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  1. Most of my NFA items are on a trust, but I only went that route to avoid adding 2 months in Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona) for a local background check. They ended up eliminating that step, so I went back to Individual purchases. Most of my buddies did the same thing. Aside from telling you I set it up on Quicken Willmaker, I don’t know much about trusts. The route you take also impacts wait times. If you’d prefer to have a dealer help with this, happy to oblige, but you would pay any fees for their help. https://www.nfatracker.com Once you do it the first time, it’s like riding a bike for the next 30, aside from catching up on what’s changed.
  2. Sure. It’s not a fun process, but it’s the only way to get a suppressor. Short version- we fill out a couple of forms, you get fingerprint cards done (I have the correct cards), you get a couple of passport photos taken, you write a check for $200. Mail all of that stuff in and wait about 9 months for me to call you when the stamp shows up in my mailbox. As correctly mentioned above, there is no local nonsense, which is nice. Just mail it in and wait. Long version: https://www.nationalguntrusts.com/blogs/nfa-gun-trust-atf-information-database-blog/atf-form-4-nfa-tax-stamp-walk-through-guide
  3. Is it MOS or was this milled for a Deltapoint? Also, which DP? Different reticles and MOA.
  4. Location is East Nashville. I can send more detailed pics if needed. Parted with a few flash hiders Packages updated. I have two Yankee Hill Titanium suppressors that I’m not using anymore since switching to Surefire mounts and cans. Both suppressors have been Cerakoted black. They weigh just 13 ounces and use QD mounts. Two mounts included with each suppressor. All but one mount (top right) have the pointy FH tips flattened. The sharp tips snag on things and tear through bags. I have tools to install mounts at the house- thread on, red loctite. If you want to time the wrench flats to be vertically indexed, you’ll need to get some shims (no, you cannot use crush washers). One stamp came back in 2013, the second was 2015. Both are in great shape. They are on Form 4s and I have lots of experience with NFA transfers (albeit not in Tennessee, so I have no idea what absurdities TBI adds to this process). Stamps are the usual $200. $450 each, two mounts and one thread protector included with each. Must pay in full before paperwork is submitted. Open to some trades since these are literally just sitting here now, but I really don’t need anything. Product Info
  5. Kobalt tool box. Ball bearing drawers. I somehow still have the keys, so it locks up. Measures 46” tall, 28” wide, 19” deep. It’s probably 10 years old and spent the majority of its life in a garage in Arizona, so no rust that I can see. It obviously has stickers on it and some wear on the top, but plenty of life left in it. With purchase- 9MM Ammo boxes, as pictured. $80 for all of it. Pick up in East Nashville.
  6. I ended up abandoning this 22LR idea until I decide what I want to do and how often I want to do it. I suspect this ends with me shooting groups at 25 yards, so I probably should have just kept the TacSol X-Ring that I never shot and sold here. Will revisit at a later time.
  7. Used Royal Range. Their FFL is posted on the site. You just provide them the guy’s name that’s selling it to you and he sends a DL copy. Super easy. Thanks for the help. Benelli M1 Super 90 on the way.
  8. Someone grab this. They don’t make them like this anymore.
  9. Oh wow, that’s my FFL. And it even says it on their site now. This is great. Thanks! FYI, Music City’s site says they do not allow private transfers: https://www.musiccitypawn.com/firearm-transfers Purchasing Company Name * Please list the name of the company for which you are ordering the firearm. NOTE: Music City Pawn will only facilitate transfers of online purchases from an FFL dealer. We do not accept online sales transfers from individuals without an FFL.
  10. Not sure if this is the right forum... Just looking for recommendations on any FFLs that accept incoming transfers from private parties (that include a DL copy). The few that I’ve talked to say they only accept incoming from another FFL. Nashville area, but include Franklin, etc I hate calling around and figured I’d try here first.
  11. All I’ve ever seen are the surplus ones. That’s a really clean, unique pistol. Good luck with the sale!
  12. I’ve had both an STI 2011 and the EDC X9. The EDC X9 is better in almost every regard. The only reason I sold my Wilson was because I’ve carried a Glock for 15 years and I’m just used to it.
  13. I’ve only lost more on a completely custom built 1911. I was also an early adopter of the EDC X9 and paid tax, so that didn’t help. Plus no one seemed to like the reverse two tone I had. $3400 became $2200 on the second one I sold.
  14. Cheap 22NRL gun. I’m not cut out for door #1 and #2. Punching paper off a bipod with rear rest. Not sloppy semi auto plinking. Right now, my interest is in the CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer...which is probably junk compared to that “cheap” NRL22 gun. But even that CZ is $1K. Add scope and accessories, I’m really not that far away from $2K.

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