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  1. asu174

    for-sale CZ75 Tactical Sports 9MM SOLD

    Keeping both of my Wilsons for now. I’m in too deep on them to take a $600-$800 bath and they are my faves. Price dropped on the Tac Sports. Amazing gun. Don’t need 3.
  2. I am located in Nashville, TN (East Nashville to be exact). Your FFL must accept shipping from private parties or we can easily work out an FFL to FFL transfer from Nashville Armory. Face to face is much easier, of course. No bills of sale or other unnecessary nonsense, please. Flash a TN DL to confirm residency, please. Trade list (+/- cash): 9MM or 5.7x28 factory ammo CZ Tactical Sports 9MM $900 The Tac Sports is the most accurate pistol I have ever shot. I have triplicate of these and this is the one I never shoot. I picked this up in a trade as a backup, put two mags through it, then put it back in the safe. It includes original box, papers, CZ custom grips, CZ Custom magwell, and two mags with CZ extensions.
  3. I see your point now. Thanks for continuing to elaborate. I feel like there is still a back door here, so I’m not on board, but appreciate the perspective.
  4. Telling our representatives “we don’t like this” and why is exactly what I’m doing. The law isn’t passed yet. My plan is to say hell no. Already emailed and called his office. Have you? It seems like you’ve already accepted this. The fact that I had to go get a “mother may I” permit to carry a gun in this state disgusts me and I’ve noticed many gun owners of TN seem to be complacent. I overheard a conversation in a gun store by “regulars” there basically saying they wouldn’t care about an AWB because it wouldn’t affect them We got Constitutional Carry and guns in bars (for non-drinkers) passed in my old state. The latest win here is “guns in trunks”. That’s a joke. I know, I know... If it was so much better where I came from, go back. Sometimes I wish I could, but I can’t and I will leave it at that. I do like it here. The mindset is just totally different.
  5. I’ve seen orders of protection issued on more than one occasion by angry ex-wives after false accusations of “fear” and “abuse” and watched gun buddies go through living hell having their guns need to all be moved elsewhere until they could get that settled. Some of them were FFLs or SOTs and lost their businesses and reputations in the process. One of my closest friends from where I came from who is in the industry lived under constant blackmail and extortion from a disgruntled ex that she would get his guns taken away unless he did “x” (pay her, get back together, stop seeing other people, pay her...pay her). This is more than a slippery slope. It’s the above scenario now open to anyone who doesn’t like you or wants to see your guns out of your hands...or see you get hurt or killed in the process of an attempted confiscation. No compromises.
  6. asu174

    Rifles... 22 caliber Whatcha got?

    I bought a TacSol X-Ring about two years ago and I may have 40 rounds through it. I need to take that thing out. Also have two suppressed AR SBRs with carbon fiber barrels- 4” and 6” I think. The 6” suppressed AR is the most fun. It’s really accurate for what it is.
  7. New to the forum, but plenty of feedback on other forums, one of which went belly up when I left that state, but arfcom is approaching 200 @ 100%. Email preferred, but if I'm notified here when I get a message, that's fine too. I am new to the platform, but not new to guns/laws/selling/shooting competition. Location is East Nashville, but can meet within a reasonable distance near Nashville (such as near Nashville Armory) or ship to your FFL. Your FFL must take private party transfers. If not, I have an additional outgoing FFL fee I have to pay, which may actually include shipping, but we can cross that bridge later. Hudson H9 Picked this up used on 8/4, so I've had it for just over two months. Previous owner didn't shoot it much- claimed one box fired and I don't think he even knew about the two extra mags in the case because they looked brand new when I took them out. I think I have put about 500 rounds through it in 4 range trips since then and it’s officially broken in now. With the extensions, I load to 16 or 17 and it runs like a top. Muzzle flip is definitely lower than traditional guns and just shoots differently. Hard to describe. Not particularly looking for trades, but will put a list out there (+/-cash). It's a fun gun, but I want to focus my limited range time more on other platforms. Gen 5 Glock 19/17 Glock 45/G19X CMMG Banshee 5.7 pistol Factory 9MM ammo CZ75 SAO I only shoot 9MM and 5.7 and prefer Glock, FN, and 1911 style. Striker or SA only. Included: Pistol and fancy box, manual, lock 3 mags, all with both +2 extensions and standard baseplates VZ Grips on gun (originals included, not pictured) Greyman IWB holster- unused $875 NOT INCLUDED AT $875. I have seven extra mags (cost was $30 each new) with KE Arms extensions (cost was $30 each new). These are available separately or we can work out a bundle price. These will be sold once the gun sells. $300 for 7 extra mags and extensions
  8. Nashville-bound for a move in my company, which is based there. My wife and I leave Monday from Phoenix, where we have lived our whole lives. I used to be somewhat active competitively, but tore an extensor tendon in the forearm on my strong side, so I haven’t shot since April and had to have surgery with a long recovery. It’s discouraging to be loading a huge safe, guns, and ammo in a truck not knowing if I will be able to shoot them again, but I sure as hell can’t sell anything in this gun depression. And I still pay the safe a visit daily to tinker. My wife and I don’t have kids. I’m Libertarian. She’s more liberal, but completely pro-2A, as someone who is “liberal” should be. We have two small dogs and bought a quaint little house in East Nashville. I’m going to get my TN DL and then need to figure out a place to get my carry permit and possibly qualify support side only since I’m gimpy. Calibers- 9MM, 5.56, 22LR Guns I use- Glocks, CZ-75 SA pistols, FN SCAR, AK-74, MP5s, CZ Scorpion. Guns I hate- shotgun and anything 40S&W. Looking forward to the move and eventually meeting some of you if/when I’m back up and shooting. At least I can pass off as a noob again at matches while I build up my strength and skill again

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