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  1. Not enough information out there yet. I despise anti-gun Baldwin, but don't want to jump to conclusions. The stories I've read make it sound like two people were hit from one discharge. I think most of us are assuming the discharge was from a handgun, but if it were a shotgun then two victims seems more likely. I'll be interested in learning more. Edit an hour later: A news article says that Baldwin was handed the prop gun, and a single round passed through a woman who was killed and struck a man who was not killed. This begs the question of why there was any live ammunition on a movie set. I suppose a long investigation will follow.
  2. Powder Valley has Varget in stock right now, according to their website. $262 plus shipping for an 8# jug. Get it while it's hot!
  3. Sounds pretty familiar, Willy. Welcome to the forum!
  4. $34 a pound for the MagPro, which is suggested retail. I didn't see anything in the powder section that was outrageous.
  5. Coincidentally, I saw a truck pulling a flatbed trailer with a helicopter on it this morning between Crossville and Cookeville. The heli was wrapped with blue plastic, but the semi behind it had a Sikorsky logo on the side of the trailer and the trailer had a retractable radome on the back. I think that second trailer was some kind of mobile test facility, though why Sikorsky would need to test remotely is a puzzle. Unfortunately the trucks didn't get off at my ramp so I couldn't poke around to see under there, but it was still interesting and reminded me of this string.
  6. I had to drive to Cookeville this morning, and any time I go through there I stop at Outdoor Junction. Was looking for some scope lens caps, which I didn't find, but they had a pretty good selection of powder and projectiles today. No primers, though. I've been looking for H1000 for loading 338 ammo for some time. They had several pound containers of Accurate Magpro. I've not used it before, but took a risk and bought two pounds to try out. There were quite a few of the RX powders on the shelf along with some of the Hodgdon powders. I didn't try to note everything there, but they had LilGun among others. Quite a bit of projectiles, too, including some too-expensive Barnes bullets.
  7. Of course that's just about the only way for 99.9% of the members to hear about the NRA, including the NRA pubs. I find it telling that the NRA itself barely addressed the issue. Cox just disappeared and I never saw a word about it in American Hunter. LaPierre made some admissions in court about a boat trip to Bermuda, I think, but I don't feel like looking that up right now. The business about the expensive suits was admitted, too, as some spokesman said that WLP had to look good because of his frequent public appearances. So yeah, the left-wing media has it out for we NRA members, but there certainly have been some shady dealings and a serious lack of transparency from the organization.
  8. Yeah, I've used that , but would really like to get a good rest. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. I've been looking for a Lee bullet mold to cast some 340g bullets, but can't find one. I'd like to try loading some 45-70 with Trailboss and see if I can't make a plinking round. Anybody have any success with lighter loads for the 45-70?
  10. And in the fast lane. I've flown in helis several times while I was in the Corps. They're noisy and bumpy!
  11. My ancient Cabela's rifle rest has given me years of trouble-free service, but it won't work with my Ruger RPR rifles, which are patterned on AR-style rifles. The center bar of the rest interferes with the pistol grip of the rifle. Anyone have a recommendation of a good rest that will work with AR-style rifles. The Caldwell Solo has an offset design so that the bar doesn't interfere, And another one called a Primos Group Therapy rest looks pretty good. (I have NO idea how they came up with that name.) Any recommendations?
  12. Keep 'em coming. Knives seem to move pretty quickly here.
  13. From IMR's site. The Lee reloading manual has some reduced load formulas that I've used very successfully in other calibers. I'm not sure 4198 is included in those formulas, but if I think of it while I'm in the reloading room I'll check. I always love going into the manuals.... it's a sickness. Checked IMR 4198 is NOT one of the powders listed with load reduction data in the Lee manual, however their data for 45-70 lists 36.3 - 41.2 g of 4198 for 300 g JHP. The Lyman cast bullet manual lists 34.5 - 49.7 g for 292 gr lead bullets. IMPERIALMETRIC Twist:1:20.000" Barrel Length:24.000" Trim Length:2.100" BULLET WEIGHT 300 GR. SIE HP STARTING LOAD MAXIMUM LOADS MANUFACTURER POWDER BULLET DIAM. C.O.L GRS. VEL. (FT/S) PRESSURE GRS. VEL. (FT/S) PRESSURE IMR IMR 4198 0.458" 2.525" 53.7 2,293 33,100 CUP 57.2 2,407 39,100 CUP


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