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  1. If you've got access to an angle grinder (you're a guy so.......) Run down to Lowe's/home depot & grab 3, 36" lengths of 1½"x1/4" mild steel bar. Chop each into 12" lengths, grind one end into a 60° point & roughly sharpen it. A couple of wrapped of tape on the 'handle' end & you've got 9 excellent throwers for about $20 They'll work exactly as well as any commercial throwing knife made (you'll just have to resharpen more often) The trick to throwing anything, is to figure out the correct difference. For the 5'8"-6'2" dude, 7 paces is usually on the money to get 2 full turns & hit point first 9:10 times!
  2. I just got done cutting another 264 cases for conversion. Longest 10 minutes of my life!
  3. You'll giggle like a kid, the first time you try it out!
  4. SOLD (bought?) pending meet. Possibly.
  5. Speaking of.....where is Caster these days? I don't think I've seen him on the forum for quite a while. You're going to LOVE the jig. Once you get the length dialled in & everything clamped tight, it'll cut as fast as you can push them through. 30/min isn't unfeasible at all. I had to sacrifice about a dozen old unsuitable cases to get it right but out of the thousands I have on hand, I'm not going to sweat it! I got it set to cut at 1.350" and after forming, they come out uniformly (LC '17 brass) at 1.357" that's under max length, straight off the saw but I can't guarantee that the mouth is square. I've trimmed them back to minimum (1.348) so I figure, by the time they need trimming again, they'll be about shot out.
  6. Oh, I've got all the cases cut & formed, it's just the final debur & chamfer, plus I've got all the primer pockets to de-crimp. I bought one of these jigs for the cutting....https://www.zepreloading.com/store/p3/300_AAC_Blackout_case_cutting_jig.html It took me around 20 minutes to cut 200.
  7. Never thought I'd need one & I've been managing just dandy with hand tools for ages, but I've got 500 pieces of brass I've converted from .223 to .300blk & I need to trim, chamfer, deburr & swage every single one...... I reckon it'll take me a year by hand! I don't have any real preferences as to make, as long as it either comes with, or accepts standard tools.
  8. I've typed & deleted 4 texts this evening.....
  9. robtattoo

    Ruger Wrangler

    My birthday's coming up......... (Dibs on the first one that goes in the Classifieds!)
  10. Thanks Mike. 2400 is an Alliant powder & Chris worked me up some numbers on Quickload that chrono perfectly!
  11. Please man. I'm struggling like hell here!
  12. I'm wanting to load some 300gn, hard cast, Hunter's Supply WFN bullets for my 5½" Ruger. I have Win296, IMR4227 & 2400 on hand, all of which I'm told are suitable powders. I'm really only wanting a load of around 1000-1100fps, so not stupid hot & heavy. I'm really REALLY struggling to find consistent data. Everything I have found is all over the place (literally I've seen minimum loads in one book that actually EXCEED the maximum load in another!) Lots of stuff for 240s & lots for jacketed 300s, but all I can find is forum data from 2012 & older. Not exactly trustworthy......... I'm really scratching my head. Can any if y'all help me here? Please feel free to PM data, if you're not comfortable doing it publicly.
  13. I have actually, yes. The .22 barrel was pleasantly accurate at 50yds with CCI mini mags, however the shotgun barrel threw a pattern at 25yds you could moonwalk through. Triggers were good, action was 'break over my knee' stiff. It wasn't my gun & it kinda put me off making one mine. 2½/5 stars. I only tried it because I ALWAYS wanted a Savage 24 for small game in .22mag/20ga & the new plastic version is just...eew. Like........eew.
  14. Yeah, I need to tighten it up under my binos I think. I'll try it with my hunting clothes, & pack & have a proper play around with the adjustment. I'll have more time this weekend to fiddle around... It's a friction fit. I wish it snapped into place, but it does have an adjustable retention screw. Even completely undone I can't shake it out. I tried like hell to 'snag' it loose when it's adjusted up & I can't get it to unintentionally come free.
  15. Gaahh.....you've got glass wrists!

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