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  1. Got em both.., A Glock 27 ( ..40 ..) and a Sig 938. Like others have opined, ya cant tell much difference as to recoil. That said; the SIG conceals lots easier. I wouldnt turn around for the difference in em, unless concealment is a big deal. leroy
  2. Wish ya wuz closer Brother..! This is a great size and style of shotgun... The smoothest pump ya will ever handle... Nothin out there better, no matter the price. There is one sittin by my bed now... GLWS..!!! leroy...
  3. Seen one headed west on I40 in Knoxville monday. I like the lines, but it struck me as a bit small. Maybe my aged eyes need a re-calibration... SIGH... leroy...
  4. These " Bad Boys " are the ultimate 45 target revolver . They owned the bulls eye target shooting range for many a year.. GLWS Brother. leroy..
  5. I like em too Brother... Weve burned lotsa powder thru the old Smith Model 27s... I'm sure the new light ones are great. leroy...
  6. Anybody seein any small pistol and small rifle primers..? leroy...
  7. One of my totin guns is an old Ruger Vaquero sheriff stoked with 12.5 grains of 2400 behind the old 173 grain hard cast .358 dia swc stuffed in 38 special cases. If ya like 357 cases, use 13.5. These loads mimic the old 38 special hi speed loads for about 1100 fps... Powerful and accurate in a big frame pistola... leroy...
  8. This whole thing is nothin but more weaponized gubt intrusion used as a cudgel to punish gunowners for wrongthink. Ya have pistol rules now. These bast#!$s are tryin to change existing rules to punish that wrongthink. It's another proof of the need to sweep the ATF and the " Injustice " Department clean. Welcome to the era of weaponized lawfare... leroy...
  9. leroy

    S&W 3" 29

    RE: "grips "... Lotsa folks ( .. including me ..) like these guys.. https://badgercustomgrips.com/smith-wesson/n-frame-boot-grip-round. leroy.
  10. Hustler ... Pick one ya like... leroy.
  11. leroy

    S&W 3" 29

    Perfect for reloading. 8 5 grains of Unique and anybodies hard cast 240 grain lead SWC in 44 mag brass or 7.5 grains unique with the same bullet. About 900 fps. No settin yourself on fire or developing arthritic wrists. Trust me. HEHEHE.. PS. Ya can cut the load .5 grains on either case n use 231 if ya like. leroy.
  12. leroy

    S&W 3" 29

    Yeaah..! A " real cannon "... Got his brother in the safe... I'm thinkin ours is a" Lew Horton " with a fluted cylinder... It simply dont get better than these " Bad Boys "...You are, indeed, well armed... CONGRATULATIONS Brother..!! CRS ALERT. !!! Our pistola is, indeed, a " Lew Horton ", but it's this guy's little brother, the 44 special. Forgetting leroy. Admirin leroy...
  13. leroy

    CBD Products

    My daughter in law bas some pretty severe joint pain from a bad car wreck. It seem to help her quite a bit... leroy
  14. I confess to bein a shotgun and pistol junkie... I never trade " real pistols " ( ..think Colt n Smith here ..) for anything. I collect em... There has been one exception to this lifelong rule; and one alone. I traded a blue, new in the box, Colt Gubmt Model Series 70 plus 900 rounds of GI Ball for a petite 28 gage Browning Citori 24 inch fixed choke improved n modified over under. It's the greatest little shotgun ive ever handled...Period... Ive burnt a few rounds of AA thru it... Virtually no recoil, about a 5,5 lb carry weight, beautiful to the eye, n balanced like a dream... There is simply nothin in the shotgun world like em... If you love shotguns, you need an O/U light 28... non tradin leroy, the 28 gage evangelist...
  15. RE: " The 410 "... Has always been a shotgun connoisseur's gun. Anybody that hunts with and regularly brings hone game with a 410 is braggin without sayin anything. There aint much margin of aimin error for 3/4 oz of shot. Us " lesser shotgun men need at least1 1/8 with a light field load twelve ga... SIGH... The second is the skeet thing... Another small fraternity. That said; my favorite 410 is the Mighty Mouse Winchester Model 42... Im an old nan, and never got to own one...SIGH... On a brighter note, i own a brother... The mighty mouse 28 gage. He is the same thing only in a prettier package. RE: " The Mighty 16 ga "... I like him alot, basically the same as the 12. When i wuz a boy 60 years ago, there were just as many 16 ga totin bird hunters as were the 12. My uncles wouldn't turn around for the difference between em in the great side by side bird huntin days. Ammo for the 16 wuz just as plentiful as for the 12. There were ( ..and still are.. ) lotsa great doubles, pumps, n semiautos from the great gun builders of old still floatin around. I'm thinkin manufacturing streamlinin, hunting downturn, and the skeet/trap thing finished the 16 ga off due to his exclusion in the shooting competition. SIGH... Thus endeth the shotgun musings from the crumudgeon corner... " Shotgun " leroy...
  16. leroy

    870 break

    Interestin... Never seen one do that... leroy...
  17. This ole boy appears to be either learning challenged, maladjusted, or insane. Maybe a combination of the three. leroy.
  18. If ya are into " period correct " leather and canvas goods, this ole boy here is your man... More than that, he resides in Bulls Gap, TN... An old and honored location in Tennessee. He has made several holsters for my Ruger SA vaqueros, belts, and ammo pouches... He is arrow straight, a great leather craftsman, and an all round good guy... Highly recommended... https://jm-leather.com/ leroy...
  19. RE... " Stack and associated eqpt "... Yup. Both fly ash, sulfur and nitrogen emission controls... leroy...
  20. In guessin that the inspectors are tecnicians and/or engineers. We used both. Trained and certified for the inspections they performed. Additionally, an engineer most likeky reviewed the report. This poor guy's problem is that he either overlooked or didnt do ( ... My guess.. ) the required inspections. That is firin offense on its face. Signin the report is certifying a lie... Another slam dunk for firin. This will be interestin to watch. This witch hunt aint over in thinkin. leroy...
  21. The " charges " thing is a non starter... Im guessin ( ... The operative word is " guessin " ..) that the reason for the firing was forging inspection reports. He wuz supposed to visually inspect, then write a report. He obviously didnt... leroy...
  22. Yep... John Sevier is gone now. Looks like Johnsoville will be gone soon as well. Kingston still putting out MW... I retired in early 2006. There wuz a pretty good program to repair all the " troublesome " spots in the 90s to early 2000s . leroy.
  23. Gallatin. We finally replaced the main steam. Rolled n welded pipe replaced with seamless. Some at John Sevier and Kingston as well. leroy.


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