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  1. From an officer I personally know, while he was working undercover he deployed his .380 with hollow points to shoot at a perp through a windshield. I do not remember the flavor of the ammunition. The rounds lodged in the windshield without fully penetrating. We later got a cracked windshield from Safelite Auto Glass to run our own tests. Although various hollow points had variable results with penetration, some going through the windshield from roughly 3-7 yards and others not penetrating, even in some cases rounds from the same box of ammo, ALL of the ball ammo penetrated the laminated glass and burst the plastic jug of water placed behind the glass. We also had some fun that day testing various rounds of ammunition on ballistic drywall we had gotten a scrap piece of from the construction of the local VA hospital. That ballistic drywall is amazing stuff. I'm not sure what it says though for the amount of money spent to do the entire lobby of the VA center with that drywall, yet I digress...
  2. I read you're from Ft. Pierce...small world. I hope to escape from the Treasure Coast and join you up there in another 2.5 years. It'll certainly take me some time to get used to the differences regarding gun laws in TN versus FL. Some of those differences I feel are good, some not so much.
  3. Welcome. I'm envious. I thoroughly enjoy hiking to see the waterfalls and other beautiful sights on the Cumberland Plateau. I've spent a fair amount of time in Spencer. I'm hoping to end up in Van Buren County or someplace close in another 2 years 5 months and 26 days.
  4. I'm running a Vortex Venom 6 moa dot on my Tavor TS12 shotgun. I do not use the gun for hunting but that dot has worked well for CQB drills. I'm thinking a moderator may want to move this thread to the Long Gun section or the Gear & Accessories section.
  5. I regularly shoot my Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor out to 1250 yards. When I purchased the first gen platform I was able to get it (two of them) for $900. They've come up in price since then but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more economical platform to get started with. $800 for a Burris XTR II 4-20x50 optic. Another $60 for the rings. $300 for an Atlas bi-pod. That's my platform. In addition I have the SiCo Omega suppressor, a rear bag, and I'm good with match grade Hornady or Winchester ammo. I also have a Sig 716 in .308 but I prefer the 6.5 Creedmoor RPR bolt gun. I'm hearing Savage is making a quality economical platform, but I have no first hand experience behind the gun.
  6. I have a Gen 1 716 DMR. I like it very much. Especially the 4 settings for the gas piston, something that went to 2 settings (I think) on the second generation platform. I believe the first generation also has a barrel a couple of inches longer than the gen 2 model. Before getting this 716 I had cut my teeth on various AR-10 platforms trying to find a reliable host for my suppressor. Rock River Arms LAR was no good for me. The Adams Arms .308 had troubles. DPMS Super SASS was also far from flawless when suppressed. Although I cannot say that the 716 has not been 100% flawless suppressed, it has been darn close. I take it out to 600 yards regularly and 850 yards occasionally. It is a heavy beast. I always use if from a bench or prone. I can't imagine toting this gun around for long on a sling and shooting for long unsupported standing.
  7. I've been a member for many years. I hope I never need their services though.
  8. What did it run you to have the slide milled out? Anyone in particular you recommend to do the work?
  9. Thank you for the suggestions and direction. I’m just starting to research my options. The Holosun HS407A3 caught my interest due to price point and the shake awake feature. I don’t want something like the Vortex Venom which requires it to be manually turned on through pressing a button.
  10. I may very well do that. I was asking about the red dot optic simply because that will perhaps drive the next purchase choice as to whether or not to get a MOS model.
  11. I have no experience with a red dot sight on a handgun. Can the sight be zeroed so as to have the dot elevated enough to work with a suppressor on the gun, in lieu of installing suppressor sights? Would it be manufacturer/sight specific?
  12. I can relate on many of your points. I've been in Central East Coast Florida for the past 35 years. 2.75 years more than I can retire without penalty. I'm anxious to get up to the Cumberland Plateau area for good. Like you, I consider myself an introvert. I just want to be in the middle of nowhere, but with a few modern conveniences, and left alone. My work and hobbies often take me to South Florida. Often to Palm Beach County. A lot in Broward County. Davie in particular. Occasionally to Miami and Coral Gables. I feel like an outsider down there. I definitely do not speak the language down there. Not any of them. Interesting that my firearms insurance through East Coast Collectibles just barely covers my area. They told me that if I lived just a few miles south in St. Lucie County rather than Indian River County they would not cover me. When I asked why they simply told me "demographics and crime." They say it has been moving north for years and it's only a matter of time until they won't cover my zip code, too. I'm envious that you've been enjoying Tennessee for the past 12 years. I look forward to being there also sooner than later. Maybe we'll cross paths at a gun range or while enjoying a fermented beverage.
  13. Exactly why I prefer the products from HangFast Targets that uses an angled mount on a common T-post. https://images.app.goo.gl/GbnbMEc4TVJMhRJDA
  14. I have used that OpSol accessory in my Mossberg 590A1 with excellent results. Never a single malfunction with the Aguila as well as off brand mini shells. That led me to getting a Mossberg Shockwave. I bought the tax stamp and made that a SBS. I train regularly with that SBS with the mini shell adapter in place. That SBS is dedicated now for mini shells. I cannot recall a single malfunction. The 590A1 now runs the full size shells, the SBS the mini shells. I have read and then proved it to myself by alternating between my full size 12 gauge and the Mossberg 20 gauge I purchased for my son that the recoil is not lighter, in my opinion, on a 20 gauge. The gun is lighter and was easier for my young son to handle and hold on target, but that lighter mass translated to the same recoil I felt in my heavier 12 gauge.
  15. Great deal on the 6 MOA Vortex Venom. $179 shipped. https://gun.deals/product/vortex-venom-red-dot-sight-6-moa-dot-reticle-17999-wcode-3106

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