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  1. I shoot USPSA, not IDPA, but the advice is the same. Gun, holster, mags, mags pouches, good belt, lots of ammo and cover garment (for IDPA only). Don't forget ear and eye protection. Get there early, tell them you are new, and you will be guided through the experience. You won't be sorry. You can also just go and watch a match first. Every event I've been to allows spectators at no cost, as long as they have ear and eye protection. But be warned, if you go to watch, you will be sorry if you don't bring your gun. Don't overlook Steel Challenge or USPSA, if you have them in your area. Both are a hoot and the rules are less complex than IDPA. I believe Steel Challenge is easiest way to get into Action Pistol competition.
  2. Yesterday the 22nd. Shot the Steel Challenge at ORSA and it rained all day. A lot of no-shows. Also did the USPSA last weekend, on the 15th, but the weather was wonderful. Steel Challenge 04/22/17: USPSA 04/15/17:
  3. I like my K40, also. Nice little gun, great trigger.
  4. I'd be interested.... The little Triumph Or the big Triumph Or maybe the classic old Suzuki
  5. The Eagle Rare is pretty fine. Sippin' on it now.
  6. Picked up something new to me, today.
  7. I am going to throw out the Walther PPQ. Nice gun, great trigger.
  8. Had this tonight...I really like it.
  9. Good information, thank you. You are correct, my Scotch experience is Cutty Sark over 35 years ago. I guess I should give it another go.
  10. Couldn't tell ya. Just started drinking Bourbon, and that is only bottle of Dickel I've tried.
  11. Had some Scotch, but I only kept it for guests. I gave what I had to my bother-in-law, when we packed up to move here. My Dad always loved Scotch, but I never cared for it much. I guess that is why I never really gave bourbon a shot until this year. I never tried a Rusty Nail, always drank my Drambuie straight up. In other news, I was out and about today and picked up a bottle of Larceny to try.
  12. As I posted a couple weeks ago, I am new to this whole bourbon thing. So I figured I should post up a pic of what I have on hand, now that I've acquired a few bottles. I've enjoyed everything I tried so far. Not one disappointment. At my age it is not very often I find something totally new to me, that I enjoy. And the Drambuie is always stocked, because....well just because.
  13. One of my daughters lives in Troy, NY, and she been doing a lot of complaining the last couple days.
  14. Were where those pics taken?
  15. This is true....Getting unstuck from our rut up north took hard work, and some risks. But we had some unexpected help. When my employer of 32 years decided he could replace me with someone for 60% of what they were paying me, they politely told me to retire at 60, or else...That was last September. We had always planned to get out of Illinois and move to eastern TN when I retired, but without that kick in the ass, I don't know if or when it would have happened. I was pissed at the time, but now I am here and happy as heck. We have a great house, great neighbors, with lots of great places to ride my motorbikes or shoot close by, and much better weather.

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