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  1. 44 Mag dies for sale on this forum here:
  2. So can we assume that right now you have no reloading gear at all? The place to begin is to purchase a good reloading manual. They all include instructions on reloading, and will give you a good idea of what you need to start. You don't need to invest a whole lot of money to begin, but be warned, you can spend a butt-load of money if you're so inclined. Right now is a tough time to begin reloading, as components are harder to get than they have been in the past. But components are out there. I live about an hour from Oliver Springs, but if you want to come this far I can give you a demo of loading both 45-70 and 44 Mag.
  3. As a recent transplant from the Pacific Northwest, I can tell "yall" that one hits the nail on the head.
  4. https://ammunitionstore.com/?mc_cid=5cd0a64354&mc_eid=0a36fe4b37 I don't think I've ever ordered from these folks, but they send me e-mail solicitations pretty regularly. It looks like they're offering some okay deals on common ammo, including 380 which seems to be tough to find these days. I was at my local Rural King this afternoon and they had quite a bit of various ammo in-stock, including .22, 223, 380, and 9mm. I reload almost all my ammo, so the prices didn't tempt me at all, but it was nice to see ammo on the shelves again. I've had some luck finding bullets and powder, but primers are still unobtainable for the price I'm willing to pay. I am encouraged, though, and hope that ammo and components are slowly making their way back to the shelves.
  5. From a CNN news article: "Travis McMichael was found guilty of malice murder while the other defendants, Gregory McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan Jr., were convicted on four and three of the counts of felony murder, respectively." I wonder how one is found guilty of FOUR counts of murder, when only one murder was committed. I've been trying to find some explanation, but so far am coming up empty. While I believe that the jury came to the correct conclusion, I just don't see how the murderers were convicted of more than one count each. Anyone have an explanation?
  6. I disagree with you on that one, and think the 15-minute rule is a good thing. Do you ever bid on eBay auctions? There's a phenomenon called "sniping" when people will submit a bid at the very last instant, giving other interested parties no opportunity to respond. That 15-minute rule eliminates sniping. Higher sales prices are good for the site and good for the seller, and no one is forced to bid more than they're willing to pay. Just my two cents.
  7. True enough, but who is going to decipher which calls get a cop and which get a mental health specialist? 911 dispatchers have a tough-enough job, but it's been my experience (25 years as a volunteer fireman / EMT) that most of them don't have the education to make that kind of call. It was also my experience that a significant proportion of the calls to which I was dispatched were not exactly as described by the dispatcher. For example, one call was for a gas station fire and it turned out that a semi-truck had a smoking brake. Remember that the dispatcher is just relaying information given to him over the telephone, the dispatcher hasn't had a chance to personally evaluate the situation. Whenever I was dispatched to any kind of potentially violent situation the police were dispatched at the same time. Believe me, if I was going into a domestic violence situation, or to one where someone was threatening or had attempted suicide, I wanted the cops there with me. Ideally there would be a way to know when a police response is required and when some other response would be better. But idealism has to take a backseat to realism in most situations that require a 911 response. It's nice to sit in your armchair and think of ways to improve the system, it's a lot tougher to implement those ideas in system that requires immediate responses to dangerous situations.
  8. So with two years to think it over, would you have still chased the thieves, knowing what kind of damage would result?
  9. I just ordered 1000 30- Carbine projectiles. Get em while they're there!
  10. And just how much play will the MSM give race? I had to go to InfoWars to even see what the assailants race is. Personally, I don't care what his race is vis the crime, but I'm getting tired of seeing "white supremacy" when something like Rittenhouse happens, and crickets in a case like this.
  11. Actually, he WAS charged, tried, and found not-guilty. (I understand the quote came from Maria Shriver.)
  12. Of course that's true. Dickens spoke of it in some of his novels, and there were plenty of pamphlets printed before and during the revolution that told a single side of the story. William Randolph Hearst practically invented "yellow journalism" and made a fortune at it. But what we're seeing now seems different, probably because the internet makes it so easy to spread half-truths and lies. I could not care less what Alyssa Milano or high-school-drop-out Cher think about politics, but they've become loud voices for leftist policies, and have outsized influence. I think the scope of what we're seeing today, national news media telling outright lies about people or policies, IS unique, and worrisome.
  13. The single most disturbing thing about the reaction of the liberal elite is that they seem to want to abandon our system of trial by jury. Mayor De Blasio of New York City called the verdict a miscarriage of justice. It seems that many on the left want trial by public opinion rather than a jury trial. Since the results of this trial went against their wishes, the trial was unjust. We're seeing more and more of this, with people being pilloried in the press and by elected officials who are supposed to uphold the constitution. I find it frightening.


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