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  1. Relocation suggestions

    A moot point, as said Astro was scrapped to offset it being towed back to Vegas. And quite right about too bad my not being there. This last ten months have been difficult to deal with.
  2. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    Could you explain this? In NV businesses can post "No Firearms on Premises" signage and even CCW is required to heed. But that was part and parcel of this states' open carry statute, and every 'reasonable entrance' has to display one of these. We had them for the longest time except over in the auto section, and instead of spending $6 to put a third one UP, they took the other two down. Go figure.
  3. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    An interesting assertion. Even more interesting would be a timely recitation of the facts behind that assertion.
  4. So We Sit and Wait.....

    More like count...20 days to notice delivery, 37 to last day, 88 to leaving. SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  5. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    In compliance with the topic... 555 box of Winchester .22 ammunition... $23.88. SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  6. MacGyver:"Never underestimate the ingenuity of an engineer with a paycheck.. " ... or access to a dream-list machine shop. SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  7. Relocation suggestions

    I would like, none more sincerely, to be able to say that the selection process was wholly mine. It is not. An ancient friend from Basic, over 30 years ago, was going to open up a data entry business in the NW Georgia/NE Alabama/South Central Tennessee area. He contacted me out of the clear blue and asked it I would want to be part of it. He even provided rudimentary data of the area to where I could continue working at Wal-Mart until the feet of the business were firmly on the ground. "Rudimentary" being his term; back in the day he was twice as smart as I would ever be if I lived to be 200. Sadly, he passed away after Christmas of last year... but plans to emigrate were kept on. The ONLY reasons I am back here in Vegas are that the damned Astro I was driving blew out its oilpan on I-40 in the dead of night, and I managed to swerve out of the way of two 18 wheelers by a whisker. Went entirely broke getting back to Vegas, and have ground under that collection of idiots for too long, only hampered by the lack of cash to redo and resettle. SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  8. Relocation suggestions

    Update: Me and a TM-class Uhaul are looking at a March 2 departure date. I am taking my time, driving only in the daytime, staying with the truck. As stated in my intro, I am moving to the Winchester-Manchester-Tullahoma-Lynchburg area. Ideally, I'd like a 2-3 acre plot near the ends of the utilities, where I can pour a slab for a garage and a trailer, that I can garden, set up a few molly-mooching plots, dig an old fashioned root cellar and cold room, and all this with a minimum of getting hung by local codes or bedeviled by HOA$$#@les. ? can this be done with $7500? Coffee, Franklin, Moore, Lincoln counties... which one is least infested with Tyson farms? SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  9. So We Sit and Wait.....

    Been one of them too... United States Army, 1981-1986.
  10. So We Sit and Wait.....

    Been with WM almost eleven years, thanks. I'll agree that we have some damn lazy people on board.... half of em jabbering away in Spanish, but try to get one of em to help translate for a customer and they evaporate into the woodwork. Most of my time there has been in sporting goods... selling firearms. I had to bone up on what little I knew about them the first two months I was in the department and have done my deadlevel to stay apprised. In addition, since my department is located way in back of the building with regard to the entrances, the lazy ones in other departments see fit to point the customers they can't be troubled to interrupt their gossip with back to us, and I end up having to get the customers to where they wanted to go... which is usually not far from above-mentioned gossipers. And I don't just give directions, I walk with them, as I know a little of whats in our 250k ft^2 store, here and there. This takes me out of my department long enough for other departments to be screaming at me "Where were you?" I don't mind, as I was taking care of the customer , and they weren't, if they ever want to push the issue. I've gotten chewed by the bosses for referring customers to other stores for things. I point out that they will remember who did the pointing and actually gave a damn about helping them, and will come back because of it. Said bosses pull back and mutter into their stock portfolios. So, those of us that actually DO work (as opposed to those who llene el espacio y dibuje la paga) would be kinda pleased, I think, at a little less liberal application of the broad brush. And apologies for the drift from Rocket Boy. SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  11. So We Sit and Wait.....

    Let's remember that his granddad, Kim Il-sung, was famous for having a large goiter on his neck that was always airbrushed out of official state photos, he was constantly portrayed as being the tallest man in the room when only barely 5'1" (airbrushing or standing on a lift of some sort), and was particularly fond of wandering into wheat fields and rice paddies and preaching Marxist doctrine to the crops, exhorting them to grow strong and plentiful. THAT's the root of the madness that Rocket Boy comes from. Whether he is cognate as to consequences? Couldn't say. If he keeps chucking hardware about the way he is, there WILL eventually be a malfunction, and Japan has had enough that they may just ditch the MacArthur constitution, and go after him themselves, if a dud drops in their land. ("Hey, this joker ain't kidding any more, no WAY are we gonna have any more nukes around, if you guys won't help us, we'll do it ourselves" mindset.) And yes, sitting around waiting isn't very good. SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  12. That It for Butch?

    I've long advocated a semi-pro football league at the college age level, that has NOTHING to do with education, holding a GPA, or any of the other such that colleges like to cloak their 'student-ATHLETES' with. A completely autonomous organization, with the college simply supplying the $, the team name, the logo, the facilities, and the fans. Likewise other aspects of collegiate educational malpractice (basketball, baseball, other). Fish or cut bait... degree or sport. And I know wherein I speak, having been raised in a college town. The alleged students (walking beerkegs) when I left in 1992 were the stupidest, most spoiled rotten, DUI evading, lumps of animal protein I had ever seen on two legs. I can only imagine the intervening quarter century could have only made it worse, but for the life of me, my imagination is insufficient to see how. Oh, and if these characters go about kneeling for the National Anthem, time to be revoking scholarships, or have the NCAA taking away accreditations and/or post season slots.
  13. Relocation suggestions

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1e10! SO DAYUM sick of hearing horrors of Californians with too much money moving into places, buying the snot out of everything, and turning them into little Californias, complete with gangs, drugs, and socialism. For me... Micah 4:4. I just want my own patch, grow my own food, stay the hell where I am at, never have to worry about a missed paycheck turning me into homeless, do my ham radio stuff without some HOA ho fining me into the ground.... you get the idea. SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  14. The Garden Thread

    from another website: http://www.globalbuckets.org/ This too will be in play when I hit TN. Rather than the dixiecup in the bottom, I aim to snake a length of fairly thick cotton rope up through, and let capillary action take it from there.
  15. Amateur Radio Help

    One of my rigs is a Yaesu FT-60 HT. It seems to be popular out here, but wonder if it is so out in TN. I have RTsystems programming and cable for it, as well as Chirp. If there is a following for that particular rig out there, I'd appreciate a copy of an .ft60 file appropriate for central and eastern TN, so I could hit the ground running. Lacking that, a textfile of the better repeaters for that area would work as well, or a link to TN Ham website with that data. Being where I am at the moment, what hams exist in the area are Californians, largely. They've fully embraced internet / ham, to the point of having no backup if (gasp) the net should go down, even temporarily. Me, I just about get along with repeaters, in the EM hell that is Vegas. That, and I am near the bottom of a bowl, geographically speaking, and lacking in places to hang decent antennas for 40-80m work SWC a/k/a KI7CIL

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