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  1. Too tempting. I’d have the gun for the mags in a week and I’d lose my mind not not selling off ammo I can’t shoot. Related to mags, one weird thing I do is justify a duplicate pistol purchase by pretending I’m paying for mags I would have bought for the other gun, anyhow. So a $425 Blue Label Glock with 3 mags is really 3 $25 mags I would have bought and a new $350 Glock. I don’t need a Glock, but a $350 Gen 5 Glock is a no-brainer...and I already have new mags for it.
  2. Agree. I miss the days of new $14.99 OEM. One of the first mags I bought was a NFML Glock “hi-cap” mag for $80 during the AWB in ‘03. I never want to be stuck in that situation again, so I stock up. Harder to do at $45 a pop.
  3. I sold all of my 509s earlier in the year. I’m also a Glock guy. Here’s what I didn’t like: Trigger. The factory FN trigger shoe is SLIPPERY. The factory trigger pull isn’t terrible, but my bony fingers always ended up at the bottom of the trigger guard and constantly adjusting. The Apex kit fixed that. Installation was a pain with that one pin. I actually snapped one and had to buy a $3 part with $8 shipping Mag prices- I think they are $40+ for mags. Recoil. Whenever I decide to get rid of a pistol series, I do a side by side comparison with a shot clock. I don’t re
  4. Nomad doesn’t pin/weld, unfortunately. Any other suggestions?
  5. I’ve used ADCO in the past. Would prefer to just do this locally, however, I don’t want it to look like crap. I hate an ugly pin/weld job. Just looking to pin a Surefire SOCOM flash hider to a 14.5” barrel. Any suggestions? Would love Murfreesboro, but can shoot over 840 and go up 65.
  6. Location is Blackman/Murfreesboro. Will accept Venmo or Cash. Let’s do this one curbside pickup at my house, if you don’t mind. I’ve had this upper for 4 years. I think it’s been to the range 2-3 times max. Zero malfunctions, just clearing out stuff I don’t shoot. Sights NOT included. No charging handle. Palmetto-marked BCG not included, but available for $80. $250 for the upper, add $80 for BCG. No, I’m not selling any lowers.
  7. Location is Blackman/Murfreesboro. My wife is dying to go for a drive, so we’d consider most reasonable distances, albeit on a weekend day- the further we drive, the less flexible the price is. Cash or Venmo. PayPal is a no-go on this. Private party sale requires that you be a TN resident and I may ask you to flash an ID. No paperwork, please. Tavor SAR 9MM. Bullpup design. 16” CHF 1:10 Israeli-made barrel. If I was shooting PCC matches, it would be with this gun. 16” barrel velocity for spinners, ultra reliable, super maneuverable. You can easily shoot it accurately one
  8. Just throwing an endorsement for this gun out there. Great ergonomics, no typical Sig P-series “decocker lump” in the grip, good trigger, good balance. I’ve had a few of these over the years and always end up selling them because I’m just not a DA/SA kind of guy. Really good price for a great shooter. GLWS!
  9. Just seeing this now. Funds sent. Merry Christmas and feel better. I’m also in your zip if you need a hand.
  10. I bought this on Facebook about 2 years ago. It deserves a better home than my garage. PayPal, Venmo, cash accepted You pick up off my front porch in Blackman/Murfreesboro. Asking $50 I did a little research on the name and found this. Apparently, he also has a bridge named after him. The bridge spanning Mill Creek on State Route 24 / U.S. Highway 70 (commonly known as Lebanon Road) in Davidson County, the "James E. 'Mack' Cawthorne Memorial Bridge" in recognition of the life of this WWII veteran of the United States Army; https://obits.tennessean.com/obituaries/tennessea
  11. Location is Blackman/Murfreesboro. Pickup in my neck of the woods. My wife has serious health issues that have been worsening and I ask to either do a “pick it up off my porch” or “grab it out of my trunk” kind of meet. I take PayPal Friends, Venmo, Zelle (I’m rusty on that one) or cash. New in case S&B 115 GR 9MM. 1000 rounds. I have more than one available and am going to play it by ear on how many I want to part with based on response. $560 per case firm, no trades. Don’t like the price, please respectfully move on. I have no reason to sell below market value and I
  12. I’m eyeing this and hoping someone else grabs it (focused on moving expenses). These Zenith guns are really nice builds. I have a K version and it’s one of the cleaner MP5 clones I’ve seen/shot. GLWS.
  13. Location is East Nashville. Must be TN resident. No trades. Picked this up very lightly used recently on a whim. Added the optic, made 2-3 range trips, and here we are. Comes with the factory stuff and is in excellent condition. I’m struggling to find wear on it. Estimated round count is 600-800. Optic has about 200 rounds on it and seems to cowitness nicely with the Dawson front and integrated rear. Shoots great. Doesn’t have the “double click” trigger reset I’ve noticed on some other P320 models in the past. One of the flattest shooting guns I’ve shot. Zero malfunctions.


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