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  1. Not mentioned in the ad... but buyer will also receive a FREE thumbs up from me at the conclusion of the sale. :D
  2. I don't always bump my sale thread... but when I do, I like to add a picture of the Fonz. Have a "Happy Day". [URL=http://s12.photobucket.com/user/wecrosscreek/media/happydays.jpg.html][/URL]
  3. Last price drop... $900 for everything.    (If there are still no takers then back to safe it goes. I'll just pass it down to my son in two years.) Thanks for looking.  
  4. For Sale: HK USP Compact in .357sig/40sw with factory box, currently in LEM Configuration, plus gear and ammo. (Does NOT have night sights.) $1200 Dropped price to... $1,000 $900 *All HK parts needed to convert back to SA/DA (Variant1) 7 - 10rd HK magazines 4 - 12rd HK magazines 1 - HK Factory .40sw Barrel 4 - Holsters (Comp-Tac Minotaur, Don Hume JIT, Blackhawk Serpa, Black Hills Leather OWB and a really beat to death, scratched up Fobus paddle.) • 50+ rounds SPEER Gold Dots • 3rds - .357sig Snap Caps • 1,000 rds +/- of once fired nickel speer brass • Plus I have some loose rounds of .357 sig, Corbon, FMJ, Hollow points, etc. Additional Info... Bought new in 2004 (Code Date KI) and has been my main carry gun ever since. Estimate about 4k rounds of .357sig and about 1200 rds through the .40sw barrel. Pistol shows usual wear on the finish from use and carry. This is a factory .357sig pistol. (HK no longer makes the branded .357sig pistols.) If you want more photos I can take and send. Gunsmith (at Guns & Leather) converted it to LEM trigger pull with Factory HK kit (have paper work where work was done), all parts are included to convert back to variant 1.) This is being sold all together. I will not piece this out. Basically you get a whole carry system in one swoop. Bought a HK VP9 and no longer use this one, only selling to fund a Sig MCX. Buyer needs to have a valid TN/HCP and sign a bill of sale. Thanks! Everything (1,000 spent Speer Nickel Brass not pictured)... With Box... Parts to convert back with receipt of gunsmith doing the work... Factory HK .40sw Barrel... Better shot of everything minus the box... Close up of .357sig barrel... Showing Holster wear... Showing more wear...
  5. The serial number look up came back a range of "94-95".   When I dug deeper here is what I basically found out. In '93ish the die was cast and the decision made to stop revolver production and there were still a lot of "N-frames" and parts left that needed to be used up. They made 3" and 4" barreled versions of the detective special and marked them as Police Positive MkVs.    The barrel crown also is recessed. Which I thought was pretty cool. Blueing is the very classic deep blue, almost black. Very minor wear.   And yes... with the 4" barrel and full shrouded ejector rod it has a great recoil recovery.   The only downside is it is making me want more older Colt revolvers now. :)
  6. I have always wanted a Colt Detective Special. So I was really thrilled when I was able to get a great deal on this Colt Police Positive MkV. In great shape, 4" barrel with full shroud... incredible trigger and great balance. Just really a joy to shoot. My boys are ecstatic about it. My 15 year old first comment was "The trigger... it feels so smooth!" Hahaha!!! Really tickled I was able to finally get a nice colt to play with. :) If you get a chance to to shoot one or better yet to own one don't pass up the chance. Thought you guys might enjoy the picture.
  7. I have used the Mach 3 in the past but have went back to the DE razor. I use my father's (he was a barber, still have his german staright razors) gillette DE Razor that is adjustable. It's about 40 years old. Works great and I think shaves closer than that Mach 3. Much cheaper too.
  8. Okay... here is mine. I check and rotate out what needs to be twice a year, when we set the clocks forward and back. This includes diabetic syringes so the seals don't dry out.) This kit stays in my bag. Besides it going with me to and from work, it is also the bag I grab when we go camping, vacation, the range, etc. (BTW, this is a condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch. It's held up really well.) Kit Contents: 1. CPR Mask / Gloves 2. Israeli Bandage 3. Ace Bandage 4. 4 pair gloves (If it's bad I double bag) 5. 2 tampons / 4 "Napkin"Pads / 4-4"Gauze Squares 6. Glucagon Injection (We call them "Gluks") 7. 3 rolls (4" 4yrd Sterile Strecth Gauze) 8. 2 packs Combat Gauze 9. Waterproof tape 10. CAT Tourney 11. Assorted Bandaids / Ibuprofen / Acetaminophen / Benadryl / little Burn Gel packs / Small cake icing gel / Alcohol Pads *Need to put a couple of Chest Seals in there. Main purpose of my kit is to treat boo-boos and for truama related injuries to be able to stabilize until EMTs arrive. Obviously I have a higher risk of needing to treat hypoglycemia than most people. In all vehicles I have a mini first aid kit. It does not have all this stuff but most of it. The main thing is it is supplemented with an emegency diabetic supply kit that holds everything in the picture below in a used Gluclose Bottle. (See below.) For when we are out and he has forgotten something. (This has came in really handy a couple of times!!)
  9. I think the overall best thing we can do (besides try keep some supllies on hand) is to keep a good network with other Type I parents.
  10. Good idea. I know it's pretty cold in the summer... I keep gatoraid in it while I mow and weedeat the front of the property. Watrechestnut grows think right at the place where the spring is.  Kind excited to try Dolomite's double pot trick. :)
  11. Yes... you do not want it to freeze, if you see frost or ice crystals then the manufactor says it's best to throw it away. (Optimally you want it 36ºF - 46ºF when stored.)     Yeah, I have a year round creek that is pring feed. I have thought about making an area in it for that. My iwfe though is scarred of the insulin floating away in a bad rain. The creek has risen up to 3 feet before on us. Hahaha!!   Right now I have a several overalpping layers for keeping insulin cold/cool should power go out, the longer it is out I just move to the next layer.   • Fridge (Normal storage) • Generator (strong enough to power fridge & deep freeze, alternating of course.) • Small Cooler (Frozen bottles that fit the cooler are kept in my Deep freeze ready to use) • 12v Car Cooler (this is dual purpose, also in case we have to leave)    (I have been thinking about looking into maybe a solar panel that banked two Marine grade batteries that could power the cooler.) • Spring Cellar ( • "Pot in a Pot Refridgerator" via Dolomite_supafly! (Gonna try this in a couple of months!) Click Here for Info!   Basically if everything turns to crap, (granted their are varying degrees of crap) I want enough insulin & med supplies to get my family out of the country.
  12. Our experience with Lantus and Novalog is we must have a prescription.   I agree with the 3-4 months for lantus if you could keep it in a fridge, however with human use that isn't practical. Though you can use cool packs and stuff, running here and there and being active makes it much harder to keep it cool.
  13. "One Second After" really scarred the crap out of me. I new where it was going. It was really sureal reading it. My son was the tthe same age as teh girl inthe book and I have family that lives in western NC not real far from Black Mountain.   After I read it it took a long time before I could watch Apocalyptic movies.   I don't think of things through the prism of "TEOTWAWKI"... too bleak for me. I look and plan for getting through an extended rough patch! ;)   If you think about it though, so many people are on blood pressure medicne, blood thinners, pain blockers, etc. that you would think medical or medicines should be the first or at least high up on the list.   I know a few guys that have thousand of rounds, BOB bags that way about 50 lbs and they talk about "what they'll do" and game all these situations out loud... the whole time I'm thinking "Dude! You take motrin like tic-tacs for your 'back', you got acid reflux and sleep elavated and you can't walk through the mall without compaining about your feet hurting and your out of breath by the time we make it across the parking lot!" :stunned:    So yeah... I just nod and say "Sounds like a plan." :shake:

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