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  1. https://cmmginc.com/product/pistol-banshee-300-mkgs-9mm/ Threaded. 1/2x28.
  2. Location is East Nashville. I drive down to Franklin on some weekends to see my folks. Must be TN resident. Not really looking for trades, but would take a Glock 9mm gen 4/5 or an Eotech XPS/EXPS +/- cash. No desire for rifles. Not looking to drive really far on these either. GWACS/Palmetto 16” AR-15. Upper is unfired and was bought new. GWACS FDE lower has been fired. These lowers aren’t sexy, but they are lightweight and strong. Freedom upper, threaded w/A2 FH. MLOK handguard. Palmetto BCG. KE charging handle GWACS lightweight polymer lower KE USGI trigger. IWC QD socket installed in stock on right side. Ambi safety. No sights. $475
  3. Location is East Nashville. Don’t want to drive too far on this one. I head down to Franklin and Chapel Hill every now and again. Must be TN resident. Browning Buckmark threaded barrel. $350 local Browning Buckmark 22 Field Super 5.5" RSW. Threaded barrel. Railed top. Model 051527490. Less than 200 rounds through it. Excellent shape. Mag disconnector removed and is included. Factory box, papers, lock, case all included. 2 mags.
  4. Package updated to include extra mags. Never reload mags at the range with this gun...
  5. Location is East Nashville, but can drive reasonable distance to meet. Wilson Combat EDC-X9. $2,200 for package. Not really looking for trades, but would consider partial ones to help get you there. I only shoot 9MM, 5.7, and .223....and 22LR, but I don’t need anything in that dept. I’m also extremely picky and have almost everything I need/want. Aimpoint Micro. Eotech. Brownells 180S upper. 9MM range ammo. This was purchased 7/3/18 and was manufactured on 4/25/18. I’ve definitely shot this one a fair amount. I’d estimate 2K-3K rounds, but I’m guesstimating. There are signs of wear on it from shooting and carry, but nothing from a drop or misuse- just light finish wear in places like the controls and edges on the slide/magwell. Quick review on the EDC-X9. I absolutely love this gun, but I’m not going to carry it anymore. I put some factory rounds though it that would not cycle in any other gun I owned because they were light "minor" loads and the OAL was too much. The EDC eats anything (never tried steel cased stuff) and shoots it all accurately. I was still working on accuracy with it during slow fire, but my double taps are around .12-.20 splits with 8" center mass accuracy at 7-10 yards. I actually made a video on how much I love this gun and why I carry it, which must have jinxed me... I actually stopped carrying it around the time I made that video because I have tons of Glocks and noticed a big difference on my draw, grip, and target acquisition with this gun after shooting Glocks all weekend. I went back to a G19 or G26 for carry as a result and this has been sitting in a safe, waiting for me to reluctantly list it here. Only modification made is an Ameriglo front sight versus the fiber optic, but both are included. Included: Pistol with Ameriglo Tritium sight installed Three mags (comes with two from factory) Two Grey Man mag holders- can be carried IWB or OWB Grey Man IWB kydex holsters Awesome pistol bag with two external pouches and 7 external mag holders- it does have a stain from the factory oiled rag on left pouch Stupid greasy oily rag that stained the bag Dog tag Allen keys and tools Fiber optic front (came on gun) 2 extractor pin/springs Spare recoil spring 3 spare fiber optic rods (one red, two green) Factory test target and checklist- check out that group!!! 8 additional mags I am willing to sell the package at a slightly lower price if you don’t want the 8 additional mags, but won’t sell those mags until the gun sells. Shooting portion at the end of the video. My Horrible YouTube video with awful audio
  6. Pulled it out of the safe and added a pic. 10 mags.
  7. Location is East Nashville. I do head down to Chapel Hill to shoot every now and again on weekends. Putting it back up. Not looking for trades on this one. Selling a TacSol X-Ring. Original owner. Bought on a whim. Shot once to zero indoors. Haven’t shot again. It has a Weaver 2.5-7 scope on it. Threaded Fluted barrel. Rubber Hogue stock (factory). Haven’t done anything to it but attach a scope. I actually don’t even know how to take it apart. Any wear would be from the safe, but it’s buried in the back and I “found” it again over the weekend. I have the original box and bag and (10) 10 round factory mags with it. $650. With a $200 scope, that’s probably as low as this will go. I’d knock $50 off and do $600 if you just hate this scope for some reason and want to separate.
  8. Bump. Bottom rifle sold. Selling the top one now.
  9. Bump. Trades considered +/- cash for: Dedicated 22LR AR Upper (not a conversion) 9MM or 5.56 ammo
  10. Location is East Nashville I’m a member of Strategic Edge, but don’t know when I’m headed back down. Bought this a few months ago and made two range trips with it. It is surprisingly reliable IF you load the mags properly. There are videos on this and it’s a bit tedious. I ran 5 mags flawlessly suppressed yesterday. I had issues with one mag that had been jostled in my bag and the staggering of rounds was way off. This is not a gun you want to reload mags at the range with. It’s an “on the couch” activity. Excellent condition. Round count around 300. If you want a 22LR blaster, this is really fun. I just don’t see myself shooting a ton of 22LR and if I do, I want to do it with conversions of existing platforms. Not particularly looking for trades, but I can always use 9MM factory ammo. Gun cones with 6 total mags. Mags are $50 each. Gun is selling well above MSRP online. And it’s fun. $600. 4 mags alone cost $200. SOLD SOLD SOLD Also comes with California Prop 65 sticker letting you know your genitals will fall off with use.
  11. I’m near downtown Nashville, but head down to Chapel Hill, TN to shoot every other weekend or so. I sold the 18” rifle in September. Looking sell the top one now. I just don’t shoot it and never will. $1750- will need to find a shipping box, which was a nightmare last time. I purchased this used. Round count is unknown. Condition is very good to excellent. OPTIC NOT INCLUDED. I’m not particularly looking for trades, but would consider a partial plus cash. I love 9MM and .223 ammo. Details: Neu-Trigger (easily removable if you want- makes pull smoother) FN quad rail BCM VFG Barrel professionally cut (guy I got it from couldn’t remember company) to 16” and threaded to 1/2x28 Surefire Warcomp will be removed from the top one. I can install FH of your choice on your dime while I have it mounted to remove my Warcomp. If you happen to want the Warcomp, they are $125-150ish new, so factor that into your offer. The magazine seal has been removed and is not included. I prefer the gun without it for easier mag changes. I have the factory blue box for it. Someone asked for pics of the charging handle notches. The available rifle is on top in both pics. Rifle is cross posted on another forum and copy/pasted here, which is why the text looks strange with this gray highlight.
  12. I fail to see a single personal attack. I made generalizations about trends I’ve seen here and followed up with responses to indirect attacks. I stand by everything I said. I offer no apologies for being a 2A advocate and constructively calling BS where I see it.

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