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  1. Sounds like someone I'd get along with. Add motorcycles, though. I'm a new member, having been here (the forum and Tennessee) less than a year. So far I've had some limited contact with other members and all have been very positive. Every friend I have was once a new acquaintance.
  2. I didn't see your post til just now.... it's out of stock this morning.
  3. Make that four recommendations for Athlon. I have an Ares mounted on an RPR in 338 Lapua and couldn't be happier with it. Caveat: I'm not a competitive shooter, but for long range "plinking" I really like the scope.
  4. Guys, please. I enjoy the 2nd Amendment political thread, but if this pointless bickering continues it'll get shut down. Let's tone down the personal stuff five or six notches.
  5. Set of four 17" Porsche Boxster wheels in very good to excellent condition. These are from a 2000 Boxster. 17x7 fronts, 17x18.5 rears. No curb rash, but there are a few very small blemishes, probably from road debris. The first picture shows the worst of it. I think these will fit a variety of Porsche / Audi / VW vehicles, but that would be up to you to determine. You're welcome to bring your vehicle and test fit one if you like. I could be interested in trades for powder, primers, or perhaps a rifle scope. My price is less than half what you'd expect to pay on eBay, so it's pretty
  6. I need some slow powder, H1000, Ram Mag or similar. I'm wondering if anyone local has topped at Outdoor Junction recently and if they have any powder in-stock. Gracias!
  7. AND returning to the Second Amendment, here's a story about the reactions of several governors to Biden's proposed EA's on gun control: https://www.newsmax.com/politics/gop-governors-guncontrol-laws/2021/04/09/id/1017054/ Our own Governor Lee is mentioned, and some of the governors seem to be taking a strongly pro-gun-owner stance.
  8. I recently watched a documentary on a San Quentin prisoners' basketball team. I wish I could remember the exact quote, but a Lt. guard said something along the lines of: These guys are going to be released when their sentences are up. We can release them as the very bad men they are when they get here, or we can provide counselling and rehabilitation to them so that some of them WON'T be very bad men when they're released. Given that they'll be sharing the streets with you, which do you prefer? That made sense to me.
  9. I was in the Corps, not the NG, but I am certain that I never had anyone else load a magazine for me. I, and everyone else so far as I know, took our ammo from a box and loaded the mags. Certainly under combat conditions magazines are shared, but in that circumstance?
  10. That's painting with a mighty wide brush. I think that there are plenty of liberals who are plenty patriotic. The founding fathers spoke often of "liberal politics" and were, of course, revolutionaries. A properly functioning representative democracy like ours needs both liberal and conservative voices. The idea of having a government like ours is that liberals, conservatives, and centrists SHOULD be able to work together to find compromise positions. It's a national tragedy that left and right have come to see one another as enemies rather than as people of good conscious with differing idea
  11. When I was a young Marine ( a LONG time ago!) one of the field grade officers was working on his Master's Degree and distributed a questionnaire to enlisted Marines under his command asking a similar question (among many others). I no longer recall it exactly, but essentially it asked about their reaction to the idea of firing on Americans. He was surprised to find that the majority of respondents said they'd shoot the officer who gave the order. And then on the other hand there was Kent State and the clearing of U.S. vets under orders of Hoover in 1932,
  12. I wouldn't spend that much on primers unless I was desperate. And I certainly wouldn't speculate in hopes of turning a profit, though plenty of people do.
  13. The founders, however, discussed party politics at length (read "The Federalist Papers") and were frightened of the negative effects.
  14. Your best bet would be to seek out a local ham radio club and attend a meeting or two. Most clubs are full of old guys who love to talk and advise, and I know you can find some help. Being so near Nashville, you can easily find some help there. I found the Sumner County Amateur Radio club website here: https://www.scara.net/ What kind of receiver are you using? There should be quite a bit of ham traffic on 40 meters after dark, and on 20 meters during the daylight hours. Since you're studying for your license I assume you know which parts of the bands are used for voice communications
  15. You can tell when a politician is lying because his lips move: It's an outright lie that gun manufacturer's cannot be sued. The PLCAA provides protection for gun manufacturers when their products are used by criminals, but certainly not if the firearm is defective or dangerous. The anti-gunners, like Biden and Harris, know that if the PLCAA is repealed it will do grievous harm to firearms manufactures. People with deep pockets like Bloomberg will happily finance suit after suit which, even if they are unsuccessful, will have the effect of destroying gun manufacturer's through the expense


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