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  1. I’ve heard circumcision helps with that. Man, that’s just UNFAIR…yours has a sight post on it!? No wonder I’m always pissing on the rim with mine!
  2. You’re about 200 miles closer than the first man, with about 200 miles to go. It’s Murphy’s Law. Nearly everything that shows up on here that I want is exactly the same way.
  3. Wellsir I’d certainly sell it all to ya if ya did! Pls let me know if this changes. (then again, if mammaw had balls she’d be papaw)
  4. It’s hotter’n a blistered peter in a wool sock
  5. If it happens, so be it. I’ll adhere to it just like I do speed limits and my doctor’s advice. Those selfsame citizens that think themselves “awoken” are oblivious of the fact that they’re a weeklong power outage away from burning their cities to the ground. What irony. I’ve lived to see the day where “awake” people actually couldn’t be more asleep if they swallowed a whole bottle of Ambien and washed it down with a big jug of NyQuil.
  6. Hello, self. This is your alter-ego speaking. What’s the deal with your previous post? Why on Earth would you post those foolish, uninteresting links? I mean, what’s so uncommon about a group of modern Islamic militants stumbling across a forgotten cache of 5000 perfectly mint, Nazi MP44s? I mean, that’s almost as common as someone responding to their own post! You big oaf you!
  7. Hey there neighbor! I can’t be positive, but if there’s anywhere that would around these parts, it would be Tennessee Silencer in Seymour. The road that takes you there is a bit hairy, but it’s very much worth the visit. You can have some serious fun there…I’ve seen people slinging lead there from some of the wildest weaponry that I’ve ever witnessed…give them a try. Even if I’m wrong about the tannerite, I can assure you it’ll be worth it. https://www.facebook.com/TennesseeSilencer/?ref=page_internal
  8. ……….and then there was THIS… Hey…along the same lines as above…anyone here like apples? Yes? Then hows about THESE FRIGGIN’ APPLES <hint> anyone else ever scratch their heads about a decade ago when photographs began surfacing of Syrian jihadis armed with vintage STG44s, and Kar98s with modern optics duct taped to them? I remember thinking it was some kind of joke….nope. That was REAL! See for yourself - try the links and be stupefied (and very covetous, if you’re anything like me)
  9. please hear me out on this… As ashamed as I am at the fact that I’m quoting myself here…it’s only to call attention to a bit of an oversight on my part. I am guilty of never clicking links to videos; when given the choice of text or video, I will choose text 100% of the time. Since this is my first experience with being a part of an online community, I find myself with a bit of a learning curve. Several hours after starting this topic, it dawned on me that I had included the above link along with the body of the corresponding article without bothering to make sure the video matched the transcription! Again, because I simply comprehend the written word better than I’m able to glean ideas from videos…. …or so I thought, that is! I was reminded today of the power of the spoken word, especially when coming from the mouth of a master debater….I mean a cunning linguist…seasoned politician! This will probably be the only time I ever say this, but I think you all should watch this man deliver these words via the video then, if interested, read the transcription that I included. This is powerful stuff. Please y’all, let’s talk about what this means, together. CLICK HERE AND JUST LISTEN TO THIS MAN TELL THEM HOW IT IS!!!
  10. My heavens but you’re full of surprises, Fujimo! That is an exquisite piece, sir! PS Oh, on a completely unrelated note, is there anyone out there that can loan me $1486.43?
  11. I apologize - I know it’s a long post but it’s really rich. I beg everyone who reads these words to at least read the spaced-over section which contains an absolutely brilliant monologue. He makes the very points that all of us have been pointing out for so long. I have a challenge for anyone interested. Try your best to honestly play the role of devils advocate as you read his words and see what kind of rebuttal you come up with. I’m being serious. I can come up with nothing (other than sarcasm) that can support the contrary position. PS I wish to thank Ronald_55 for being the impetus that allowed this glimmer of hope to be presented. It was his recent post about the rescue of a WW2 Sturmgewehr that led me to this material. Lord, why couldn’t it have been me that this lady brought that beautiful weapon to? I know one thing, if I had a job like the man in that story, I’d carry one hell of a large lunchbox!!!
  12. I came across this as a result of the post that another of our members recently made regarding the rescuing of that STG44…it came from same site. This is absolutely wonderful, except for that very last sentence. I realize that I’m preaching to the choir here, but a little edification never hurt a congregation, does it? Here’s the link to the original…. A firebrand Southern lawmaker spoke out against further restrictions on the Second Amendment during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing this week. Congressman Clay Higgins, the straight-talking Louisiana lawman who earned a reputation as the "Cajun John Wayne" before running as a Republican for Congress, confronted Joseph Gramaglia, the Police Commissioner for Buffalo, New York, over the Commish’s support for controversial "red flag" gun seizure laws. "So, you support confiscating guns from individuals 'determined to be a threat to themselves or others – determined to be,'" asked Higgins. "By this legislation, my colleagues are putting forth, my understanding of the letter of that law, which I 1,000 percent oppose as would our Founding Fathers, the letter of that law says an anonymous tip from a citizen. So, if this was law, Commissioner, would you confiscate? Would you go to your neighbor’s home and confiscate his legally owned weapons? A man that was not under criminal investigation nor under arrest. Would you do it? Gramaglia: The red flag laws would... Higgins: That’s a yes or no, brother. I got five minutes to make an hour and a half statement here. Gramaglia: It’s more than a yes or no answer. It would be up to – it would... Higgins: We’ll move on. If you cannot say yes, you would confiscate weapons from an American citizen that was subject to this law that my colleagues intend to push through this Congress, and you said in your statement that you would confiscate those weapons if an American was determined to be – your quote – a threat to themselves or others. According to the letter of the law, determined to be is defined by an anonymous tip that an American citizen is a threat to themselves or others. You’re a police commissioner, a "thin blue line" brother sworn to uphold the Constitution, and you’re saying you’d seize those weapons. I see that as a problem. Then Higgins sat back and delivered a monologue on life, liberty, and gun laws, which is just a home run. Higgins this week voted against both H.R. 7910 and H.R. 2377, Democrat anti-gun laws which passed the House on roughly party-line votes.
  13. She’s slicker’n a minner’s peter! I have to say, those are excellent photographs. What a beautiful piece…best of luck, sir.
  14. The Uplander Field shotgun features a timeless English design, at a price to fit your wallet. And the receiver is precision machined to exacting tolerances so the shotgun holds up year after year. Double-triggers A-grade, satin walnut stock 12 gauge Extractors are standard on side by side models Tang-mounted safety automatically engages when the gun is broken open You don’t have to spend a fortune on a British model that will take years to receive. Model: 31140 Barrel Length: 26` Stock: A-Grade Satin Walnut OAL: 42` Weight: 7.4 lbs.
  15. I had the glorious opportunity to actually hold this very handgun. The photo, while nice, pales in comparison to reality. It’s very sleek and the action feels like your wringing two gage blocks together, such is the fit and finish. If you find that you’re teetering on your decision, let me nudge you towards the purchase…this is a very nice firearm and 10mm is just so much fun. Not that his reputation here needs any help from a relative nobody such as myself, but dealing with Fujimo is a real pleasure and his knowledge of firearms is only outdone by his honesty and kindness, ps no, I wasn’t paid to say any of this, but I’ll certainly accept payment…from anyone for that matter
  16. Just wanted to commend you on the sheer quality of those photographs that you uploaded with your advert! It truly left nothing up to interpretation. IMHO, you’ve just given a master class on how to properly sell a firearm (or anything) online, and I just felt compelled to point this out. You’ve basic given a clinic here….those great pics along with the information in print literally answered just about any question a prospective buyer would have, without ever having to ask! Pricing was excellent, proven by how very quickly a buyer came forward. One cannot help but notice that this is the common denominator with just about every item that languishes here - many of us are guilty of trying to recoup our cumulative purchase price as if it were brand new, lol sometimes even after years of usage! I’m personally guilty of this, and I’m trying to get better about it…with me, I’m pretty sure that, within the first minute of placing an advert, I’m already wrestling with whether or not I really want to sell it in the first place! Great job, really! You’ve given me a lot to think about! Congrats to all parties!


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