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  1. My good friend is the GM at Cadillac of New Orleans. Said by 2035 ALL vehicles will be electric. Sad. My father in law is a federal judge for the NRC (Nuclear regulatory commission) said within 12 months the US will have rolling brown outs. Not maybe, not possibly...we def will. Said there is no way anytime soon we will have a powergrid to charge if half of the country had electric vehicles. Takes the US 10 years billions of dollars to build a new nuclear plant. China it takes them 5 years and they do it for half the price. And they are literally making identical ones the US makes. (WE GAVE THEM THEM THE DESIGNS/INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BUILD THE PERFECT REACTORS) I jokingly asked him "yea but would you live right next to one of their reactors" China has a passion for ripping off well made things and making them cheap, but I'm not sure they're known for their ingenuity. (This post is no way racist. I love a good fried rice and General Tsos. And I don't blame them too much anymore for the KungFlu.) Look at Commifornia telling it's citizens to hold off charging their electric vehicles. What's next? We post something political on social media and our cars are disabled for a day. Buy a new gun...well your cars need to be disabled for a day to ensure no mass shootings. I will never buy an electric vehicle But back to Caddys. My buddy let me take home a 2019 (brand new at the time) an ATS-V. It was pretty bad ass. And loud. It had some ridiculous sticker price at the time. ($60k) maybe. And the last time I brought home a luxury car I had to buy my ex something that wasn't cheap either. Maybe that's why she's an "ex"
  2. This has the blue flex rifle rated plate in it as well. I think I paid $500 just for the plate. The vest was a little over that. So about $1200 I got into this vest. You can have it for $500. Today only, going out of state for a bit. Size Medium, short length.
  3. I was trying to sell together. May consider it if just the rifle sells.
  4. I am the second owner of this rifle. Didn't seem to have been shot very much when I purchased it. I recently replaced the barrel to a Faxon 13" and SLR gold BCG. (About 200rds through both) Has JP Rifles silent captured spring and LAW folder with SCS adapter. Olight w/ pressure switch. Primary arms acss reticle optic. Trex sling and neonag sling strap. For an extra $400 I can include 1000rds of 556 55gr ammo(with ammo can) $1200 Cash money takes the rifle. I live in Nashville but work takes me all over. Should be fairly easy for me to meet someone if need be.
  5. Is that front sight post mounted directly to the barrel?
  6. Sent you a private message.
  7. I'm tempted just because the box says reverse dong Polish style You got a cash price?
  8. Theres one in Nashville on armslist for $550


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