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  1. asu174

    Single stack or subcompact?

    I didn't like the 43 either. My point of aim was different, it was snappy, and it was just a little too slim. Where are you having issues concealing? With Glocks, I go between the 19 and 26. I find the "bobtail" of the 19 is where I print the most (albeit rarely), so the Pearce +0 pinky extension gives me the same grip on a G26. I use a G-Code IWB holster. My EDC is a double stack Wilson Combat EDC X9. I also briefly tried carrying a commander 1911. I didn't see a major difference in width as far as concealment, but everyone is different. I'm actually carrying an EDC X9 and a G26 right now with a t-shirt and I'm not printing at all.
  2. asu174

    for-sale Glock G45 9mm

    Yes and with front slide serrations.
  3. asu174

    ad closed Kahrs for sale *SOLD*

    Nice snag on this one! Hell of a deal.
  4. Bump. Tossing in the car and headed down to Franklin today.
  5. asu174

    Amazingly, no Ka-boom

    When that happened to me, the bullet would stick really close to the chamber and the next round wouldn't feed. But a HiPoint could have a looser tolerance. No way those rounds had much, if any, powder. The customer's complaint was "accuracy issues". He couldn't get on paper at any distance.
  6. And since it's at the top, I don't think anyone is being snarky. It's the same advice I tried giving you on the gen 4 Glock thread you posted in, and that was only Sept 2018. If it's not on the first few pages, it's probably gone/sold elsewhere/not updated. This is how the classifieds work on every other forum I'm on, so not sure what you guys are used to.
  7. No thanks. All or nothing. If it doesn’t sell as a package, I will just keep it.
  8. Cutaway view of the Austeyr F88 (Steyr AUG clone for Australia). I’m told this is extremely rare (especially in the US) on the bullpup forums and it cost me a small fortune to have matted and framed. It comes with a letter of authenticity from the armory this was in. If you are a bullpup fan, this is a must have. It’s artsy enough to put inside a home without pissing your wife off too much. I used to have above my reloading bench before moving and now it’s out in my shed. Can measure later. $250. I paid more than that for matting and framing. Will consider trades. Gen 4-5 9MM Glock +/- cash, Aimpoint, etc. open to offers.
  9. Location is East Nashville. Could meet between here and Franklin (Cool Springs-ish) on a weekend day. Gen 3 Glock 26. Just pulled it out of the safe. I’ve shot it once, but did get it from a buddy used. He carried it more than he shot it. Now it’s collecting dust. Stippling and undercuts by We Plead the 2nd, KE Arms curved carry trigger (both are “known in Arizona” companies, where I’m from), but are well regarded locally there. One mag. Will include flat baseplate also. Comes with box, but box is missing sticker with serial number. Factory sights installed Must be willing to show TN ID to confirm residency. If you look like you can’t buy beer, I would ask to see the year you are born also. New to this forum, but my ar15.com name is the same, so please check my feedback there. https://www.ar15.com/member/user.html?id=51351 $380, local. Would trade +/- cash for an Aimpoint Micro.
  10. asu174

    wanted WTB: Glock 19

    If that much time has passed, they likely have completed a transaction and just never updated the ad. Or they didn't get response and moved on. Or there is always that chance they are still looking, but he likely would have bumped it up.
  11. I'm mixing two topics in my last sentence. If we were shooting buddies, you would know I am a TN resident and well over the legal age. Although I JUST noticed my profile says Phoenix, AZ, so that looks suspicious and weird, especially given the subject matter. Fixed. I joined the forum 6 months before moving to TN to start getting a feel for ranges and laws and never changed it. Appreciate your insight. Not much more to add. This topic always turned into a closed thread on the forum I used to belong to due to personal attacks on the people who required BOS of any kind. I appreciate those of you who do put BOS required in your ad versus surprises. DaveTN's "basic BOS" probably wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, but I can't say I have ever responded to a BOS ad. I have had them sprung on me during the transaction, and every single one of them was NOT a simple name and signature. One actually had "last 6 of SSN", but the ID grabbing attempts really pissed me off. Seeing BOS required far more frequently here, I will likely be more prone to not immediately exit the ad and maybe ask what information the seller wants before making an offer.
  12. Zero argument on that, which is why I only ever required the “ID flash” when I would sell anything. Age hadn’t crossed my mind here, so good call out. In AZ, DL’s under the age of 21 were printed vertically to idiotproof ID checks for bartenders, so if you flashed me an AZ ID that is horizontal with your pic, you were good. Will look at DOB here with everything horizontal, but I have only done 1-2 transactions with guys my age or older. That said, can you help me understand how the BOS protects you from residency/age? It’s the ID check that gets what you need. I genuinely don’t see the correlation. What you describe about ID and what you capture are two different things. Not being snarky or disrespectful. And my point is you likely already have my name, number, car type from messages leading up to the deal. My other point is that your BOS isnt like most others I’ve seen, so “simple BOS” versus the guy that grabbed my license and tried to start writing everything down like I was getting a ticket should be called out in the ad. I see “BOS” and assume the latter. I would probably be fine with yours, again, since no one here knows me.
  13. Established meaning on the forums, not legally. I have no feedback or buddies from the board to vouch for me. I have my TN license, a house, a job, and a TN carry permit. My point was that most of my trading buddies in AZ all knew me from matches or previous dealings. I was more “established” on the forums.
  14. Another point I forgot to mention in my first post. How are you storing whatever info you collect from me? BTW, if all you want is a signature, I’m fine. I’m talking about the Bills of Sale I have seen with address, DL #, etc. I would sign one and let you see my ID and give you my first/last name, especially since I’m not established in TN yet. My home address on or a pic of my license? No. So maybe my request for the BOSers is to just be clear on what data you will want.

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