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  1. I went to a local gun show Sat. and came home with a new toy. I spotted this ugly chunk of metal and wood way back on the back of a table and when I picked it up, it was even uglier but couldn't pass it up for what they wanted for it . It's a Dixie Gun Works kit and looks like whoever bought it originally just took it out of the box and put it together. I either got a diamond in the rough or a gun shaped paperweight but I'm going to see what I can do with it.
  2. HB1476 Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, creates a Class A misdemeanor of leaving a firearm or ammunition in a motor vehicle or boat without the firearm or ammunition being stored in a locked cabinet, safe, vault, case, or secured with a firearm locking device if the vehicle or boat is left unattended or with a person under 18 years of age; directs fines collected be deposited in the criminal injuries compensation fund and the domestic violence community education fund. HB0801 Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, creates a Class A misdemeanor of leaving a firearm or firearm ammunition unattended or with a person under 18 years of age in a motor vehicle or boat, if the firearm is not locked in a trunk, glove box, or interior of the person's motor vehicle or boat. And on a totally unrelated item HB1036 Motor Vehicles, Titling and Registration - As introduced, prohibits the issuance or renewal of the Sons of Confederate Veterans specialty license plate for motor vehicles and motorcycles.
  3. xsubsailor

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    Here you go, meet jack. He's already in Kingsport too anonymous photo sharing
  4. xsubsailor

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    Every dog question gets the same answer from me.........................adopt/rescue. If you live in the boonies, I don't recommend any type of hound though. If they get on the trail of something, you might not ever see them again.
  5. xsubsailor

    Local gun show ?

    North American Promotions is having a gun show this month not too far from me and I was wondering if anyone has attended their shows in the past and if so, their opinion
  6. xsubsailor


    Welcome from the western end
  7. xsubsailor

    Fed. Income taxes

    I wouldn't do that yet. If the liberal left takes control in 2020 you might have to increase your deductions
  8. xsubsailor

    Fed. Income taxes

    I finally got my 1099s and figured out my taxes. My tax bill went down by $878 and my refund went up about $300 so I'm happy for now.
  9. xsubsailor

    Pulling trigger to disassemble "hazzard" ?

    I think a lot of people are still under the impression that it's harmful to the gun to be dry fired.
  10. xsubsailor

    Hot Sauce

    I used to have an asbestos tongue but after the doctor put me on Niacin things begin to change. I can still handle quite a bit of heat but nowhere near as much as before. I might have to give these a try though.
  11. xsubsailor

    Tn. Lottery winners

    There's a hint deeply hidden in this statement
  12. xsubsailor

    Tn. Lottery winners

    I ran into bigun early last week in front of the little neighborhood grocery in Munford that sold that $500+ Million lottery ticket last year. We got to talking about the lottery which jogged my feeble memory of something I intended to do last year but kept putting it off. I sent the following to my House Rep. In Nashville. There was more to it, samples of reasons and such but this was the meat of it. Maybe if this is brought up by House Reps. and State Senators from all over the state it could get done. I can’t think of one single reason why anyone would be against it except for those who are anti-lottery. I’m writing to request legislation be passed that would allow lottery winners in our state to remain anonymous. There are currently seven states that allow winners to remain anonymous if they desire and I believe Tennessee should be added to that group. I’m sure this could be passed by our representatives and Governor, which would be the easiest way, but if placed on the ballot of a general election I believe it would be approved by at least 95% of the voters.
  13. I curious to see if these companies that sell ammo are going to start adding sales tax to the price.
  14. xsubsailor

    Fun pictures or videos.

    is forensic anthropology a good career
  15. xsubsailor

    I took a picture this morning....

    Great picture You're an hour ahead of me

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