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  1. Retail or from a private seller? I'd surely love to find some at that price!
  2. I hope she called the cops.
  3. This guy insulted every new gun owner out here, and I reckon he insulted those of us who are long-time gun owners as well. Most LE that I've spoken with are staunch proponents of legal gun-ownership. Biden couldn't have chosen a worse nominee for us!
  4. Man! I've bought and sold a LOT of bikes over the years, and have never bought one without test-riding it and never refused a test ride when selling one. I guess if it's your bike you get to make the rules, but there is no chance in the world I'd buy a bike without running it to red-line, running it through all the gears, and trying out the brakes.
  5. Hmmm, I have a Sportster, a BMW sport tourer, a Ducati 1098 Superbike, a kinda rare 89 Yamaha RD-350YVPS, and GasGas trials bike. I'm pretty sure I'll find another one I need, though. I have a brand new set of Toomey pipes and the RD is sitting on the work bench waiting for them. Just a matter of finding the time. Anybody have the rear grab bar for sale?
  6. I believe that there are still some secondary (recycling) smelters in operation, but no more primary smelters. We have a lot of lead in the ground in this country, but I don't know if any is being mined. If it is, then it's being shipped somewhere else (Canada? Mexico?) for smelting.
  7. Thanks a lot, I sure do appreciate it. But no way am I going to pay $55 a pound! Well, not this month, anyway.
  8. You need to keep it in ANY case!
  9. Did you happen to note whether they had any Ram Magnum? I'm planning to drive by there next Tuesday, but I reckon whatever's in stock today will be gone tomorrow...
  10. I kinda wonder if he has any clue what he actually said there. He certainly hasn't much concept of magazine capacity.
  11. I'd sure like to have a lot more information on this story. I think there's good deal more to be told.
  12. Not me, thank goodness! But my younger brother got shot in the face with a .357 at close range. Blew a big chunk of his jaw out, along with a bunch of his teeth. Screwed him up mentally for the rest of his relatively short life. He was shot by his wife's boyfriend. Bone fragments from his jaw put out her eye. The ex-wife and bf were going to take my brother's measly insurance money and live the good life in Florida. The shooter got out of prison a few years later, tried an armed robbery of a store, and took a bullet to his spine for his trouble. He went to prison in a wheelchair and died there a short time later. There's a whole lot more to the story, but I doubt anyone here wants to read a book about it.
  13. That isn't conjecture, it happened fairly frequently before the election. As if Trump went to the lab to develop the thing.
  14. This kind of story worries me. OP failed to maintain his lane in traffic, something I see too much of. The guy behind him reacts in a negative way, OP escalates, then claims he exercised restraint and would have been justified to kill the other guy. OP makes a point of saying that people think he's Billy Bad Ass and walks with "a swagger", though the other driver couldn't have known that during the event in question. Those comments say something about his attitude. Scary stuff, and just the sort of thing that the anti-gun crowd eats with a spoon. I am generally armed when I'm driving a car, generally not when I'm riding my motorcycles. I decided long, long ago to avoid confrontational situations, and to react to every unavoidable confrontational situation as if I were NOT armed unless there is absolutely no alternative. As Dralarms suggested, usually a friendly wave and recognition of your error (and OP DID make an error by failing to maintain his lane) will diffuse the situation. It's pretty easy to wave and say "sorry" even if you don't feel at fault in the situation. It would be pretty hard, and very expensive, to live with shooting someone over a situation that started a simple case of poor driving.
  15. I'm sorry to learn of your daughter's difficulties.


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