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  1. I always cut bait my bigger stripers, use skipjack and don't use weight, 3oz chunks is usually heavy enough. Here's a few of the bigger ones we've caught.
  2. Figured I'd post the results of the .450 Bushmaster that CVA has in the Scout. I bought one mostly for hog hunting and I'm glad I did, this thing is accurate. The ammo I'm using is the Hornady Custom 250gr FTX. Here's he results
  3. Well I called them back this morning asking to speak to the supervisor I spoke to yesterday and she said she didn't know who I spoke to. So she asked for the Transaction # on the papers I received. I gave them and she looked it up and said oh he granted your appeal yesterday after reviewing your claim again. Just glad to be able to take the thing home after a week. But I emailed the FBI and they're sending me the VAF form and Fingerprint card through the mail so I can get a UPIN. It might not work on future firearm purchases but it can't hurt either. Thanks again for all the info and responses, I much appreciated it.
  4. You know it's bad when regular people like us can do better jobs than those bunch of dumb****. The bad thing is I was still in High School that year. I think I'll give them another call in the morning.
  5. Well got another paper in the mail from them denying the appeal again. This time it's another place and 2 different times. This is getting ridiculous I've put pictures of the papers they've sent so far. I think I'm gonna go to my local sheriff tm and see if they can get this sorted out. This is some major bull****, and am getting feed up with it. If the people working tics can't do no better than this they need to put people in there that will.
  6. Thanks so much for the link. And honestly I don't know the supervisor I spoke too was not much help. He seriously acted like I had been incarcerated. And I know for a fact that they have to run socials because as we all know there's ppl out here with the same names. Their headquarters is a 3hr drive for me one way. I think I'm gonna call back and see if I can just do the finger print test in person. I definitely ain't got nothing to hide from them. But I don't see how just how just 4 days prior I bought a assault shotgun at the same ffl I've used for many transfers and was approved in minutes like always. They've messed up on their part and are not wanting to fix it. I'm scared to even buy another gun because I order all my stuff from buds and it's done payed for you know. And when you pay for something you want to be able to get it when it comes in.
  7. Where would I go to get something like this? And no I've never gotten the HCP I've been needing to but never find the time.
  8. Hey guys I just got off the phone with a so called supervisor at the tics headquarters. I gave him the transaction number on the paper and told him that they've messed up somewhere. He then went on in a smart *** voice so whats this about you being incarcerated at BLEDSOE bla bla in 2015......I told him that I hadn't ever been in jail or nothing and he goes well it says right here you have.....So I told him to run my social and he said that was the one on file..... I then gave my social and he goes well we use just a name based system that they'd send me a finger print kit in the mail, that they would compare it to the the other one and if they didn't match they would grant my appeal. So I figure a 2 week minimum before I get my gun because of a bunch of ppl that can't do there job. The little prick was rude. Are they anyway I can get a card or something that shows my true identity while purchasing guns? Because I have a feeling this is gonna be a problem for me and future purchases.
  9. Thanks for all the info guys, I'll give them a call first thing Monday morning. I have a feeling this is gonna be a major headache on getting this straightened out. Somebody has had to put the wrong info in somewhere, I've never put my social or any info regarding myself on nothing but trusted websites. But still identity theft is a very real problem and there's ways hackers can get all the info they need sadly, just hope this isn't the case.
  10. Yea I always give my Social, I'm going back up to the ffl Monday and making sure they put all the right info in. The bad thing is I just bought a Kel Tec KSG that previous Friday and was outta there in 10 min. My background checks have always been fast. Also bought a .357 Taurus around a week before the Kel Tec same thing. I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda worried about this, and hope to get it straightened out. Do I just call the number on the paper they sent me?
  11. Hey guys I've got a serious question here, I've purchased guns many times after being of age and went to pick up my CVA Scout 450 Bushmaster I got from Buds this past Tuesday and was denied. I've never had this happen to me and so the ffl I used had me fill out a appeal. Well they told me it usually takes 72hrs for them to approve my transaction. I've called everyday with no news. I just got a paper in the mail today from the TBI stating my appeal is denied because I was incarcerated at Bledsoe County Correctional Complex on 02/24/2015. I've never been to jail in my entire life, I've never gotten any speeding tickets or nothing, my record is clean. Does anybody know who I should call in order to get this straightened out? This is seriously a case of mistaken identity. Really appreciate any info on this because I've never been denied a background check in my life and I want my gun that I've done payed for and am legal to own.

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