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  1. I'm sure a lot of folks will try to talk you up to a better sight and, at some point, you'll probably want to upgrade. However.... I have that little Fieldsport red dot on my dedicated hog/HD shotgun. It's never had anything but slugs & heavy buckshot loads through it & I must say, the sight has held up FAR beyond my expectations! It's still functionally perfect after several hundred, HARD recoiling rounds. The dot isn't perfectly crisp & it's far too large for any sort of precision (4 or 6 moa, I believe) but inside of 100yds, or for CQB plate smacking, it's great!
  2. Does anyone here have a muzzle squaring & possibly a crowning tool with a .30 caliber mandrel? I'm looking at whipping a barrel down & would like to get a completely square muzzle. I've done it before with files, but I figured the correct hand tool would be much simpler
  3. PM sent. I'm feeling.........project-ey.
  4. I make a couple of gallons every year. Happy to post the instructions, if anyone's interested!
  5. Y'all clean your barrels???
  6. To be fair, a single bad example can happen in any price bracket, for any item, any time. I had a Browning X-Bolt that I bought brand new & it wouldn't shoot any ammo worth a crap. Doesn't mean that all mid-price range hunting rifles are bad. It doesn't mean all Brownings are bad. It doesn't even mean that all .300wsm X-Bolts are bad! Ask it mans is that THAT one was bad. A sample of one is statistically irrelevant, I'm afraid. I guarantee you'll find that 99.9% of PSA $159 upper users are tickled pink with them.
  7. I meant on a standard AR upper, but if you're buying......
  8. Sooo......I've just 'acquired' one of these scopes. It's the 3.6 with the M240 reticle. Can anyone give me any info how well these work, basically, with a standard 55 or 62gn .223/5.56 round?
  9. To be honest, I really don't think there are any bad uppers.
  10. I love having my own personal Gunbroker.
  11. I swear, I'd been on the fence about this for so long........ If I wasn't so invested in my 6.5 swede, I'd have been at your door on day one!
  12. I can't believe this is still here. If I had the free cash, I'd buy it on principle! This HAS to be one of the best hunting rifle deals I've seen in years!
  13. I want to give you my children. That's an insane job!!!

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