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  1. Located in Murfreesboro, I head into Nashville every so often during the week if that’s convenient. Bought this from another member in August ‘23 and put less than 300 rounds through it. Original owner said less than 400 rounds fired. Listed it for sale recently, but had a change of heart and withdrew it because it’s such a nice pistol. Carried for about 2 weeks in a Milt Sparks holster and went back to my Wilson Combat SFX9 which just fits my hand better. Back up for sale. Excellent condition- very little wear from normal use. I see some very light scratches near the beaver tail pin on the frame on the passenger side. Also a couple of similar marks on the slide. Currently installed: VZ thin carbon fiber grips with VZ universal/thin bushings and screws (purchased in Dec) Orange tritium front sight (purchased new by me) Included: Gold bead front sight 4 Ed Brown 9 round flush magazine 1 Metalform 9 round flush magazine Garrett Holsters IWB- leather lined, black kydex (used twice) Ed Brown Pistol case Factory grips, screws, bushings Esmeralda Padauk open pore grips Hogue G10 double diamond grips- never used $2000 Trade considered (+/- cash) for: Wilson Combat SFX9 or SFT9 4” or 5”, NO ambi, open to optics ready but prefer non-optic- not interested in much else
  2. Located in Murfreesboro, TN. I head into Nashville for work every now and again, but don’t leave the house much. Most of my transactions have been in my garage, but open to chat about a very reasonable distance to meet. Bought from another member last summer. I’ve taken it to an indoor range a few times- I have about 300 rounds through it. Sent it off to ACW to change out the front sight to tritium with an orange ring. The original tritium sight is included. I think it’s in very good condition with the only wear really being on the barrel hood and some slight wear on the rail from the Surefire light, which is really hard to capture in pics, but it’s not significant. Trigger is excellent with a crisp reset. Fit is exceptional and pics don’t do this blued finish justice. $2650 cash Not really looking for trades- if you do make an offer, I only shoot 9MM these days. Surefire light is not included, but available for purchase. It’s a well-used Ultra.
  3. This is an insane deal for a billet upper/lower AR. Shocked it’s here still. FYI, I think that’s an ALG (made by Geissele) trigger.
  4. ACW Alchemy Prime Elite Carry 9MM Commander. Blued, 9MM, gold bead front sight. This is a $3,800 gun with a wait time Picked this up in September from another member. Put about 400 rounds through it in 4 range trips. It shoots perfectly, zero issues. Trigger is crisp and reset is short. It has never been holstered. I’m just shooting my Nighthawk more and kind of forgot about this one. As noted in the original ad, the original owner added a standard mainspring housing to convert it to a Prime Carry (no magwell), which is included. I’ve never installed it. The slide stop, firing pin stop, and magwell were refinished to match the gun better. The magwell and firing pin stop look great. The slide stop is pretty good, although not perfect. Some wear on the base of the grip safety, which is the original finish. I’d personally shoot it a whole bunch more before even considering a refinish. I scratched the original recoil spring plug in a disassembly snafu. I replaced it with a blued Wilson Combat. Both are included. Pictures don’t do the bluing justice and I find myself continuing to chase lint, oil, and fingerprints as I’m taking photos. Included: Pistol, 2 mags, Standard MSH, Original recoil spring plug, Bag, wrench $2500 local pickup. If you’re in east/west, TN, I’ll ship on your dime. Must be 21+ and willing to flash proof of being a TN resident. I am not looking for trades. original ad: https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/withdrawn-alchemy-prime-elite-carry-9mm.210405/#post-3094332
  5. I decided to keep it. I’m going to get some slim carbon fiber grips if VZ has a sale this Friday.
  6. Location is Murfreesboro. No trades. Bought this on another forum in August. It’s made 3 range trips for a total of roughly 300 rounds. Excellent condition. Gold bead front sight 4 Ed Brown 9 round flush magazine 1 Metalform 9 round flush magazine Garrett Holsters IWB- leather lined, black kydex (purchased new by me) Esmeralda gaboon smooth black grips Esmeralda Padauk open pore grips Hogue G10 double diamond grips $1900
  7. I just went back to an old post and deleted pictures. My limit went up to 500kb. So there must be a total allowance I need to manage? Added: I’m getting old and forgetful. I think I made this same post 2 years ago or so. Found it- “manage attachments”.
  8. I did that. Then I even tried uploading the small versions of those pictures. I’m able to get one blurry pic up. Even on this post, max size is 48.55 kb. That’s tiny.
  9. Location is Murfreesboro. Willing to drive a short distance. Wilson Combat EDC X9. Purchased new by me in Sept 2022- I’d guess it has a round count of roughly 500 flawless rounds. I carried it a handful of times, but no holster wear. Shoots perfect- I just picked up a SFX9 and the grip just fits my hand better than this does. There is a ding in on the face of the top of the rear sight. I had put back sharpie on it, but cleaned it off for pics/disclosure. The picture I took of it shows it very well. Box, test target, pistol case, two 15 round mags included. Green fiber optic front, not optics cut. The only trades (+/- cash) I would consider are: No trades $1,800
  10. Is it just me or is posting more than one pic now extremely difficult now? I can get two pics uploaded once I shrink them down as low as I can go. Trying to list a pistol with multiple pics and stuck on: Max total size: 66.19 kB I also thought benefactors had much larger limits- like 20MB
  11. CZ 75 B SA (single action) 9MM w/Kadet 2 22LR kit Pickup in Murfreesboro, no trades please. I am the second owner and have not shot a ton of rounds through it. Manufactured in 2015 according to the slide stamp. I took it to CZ Custom in AZ in 2017 and had some work done- competition hammer, firing pin, and added a Kadet 2 22LR kit. I paid to have the 22LR kit “fitted” which was probably a bit of a con, but whatever Paperwork says it has a 3 lb trigger- it’s a really good trigger for a CZ-75 that isn’t a Shadow. Pistol is in good-very good shape with some wear as pictured. The hammer spring that is installed works with both the 9MM and 22LR slide. CZ75B SA pistol 1 15 round magazine Box, paperwork, factory test target, CZ Custom test target Cajun Gunworks fiber optic front, plain black rear VZ grips black grips (factory included)CZ Custom hammer (original included in box) Removable grip tape front strap. I took some of the grit off and did a good enough install job not to remove it for the sale. Spare straight trigger and sear (not certain it came out of this gun- I’ve had many CZ75s and this was in the box CZ75 Kadet 2 22LR kit. Cajun Gunworks fiber optic front, plain black rear (same sights as 9MM slide) 2 magazines. I don’t have more than 400 rounds through the Kadet (8 additional Kadet magazines available to buyer for $40 each) $825 local pickup FIRM $1100 with the 8 additional mags (good luck finding them cheaper)
  12. https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/92-elite-ltt-with-rdo-slide.207300/ If you’re not a member, I can pass along your contact info to the seller if you want. Just PM me. It’s a good classifieds forum for higher end pistols.
  13. Glock fanboy. I’m always skeptical about new releases, especially from companies I have not been fond of in the past. I stopped at Outpost Armory in Franklin yesterday and played with two of these. I am blown away. The trigger is perfect- virtually no creep and snappy reset. The factory sights are possibly the best combo I’ve ever seen- large yellow front with tritium insert with a rear that has a white “smile” half ring to align with. It felt fast. Sig-like takedown. Balanced, great ergonomics. Perfect texture on the grips. Optic ready if that’s your thing. MSRP isn’t insane ($675ish with night sights puts it in Glock territory). My only gripe is the ambi-mag release. When it pushes through the other side, it hits my hand on the other side. I don’t think it would stop the mag from dropping, but it’s annoying. I had an original G21SF years ago and dremmeled the passenger side button as low as I could get it because it was digging into me even while not pressing it. Feature-wise, this is as perfect as a gun can get out of the box. I can’t think of anything it “needs”.


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