap magnet or maybe I just refuse to lay down and let people walk all over me anymore. I will say that I utter these words daily, “I hate people!”. Seems lying, stealing and dishonestly is a lot more common today. I try to be as honest as humanly possible and it drives me insane that others have no desire to do the same. This year liars and thieves have cost me over $10K. I wish it were a crime to lie, the world would be a much better place. Or at least justification to whip someone’s ass. I doubt I could whip anyone’s ass but I can wield my crutches pretty well.
  9. WTB: 256 Winchester reloading dies

    Title says it all.
  10. I am looking for a couple of chamber reamers I could borrow for my Model 7 pistol project. I am needing a 300 Blackout and 5.56. I know it is a longshot but I am also looking for a chamber reamer for a 221 Remington Jet or a 256 Winchester magnum. Thanks
  11. Found a nice, new hat in Walmart today

    Kind of reminds me of this. I might have to buy like 5 and get a few friends together to do a driveway gate opening ceremony.
  12. Found a nice, new hat in Walmart today

    Nope, that is a picture of me taken today.
  13. Found a nice, new hat in Walmart today

    Well today I was in Walmart and noticed an awesome hat sitting on the counter in sporting goods. My wife snapped a picture, what do you think?
  14. for-sale FS: Amazing DDI AK

    I rarely sell off my guns but I am using the funds to transition into a bigger AK. Going to see what I can do with a VEPR thanks to AverageJoe.
  15. for-sale FS: Amazing DDI AK

    It is sold pending a meet Tuesday.

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