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  1. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    Picked up these today:
  2. Thank you

    Let me add my thanks to the donors. Didn't see this thread until today. Glad I did. So, thanks again!
  3. Bored out of my mind

    Had my aortic valve replaced last summer and was off work for 3 months. Lucky for me, the Cubs were on their run to championship at that time, and I got to watch every game. Also read a bunch of books. All and all, it wasn't so bad. After I got back to work, I found out they had filled my position with someone cheaper and then they told me to retire. I was only 60. We packed up and moved to Knoxville, and I couldn't be happier. My wife is only 52, just finished school, and is looking for work. Although I suspect I will find some kind of part time job soon, I find retirement to be wonderful. I am far busier in retirement, than I ever was when I was working. I've taken over the cooking, cleaning and other household tasks. Plus, I have a host of projects on the house. I do more shooting and motorcycle riding than I ever did. I am starting to draw and paint again. So get healthy, and when you are well, embrace retirement. It's not about sitting around, it's about doing all the things you love to do, and always wanted to do.
  4. (7/11) Amazon Prime Day Reminder

    We have an Echo in the kitchen, plus a Dot in both the bedroom and garage. Ordered a Tap for our sun room on Prime day. We love them. Nothing like laying in bed, getting the weather report and telling Alexa to turn on the coffee maker. I picked up some smart light bulbs and light switches, so pretty soon we will be able to control the lights with her.
  5. Getting to know you. What do you do?

    Born and raised in the 'burgs of Chicago. Worked at a Lotus dealership out of high school before joining the service. Four years in the Army as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne. Went to school on the G.I. bill, before landing a job as an electronic technician. 8 years later I was made supervisor of the department and held that position for 25 years. They put me in charge of a couple of other departments in the last couple of years, trying to get more for their money. Summer of '16, I had open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve. While I was out on medical, the replaced me with someone making 60% of my pay. Company was having issues, so they told several of us "senior" employees, it was time to retire. (No, it was not an option). So, at 60 years old, we packed up our life, and moved to Knoxville. I am still pissed at the company I gave my life to, but we are so glad to be here in Tennessee.
  6. Photobucket test....

    Flickr I've used it for "good" photos for years, and it is very good.
  7. The 99.99 plan does not allow 3rd party linking. You have to get the 399.99 a year plan, if you want to link. I'll be moving to Flickr...
  8. So it looks like Photobucket no longer allows 3rd party hosting, unless you have a paid account. So the pictures I have posted on this site, and others, are no longer visible. Bastards.
  9. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    My wife is quite fond of that...
  10. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    Picked up my second bottle of Buffalo Trace, which I like. And my second bottle of Blanton's, which I love. The Woodford Reserve double oak, I have not tried yet.
  11. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    So true, all the whiskies taste the same to my wife...bad. But a big bottle of vodka, some Sprite Zero, and a lime, and she is good to go. (She does appreciate good craft beers, though)
  12. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    So I am having trouble getting my lovely wife to understand the concept of a whiskey library... I brought home a bottle of Angel's Envy the other day, and she wanted to know why I bought it, when I already had six other bottles in the cabinet. I ask you, is this too much?
  13. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    My current bottles, (that I am drinking)...I am really liking the Bowman Brothers....
  14. Before my first ever IDPA event?

    I shoot USPSA, not IDPA, but the advice is the same. Gun, holster, mags, mags pouches, good belt, lots of ammo and cover garment (for IDPA only). Don't forget ear and eye protection. Get there early, tell them you are new, and you will be guided through the experience. You won't be sorry. You can also just go and watch a match first. Every event I've been to allows spectators at no cost, as long as they have ear and eye protection. But be warned, if you go to watch, you will be sorry if you don't bring your gun. Don't overlook Steel Challenge or USPSA, if you have them in your area. Both are a hoot and the rules are less complex than IDPA. I believe Steel Challenge is easiest way to get into Action Pistol competition.

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