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  1. Figured I'd take a break on the deer hunting and take a fishing trip yesterday morning. The bite was slow dragging baits but still ended up with 7 fish in the boat by 1pm. Most the fish was eater size in the 8-12lb range but did put a 60lb and a 35lb in the boat. My buddy caught the 35lb drifting a couple rods a few feet off the bottom in the front of the boat and I was dragging two rods out the back with my dragging setup. The bait used was crappie heads and skipjack. Here's a couple pics of the 60, both the 60 and 35 was released to be caught another day. Took pics of the 35 my buddy caught but turns out the sun was right in his eyes and did not make for a good facial expression. Didn't catch it till going through the pics after we turned it back. Can't beat a big fish trip after a two month dry spell of no catfishing.
  2. Yea it'll make some fine sausage, the big ones like this we have everything but the backstrap ground up into sausage. Have the backstrap made into pork chops and ran through a tenderizer.
  3. Wasn't no deer today but dad got a big ole hog on public land in Scott County.
  4. Lord blessed me with a decent 9 point this morning. I've passed two spikes, 4 point, 6 point and a small 8 this season. I hunt the North Cumberland Unit in Scott County and just couldn't let this guy walk.
  5. Filled my doe tags already for Muzzloader but no buck down on the ground yet. I've let two spikes, four point, and a six point walk. Did shoot this big yote while squirrel hunting the other day. Had to let the ole Savage .22lr eat.
  6. Took dad out on the boat Friday night, started the evening off catching a few fresh skipjack. Wound up filling a small cooler before dark. Got the rods baited up around 9:30. We fished till 12:30 before the weather turned bad. A little rain I don't mind but lightning is another story. The bite was good, lost count of how many smaller fish was caught. Dad got him a flathead which was the biggest of the night. Also went out Wednesday night on a solo trip and did good that night also. Got a decent blue that was spawned out and skinny for its length. And quit counting all the fish after the 15th one. Brought 10 of which home to put some fillets in the freezer.
  7. Thanks buddy it was a pretty good one. June is a rough month for quality fish due to the spawn but the eater size is out in full force. Took my 14 year old cousin out the trip before catching that hog and boated 25 blues 15lb and under. The bite will get better as we get into July and the fish is done spawning.
  8. Was out on Watts Bar last night caught 15 bluecats and this was the biggest of the night.
  9. I fished Watts Bar last night and caught 12 Bluecats in a few hours. Caught some drifting channel ledges and dragging in back creeks. Nothing big, biggest was 12lb. But during the spawn that's how it goes. Bluegill, Shad and Skipjack was the bait.
  10. I called my local dealers looking for a Bad Boy and they was all on order. I came home with a Cub Cadet ZT1 54in, worked out a deal and got it for $3300 out the door. If it's anything like the M48 Tank I'll be pleased.
  11. My old Cub Cadet M48 Tank is getting tired and looking to upgrade in the next few days. I've got a 4k budget and would like some opinions on mowers from you guys. I mow about 2 acres with mostly flat ground and a few trees around. Any recommendations is welcome.
  12. Yea I'm proud of him, he was a big old deer for East TN on public land.
  13. My local taxidermist called today and said my deer was ready, been waiting to get him up on the wall. Anybody looking to have a quality mount done Byrds Taxidermy in Huntsville, TN is a good one.
  14. No I took and drilled holes through the bones and blew the marrow out with compressed air. Then let it dry in a borax/salt mixture.
  15. Got that one dried out and mounted up. Never did a mount like this before and must say I think it turned out pretty good. I've always just mounted the fan, beard and spurs but this will be my go to mount from now on.


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