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  1. Unfired in the box Ruger MK IV Target with threaded barrel. Gun is absolutely new condition. $475. Located in Lenoir City.
  2. Want to Buy a S&W Snub 38 in Like New Condition. Located in East TN just South of Knoxville. Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  3. Thanks Scotty. Just got a case.
  4. Like New In The Box 9MM S&W Shield. Comes with box extra mag , and everything it came with new. Never Carried. It is 3 years old but unfired. Located in Lenoir City. $350
  5. I do not know. It says on the barrel " Marlin Firearms Ilion NY". Since Remington was in Ilion NY it is possible.
  6. I bought this new from PSA a couple of months ago to put on a Ruger PC 9. I just stuck it on the rail of the gun and sold the gun before I ever sighted it in. It is a red or green dot that you can switch back and forth. $100 Located in Lenoir City
  7. SOLD Marlin 336 in 30-30 Win with a cheap Bushnell 3 x 9 illuminated reticle scope. This Marlin is about as close to new condition as it gets. I bought it from another forum member thinking I wanted a lever action in my collection. Since I have not been hunting in 25 years I don't see me ever using it. Located in the area of Lenoir City and Farragut. SOLD Smith and Wesson Shield 9MM . As new unfired in the box. Comes with two mags and all paperwork as it shipped with from the factory. $385 or best offer. Would trade on Like New Condition S&W and Ruger Revolvers or Like New Condition Glock. Can take or pay difference as needed.
  8. Somehow that does not surprise me. LOL. Thanks Greg. I'll message you tomorrow and see when is a good time for you.
  9. Three boxes of Hornady Leverevolution 160 grain 30-30 Win ammo. Premium FTX flex point ammo safe to shoot in tube feed lever action rifles. Located in Lenoir City. Can not travel far just to sell 3 boxes of ammo. $75 for all three boxes.
  10. Henry Lever 22lr. Has been fired a few rounds but is in like new condition with the box. Gun is flawless no scratches or dings. Beautiful wood. Only selling because I am having trouble seeing iron sights so I bought a new Ruger 10/22 Light Varmint Tactical with a scope. Would trade on a like new snub revolver and pay the difference. Located in Lenoir City. $350
  11. Yes it is, but according to Mapquest Clarksville is 209 miles from Lenoir City. That eliminates me.
  12. I bought it a couple of years ago. Loaded it and put in in a desk drawer and left it there. I thought I would carry it but never did. It is still in new unfired condition. Nothing wrong with it, I am just on a Snub 38 kick these days. Comes with box, two mags and everything that it had when new. Located in Lenoir City. $385 or would consider a trade on a nice short barrel revolver and pay any difference.
  13. I have decided that I need a few more short barreled revolvers in my collection. I would like to buy three or four 38 and 357 revolvers made by S&W or Ruger. Maybe even Taurus. Looking for Pristine Condition with 2 to 3 inch barrel. Not looking for old collector grade guns. Want late model in Like New Condition in the $350 to $650 price range. No hammerless guns. Examples include S&W 637, 638,36, 60, 686 with 21/2 bbl, Ruger SP101, GP100 3 inch, Taurus 856,605, etc. Located South of Knoxville.
  14. It has been 10 years since I was a Class 3 dealer but back then dealers did not do the fingerprints or passport size photos that you needed. The fingerprints were done at your local law enforcement department. Now I think the fingerprints are usually done at a mail center and the photos are done at Walgreens or someplace like that that takes passport photos. I do not know of any dealers that do the prints and photos. I see you are in Maryville. Bobby Cash at Volunteer State Armory in Lenoir City is a Class 3 dealer and could probably do the transfer for you.
  15. I don't reload but if I did and needed to dispose of it, I suppose a deep lake next time you go fishing might work. That's where most say their guns are anyway after the boating accident.
  16. Thank you NickinTN. I just checked. Shop Ruger.com has them in stock for $16.95.
  17. OK Kenneth, you have taught me something new. It does appear to be drilled and tapped for a scope mount. I had not even noticed that. Pictures of the top added.
  18. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of your ad. Then click on "EDIT". You can then click on the heading " FOR SALE" and it will go away and you can then replace it with the heading "AD CLOSED"
  19. PSA Lower Build Kit. Contains all parts for a lower except the buttstock. All parts including springs, pins, buffer tube, buffer and spring, etc. Have a spare parts kit for your AR. Brand new never opened $55. Located in Lenoir City. A few extra scope mounts I found while changing out a rifle scope yesterday. CVLIFE 30MM cantilever scope mount for AR-15. Includes plastic inserts to use with 1 inch scope and extra screws. Monstrum 30MM mount for AR-15. Simmons 1 inch 22 tip off rings for 22 rifle. Silver in color. Weaver bases for Marlin 366. All are in like new condition. Located in Lenoir City. $30 for all of them.
  20. New in Box Roxant Blackbird Spotting Scope. I bought two of these new in 2021 from Amazon for $79 each. The one on the tripod in the photo is the one I have been using the last 2 years. The one I am selling is still new and in the box shown in the picture. These great spotting scopes for the money. Made in USA. It is 12-36 power. The tripod is cheaply made. I mounted the one I use on a camera tripod. Located in Lenoir City. $50 Bushnell Banner 3 x 9 x 40 illuminated rifle scope with rings. I took this off a rifle I recently purchased from a forum member. I wanted to upgrade the scope on this rifle. It has an illuminated reticle with adjustable brightness levels and can be switched from red to green. Located in Lenoir city $25


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