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  1. No I let my buddy make the sausage, I'll usually make pork chops and frying meat outta a couple hogs. Then take a couple to my buddy and have the whole thing made in sausage. Then when the meat gets low get back out and kill a few.
  2. Eh we kill so many on my lease it's nothing new, I keep them baited year round. But 50 yard shot outta a blind, with a Remington Model 7 in 7mm-08. I shot the big sow and Trevin got the smaller boar. We had been in the blind 20 minutes before they showed up.
  3. Better than store bought pork! They don't seem to bother people with blood pressure problems as much as store bought pork. They make some of the best sausage I've ate.
  4. Me and little man got us a couple this evening. Pork was getting low so we had to make a meat run.
  5. I like them also, got a few old Uncle Henry's also. But I can remember being a kid and using that Old Timer 25OT my papaw had since he was young. We skinned many a deer, squirrel and rabbit with that knife. Still have it but its seen better days, that's honestly what set me on the Schrade and Old Timers.
  6. The Monarch's is made in Japan but got the good steel. Dont really see many of them much anymore. I really like the old Schrade knife's with the carbon steel. I'll buy any I can get if the price is right.
  7. Picked up the Schrade for $30 and the little Monarch for $8. Also got a 70's Monarch 2212 Folding Hunter that's still new for $20 but it's coming from Canada. Gotta love Ebay for knife buying.
  8. Just picked these two beauty's up today and got them for a great deal. Payed $40 for both, the Buck didn't have a sheath and the Schrade dont have the right one. But for the years both knives is in great shape.
  9. I got a .450 I use at a couple different feeder setups and can tell you that it does work on them. I took my cousin last week and he shot one in the 150lb range right snack dab behind the eye and lets just say they wasn't much left on the other side. Probably my favorite round for under 200 yards. I got plenty of centerfire rifles and a few .22lr, just wanting another gun lol you know how it is. Just not made my mind up on what I want. I like the TCM but the ammo selection is what worries me. It's been out for awhile and nobody other than Armscor is making it. My other option which I'm likely to go with is a .223 bolt gun, I dont have one and the ammo and price is a clear win over the TCM but man that little thing is sweet no doubt. I can always get a TCM later, good thing about guns is you can never have to many
  10. I'm leaning very hard towards the TCM, it's just a oddball and not seen often. Will say that the one I sighted in was very accurate, even with a cheap fixed power scope. It was the wood stock version with the 22in barrel. The one I'm looking at is the tactical version with a 20in barrel I think. Would like the extra energy that comes with the TCM, especially for my purpose. The little old LR works great but not much room for error on shot placement. As for the ammo I'm not too concerned about the price just availability, just hoping it's not something that as times and laws change the ammo becomes non existent.
  11. Looking at buying another small caliber rifle, got a bunch of .22lr's but wanting something different. I sighted in the RIA .22TCM Rifle for a buddy and man that thing is sweet. Got a bark to it also. The only thing concerns me about it is ammo selection, can only get it at local gun shops. It runs around $20 for a box of 50 and only Armscor is making it I think. Main use will be shooting hogs over corn on my lease and Varmint control. Do know that all three will do the job with the right shot placement. When I'm hunting over corn all I take is a .22lr and it's taking a fair share of wild hogs. Looking for some opinions.
  12. Thanks guys, I'm pleased with way it turned out.
  13. This year made my 2nd year ever fishing for Crappie and my best year of fishing for them. I might catch bigger later on but for Watts Bar these are dang good fish and my personal best. Dont know the weight just got the measurements. The black went 16 1/4in and 12.5in Girth. The white went 15in with a 12in girth. All I know is they sure are good to look at so the $310 was well spent. I used a old piece of barn wood and stained the edges with Minwax Red Mahogany 225 to get that burnt look on the outer edges. And used Cocunut Oil for the rest to keep the color lighter.
  14. If I ever run across some I will, I pay $3 a box for the Aguila here local. And I'm very impressed with it for the money, but like I said its dirty. If I do my part I can put 5 shots in a dime at 50 yards with the Aguila outta the Ruger. Just gotta swab the barrel every 200 rounds or that group opens up.
  15. Just a little update on the Ruger American Rimfire, I've put around 1000 rounds of Aguila Super Extra through it with no ftf or jams. Its cycled all rounds flawlessly and is a tack driver. I've not tried any other ammo through it because it loves the Aguila and it's super cheap. The only thing I dont like about the Aguila is it's very dirty. After about 200 rounds I gotta clean the gun because the groups start opening up. I did change out the Vortex and put a Bushnell AO scope on it for closer shooting. I like the Go Wild Editions so much I'm ordering a .300 Win Mag in it. Gonna look good next to the .22 and 6.5 Creedmoor. Highly recommend these guns if anybody is in the market for a new rifle.

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