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  1. A friend just sent me this....
  2. Is it really? Is it a 'feel' thing? Because I'm sat here with a 1958 model 70 on the bench & compared to my newer '80s 'Ranger' model, it's horrible!
  3. I really want a pre-safety, post '64 top elect. I'd love a pre-64, but that's just not in my budget. Had one & had to sell it a couple of years back. I'm not looking for anything fancy, actually a bit of a project would be more than welcome!
  4. What in the 'Cali-compliment, parts bin, 6 beer, lost youth' hell am I seeing here?? There are VERY few firearms that are aesthetically unpleasant, but this one takes the cake, flips off the baker, slams the door & flicks a match into the damn bakery! Jesus!
  5. I'll take em! It'll be a while until I'm up that way, so I'll take the shipped option, if that's ok. Pm me your preferred payment option & I'll get it done.
  6. I don't honestly remember who I sold it to. I would assume it was on here though.
  7. I had a 16" stainless Rossi in .357 & I regularly kick myself for letting go of her. I did the full action slick-up & trigger job too. What an idiot.....
  8. Any particular reason why a Bisley over a standard frame? I don't have one for sale, I'm just interested in your reason for that grip.
  9. Wow. I did my apprenticeship on VW aircooled flat fours when I was a kid (sonofa.......30 years ago) Sooooper simple to work on. The only mechanical thing that you absolutely HAVE to check, literally every time you drive it, is the oil level. The oil pan is very wide, very long & very, very shallow. The gap between 'full' & 'top up' is tiny. If it's a hair below 'minimum' on the stick, it WILL seize & throw a rod. I couldn't get The Wife to understand that & replaced 2 1300s & a 1600 Super motor before I sold her '75 out from under her. She honest to God killed 2 in 6 months. Heater exchange elements tend to crap out before anything else (assuming U.S. Spec vee-dubs are the same as UK spec) but they're a simple job to replace. Which engine's in the ragtop you're looking at? I ask, because the cases ate slightly stronger on the 1200 than the 13 or 16s. They're slower by quite a bit than the 1600, but there's not a chance in hell I'd buy a 13 over a 12. If you ever need to work on it, it's much easier to drop the motor out than work around the body. 8 bolts to the bell housing, fuel line, alternator/generator (I don't recall the changeover year, sorry) wiring & throttle cables & you're basically good to go. Jack the motor off the mounts, pull it back, drop it down then pick the chassis up & walk it forward. I reckon it'd take me a couple of hours these days, but when I was doing it for a living, me & Vince (Jesus... I just remembered his name!) had it down to about a half hour to do a complete motor swap!
  10. That's all I paid last time
  11. Franklin Co. Gunworks in Winchester is the only guy I'll use around here. $10 transfer fee (last time I used him) & just am all around super nice guy to deal with.
  12. 65gn Gamekings over a pile of Varget for me.

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