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  1. I have one. Best gun in the safe. GLWS! You will miss it!
  2. I grabbed one off the forum too. The Romeo1 Pro optics just became available, but it shoots great with irons too. Awesome deal compared to 2011s or other competition 9MMs.
  3. Yeah, figured it was ####ty Davidson.
  4. It was DMV or MVD in most states. I’ve never seen whatever the hell its called here anywhere else. And I’ve never had to go to different places to register my car vs get a license until TN. I’ve also never been turned away from either because they had given out all the tickets for the day. Lastly, I’ve never had anyone grab my CCW from another state and refuse to give it back because I applied for my carry permit here. While I’m ranting, I’ve never had a state agency insert themselves into a firearm background check process. That’s between the ATF and me, not whatever the TBI is or thinks they are.
  5. At one point I had 3 509s, all with Apex triggers. Two of them were easy installs. I had to have one of the pins removed by a gunsmith. That was a nightmare. Great triggers, though. Rarely shoot them, but really like them.
  6. My CZ P10F never even made it to the range. I was an early adopter and had the same issues. Mag release didn’t work right. Slide stop also wouldn’t release with thumb. Sold it. One of the only guns I sold without ever shooting.
  7. Bump. Lots of interest. No takers still. Dropped it to $1500 since the initial post.
  8. No trades please. Need to get rid of stuff. Must be TN resident. No paperwork, please. STI Marauder 9MM 2011. Bought used from local gun store in July. I’ve put 500-800 rounds through it with no issues or malfunctions. The barrel bushing is really tight and has some finish wear on it. Mild finish wear on controls. Factory red fiber front and black adjustable plain rear. I also swapped out the recoil spring before I shot it. Extremeshooters.com grip, Costa Black Extra Small- huge difference to shoot with. Original grip also included. Barrel has been polished and refinished gold TIN by Brazen Firearms. OD G-Code holster with RTI attachment. One black mag included. Extras add up to $400. Dropped to $1460 local for the package. Location is East Nashville. More details on STI Marauder
  9. And my point is that the generic use of RMR is a new thing and completely incorrect. This “everything is an RMR” trend started in the past year and makes no sense. Give your theory to a shop manager who receives orders all the time for “RMR cut” and then later finds out it’s for another optic with a different pattern.
  10. Yeah, that’s wrong too. Those are also brands, not products. The RMR is a Trijicon optic. I’ve been shooting in matches with red dots for about 5 years and I was a late adopter compared to my buddies. I bought and sold 3 with RMRs before falling in love with the Roland Special with a Leupold DPP Pro. If anything, it’s going to be the year of Holosun. They are doing some innovative stuff.
  11. CMMG has radial delayed blowback. It makes a big difference. It’s not as smooth as an MP5, probably due to weight, but it’s the only 9MM AR I would consider. Plus you can get the CMMG mag kits that convert AR PMAGs into 9MM mags. Yes it’s more expensive, but I hated the few 9MM SBR ARs I’ve owned, just like I hate my two SBR CZ Scorpions.
  12. I think at this point you could run a strap through a sling loop on a regular stock and call it a “brace”. I still think braces are the next thing up for ATF “re-re-re-interpretation”.
  13. Big fan of my semi-auto SBR MP5 and MP5-K. I also have two Scorpion SBRs and a Tavor 9MM, but nothing comes close to an MP5. I actually won my first 2-gun match with an MP5 up against about 70 other shooters with ARs or similar. Toss a can on it and shoot 147gr and it’s stupid quiet. I had a Colt 9MM AR SBR and wasn’t blown away by it. Sold it. It collected dust while I shot my MP5. If these are anywhere near $1K and function well, this will get interesting. You’re one pin away from getting rid of the brace and making it an SBR with a stock. The $300 Glock clones are also going to sell like crazy. Palmetto makes a good product at a great price. Never had an issue with them.
  14. It may be helpful to post the model number and reticle.

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