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  1. Waffle House Shooting-Nashville

    Good news like that doesn't sell airtime and column inches nearly as well as bad. Unfortunate, but true. SWC
  2. Waffle House Shooting-Nashville

    Any late word as to whether said nutbar is still out and about, wasting good oxygen? Given yesterday's temps, rain, and the lack of proper clothing, even the most hyped up are not gonna last too long without hypothermia dropping them. If the authorities do catch him alive, my guess would be they pull him out of some hollow or thicket or such, denned up to keep what little body heat. Or in some abandoned outbuilding. How did this joker GET to the Waffle House, I wonder? Clearly not any transportation, or if he had, he abandoned it in favor of walking about in cold wet woods in the middle of the night. SWC
  3. It's that time again!!!!

    When in AZ we had a couple of feeders and the blackheaded hums came around proper. A few were so bold as to land on offered fingers, and others would criuse up to eye level n stare.. go BOO and theyd do these most amazing in-air backward tumbles till they righted themselves.
  4. The Ruger LCRx with 3-Inch Barrel

    If the LCRx / LCR II family is up to the same ruggedness standards as the original, then I'm all for it. I've never been a fan of buying weapons for looks, but more rather performance. I'll be cruising up to their website after I finish this entry, but if anyone has heard of a any member of the LCR family in .22LR, I would be much obliged to hear from you about it. SWC
  5. Barbara Bush has just passed away

    One of the more distinguished FL's in recent times, and will be missed. SWC
  6. Church Discussion

    EVERY faith has its zealots, sorry to say. I kinda like how it gets dodged in some places. The comedian Gabriel Iglesias described how he did a show in Saudi. The religious cops woulda whaled the Fluffysnot out of him if he had performed his set in Riyadh. The show was set up OUTSIDE the city in a giant tent. What religious cops did attend apparantly left their badges, clubs and attitudes back in the city, and all got to enjoy that universal antidote to hate: LAUGHTER. SWC
  7. R. Lee Ermey, aka Gunny is gone

    Another fit guardian for the streets of Heaven. SWC
  8. Bold face is my correction. And yes, it is gonna be uphill. Silence will be considered assent. Nowhere will the pro-2A get the slightest slack from misquote or misstep, where the grabbers have and will get the greatest license and widest of error margins. Anyone expecting fair play in this conflict is taking the short end of fearfully long odds. The two major factors that stand in the leftists' way, lacking credible contradiction, are: + The authorities that these authoritarians would have execute a gun grab are a fair number of the very folks owning the items in question. (Heaven forbid that any of the left actually do the grabbing themselves..."Do as I say, not as I do" seems to be one of their pet anthems.) + Far, far too many guns and far too good of communications. The first jurisdiction that would attempt a door-to-door grab, and the word would be out on net, ham, landline and even those media not co-opted. Not impossible, but unlikely, and messily unsuccessful if attempted. Any 21st century nominations for Ft. Sumter? SWC
  9. Barricading is OK, I reckon, if it's to protect others, AND has a exit they can get out of if the perp finds and breaches the barricade. I'm perfectly content to be the modern Horatious in such things. I WILL >>NOT<< DIE ON MY KNEES. If I have to take a hit in such a circumstance, it'll be trying to wrap up the perp, screw his aim, waste his ammo, and make it hard for him to escape whilst others escape. Naturally there is the murmur in the background that it is easy to be brave on the other side of a screen. For the which, I rebut that it is easy to be critical on the other side of a screen as well. SWC
  10. Sometimes life just SUCKS!!!!!

    I'm minded of a guy that got nailed similar to this... He worked for Lowe's, and he did a JOB on the place. Pulled up and rolled up every inch of carpet and pad. Unscrewed every piece of pipe. Unfastened every wall and light socket. Took out every foot of electrical conduit. Yanked out the circuit breaker box. Disassembled every stick of shelving and counter in the kitchen. Best of all, he didn't DAMAGE any of it. Left it all in nice neat stacks. The dishwasher, disposal and fridge were left almost as clean as when shipped. The live leads to the breaker box were capped to prevent arcing. And everything photographed. He didn't get his deposit back, of course, and the landlord tried to sue. He claimed that he had underestimated the time it would take to reassemble everything, wanting to hand over as good as he got (evilgrin). Think he got fined... said landlord DID have to pay for another party to put it back together. SWC, who will never be a landlord, thank heaven.
  11. In October of 2008, Hank Paulson corraled the CEOs of nine of the major banks in this country, and told them none would leave his office until they took loans from the government. To my best knowledge, not only was B of A the first one to sign on, they went back for seconds later on... and still haven't paid up. These are the ones that dare virtue-signal like this... I mind that, in Vegas, they flew national colors till about 2011, then they had them inside... till, I think, 2013. Arrogant, smug, self-satisfied, customer-service-poor individuals. The thesis of "Too Big To Fail". Wonder if there will be any counter-boycott past what has been cited here? I won't contaminate my shoe sole in their places. SWC
  12. Coyote hunting

    My former customers in Vegas had claimed that the heavier weights of .223 did well against coyote as long as you used 1:12 barrels. .243 wasn't as effective, but .270 was the best for the buck. SWC
  13. I will necessarily agree that it can happen; disagreeing in front of prima facie evidence to the contrary would be foolish at best. That it SHOULD happen? IMO, no. How are they coming up with whatever start date for their $1000 a day formula? Are they gonna start searching cars not known to be local, but just passing through, for the illegal items? And how are the Deerfield authorities gonna know who has what in the first place? Defiance of the Fourth Amendment as well as the Second, anyone? Or does anyone know what the specs are on Illinois registration of firearms? It is my good hope that this is an exception and not a rule, and that the state of Tennessee, its counties and communities don't get taken up in this. SWC
  14. New job

    Yes, however I am in Franklin County, TN. Particulars would be helpful. SWC
  15. A posit: all the alleged social engineering crap,that generated these school shooters, that finally precipitated this anti-2A wave, have been cause and effect.

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