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  1. Thank you!. Was about to snag a gun I didn’t need.
  2. With ATF’s eye on braces, the likely outcome is NFA regulation, which to many would defeat the purpose of a pistol brace. Wouldn’t you have to assume that the natural path would be a grace period and then a required tax stamp if you want to have one on a gun with a barrel less than 16”? Braces would be the last thing I would buy right now. I see them going the way of any other stock. Many of us have affiliations with industry people or folks in the know. I think we all know what is on the menu, but there is no clear path on how it gets done. In order of “lowest hanging fruit”...red flag, universal background checks, braces, body armor, AWB. The only hope for braces is that the original, documented reason they were created was to help a one armed vet shoot an AR. What could have been a valid American Disabilities Act case has been far overshadowed by millions using them for other purposes and just further muddying what a “pistol” is. Toss a mass shooting in the mix and it’s game over.
  3. It's more of an accusation, but yes, absolutely, on both. You outright admitted it on page one. "It doesn't affect me, so I don't care..." I also indirectly called you the enemy if you didn't catch that.
  4. Given the support of red flag laws by many members here, I'm certainly not going to post anything provocative, but I assure you I will not be in prison. I also would be careful with "it isn't going to happen", given the rapid pace at which many members are willing to drive us to the edge of the cliff, forfeiting every right that doesn't matter to them on the way. But hey, you have a sweet 401K, right?
  5. There's a lot of "since it doesn't affect me, I don't care" going around. Our worst enemies are among us- large cohorts of the gun community telling the NRA and politicians that things like Red Flag laws, part bans, and AWB are okay, because it doesn't affect them. I personally would never own a bump stock and had one pistol brace I really didn't care for. I'm also not worried about red flag laws (until someone turns on me). That doesn't mean I would ever be passive about laws that infringe the rights and freedom of others.
  6. So I assume you will be first in line at a mandatory gun buyback?
  7. My suspicion is that those would be “Akins Accelerator’ed” and be outright banned. I don’t have a dog in the pistol brace fight and just sold the only AR pistol I own, so I will stick to mags and stuff I truly want. Almost everything on my shopping list is checked at this point. In unrelated SBR news, I had an eForm 1 come back approved with a stamp on less than a month and think it would have been quicker if I had gotten fingerprints done sooner than day 14.
  8. I’ve been through more than one of these discos and see which way the wind is blowing. I admittedly went way overboard after the last one settled, which forced a mass sell off of ammo, mags, and rifles before moving here, as movers don’t touch ammo/guns and I couldn’t get a big enough trailer. Anyhow, I have a weird feeling this is “the big one”. I’ve put some projects on hold to start funding things that I would want in the future in case there is an AWB. I’m not buying stuff to resell like many do, but don’t want to have any regrets on what I wish I would have purchased when I had the opportunity. I currently have a bid on the rifle that got away from me a few years ago and if it doesn’t work out, I have a backup to get a different one for a bit more. I’ve been buying a good number of mags on a regular basis and bought a bunch more yesterday. And while ammo doesn’t seem to be currently at risk, I did scoop up a ton of it at a local sale knowing ammo spikes after these bans and takes forever to come back down to these levels. Drums are obviously going to be under attack, but I’m not buying any because I genuinely don’t like them. I used a Magpul D60 on one stage at one match that warranted it, but it’s been collecting dust since. I don’t get the sense anyone else has started truly “panic buying” yet, given that I just got a whole page of good ARs for $600-$800 from CDNN. Classifieds seem pretty quiet, too. That said, I remember empty gun shelf walls after Sandy Hook/Obama and don’t want to be the guy running across town to get a box of 22LR. Anyone else preparing for a potential storm? Or waiting it out?
  9. SOLD with a short list of backups Location is East Nashville, but I can drive/meet within reason. Bought this in November. Very good shape. Updated 8/5: Based on the brass deflector marks and more time to think, I’m upping the round count estimate to 1,000, all FN factory ammo. The brass deflector has finish wear. There is mild wear around the high points on the fore end, magwell, and spot on receiver where CH rubs. It’s only been shot at indoor ranges and never in a dirty environment. It also has an H2 buffer in it. I can’t find the factory buffer, but it’s just a USGI standard. I have a standard weight Palmetto if you want that too. It’s a really fun gun to shoot and this arguably has the best brace out there. Say what you will about 5.7. There are deals on ammo and it’s the most fun caliber to shoot. I own a Five Seven pistol and P90 SBR and am going to just keep shooting those. I have a KE SLT-1 single stage trigger and safety in it currently and can add to package if interested. They retail for $200, will include for $100 additional. Factory parts included. But for bone stock, $900. With KE Trigger, $1000. Shipping on your dime. Trades? Glock gen 4/5 9MM plus cash, 9MM/.223/5.7 ammo. Open to offers. Don’t need much. Really wanted to grab an AUG I’ve been eyeing on Gunbroker. CMMG BANSHEE PISTOL 5.7X28MM 5" 20RD OD GREEN MLOK BRACE Manufacturer Part Number: 57A18CDODItem Number: G57A18CDODUPC: 816422021802AMBIDEXTROUS SAFETY: NBARREL LENGTH IN INCHES: 5.0000CALIBER: 5.7X28MMCLOSEOUT: YESDRILLED AND TAPPED: NFINISH: COLOREDFRAME MATERIAL: ALUMINUMGRIP MATERIAL: POLYMERMAGAZINE CAPACITY: 20.0000NUMBER OF MAGAZINES INCLUDED: 1.0000TYPE ACTION FUNCTION: SEMI-AUTOTYPE OF SIGHTS: NONEWEIGHT IN OUNCES: 75.2000FRAME COLOR: GREENSLIDE COLOR: GREEN
  10. I’m kicking myself for passing on one the other day at the shop. Trying to see if they can get another because the price was really good on it. Looks like these are in low supply right now. Will likely find one online, but wanted to check here first. Looking for the newest gen, no optic.
  11. It says “Champion”. Reminds me of a Commander. Full size mag, 4” barrel.
  12. Last call (possibly) on this. Got a trade offer for an ACOG I could find a use for, so if you were thinking about it, I’m sleeping on it and probably doing it in the AM.
  13. I will take it. Need to just coordinate schedules.

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