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  1. Idiot that destroys AR on YouTube

    Lots of people are thus, at best, misguided, and, at worst, either/or totally damn stupid / REALLY wedded to their virtue signaling. Possibly both. SWC
  2. When it stays out of the people's business, correct. Government can ALWAYS make it worse. A proposal that will get drowned out in outrage, and rightly so. SWC
  3. Mental health is already addressed on the FF4473. Not quite as comprehensively as the liberal gun grabbers (pardon, I repeat myself) would like, truth be told. And then? Either one of their glorious glittering successes, which they can use as foundation for their Radiant Future, or an abject failure, suitable as the rail by which to run them out of office. Been after them since Oswald. Just more virulent now.
  4. No one here, I think, will mistake me for a liberal. I cannot say, though, in perfect conscience, that I agree with President Trump's latest endeavor after "bump stocks". Excerpted from TIME: “Today, I am directing the Department of Justice to dedicate all available resources to complete the review of the comments received, and, as expeditiously as possible, to propose for notice and comment a rule banning all devices that turn legal weapons into machine-guns,” Trump said in a memo. I'm aware of bump stock physics... Being as they are removable and not going into the innards of the weapon, I don't myself see the problem. My little AR-7 will never need for such a device, and I'd be loath to see it banned for anyone else. Perhaps I'm whistling in the dark passing a graveyard here, but I see a couple of things that lead me to think that all may not be as grim as some on the left, and, I regret to say, some in this very forum, hope to see. Item: if this were to be done quick and dirty, The President could have resorted to using Executive Orders. As far I can tell, he has not. Item: The wording of the memo is not fully against the items per se. There is still a lot of talking to do. Item: Trump will be handing this off to the AG. Sessions is not the fastest fellow on the cabinet... he may well still be "more studying" this into the upcoming legislative election cycle. Item: There are, I think, a not minor slice of Democrats that would reject a ban proposal, not on the physics, but "It'd make Trump look good" or similar marlarkey. Item: I'd bet any non-moving money ( Yes, I'm moving to Lynchburg in a couple of weeks ) that the sales of those items, while they are still unregulated, will likely go through the roof. SWC
  5. Another shooting

    Constructive and well thought out as far as it went. Shooter still needs to hang, though. Agreed, whatever made him think and do what he did are significant data, useful to address and defuse potential future such individuals. Once he took a life, though, not in defense, not in service, but for wanton destruction... the line got stepped over, he's a perp and murderer. IMO, Florida murder one statutes regarding intent and premeditation were satisfied with him showing up with a gas mask and multiple loaded magazines, and using the school fire alarm system to flush more victims out in the open. Some Florida public defender is going to get his 15 minutes of fame and make his bones with the Florida bar for defending this guy. I hope he reminds himself his glory was purchased at the pain and suffering of 17 families, and the taking of 17 lives. SWC
  6. Another shooting

    One or two little wanna-be Klebolds that need a nice case of expelling, if not outright arrested. Parents need a good talking-to as well... How about a garnishing fine for all the costs incurred with the extra coverage? SWC
  7. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    Glad I wasn't drinking when I read this. LMAO You might have done a whisky spit-take....dangerous if the Irish myth is true. Said myth stating that after you die, you get lowered head first into a barrel of all the whisky you wasted in your life, and if you drown, you go to hell. I'm not much in jeopardy by that standard...yet.
  8. Another shooting

    And now, Florida Governor Rick Scott has called for for the FBI Director to resign, over handling of the PAL contact regarding Nikolaus Cruz.
  9. Another shooting

    No. And each one I have cringed at, for dread that "is THIS the one that tips BHO into Martial Law mode?" (A significant part of my being a prepper; old SOBs like me don't do well under martial law. Still have my BOB ready for.... well, that's another discussion.) The Parkland shooting is unique as far as school shootings this past decade, in that the perp is still alive, and in custody to answer for his crimes. Mourn the dead, punish the guilty, try to fix what broke for it to happen in the first place, and keep it from being a political or any other type of football.
  10. Another shooting

    There is no way to know the operations of Nikolas Cruz's mind. A vigorous sit-down with a couple of Bureau agents might have jolted him out of his whatever, or might have ignited him to act sooner. We'll never know. If the character that took the call had any shame or integrity, it would have turned in its badge on the breaking of the news of the shootout. Well, that's helpful, if it isn't some BS throwaway CYA statement. Like Russiagate. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that there are more folks in the Bureau that act with professionalism and integrity than not. Problem is, the 'nots' are the ones garnering all the publicity. SWC
  11. Another shooting

    Hardly surprising. The hope is to wash out the 2nd in a tidal wave of stupidity and fear. Bit late, I think... Had this happened under the BHO regime, it might have well worked, and we wouldn't be discussing this.
  12. Another shooting

    More brought to the fore by a far faster media. Such speed doesn't seem to obtain in dealing with the shooter.
  13. Another shooting

    I wouldn't want to foul your expectations, or lack of. Of COURSE if you take legal firearms away, the percentage of gun crimes will go down... but never away, as the baddies will always find a way. And since such a step is a major stride towards an authoritarian state, one won't have to worry about the stats anymore. Mass murder, whether by the hand of a terrorist or a lunatic will be with us for a long time. Underestimating the ingenuity of the bloodyhanded, absent firearms, would be folly. An earlier post inquired if making terrorist threats was a crime? Yes, it is. SWC
  14. Another shooting

  15. I hope this happens

    Using EBT SHOULD be demeaning, SHOULD require picture ID to use, SHOULD be subject to random blood test. Absolutely. EXACTLY! Reagen, I think. Ages and ages ago I saw a political cartoon of liberal and conservative ways to help the poor. The poor were depicted in a deep valley in both shots. The liberal method was lowering a large bucket full of money into the chasm with the liberals standing far away from the edge. The conservative method was people hammering together ladders, getting on the edge of the chasm and hoisting people up, and one character looking behind him and yelling WE NEED MORE WOOD!

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