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  1. If you don't mind the drive you could check with Mark Love at Brimstone Recreation in Scott County, TN. He has the rights to all the land and has hunting leases. He allowes one hunter for every 100 acres and its yearly leases. If you're interested send me a message and I can give you his personal number. The biggest lease he has is right at 1200 or so acres. But he has different plots to choose from. I will say that a few years back Scott and Campbell Counties got hit hard with the blue tongue but the population is getting built back up now. I hunt public land in Scott County and do well
  2. I'm using the 250gr Hornady Black, will clover leaf 3 shots at 100 yards. That 7 point dropped in his tracks with a nice entry and exit. I used to have the CVA Scout V2 in 450 with the 23in Barrel and always had good results with that gun. But seen this Remington with the 18in Heavy Barrel and had to have it. It's replaced alotta my other guns, its my go to for woods hunting or when I'm walking.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'm pleased with him, think this one is going on the wall with the other few. Was going to do a euro mount but decided against it. He'll look good beside the big 8 that was killed in the same area 4 years ago.
  4. I added another pic but its tilted for some reason.
  5. Got blessed with one of the biggest deer I've ever killed this morning on public land in Scott County. Even got to break the Remington 450 Bushmaster in. Tagged out on bucks for this season,its been a great season on public land. And the freezer is full of meat.
  6. I just got off the phone with the regional office in Crossville and you can for sure kill one antlerless from Nov 21st to Jan 3rd. With the type 094 or Landowner.
  7. If your in Unit B that's my understanding, I know they got certain dates for other regions in TN. So I guess with no dates for Unit B you can take a doe anytime in gun season as long as you got the 094 or a landowner. I can call the regional office in the morning and let you know for sure. But I'm almost certain I'm right but I'll check to be safe.
  8. In Unit B they dont have certain dates for the 1 antlerless tag if I'm not mistaken. Just can't exceed the one tag during gun season with the 094 Permit or Landowner. You're allowed 2 antlerless in Muzzloader for Unit B.
  9. Congrats on the 8 point buddy. I try and be a respectful hunter and fisherman. I wouldn't want somebody to run in on me so I wont run in on somebody else. Way to many other spots a man can hunt. I didn't know he had a stand in there or I wouldn't even picked a spot above him. I've used those XTP bullets for years and like them. I also like the SST for anything over 100yds. I tried the traditions carnivore this year and while they shoot good outta my gun; I dont feel they expand like they should. I shot a doe opening morning and didn't like the results. It was a quartering too chest shot
  10. I think they all get the powder ring with pellets. After about 5 shots in mine you can tell a difference in loading but it's not horrible to load. About every blackpowder rifle I've owned will not group with a clean bore, the first and second shots will usually be left or right a few inches. Then the 3rd-5th shot is right on the money. I wont even sight one in until the 3rd shot because that's when I'll get my best groupings. But make sure to get that bullet seated all the way; even if it's a struggle. I'll always take note or mark where the bullet is fully seated on a clean bore. Lo
  11. I jumped this guy up Thursday at 1:30 in the afternoon checking out a new spot on some public land. So I picked me out a big oak; overlooking the flat that runs down below the ridge where I seen him and made a plan to be in the woods a hour before daylight the next day. Got all settled in at 6 Friday morning, about 6:30 I heard somebody pull up down the mountain a bit and around 6:45 seen a flashlight shining on the flat I was watching from the ridge above. He must have been hunting that spot for a bit because he done had a ladder stand put up. I didn't want to move in on another hu
  12. I'm certainly enjoying the little gun, it seems like my Ruger Bolt guns is sitting more after I got this one. Its just a blast to shoot and accurate as can be. Still feeds flawlessly and haven't had any ftf or jams. Didn't think I was going to like the red dot but for plinking it's great. I've killed 20 squirrels with it so far but do believe I prefer the AO Bushnell Rimfire scope over the red dot; when it comes to squirrel hunting.
  13. Picked up this little Remington 597 HB the other day for $200. It had never been fired, the guy bought it new and put it in the safe. Put a Cheap Axeon Red Dot on it, installed some sling studs and put a Quake Sling on it so far. I've put around 400 rounds of Mini Mag through it so far without any ftf or jams. The trigger isn't awful but might put a Volquartsen Hammer, Extractor and a spring kit in it later on. But even with the factory setup I can shoot a .625 5 shot group at 25 yards with that red dot and 40gr Mini Mag Solids. Hope to take it out this weekend and put a hurtin on th
  14. Yea it sure surprised me with pellets, my wolf wont group like that but it's been a dang good gun. Took it's fair share of deer and hogs but gotta say liking the Optima.
  15. Just picked up a new smoke pole for muzzleloader this year. Was in Jamestown the other day and seen they had the CVA Optima V2 LR. Hadn't seen the model with the veil camo and thumbhole stock so I had to have it. It comes with the KonusPro scope in 3-9X40, very good glass and eye relief for a budget scope. Picked up some 777 pellets, federal primers and some Traditions Smackdown 250gr bullets for sight in. I've always used the Hornady XTP but didn't have no more on hand but got some coming in the mail. So far very pleased with the gun. Here's the first 4 shots outta the gun at 75yds


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