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  1. This is a hell of a deal, especially in the current market. GLWS
  2. Dropped again. Really want to avoid doing what I know I will do if I keep it- send this off for $2,500 in custom work I don’t need.
  3. SOLD. Location is Murfreesboro. Must be TN resident. No paperwork. Serial number starts in 245 and date code is PV (85). There are no other obvious import marks on this gun. Picked this up in trade about a month ago. Took it to the range once and it ran 100% reliably with about 100 rounds. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of hammer bite from this style hammer and the trigger was very good compared to other BHPs I’ve shot. Trigger breaks at exactly 5 lbs. I just don’t have time to shoot like I used to and need to thin out my collection. When I do shoot, it’s going to
  4. Location is Murfreesboro. Not super motivated to travel to sell this, but can meet within a reasonable distance. Must be TN resident, but no paperwork please. Glock 19X. Extremely low round count and very little use. This made a few range trips, but was never a blaster. I will start off with the potential turn-off for any 19X purists. The horrible, annoying front lip has been removed. Why a supposed Gen 5 Glock has a lip to block Gen 5 magazines is beyond me. I initially cut a moon shape to allow the mag to fit snugly and realized I would be better served just taking th
  5. Located in Murfreesboro. Not looking for trades. I really just need to get rid of stuff. No paperwork, please- just be a TN resident and willing to flash an ID. Picked this up lightly used from the forum. Had a low round count and I’ve only zeroed it with a couple of different optics. It’s a really smooth shooting rifle and I’m a Noveske nut, but I have another 18” rifle that I shoot a little more. I believe this is a Gen 1 Noveske, which are desirable- apparently they don’t make them now like they did when John Noveske was around. Rifle has a few non-factory accessories, but t
  6. It will work in normal AR barrels. Obviously a 22LR barrel is going to be more accurate.
  7. Location is Murfreesboro area, Blackman near Veterans and Shores. Porch pickup at my house. I can take cash/PayPal/Venmo. I don’t shoot 22LR much and this stuff is apparently hard to get right now. 40 grain, round nose, empty box pictured for details. Bags are 500 rounds each, measured by weight, with 10 extra rounds put in each bag. 3,500 total rounds available. $110 per 500 rounds
  8. Too tempting. I’d have the gun for the mags in a week and I’d lose my mind not not selling off ammo I can’t shoot. Related to mags, one weird thing I do is justify a duplicate pistol purchase by pretending I’m paying for mags I would have bought for the other gun, anyhow. So a $425 Blue Label Glock with 3 mags is really 3 $25 mags I would have bought and a new $350 Glock. I don’t need a Glock, but a $350 Gen 5 Glock is a no-brainer...and I already have new mags for it.
  9. Agree. I miss the days of new $14.99 OEM. One of the first mags I bought was a NFML Glock “hi-cap” mag for $80 during the AWB in ‘03. I never want to be stuck in that situation again, so I stock up. Harder to do at $45 a pop.
  10. I sold all of my 509s earlier in the year. I’m also a Glock guy. Here’s what I didn’t like: Trigger. The factory FN trigger shoe is SLIPPERY. The factory trigger pull isn’t terrible, but my bony fingers always ended up at the bottom of the trigger guard and constantly adjusting. The Apex kit fixed that. Installation was a pain with that one pin. I actually snapped one and had to buy a $3 part with $8 shipping Mag prices- I think they are $40+ for mags. Recoil. Whenever I decide to get rid of a pistol series, I do a side by side comparison with a shot clock. I don’t re
  11. Nomad doesn’t pin/weld, unfortunately. Any other suggestions?
  12. I’ve used ADCO in the past. Would prefer to just do this locally, however, I don’t want it to look like crap. I hate an ugly pin/weld job. Just looking to pin a Surefire SOCOM flash hider to a 14.5” barrel. Any suggestions? Would love Murfreesboro, but can shoot over 840 and go up 65.


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