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    I have dealt with plenty of those people. When I was young 40 years ago, I worked 4 years as a police officer. Believe me, I have seen what people will do to each other. I have also looked into the barrel of a British .303 being held by a mentally deranged man from 30 feet away. We all have to weigh the risks and decide what is best for us. There are probably 150 people in my church on a Sunday. For all I know 149 of them may be packing a gun. I won;t be one of them. Just a personal decision between me and my God. You do what is best for you.
  2. eRay


    True Greg but I would bet the odds are greater of you being in a house fire than a church shooting. Just guessing here. As for the smoke alarms, After 30 years of blowing a train whistle I can no longer hear a smoke alarm go off.
  3. eRay


    OK. Let's look at this from a statistical standpoint. Seems last time I read the numbers something like 350 people a year die in mass shootings in the US. There are probably about 350 million people in the US. That means you have about a one in a million chance of being a mass shooting victim in this country. I am sure most of the 350 are not shot in church so that makes my odds much less. I think my odds are much greater of being killed in an auto accident on the way to church than from a mass shooter in church. If I am wrong you are welcome to come to my funeral, stand over my casket, and say " I told you so " and I will be looking down on you smiling. I will take up my sword and carry it. Just not in the Temple.
  4. eRay


    I guess I am in the minority here. Church is the only place I go without a gun. I realize there have been a few rare church shootings but if I can not trust my lord to protect me in his house where can I count on his protection. If I die in church, I figure it his will. I do not have a problem with your decision but it is just not for me.
  5. I just bought a 20 Ga CZ Redhead Premiere O/U shotgun. First CZ shotgun I have ever owned. The fit and finish on this thing looks great. I like it so well that I am thinking of ordering a 12 Ga to go with it. I know they are made in Spain for CZ. I was just wondering if anyone here has had any problems with this gun. If I ever want one, I probably need to go ahead and get it while CZ has a $100 rebate. Opinions?
  6. I think you are on to something here. Probably half of the buyers never get the rebate. Their either never get around to claiming it or do not submit all the required documentation.
  7. Could also be that they jacked their prices up over the last couple of years to take advantage of the inflation situation and went a bit too far. Now they may be having to correct pricing a bit to maintain market share. Could also be that all the new first time gun owners that thought they might now need one have got one and that market is declining.
  8. Could be they are just catching up to demand. I just found it interesting that they all seem to be catching up at the same time and are starting with $100 rebates instead of $50 rebates.
  9. I am getting a lot of emails from gun retailers and just about all of them are pushing manufacturers rebate offers. It seems just about all of them are offering $100 rebates on new firearms. Smith & Wesson, Ruger and CZ are a few I saw on this morning's email scan. The last couple of years many models have been hard to find. Now everything seems to be in stock everyplace you check. It also seems to me like used gun sales on the forum may be slowing as well. I look at guns as mostly a non essential purchase such as furniture. Everyone has to have essentials such as food and gasoline so sales will not go drop much in a recession. Most people can get by with the old couch another year or two if money is tight. Most of us really have all the guns we need and can get by with what we have now. Anything we buy now is a want and not a need. So, are gun sales the warning sign of a coming recession?
  10. This is a great deal. Of course you are halfway across the state. I am in Lenoir City. If you can meet me somewhere around halfway, I will take it.
  11. 15 Boxes of M855 Green Tip 62 grain 5.56 ( 300 rounds). 10 boxes of PMC and 5 Boxes of Winchester. $150 for all 15 boxes, $60 for 5 boxes of Winchester or $120 for 10 boxes of PMC. Pickup in Lenoir City/Farragut area.
  12. I have reached my limit. I am retired with no payments any longer and a decent pension. I could buy about any extra guns that I might want. Most of my guns were bought new and I haven't shot but 4 or 5 of them. That being said, I am at the point now that if I buy another gun I sell one that I like less just to keep the number manageable. It is just a mental thing.
  13. New unopened case of Magtech 115 Gr FMJ. Brass cased 20 boxes of 50. Located in Lenoir City $250.
  14. Unfired PSA 5.56 AR-15. I bought the gun new from Palmetto State Armory a couple of years ago. Gun has not been fired. I put a new Bushnell 1 x 4 x 24 scope on it and never sighted it in. $585. Located in Lenoir City. If you are not an established member with a few feedback ratings, I will need to see ID.
  15. UPS did not make it here with mine yesterday. It was showing Out For Delivery but did not arrive. Tracking is now showing Monday delivery. But that is UPS fault not Crate Holdings Ammo.
  16. I had not heard of them either. I did a google search on them last week then ordered a case of Magtech 9MM. It is supposed to be out for delivery today by UPS. A little slow shipping but most places are now. No sales tax and free shipping. Will post as soon as it arrives and give you a recommendation.
  17. Going through and doing inventory on my spare mags. Have the following extras for sale. (30) 30 Round Gen 2 Magpul Pmags for 5.56 AR-15. Still sealed in factory bags. Buy 5 for $45 or 10 for $80 (4) Ruger Factory Mini 30 7.62 x 39 5 round mags still sealed in the Ruger Packaging for $70 (3) Glock Factory 17 round 9MM mags still in the factory packaging $65 Also have a new Ruger 10/22 complete trigger group. I bought a new 10/22 Light Varmint Tactical and replaced the trigger with a new BX trigger. The old one was never fired if anyone needs one for spare parts or to do an action job on. $25 Must pick up around Lenoir City area. Sorry but I can not drive far just to sell a few mags.


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