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  1. I have three RPR's, plus one of their .22 versions. All are excellent rifles, easily adjustable, and mine are accurate. I'd be interested in this one, but I already have one in 6mm Creedmoor.
  2. Eggs Zacktly! The mayors of those cities were willing to drive their economies into the ground, and now that the political reason for a shutdown no longer exists, they want their economies running again. The conditions you cited existed months ago, right? But the timing of the desire to reopen the economies is suspect in my eyes. There appears to have been a political reason for keeping the economies down. The stated reason for shutting down, Covid, still exists and isn't showing any sign of going away. Why reopen now? If the people were in so much danger from the virus six months ago that th
  3. I read today that the mayors of New York and Chicago are now both in favor of immediately re-opening their economies. I have no doubt that Covid is a serious problem, but I also have no doubt that a large part of the government response was political. Now that DJT is about to be out of office, it's suddenly okay to get the economy running again? Wouldn't it be nice to trust government to do what's right for the people instead of for their party?
  4. My buddy and I built illegal CW transmitters so we could send Morse code at 15 watts or so the three blocks between our houses. We didn't know we needed licenses, and I know that every TV in town was pulsing and clicking with every character we sent. It was fun for the short time until my dad figured it out. I think he was pleased I was able to build the transmitter, but not so much that I actually used it.
  5. I've been a ham for years. The last thing to fail is good old CW (Morse Code). There are some more modern digital modes that work through heavy noise, but those require a computer. CW just requires a key and a bit of practice. And apart from the emergency aspect of it, ham is an enjoyable hobby. de KC7TEN
  6. About a year ago I bought a Ruger Precision Rimfire in .22 LR and I love it. It's more accurate than I am, and you can't (at least couldn't) beat a .22 for cheap. I also have a couple of Armi Jager AK-22's, one in .22 LR and the other in .22 Mag, neither of which have been fired much. Ruger 10-22 which I rarely shoot. Marlin lever-action in 22 Mag. My first rifle ever, a Nylon 66 that I bought when I was 15 and still shoot fairly often. And a small brace of 22 handguns as well.
  7. I wonder how much it would cost to open a primer manufacturing facility. Wowzer! $400 a case for primers. Who'd a thunk it?
  8. Scary stuff! Cumberland county, where I live, is a Second Amendment Sanctuary, and I doubt there'd be any immediate enforcement of such nonsense, but thinking down the road 20 years or so...... not good news!
  9. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/10/joe-biden-doubles-down-pledges-defeat-nra/
  10. Watch any one, the rest are about the same thing.
  11. He also seems to think it's a bad thing that a semi-auto, particularly AR-style rifles, will hold up to rapid fire. A lot of us have purchased that style of rifle specifically for self-defense. He argues that an AR isn't good for self-defense, but I choose to make my own decisions when it comes to the safety of my family and me.
  12. I think they can. I taught two women (friends of my wife) to shoot when both had previously been anti-gun. Both had fun shooting at and popping balloons, like you'd set up for a little kid, and I think the heavy emphasis on safety impressed them both. If and when you take those new folks spend some time on safe handling before you load a round, make sure they understand how careful we "responsible gun owners" are, and give them a way to be successful in their first outings. Big targets, short ranges. And keep an eye on them! No matter how much you preach safety, a newbie is likely to need som
  13. Thanks for that link, party. That's the first time I've read that particular article, though I've seen similar. That article is full of the kind of "facts" that I think the MSM will push. Further, I believe that it will become harder to argue against that kind of argument as social media giants have begun to censor views with which their owners disagree. I'm much more worried by what the media, including social media, is getting away with now than with who is in office. There's a reason why the Soviet Union, communist China, Nazi Germany, North Korea, etc., keep (or kept) such tight control ov
  14. No one "deems" it false. It's false. Spreading disinformation and misinformation is wrong. Unfortunately it seems a huge portion of our population cannot identify either. Are these statements true or false, Daniel?: No one needs a high capacity magazine. Weapons of war don't belong on our streets. The Second Amendment was written when people carried muskets. No one needs an assault rifle to hunt. An AR-15 was designed to kill lots of people quickly. Etc., etc., ad nauseam.... I would consider any of those "spreading disinformation." You might think all are chiseled in sto


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