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  1. for-sale RIA 22 TCM Rifle w/Vortex Crossfire

    I'm thoroughly intrigued by this little round. If I can scrounge up some spare change this week, I'll pm you. One of these has been in my radar since Armscor first announced them...
  2. for-sale Cheap camping hammock

    Sold. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. ENO Doublenest Dark blue, no carabiners. I've slept(ish) in it 3 times & being 6'1" & 260# I need a longer hammock. Again, no carabiners. Hammock only, no suspension. $30 shipped.
  4. Cheap Rangefinder

    I think SPF
  5. Cheap Rangefinder

    Sod it. $75 shipped
  6. Cheap Rangefinder

    Chuck Adams edition, Bushnell bowhunter 4x20. It's been used a bit, but not much in the 2 years I've owned it. Great for bow hunting, so-so for rifle. It'll pick up solid objects (houses etc...) up to 750 reliably. Trees out to around 500 & animals to 320 (more than advertised!) although it's slow to register. Anything under 200 & it's fast, accurate & reliable. The angle compensation distance, up to 50yds (honestly I haven't tried it beyond that) is spot on. Basically it's fantastic if you primarily bow hunt & occasionally take a rifle. $100 tyd Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. Savage 110, custom build .280 AI

    Far, far too many.
  8. sold SOLD SOLD Marlin Cowboy 45-70 26"

    No, I converted it to a straight wrist & decided to keep it. I regretted selling my last one & common sense got the better of me this time. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  9. Savage 110, custom build .280 AI

    Vicious bump. This is an aggressive 'buy my gun NOW!' bump. The kinda bump that promises glory & victory for the purchaser. It's the bump of winners. Champions of men, if you will. This is the type of bump Patton & McArthur threw out there. A heroic, 'do-or-die, think not what your country can do for you' bump.
  10. sold SOLD SOLD Marlin Cowboy 45-70 26"

    If someone would buy my .280 I'd be all over this!
  11. I'll take it. Any chance of meeting at The Outpost?
  12. Savage 110, custom build .280 AI

    Ouch! Please feel free to hit me up anytime.
  13. Savage 110, custom build .280 AI

    Another option for you: Leave the dies, bullets & powder with me & I'll reload whatever you need, whenever you need it. If you sell it on, I'll pass the stuff into the next buyer. That way you'll have hand loaded, quality ammunition for the price of powder & primers !

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