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  1. This is an insane deal. I’m shocked it’s still here.
  2. Location is East Nashville. Must be willing to show TN ID to confirm residency (and age if it looks like you can't buy a beer), but nothing will be captured. I listed this a few months ago and had second thoughts, so I pulled it. These are great guns. But do I need two? Can I live with only one? I list with some hesitation, but this one deserves to be carried and shot more than me. Yes, I own two of these. I bought one railed and one non-railed. I was going to carry the railed version with a light, but decided EDC with a light ain't my thang. As a result, I have shot this one very little and it seems silly to have a $3K+ gun collecting dust. Extremely low round count. I've been shooting my non-railed one. It’s in excellent condition with just a couple of dings from handling and normal use. It comes with everything you see pictured. I also have a grayish set of grips I can swap out for/package. I liked those better, but most people who have seen the gun prefer black. Those are pictured in the video. It currently has an Ameriglo front sight on it. I can sub out for a fiber optic one instead if you prefer, but the Ameriglo was a $60 upgrade. Installation is a Torx screw. There is a chance I will pull the ad again. Not desperate to sell. I did a YouTube tabletop review on it that can be found below. The only correction I will make is that the trigger is 4.25 lbs (and my other one is 3.75 lbs). I misspoke in the video. I was rushing that vid and it came out like crap. My Youtube Review w/terrible audio EDC X9 Feature Breakdown (Wilson Combat) Partial trades +/- cash considered, but I'm extremely picky and have pretty much everything I want. I only shoot 9MM/5.56. I do not need another AR. Another FN SCAR 16S would get my attention. $2650
  3. LEFTIES!! Lot of lefty Glock holsters. I had a major right arm injury and thought I would be switching to southpaw, but my recovery outpaced my support side skillz, so I am dumping all of them. Feel free to substitute the 9mm models with your same sized choice of four-tay, .357 Sig, or 45 GAY (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 1. Glock 19 Haley INCOG. One of the plastic belt pieces that hooks on the belt is damaged (the longer one), but it's easily replacable. 2. Light gray G19 IWB holster with cant 3. Carbon fiber G26 IWB holster with cant 4. OWB FDE G19 holster 5. OWB Black G17 holster
  4. Will take per messages.
  5. TBI will find a way to deny. I had a misdemeanor disorderly conduct “fighting” in 2007 in a small town in AZ. TBI wouldn’t approve me until I spent months figuring out the reason and then more time tracking down the paperwork. The reason? It was clearly listed as a bar fight with no injuries BUT no victim was listed, who would have been the bouncer. Their reason for denial was that without a victim, it “could” have been domestic violence. Burden of proof was on me to find paperwork with the bouncer’s name and that he wasn’t related to me. Private party sales are your option until the NRA sells you up the river on universal background checks.
  6. Most likely an MP5 or clone, as mentioned above.
  7. Sorry for the threadjack, rusty. I was hoarding for a while. Sold everything pictured and more on the other side of the closet I went through a more humbling sell-off in 2008 during the housing crisis. I want my Guatemalan 5.56 back!! That stuff was HOT.
  8. I feel your pain. I lived in the same house for 18 years before moving here from AZ and had to sell off tons of stuff that the movers wouldn’t take. One guy bought 30K rounds of 5.56 from me in bulk, which was a huge relief.
  9. I have a TacSol X-Ring and think this gun is probably on par with it. Someone buy this now before I have to drive to Memphis for something I do not need.
  10. I got a deal on the Springfield Elite RO Champion and I’ve been really pleased with it. Accurate as hell. It’s slim, but big. I’d rather carry a G19 though.
  11. I didn't like the 43 either. My point of aim was different, it was snappy, and it was just a little too slim. Where are you having issues concealing? With Glocks, I go between the 19 and 26. I find the "bobtail" of the 19 is where I print the most (albeit rarely), so the Pearce +0 pinky extension gives me the same grip on a G26. I use a G-Code IWB holster. My EDC is a double stack Wilson Combat EDC X9. I also briefly tried carrying a commander 1911. I didn't see a major difference in width as far as concealment, but everyone is different. I'm actually carrying an EDC X9 and a G26 right now with a t-shirt and I'm not printing at all.
  12. Nice snag on this one! Hell of a deal.
  13. Bump. Tossing in the car and headed down to Franklin today.

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